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Volkswagen Amarok Brochure - CSM Transport Equipment

Volkswagen Amarok ✓ Fleet Solutions ✓ Trades and Services ✓ Recreation and 4WD ✓ Mining and Resources ✓ Government and Councils The Proven Solution...driven by you. professional canopies for Volkswagen Amarok AMAROK SINGLE CAB 1. 2. AMAROK - OPTIONAL EXTRAS Underbody Accessories Internal Fit-Out External Accessories For the full range of accessories and options, Hard Working Practicality AMAROK DUAL CAB 3. 4. Roof Rack Combinations Roof Accessories Electrical Accessories Vehicle Safety please see the Procan Product Catalogue or visit Customer Support and Order Hotline 1800 618 332 Standard Body Features - Volkswagen Amarok FEATURES METRO II TRADEPRO II CAMPPRO II FLEETPRO II INTEGRATED BODY ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ SLIDE ON BODY O O O X LIFT OFF BODY X O O O 2 SIDE DOORS ONLY ✓ O ✓ O 2 SIDE DOORS + REAR DOOR O ✓ X ✓ S/S FOLDING T LATCH ✓ X X X REIGULLATCH (TURN ACTION) X ✓ X X E-ZEE LATCH (SLAM ACTION) X X ✓ ✓ CENTRAL LOCKING X O O ✓ DOOR ALERT X O O ✓ FRONT WINDOW O O O O REAR WINDOW O O O O SIDE WINDOW X O O O TAIL LIGHT CHANNEL X X ✓ ✓ TAIL LIGHT BRACKETS ✓ ✓ X X 1 PIECE MUDGUARDS X X ✓ ✓ 4 SINGLE MUDGUARDS ✓ ✓ X X 2 INTERNAL ROOF LIGHTS (LED) X O O ✓ O O O 1650/1800 1650/1800 1650/1800 BODY LENGTH – EXTRA CAB N/A N/A N/A N/A BODY LENGTH – SINGLE CAB 2400 2400 2250/2400 2250/2400 BODY WIDTH – ALL CABS 1875 1875 1875/1925 1875/1925 BODY HEIGHT 1000 1000 1000 1000 ✓ = STANDARD SUPPLY O = OPTIONAL SUPPLY X = NOT AVAILABLE Hard working practicality Freecall: 1800 618 332 Sales: +61 7 3868 4453 Nexus 45, 45 Navigator Place, Hendra, QLD 4011 Production: +61 7 4667 1844 481 - 483 East Street, Warwick, QLD 4370 Email: Please note, images may show options and accessories that are not standard supply. X 1800 BODY LENGTH – DUAL CAB 8215 - Edge Marketing - INTERNAL DOOR LIGHTS (LED)

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The premium quality and make of these seat covers distinguishes the uniqueness of the product. Your car seats need to be covered, just like your bed needs to be covered with a sheet. Comfort and safety should be maintained, at the same time, to prevent unforeseen mishaps due to damaged seat covers. We offer durable products whether the requirement is Canvas Seat Covers for Amarok or Canvas Seat Covers for Ranger.

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Smart lifts the bar and reinvents the category. Amarok. Where tough and smart come together. The Amarok unites cross-country mobility, flexibility and efficiency like no other pickup. Set on a robust ladder-frame chassis and encased in Volkswagen build quality, the Amarok is packed full of smart technology and design. The Amarok’s powerful 2.0 litre TDI Biturbo engine sets new standards in terms of torque, fuel economy and CO2 emissions. The shiftable and permanent 4Motion® all-wheel drive systems along with driver assist features like off-road ABS and ESP provide it with traction and safe handling in all terrain types. Then there’s its ability to shoulder the load – the large load bay dimensions allow the Amarok to accomodate a Euro pallet crosswise between its wheel arches. On tar, the Amarok also breaks new ground. With high quality interior, low noise levels and driving characteristics that leave nothing to be desired, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and ride dynamics.

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Professional Quality Products Asfir's variety of products is the perfect solution for accessorizing the off-road vehicle. ATL Winch Bumper The innovative ATL winch bumper is designed and developed to replace the original bumper for concealed winch mounting. The bumper covers the winch but is not attached to it. It has many openings to ventilate the vehicle and enables easy access to the winch for maintenance. ATL bumpers are characterized in low weight and in keeping close proximity to the vehicle's original contour lines. Skid Plates Quality skid plates for off road vehicles have one of the highest design, performance and finish standards in the world. Asfir offers a wide variety of skid plates such as front, fuel tank, transfer box, air condition, rear bumper and rear bench. The skid plates are made of quality aluminum and are screwed to original holes in the vehicle. Service openings in the skid plates enable servicing the vehicle without dismantling the plates.

