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Comprehensive analysis for your structural projects. Integrated Structural Analysis Made Easier Autodesk Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software complements building information modeling (BIM) with coordinated digital analysis and design. ® Autodesk Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software is a collaborative, versatile, and faster software application that can help you compete and win in the global economy. Purpose-built for BIM, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional calculates even your more complex models with powerful finite element auto-meshing, nonlinear algorithms, and a comprehensive collection of design codes to help you achieve results in minutes, not hours. Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional offers a smoother, collaborative workflow and interoperability with 3D bidirectional links to Autodesk companion products. The open API (application programming interface) helps to provide a scalable, country-specific analysis solution for large and complex building structures. ®

Controlling Falls on Stairways
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Controlling Falls on Stairways Highlights: • Design, lighting and visibility deficiencies can cause falls as well as inattention • Riser and tread design considerations • Stairway visibility • Stair rails and handrails • One to three-step stairways: falling into thin air Slip, trips, stumbles and falls from stairways, including one to three step stairways, can be attributed to any combination of deficiencies in design, lighting, visibility and attention. Falls from stairs and serious injury are mostly attributed to missteps during stair descent: • Understep: where the heel strikes the riser resulting in a forward stumble. • Overstep: where the ball of the foot rolls off the tread nosing resulting in loss of balance and forward stumble. • Air step: where the foot misses the tread all together resulting in a forward stumble. Research has shown there are three times more injuries from stair descent than ascent.1 The presence of handrails and their design is critical to aborting a fall should a misstep occur, and to avoiding serious injury. This reference note will provide a summary of recommendations for safe stairway design, including: riser and tread design; stair rail and handrail design; lighting; visibility; and maintenance and use. Riser and Tread Design Trips and falls during stairway ascent are often attributed to variation in riser (vertical surfaces) height. Most building codes require risers not to vary more than 3/8 inch between the tallest and shortest riser within a given flight of stairs. The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code prohibits an excess of 3/16 inch from tread to tread. Research has shown that during stairway use pedestrians view only the first and last three steps when negotiating a given flight, with the rest of the stairway negotiated without looking. Therefore, design of the top three and bottom three steps is very important. 2 ©2012 Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116, LPRN 5158 LMAU

2010 Stair Design Checklist
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2010 STAIR DESIGN CHECKLIST PROJECT__________________FLOOR ____ OCCUPANCY ______ Fill in the blanks with the calculated results to determine compliance with stair requirements. Use the most populated floor in the building to determine the most restrictive stair geometry. CAUTION: This checklist is NOT intended to be used without the Codes and will NOT guarantee full compliance with your particular building design. This information is based on the 2009 edition of NFPA 101 (LSC) and 2009 edition of IBC Code references noted are from NFPA 101 followed by the IBC reference STAIR WIDTH Calculated occupant load (OL) of floor (see Table / Table 1004.1.1) ______ Number of exits (X) required minimum ( and / 1021.1 ______ o 2 if OL = 50 to 499 (unless single exit exception is met) o 3 if OL = 500 to 999 o 4 if OL = 1000 or more o More than the minimum may be required if travel distance cannot be met Total minimum exit width (W) = occupant load (OL) x exit capacity factor (F) - (Tables / 1005.1, 1009.1) ______ Handrails shall encroach not more than 4-1/2” into required stair width ( / 1012.8) * new in 2003 LSC & 2006 IBC Minimum stair width = exit width (W) ÷ number of exits (X) ______ = ______” – (NOTE: See 101: for stair capacity increase) o But not less than 44" (36” for stairs where occupant load of all floor served less than 50) / 22” @ Equipment access o 57” width if serving area of refuge to accommodate 48" clear between handrails o 50% at main entrance of assembly (12.3.6 / 1028.2) – 50% at main entrance wall of large mercantile (101: only) o New in LSC 2006 - 56” width to LED if each is stair serving more than 2000 above that floor ( o New in IBC 2009 403.5.1 Minimum 30 feet between stair enclosures or 1/4 of floor diagonal in high rise o New in IBC 2009 403.5.2 Additional stair or occupant self evacuation elevators (IBC 3008) in high rise over 420 feet building height RISER AND TREAD (101: / IBC 1009.4) Floor to floor height in inches (H)*1 ______

Elementary Teacher Guide and Student Materials - Stairway ...

