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Nemacka je odmah, posle ujedinjenja, pod Bizmarkom, bila predmet manipulacije. Bizmarka, zamenjuje podobnija garnitura, koja je pustena da buja i gaji opasne apetite

Nemacka je odmah, posle ujdeinjenja, pod Bizmarkom, bila predmet manipulacije. Bizmarka, zamenjuje podobnija garnitura, koja je pustena da buja i gaji opasne apetite. Takva Nemacka je lako gurnuta u rat, sa jasnim ciljevima: - Nanosenje sto tezih razaranja evropskim silama, koje je glavna globalna sila s, uvela u igru, kao dve suprotstavljene grupe, iako, joj je svaka bila rival; Srbija, je najvise stradala, ni svesna, zasto i kako, kad je bila na pravoj strani. - Ocuvanje imperije i cak, dobitak novih (bez obzira na spoljni privid); - Ostvarenje zarade od rata,...

Rusija je za Srbiju ekonomski vazna, I Srbija    ako zeli da ostane barem nekoliko koraka ispred bankrota    mora unaprediti ekonomske odnose sa zemljama gdje mogucnosti postoje

Rusija je za Srbiju ekonomski vazna, I Srbija -- ako zeli da ostane barem nekoliko koraka ispred bankrota -- mora unaprediti ekonomske odnose sa zemljama gdje mogucnosti postoje. Srbija samo gubi od Evropske Unije -- od gubitka na carini, do gubitka u bankarstvu. Srbija unistava svoju proizvodnju da bi dala olaksice uvozu iz Evropske Unije. Price o navodnoj koristi potrosacima je vec davno potrosena I potvrdjena kao obicna laz. Sve kolonijalne administracije na svetu su taj argument koristile da bi se dominiralo trziste kolonija.

Posle uvodjenja sankcija (uvesce ih najkasnije do maja 2015) za godinu do godinu i po Srbija ce doziveti ekonomski slom, ostace bez 2 milijarde dolara izvoza u Rusiju,...

Zapad nas te da uvedemo sankcije da bi sto vise osakatio srpski narod, a Nikolic, Vucic io Dacic su instalirani da to ostvare. Danas ljubi ruku ruskom patrijarhu, sutra mu uvodi sankcije, danas mu na mobilnom svira ruska himna, sutra pluje Putina i Rusiju na sav glas. Eto, to je definicija srpskog politicara vec duze vreme

Knowledge of Book-Keeping as a Predictor of Academic  Performance in Principles of Accounts among Bu

The major purpose of this study is to find out the extent to which previous knowledge of Book-keeping will predict students’ academic performance in Principles of Accounts 1 (BED 111) at the NCE 100 level in College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The study employed an ex-post facto research design with a sample of 371 selected from a population of 708. Three research hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significant using T-test, Standard deviation, Multiple regression and Analysis of variance. A finding from the study reveals that previous knowledge of Book-keeping significantly contributes to the prediction of academic performance of students in Principles of Accounts 1 (BED 111) among others. It was concluded that the influence of previous knowledge in teaching/learning process provides the background to framework upon which new learning will be placed. It is recommended that Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) should properly streamline

Experimental investigation on Self-Curing SelfCompacting Concrete by Replacing Natural Sand by Msand

In recent years, self-compacting concrete (SCC) has gained wide use for placement in congested reinforced concrete structures with difficult casting conditions. For such applications, the fresh concrete must possess high fluidity and good cohesiveness. In this present study, the effect of replacing the cement, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate by constant replacement of silica fume, Manufactured sand (JSW) replacement of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and light weight aggregate replacement of 10%, 15%, for internal curing respectively and their combinations of various proportions on the properties of different mixes of M40 grade has been compared with normal self compacting concrete by conventional curing method. In this study fresh property and hardened properties of the different mixes of concrete were determined. From the present study the test result showed that for fresh concrete all the mixes satisfies the EFNORC standard values.

E.coli: As an Alternate Model for Phototoxicity  Assessment of Drugs

Phototoxic and photoallergic reactions represent skin reactions to the sun, in the presence of photoactive chemicals applied on the skin or taken systemically. They have a highly polymorphic clinical presentation – photo contact urticaria, eczema on sun-exposed areas sometimes with erythema multiforme, exaggerated sunburn, linear phytophotodermatitis, pseudoporphyria, photoonycholysis, dyschromia, and lupus erythematosus. Also, skin cancers are increasingly associated with exposure to photoactive chemicals. There is a geographical and timely variation in the responsible agents, but they are mostly furocumarins from plants, UV filters in sunscreens and cosmetics, and drugs (NSAIDs, antimicrobials, phenothiazines, amiodarone, etc.) Three drugs like Chloramphenicol, Norflox, and Kucil(Fluorouracil) were tested for Phototoxic effect procured from local market and check the ph and absorption spectra and note and solubility of test drug was tried out through different solve

Reports and Intelligence: Global Bone Densitometers Market 2014-2018

A bone densitometry scan is a special type of X-ray test used to measure the calcium content of a bone. It is used primarily to detect osteopenia or osteoporosis, diseases in which the bone's density is low and the risk of fractures is high. The purpose of bone densitometry is to identify those at risk of developing osteoporosis and to monitor change in bone density, particularly with therapy. Detailed report at:

Стотине хиљада 'морално политичких подобних' рофитера је похрлило на ново отворена лезилебовићка места

Dr.Bozic Australia| 16/11/2014 12:38 Brate Miroslave, mani se aveti Petogodisnjeg Plana , "14 Oktobar," Prva Petoletka"." Magnohrom", " Sloboda" .Te aveti su odvukle generacilju ljudi se sela u gradovei i opusteli zemlju.Srbija ima najpoldiju zemlju u Evropi, dragoceniju nego da je pod njom nafta jer vekovao rodeva.

Approach for Mass Notification Device Testing

Diversity in devices, lack of systematic device testing strategy has always led to open questions in the customer’s mind saying “Is the device tested correctly?” Testing of any device integrated with System Under Test (SUT) is certainly different and more complex than testing any traditional software application, as it a comprehensive testing which includes device and the infrastructure of SUT. A systematic device testing approach plays a very important role in getting the device and its supporting traditional software application released in the market with in time ensuring high quality.

Development and Acceptability of   Training Module in  Switching Logic

The study aimed to develop a Training Module in Switching Logic as instructional material in the teaching of students of Bachelor of Technology in subjects such as Industrial Design Process and Control, Industrial Electronics and Industrial Motor Control. This was conducted at the University of Rizal System-Morong Campus during the First Semester of SchoolYear 2007-2008. Professors and Instructors of the College of Industrial Technology and College of Engineering as well as the fourth year students of Bachelor of Technology major in Electrical technology served as the respondents –evaluators in the study. The researchers used an adopted and modified questionnaire-checklist to determine the level of acceptability of the module with respect to its objectives, Contents, Pretest and post-test contents, Illustrations/photos and Usefulness.

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