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Volkswagen Amarok 1 Amarok Volkswagen Amarok Hardtop Models 1. Hardtop Alpha GSE DC version Specifications : Fully featured hardtop : - Alpha GSE DC standard white / painted in vehicle color / primered - Roofrails & roofbar - Interior carpet - Interior light - Third brake light - Heated rear window - Tinted side window - Pop-out side window - Patented Water drain channel - Front drop down window - TUV – ABE approved 2 Amarok Volkswagen Amarok 2. Hardtop Alpha CME DC version Specifications : Commercial hardtop : - Alpha CME DC standard white / painted in vehicle color / primered - Sliding cross bar system - Interior carpet - Interior light - Third brake light - Rear Slam door - Side lift-up doors / double skinned or glass ( lockable ) - Patented Water drain channel

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INSTALLATION GUIDE BBT034/ BBC034/ BBCD034 VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK • I ronman 4x4 BBT/ BBC/ BBCD034 Bull Bars fit to a Volkswagen Amarok. • It will take about 3 hours to install. NOTE: This product has been tested for air bag compatibility and therefore the mounting system MUST NOT be modified IMPORTANT: Bull Bar installations should only be done by a qualified person and it is the responsibility of this person to ensure correct fitment. 1.  Before installation check bull bar application is compatible with your vehicle. Remove bumper bar, grill, bumper bar 2.  reinforcement and horns. Remove flares from ends of bumper bar. 3.  4  Mask a straight line level with the top of the lower grill opening in the bumper, across the top of the fog light housing to the ends of the bumper as shown. 5.  Using an air hack saw or similar, cut along the line previously marked to remove the lower section of the bumper. 6.  Mask a line down the bumper ends where the edges of the flares contact the bumper. Page 2 of 13 7.  Place bumper cutting templates onto the ends of the bumper, mark and remove sections as shown.  Note: Cutting templates can be found of the last pages of the fitting manual. Remove ambient air temperature sensor and fit to 8.  plastic panel as shown. 9.  Place chassis bracket in position on chassis and mark location of all mounting holes onto front cross member. Remove chassis bracket and drill all holes to 12.5mm. 7 x Holes will need to be drilled to 12.5mm in front cross member 10.  Refit chassis bracket and secure in place using M12 hardware provided....

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The Amarok Product Guide January 2013 Contents: Model Offer Standard Equipment Colours Trim / Upholstery Combinations Options Technical Data Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information but does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. VolkswagenCommercial Vehicles reserves the right to alter prices and specifications without notice. 121217JK_Product Guide Amarok Final.xlsx 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 6 Model Description Derivative Model Code 6SP 4MOTION S1BA44C Gross weight [kg] CO2 Engine [CC] KW BHP VRT VAT Tax Band Annual Road Tax RRP* (ex VAT) RRP* (inc VAT) OTR** (inc VAT) AMAROK DOUBLE CAB AMAROK DC 2.0 TDI 140 BHP 3040 197 1986 103 140 €4,120 €5,666 Comm €333 €28,754 €34,420 €35,170 AMAROK DOUBLE CAB TRENDLINE AMAROK TRENDLINE 2.0 TDI 163 BHP

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Where others reach their limits, the Amarok makes its way ... Please contact your local Volkswagen dealer for details of the standard equipment and optional ... Life is full of challenges. Are you ready? Where others reach their limits, the Amarok makes its way without compromise. It unites cross-country mobility, flexibility and efficiency like no other pickup: thanks to the optional all-wheel drive, the outstanding off-road safety – thanks to the special Off-road ABS and its aligned Electronic Stabilisation Programme – with the broadest load area in its category and last but not least, thanks to the robust ladder frame chassis, which offers a high level of stability during even the toughest assignments. The Amarok breaks new ground on conventional roads as well: with its high-quality interior and driving characteristics that leave nothing to be desired, it also sets a whole new standard in terms of comfort and dynamics.

The Amarok
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Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be found within the technical data. Not all combinations of engine, gearbox and auto body design are possible. Please discuss your individual requirements with your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealer. Only your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealer is able to check the necessary combination requirements as well as verify the accuracy and completeness of data in the purchasing system. The payloads listed here have been established allowing for factory options or other tailored solutions that are not included in the standard scope of delivery and services. The actual payload of a vehicle, which is calculated by the difference between the gross vehicle weight and the curb weight, can only be established by weighing the individual vehicle. The product name Caddy® is a registered brand name of Caddie S.A. and is used by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with the kind approval of Caddie S.A. TDI®, DSG®, Shiftmatic®, 4MOTION® and BlueMotion® are registered brand names of Volkswagen AG and other companies in the Volkswagen Group in Germany as well as in other...

The new Amarok
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Cross-Country Mobility 4Motion all-wheel drive with high/low ratio; perfect for all kinds of terrain. 2  –  The Amarok 4Motion all-wheel drive. Tough assignments call for efficient power management. Which is exactly what the Amarok delivers. With optimal 4Motion high/low all-wheel drive, the Amarok is able to distribute driving force equally across the front and rear axles. Additionally the Amarok’s heavy-duty leaf springs provide a high level of safety for a payload of up to one tonne, as well as enabling it to master rough terrain effortlessly. All it takes to experience traction on almost all road surfaces is the push of a button. 4x2 rear-wheel drive. The Amarok is equipped with rear-wheel drive as standard, perfect for the uses it was designed for. The rear-wheel drive format enables steering that is not influenced by the engine torque, resulting in a smaller steering radius. And because a vehicle’s weight is transferred to the back during acceleration, the Amarok’s default rear-wheel drive ensures optimal road contact.