Dear Educators: Preprimary thru Elementary age children and our elderly are within the two demographics with the highest incidence of stairway related injuries, most of which happen in the home. The Stairway Manufacturers’ Association members are professional stairbuilders and stair part manufacturers dedicated to reducing stairway accidents through building code reform and education of the industry and the public. This program is part of that effort and presents an opportunity, which you as educators can compliment and reinforce, as our children develop habits essential to life safety. Learning these important lessons will enable them to ―Use Stairs Safely‖ within the built environment and to transfer their knowledge to others by example. This program has been developed by a team of elementary educators and stair professionals and has been classroom tested. We invite your comments and critique to help us improve the program and to learn of the needs of our students and school systems. To contact us simply email . You will find additional information related to stairways and the industry at . What is the SMA Student Stair Safety Program?  This is a program designed for students that can be customized for students of any age to introduce them to the basics of stair safety.  The curriculum includes downloadable graphics, lesson plans, coloring/activity book, basic mathematic materials and introduction to stair codes. Why spend classroom time focusing on stairs and stair safety?  According to the Home Safety Council's national report on home injuries, the State of Home Safety in America™ (2004), falls accounted for nearly one-third of all unintentional home injury deaths each year. Falls from stairs and steps were the second leading cause of death due to falls.  Research has shown that the largest percentage of the falls that result in serious injury are not the result of faulty stair design regulated by building code but rather stairs that are in poor condition or unsafe stair usage that we might significantly affect through education.  Not only do stairs present a significant safety risk, but they also present a hands-on learning opportunity for students of all ages to be involved in learning measuring and mathematics.

Administration of H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccine ... - Keystone First

Administration of H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccine – Frequently Asked Questions – 1. Does Keystone Mercy reimburse for administration of H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine? Answer: Yes, Keystone Mercy will reimburse any of the following providers for administration of H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine. • PCP’s • Specialists • Hospitals • Facility Clinics • Pharmacies 2. How does a provider bill for administration of H1N1 (swine) flu vaccine? Answer: Keystone Mercy Health Plan is utilizing procedure code 90663 – Influenza virus vaccine; pandemic formulation – to reimburse providers for administration of the H1N1 vaccine. 3. Are there any other codes that will be reimbursed for the administration of the H1N1 vaccine? Answer: No, Keystone Mercy is utilizing procedure code 90663 – Influenza virus vaccine; pandemic formulation. Note: Keystone Mercy will not reimburse for H1N1 vaccine itself as the vaccine is given to providers by the government. 4. Must providers bill the vaccine code G9142 (CMS published code for H1N1 vaccine) in order to receive payment for the H1N1 administration code? Answer: No, providers may at their discretion bill the G9142 vaccine code along with the H1N1 administration code; however, this is not required in order to receive payment for the H1N1 administration code. Please note that any service billed by a provider must have a charge amount greater than $0 even if provider does not expect payment for that service. See standard KMHP billing guidelines. 5. How does a provider bill for administration of Seasonal Flu vaccine? Answer: Participating Keystone Mercy providers will be reimbursed for administration of the seasonal flu vaccine to children. Non-participating provider must acquire a prior authorization in order to be reimbursed for the administration of the seasonal flu vaccine for Keystone Mercy members. Reimbursement for administration of Seasonal Flu vaccine includes the cost of the vaccine. Providers should use the following procedure codes when billing for Seasonal Flu Vaccine administration: 90655 – Influenza Split Virus, 6 – 35 months, Preservative Free 90656 – Influenza Split Virus, 3 yrs and >, Preservative Free 90657 – Influenza Split Virus 6 – 35 months 90658 – Influenza, Split Virus, 3 years and older 90660 – FluMist 200 Stevens Drive · Philadelphia, PA 19113 · 215·937·8000 ·

