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tutorial logika matematika

Configuração D-Link Configuração D-Link

MEC/SEED/DITEC/CETE Ultima revisão: 18 de agosto de 2008 é permitido copiar, distribuir, exibir e executar a esta obra, sendo vedada a Criação de Obras Derivadas. Você não pode alterar, transformar ou criar outra obra com base nesta. Atribuição-Uso Não-Comercial-Vedada a Criação de Obras Derivadas 3.0 Unported Introdução Este é um tutorial explicativo sobre como configura o Access Point D-Link, no sistema operacional Linux Educacional. Configurando o Access Point DLink Para iniciarmos a configuração do AP, basta abrir o navegador Web (iceweasel). Agora digite na barra de endereços o IP, ele serve para acessar o software interno do AP D-Link, pois suas configurações podem ser feitas através dele. Configuração - D-Link 3 Agora digite o nome do usuário e a senha, no caso o usuário é admin e a senha originalmente está em branco. Você irá se deparar com a tela de configuração do AP, agora clique na opção RunWizard.

PSPICE tutorial: a simple DC circuit - Tuttle

PSPICE tutorial: a simple DC circuit We will learn some of the basic maneuvers of using the Cadence schematic capture program and PSPice engine through a simple example -- a diode rectifier circuit. The tutorial starts under the assumption that the demo version of PSPICE is installed on your computer. The latest version available for download is 16.6. If you want a copy to install on your own Windows machine, go here and follow the instructions to download the OrCAD 16.6 demo software. You will probably want the option for Capture & PSpice only. Getting started Start the Orcad schematic capture program (Start -> Programs -> OrCad 15.7 Demo -> Capture CIS Demo). Start a new project by selecting (File -> New -> Project...) from the menu in the OrCAD Capture window. In the dialog that opens, provide a project name, a file path to where you want your project stored, and select the item "Analog or Mixed A/D". Click OK.

Quartus II Introduction Using Schematic Design

Quartus II Introduction Using Schematic Design This tutorial presents an introduction to the Quartus R II CAD system. It gives a general overview of a typical CAD flow for designing circuits that are implemented by using FPGA devices, and shows how this flow is realized in the Quartus II software. The design process is illustrated by giving step-by-step instructions for using the Quartus II software to implement a very simple circuit in an Altera FPGA device. The Quartus II system includes full support for all of the popular methods of entering a description of the desired circuit into a CAD system. This tutorial makes use of the schematic design entry method, in which the user draws a graphical diagram of the circuit. Two other versions of this tutorial are also available, which use the Verilog and VHDL hardware description languages, respectively. The last step in the design process involves configuring the designed circuit in an actual FPGA device. To show how this is done, it is assumed that the user has access to the Altera DE1 Development and Education board connected to a computer that has Quartus II software installed. A reader who does not have access to the DE1

Optimal Operation of Photovoltaic Power ... - IEEE PEDS 2013

Optimal Operation of Photovoltaic Power Conversion Systems: Maximum Power Point Tracking Approach Brief summary of the tutorial contents: As the quantum of available fossil fuels are decreasing day –by- day the world is going towards the use of renewable energy sources either to supplement the existing utility supply are replace completely to mitigate the global warming related problems. Photovoltaic (PV) power generation is one among these renewable sources and has tremendous potential and going to play a key role in the future power generation systems. In view of this it is now becoming essential to look into various aspects of the PV energy conversion into electric energy of form that is suitable to integrate to the conventional utility systems and to drive the versatile electric loads. As the solar radiation/ insolation is changing continuously, right from morning to evening, and hence it’s power output also changes. Further, the photovoltaic cells/ modules exhibits non-linear voltampere characteristics and hence their power output also depends on the type of load connected to it. In order to extract the available power from the solar modules and to improve the overall...

Deep Learning Tutorial - NYU Computer Science Department

Deep Learning Tutorial ICML, Atlanta, 2013-06-16 Yann LeCun Center for Data Science & Courant Institute, NYU Marc'Aurelio Ranzato Google Y LeCun MA Ranzato Deep Learning = Learning Representations/Features The traditional model of pattern recognition (since the late 50's) Fixed/engineered features (or fixed kernel) + trainable classifier hand-crafted “Simple” Trainable Feature Extractor Classifier End-to-end learning / Feature learning / Deep learning Trainable features (or kernel) + trainable classifier Trainable Trainable Feature Extractor Classifier Y LeCun MA Ranzato This Basic Model has not evolved much since the 50's Built at Cornell in 1960 The Perceptron was a linear classifier on top of a simple feature extractor The vast majority of practical applications of ML today use glorified linear classifiers or glorified template matching. Designing a feature extractor requires considerable efforts by experts.

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1 | Page. MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2013. BEGINNERS COURSE OUTLINE. TUTORIAL 1: CREATING A PRESENTATION. Presenting Information about ...Power Point 2013 tutorial

April, 2014 April, 2014 - Guided Computer Tutorials

Guided Computer Tutorials. Product. Catalogue. April, 2014. Product. Catalogue ..... Learning Microsoft Access 2013 . .... Learning Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 .Power Point 2013 tutorial

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ESSENTIAL MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 Tutorials for Teachers

Lesson 9. POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS. 298. Creating Slide Shows and related teaching materials. Lesson 10. POWERPOINT BEYOND THE BASICS. 327.Power Point 2013 tutorial

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La otra forma es hacer directamente clic sobre el icono de PowerPoint del ... La pantalla inicial es aquella que se abre al iniciar el PowerPoint, no tiene por que ...Power Point 2013 tutorial