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The Influence of Education Policy Implementation, Leadership, Organization Culture, Community Partic

Education field has huge role for the improvement of the nation. With low quality education in rural area can slow its improvement down. This research aimed to analyze The Influence of Education Policy Implementation, Leadership, Organization Culture, And Community Participation in Senior High School of Kabupaten Padang Lawas Utara In North Sumatera Province, either partially or together. This was a quantitative research using explanatory survey. Total samples of 447 respondents were gathered using proportion stratified random sampling.

Effects of the Implementation of Education Policy, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Public Par

The objective of this study is to analyse the effects of the implementation of the educational policy, leadership, cultural organizations and public participation on the service quality of Junior High School in Padang Lawas district, North Sumatera province. Methods used to examine the research question above are by using both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative approach used is by using questionnaires to 447 respondents in the district of Padang Lawas, North Sumatera province, while the qualitative approach is by taking an in-depth interview and field observation. The quantitative data collected by questionnaire was analysed by using the multiple regression analysis. The research found that all of the four independent variables (i.e. the implementation of education policy, leadership, organizational culture and the community participation) have significant effects on the service quality of the Junior High school in Padang Lawas District.

Edwina Rogers Becomes Fellow of Best Selling Atheist Author Group

(1888 PressRelease) Through her work in the secular movement, Edwina Rogers has advocated for even more academics and top thinkers to join as fellows, connected them to public policy projects, and delivered their best ideas to the US Congress through materials and Congressional briefings.


An entrepreneurial agricultural education promotes the quality, standard and sustainability of entrepreneurship towards achieving the goals of economic and technological advancement of the Nation. Entrepreneurial Agricultural Education is designed in the National Policy of Education in Nigeria to provide technological skill abilities in both practical and theoretical manpower development for self-reliance and productivity. The needs to identify major carrier opportunities available in the agricultural sector have also become very apparent to enable Nigerians undertake and become technologically sound, productive, vibrant and sustainable in order to make Nigeria great. The major roles and essential attributes of an entrepreneur in a sustainable economic environment are also exclusively enumerated. There is also the realization of entrepreneurial and Agricultural Education and contemporary issues in Nigeria. Finally, vital strategies and recommendations which are believed to contribute


The phenomenon is used as the object of research is the quality of educational services at the Senior High School in South Jakarta Municipality is still not optimal. The research objective was to discuss the influence of implementation of national education standards policy on the quality of educational services at the Senior High School, and obtain a new concept for the development of science, especially the development of Government Science. This quantitative research applied explanatory and analytical studies. A total of 243 samples was selected through propotionate stratified random sampling. These data analyzed by using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The result of this research: there is influence of the policy implementation of national education standards toward quality educational services at the Senior High School in South Jakarta Municipality. The magnitude of the influence of the policy implementation of national education standards toward quality educational services

Sun and Heat Policy   Greenfield Community School

Greenfield Community School provides a high quality, creative and challenging international education, based on the International Baccalaureate Philosophy. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen.

Motor Trade Insurance
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Many businesses inside the automobile business comprehend it is necessary to possess a great policy in position;

Diabetes on the Rise: A Costly Epidemic | The reasons underlying the surge in diabetes are complex and involve changes to our food environment, our lifestyles, and public policy. While there is no cure for diabetes, Type 2 diabetes can effectively be reversed in many, with lifestyle changes and good health care services.

Bright Career Path For the Aspirants

The mechanical engineering courses Sydney offers certificate iii in electrotechnology electrician and mechanical trade with the course covering topics like designing, assembly, manufacture, installation, modification, testing, fault finding and maintenance services of all machinery equipment, instruments, refrigeration works etc proficient to handle all the mechanical roles in different industries. For more details visit us.

The Fraud Practice: Training Programs for Fraud Professionals

The Fraud Practice offer companies and individuals training options for Online, in-house and webinar based training on a variety of topics. Companies can choose from our prepared courses, job role or career track based programs or they can have complete customized training that can incorporate the application and use of their in-house fraud tools into their own on demand online programs.

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