What is UnitedHealthcare covering related to the H1N1 vaccination

What is the coverage policy for Anthem Blue Cross members regarding the H1N1 vaccination? Anthem Blue Cross will reimburse for the administration of the H1N1 vaccine for all fully insured members regardless of the individual’s benefit plan and ASO members with self insured employer plans unless the group specifically opts out of covering the vaccine. Additionally, Anthem Blue Cross health plans are waiving deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance for services related to the H1N1 vaccine administration and providing coverage for services regardless of a member’s benefit coverage. How should my practice bill for the H1N1 vaccine and administration service? Please note that effective 9/28/2009, the American Medical Association (AMA) CPT Editorial Panel published a new code specific to administration of the H1N1 vaccine. The newly created CPT code, 90470 should be used to bill the administration of H1N1 immunization. CPT code 90663 is used specifically for the H1N1 vaccine and not for its administration. Since the government is paying for the vaccine, providers do NOT need to bill for this; however, if you choose to use 90663, it should be billed at $0.01 (1 cent) for administrative (non-reimbursable) purposes. The new CPT codes will help to efficiently report and track immunization and counseling services related to the H1N1 vaccine throughout the entire health care system. For administration of both the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine at the same time, the recommended billing is: 90470 for the H1N1 administration, and for the seasonal flu vaccine administration the appropriate codes from 90466, 90468, 90472 or 90474 based on the individual’s age and CPT coding directions. If the H1N1 vaccine is being administered for two doses and the vaccine administration occurs on different dates of service, please bill each claim using the guidance noted above.

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Klerksd GW orp now & GW Graham open s Francis town, town & Botswa coming na soon! cl es Vehi man Quality r Replacement Parts Suitable for all Ge and s el od M ta yo To PRICES VALID FROM 1 April to 31 May 2014 10026 A1604 A2934 Suitable for Opel Astra F/G/Corsa B/C/ Kadett E/Meriva/Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 Suitable for Polo 2 & Polo 3 TDi AMF >2006 Oil Filter Fuel Filter Suitable for Golf/Jetta MK4/ Audi A3/A4 Recommended Price 85 00 each Recommended Price 33 00 each 10274 A4234 Fuel Filter Fuel Filter Suitable for Opel Astra G/Corsa B/C/ Meriva A/Zafira A Suitable for Polo 3/ Caddy 3 Bar Recommended Price 270 00 each Recommended Price 75 00 each Fuel Filter Recommended Price 180 00 each A4866 Fuel Filter Suitable for Polo 3/ Polo 4 PV/Caddy 4 Bar Recommended Price 170 00 each 11516 A1605 30667 Suitable for Opel Astra H/J/Corsa D Suitable for Golf/Jetta MK4 Audi A3 TDi & Beetle Suitable for BMW E46 M47N 01> Oil Filter Fuel Filter Air FIlter Recommended Price 235 00 Recommended Price 110 00 each each Recommended Price 85 00 each 41720 air filter Suitable for Mercedes W203/204/211/ R171 Engine Codes: M271 Recommended Price 235 41629 oil filter Suitable for Mercedes W164/203/204/ 211/639/906 Engine Codes: OM642 40891 Oil FIlter Suitable for Mercedes W203/204/211/R171 Engine Codes: M271 Recommended Price 90 00 00 each each 42183 A3388 Oil Filter Suitable for Golf/ Jetta MK1/MK2/ MK3/Polo 1 4 cylinder fuel filter Recommended Price 80 00 each Suitable for Mercedes W169/245 Engine Codes: M266 T0035 Recommended Price 40 00 each Recommended Price 120 00 Air Filter Suitable for Hi Lux 4.0lt 2005> Prado 4.0lt VX 2003-2010 Fortuner 4.0lt 2006> & Landcruiser 79 4.0lt 2009> 1GR-FE each 40020 Air filter 31616 Suitable for Mercedes W203 C200/C230 Kompressor 00-02 Engine Codes: M111 Air filter Suitable for BMW E81/82/87/88/ 90/91/92 Engine Codes: N52/53 Recommended Price 235 00 each Recommended Price 240 00 each Recommended Price A1898 Cabin Filter, carbon A5858 Oil filter Suitable for Golf/Jetta MK4 & Beetle Suitable for Polo 2 1.4lt/1.6lt HX Recommended Price 45 00 each 145 00 each A7240 Fuel filter, Short Suitable for Polo 2/ Polo 3 TDi SHORT Recommended Price 155 00 each Recommended Price 220 00 each A3015/1529 A4408 Tie Rod with End, RH or LH Stabiliser Link, joint to shock Suitable for Golf/Jetta MK4 & Audi A3 Suitable for Polo 2/Polo 3/Polo 4 & Audi A1 Recommended Price 320 00 each Recommended Price 150 00 each A1754 10109 Suitable for Golf/Jetta MK1 & Combi Suitable for Opel Corsa C Tie Rod End Tie rod, lh or rh Recommended Price Recommended Price 110 00 145 00 each each 40269A 40268A Link Stabilizer Link Stabilizer Suitable for Mercedes W203/209/R171 Standard Suspension Suitable for Mercedes W203/209/R171 Sport Suspension Recommended Price Recommended Price 225 00 225 00 each each 30989 30990 Suitable for BMW E81/90/Z4 Suitable for BMW E81/90/Z4 Link Stabilizer, LH Link Stabilizer, RH Recommended Price Recommended Price 245 00 245 00 each each 10084/S 40827 Shock Mounting Suitable for Mercedes W168 Recommended Price 865 00 each 40543 Shock Mounting kit Shock Mounting Suitable for Opel Astra G/Corsa C/ Zafira A Suitable for Mercedes W203/209 Recommended Price 350 00 each Recommended Price 755 00 each

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Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Disclaimer Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information presented in this book is accurate. However, the reader should understand that the information provided does not constitute legal, medical or professional advice of any kind. No Liability: this product is supplied “as is” and without warranties. All warranties, express or implied, are hereby disclaimed. Use of this product constitutes acceptance of the “No Liability” policy. If you do not agree with this policy, you are not permitted to use or distribute this product. Neither the author, the publisher nor the distributor of this material shall be liable for any losses or damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, consequential loss or damage) directly or indirectly arising from the use of this product. Use at your own risk. Related Products Wordpress User Manual Plugin Wordpress Classroom 2.0 Seopressor The Ultimate Blogging Theme Learn Wordpress Quickly Authority Pro Premium Wordpress Theme 2 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Amazon Associate Filter The Amazon Associate Filter is a great time saving tool for Amazon affiliates. It’s a very simple plugin. All it does is replace any links to Amazon with your affiliate link. That means that you can link to Amazon products just as you would normally link to it. You don’t have to create the links yourself; the plugin will do it for you. It’s done on page load, meaning the code in your pages and posts never change. If you want to disable the plugin or change your Amazon ID, you can do so with one click. Here’s how to setup and use Amazon Associate Filter. Step 1: Install Using WordPress’ plugin search, find Amazon Associate Filter and install the plugin. Step 2: Access the Settings Go to the settings page by clicking on “Amazon Associate Config” under “Settings.” 3 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin Step 3: Enter Your ID Enter your Amazon Associate ID. Step 4: Create a Normal Link In your post or page, create a normal link to an Amazon product just like you would if you weren’t an associate. 4 Installing and Using Amazon Associate Filter Wordpress Plugin That’s all there is to it. Whenever someone loads your page, they’ll see a link that goes to your Amazon affiliate link instead. For example, the link above which has no affiliate codes becomes the link below, with the affiliate ID we entered in the previous step: Amazon Associate Filter isn’t a complex marketing plugin. Instead, it’s a time saving plugin that you can just let run in the background. It’ll help you make money using the Amazon Associate Program, without you having to do any extra work to insert affiliate links.

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CAesAr ii® - Intergraph
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benefits: • Static and Dynamic Analysis • Intuitive Analysis Model Creation CAesar ii® Intergraph® CAESAR II® evaluates the structural responses and stresses of piping systems to international codes and standards. It is the pipe stress analysis standard against which all others are measured. • Cutting-edge Graphics • Design Tools and Wizards Data Input • Load and View Plant Model CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define • Comprehensive Error Checking a piping system analysis model. You can access or modify input on an element-by- • User-definable Reports • Wind and Wave Analysis • Seismic and Support Settlement Analysis • International Piping Codes element basis, or select datasets to make global changes. Cutting-Edge Graphics The CAESAR II input graphics module makes quick work of developing analysis models while clearly indicating areas of concern and providing an excellent idea of the piping • Extensive Material Databases system’s flexibility. Color-coded stress models and animated displacements for any • Steel Databases and Modeling stress load case are available. • Expansion Joint and Hanger Databases • Hanger Design • Bi-directional Links to Intergraph CADWorx® Plant Design Tools and Wizards Tools and wizards for tasks such as creating expansion loops or viewing plant models in the analysis space help bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. Such tools take the guesswork out of producing accurate analysis and recommending practical design changes.