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Stock transfer agency
by colonialstock 0 Comments favorite 19 Viewed Download 0 Times Colonial Stock Transfer is a stock transfer agent providing first class stock transfer services to public and private companies and their shareholders. Contact us at (801) 355-5740 for more information.

Compensation and Assistance Benefits - Delta

for Flight Cancellations, Delays, Denied Boarding or Change of Conditions THE RIGHTS REFERRED TO IN THIS DOCUMENT APPLY IN THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES:Delta Air Lines is the flight operator; You are traveling on a flight departing from an airport in Israel or a flight arriving at an airport in Israel; You have a confirmed reservation on a flight operated by Delta; You are fully checked-in by the time indicated on your Delta Flight Ticket You are traveling on a fare available directly or indirectly to the public, or on a ticket issued under a frequent flyer program. ----------CANCELLATIONS AND DELAYS OF 8 HOURS OR MORE---------ASSISTANCE If your flight is cancelled or delayed at least 8 hours, you may Monetary compensation is also not due if: choose between: 1) the cancellation is due to special circumstances which were not - Replacement Flight Ticket to your final destination; or under Delta's control even if Delta had done whatever was under its - Reimbursement in the amount paid for the Flight Ticket, including control fees, levies, taxes and other obligatory payments within 21 days of 2) the flight was cancelled due to strike or a protected work-by-rule receipt of written application strike 3) the flight has been cancelled in order to prevent the desecration of In addition, you will receive free of charge: the Sabbath or a Jewish holiday - food and drink in accordance to the waiting time (Food and Drink); - hotel accommodation in cases where an overnight stay or a stay The Compensation amounts are as follows:* in addition to that which you originally intended becomes necessary, including transport (Accommodation and Travel Flight Distance Services); and CASH (IN NIS) - 2 telephone calls, fax messages or e-mails (Communication A Flights up to 2000 km Services). B Flights up to 4,500 km 2,040 C Flights above 4,500 km 3,060 COMPENSATION 1 kilometer = 0.62 mile Monetary compensation for a cancellation or delay greater than 8 1,270 NIS = New Israel Sheqels (Israel currency) hours is not payable if the cancellation is brought to your attention: 1. 14 days or more before the scheduled time of departure; 2. between 7 and 14 days before the scheduled time of departure * This compensation may be reduced by 50% provided that the delay in the landing time at the final destination compared with the and you were offered re-routing with a departure no more than 2 original landing time does not exceed the scheduled arrival time of hours before the scheduled time of departure and an arrival at the flight originally booked by 4 hours (flights falling under A), 5 your final destination less than 4 hours after the scheduled time of hours (flights falling under B) or 6 hours (flights falling under C arrival; or 3. less than 7 days before the scheduled time of departure and you Compensation will be made within 45 days of receipt of a written were offered re-routing with a departure no more than 1 hour request. Compensation will be made by bank transfer or check, or before the scheduled time of departure and an arrival at your final by other means as agreed to in writing by the passenger. For destination less than 2 hours after the scheduled time of arrival. information on requesting compensation, please see "Reimbursement Requests, Compensation Claims and Other The above provisions do not apply if you refuse to fly on the Inquiries" below. alternative flight because the alternative flight was not offered to your travel companion (s) or for reasons of security, religion or medical limitations. ----------DELAYS BETWEEN 2 AND 8 HOURS---------The assistance as described in this section is provided in the event If the airline expects a flight to be delayed by 5 hours and less that a flight time of departure is delayed by at least 2 hours and less than 8 hours, you will also be offered free of charge, if applicable: than 8 hours from the scheduled departure. - Accommodation Service - Travel Services If the airline expects a flight to be delayed by at least 2 you will be offered free of charge: If you do not wish to continue with your initial travel plans when - Food and Drink in accordance with the waiting time there is a delay of at least 5 hours, you may choose - Communication Services...

International Conditions of Carriage - Delta

TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERAL PROVISIONS DEFINITIONS ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE OF PASSENGERS AND BAGGAGE REFUSAL TO TRANSPORT CARRIAGE OF CHILDREN GROUND TRANSFER SERVICE PASSENGERS WITH DISABILITIES DISCOUNT FARES FROM ECUADOR PASSENGER EXPENSES EN ROUTE ADMINISTRATIVE FORMALITIES - PASSPORTS, VISAS AND TOURIST CARDS SMOKE FREE SERVICE PASSENGER MEDICAL OXYGEN LIABILITY OF CARRIERS THE DELTA CONNECTION DELTA CODESHARE SERVICES RESERVATIONS CAPACITY LIMITATIONS TICKETS FLIGHT DELAYS/CANCELLATIONS REROUTING DENIED BOARDING COMPENSATION REFUNDS DOGS TRAINED TO LEAD THE BLIND/TO DETECT EXPLOSIVES/TO ASSIST THE DEAF BAGGAGE REGULATIONS EXCESS VALUE CHARGES FOR BAGGAGE ACCEPTANCE OF IN BOND BAGGAGE Contract of Carriage When you buy a ticket for travel on Delta, you enter into a contract of carriage with us. The terms of your contract are set forth in:  your Ticket  these Conditions of Carriage  our published fare rules and regulations, which may govern the calculation of the fare and other charges that apply to your itinerary. If your ticket is priced by, a Delta agent, or a computer reservation system, these fare rules and regulations will be included in the calculation of the ticket price that we quote to you. B. International Conditions of Carriage This document is Delta's International Conditions of Carriage, and states the terms upon which Delta offers to transport you on any itinerary for International Carriage. By purchasing a ticket for International Carriage on Delta, or by using a ticket purchased for you by someone else, you agree to be bound by these terms. C. Application of International Conditions of Carriage 1. International Carriage Our International Conditions of Carriage apply only to International Travel. Travel entirely within the United States of America is governed by Delta's Domestic General Rules Tariff. Travel between the United States and Canada is governed by our Canadian General Rules Tariff. 2. Tickets Showing Delta Name or Carrier Code These rules apply to all international flights or flight segments in which our name or carrier code is indicated in the carrier box on your Ticket, including flights operated by our code share partners. 3. Gratuitous Carriage If we are providing you gratuitous transportation, we reserve the right to exclude the application of all or any part of these Conditions of Carriage to your transportation. You agree to be bound by these terms except to the extent that we choose to exclude them from application to your travel. 4. Overriding Law These Conditions of Carriage are applicable except to the extent that they are contrary to applicable laws, government regulations, or orders, in which event the contrary law, regulation or order shall prevail. If any provision of these Conditions of Carriage is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions shall remain valid. Delta Air Lines International General Rules Page 2 ...

Tech Support: Vacuum Brake Booster Testing and Diagnosis

This procedure will require the use of a hand operated vacuum pump with a vacuum gauge. If you do not own one it can often be rented or borrowed from most “big box” parts stores. (Note: 18”HG is the minimum engine vacuum at idle in gear to effectively operate a vacuum booster 1) Remove vacuum hose from check valve on booster. Place hose from vacuum pump onto check valve and draw booster to 20” of vacuum. 2) Let booster sit with vacuum applied for 5 minutes. If vacuum does not stay steady at 20” it is faulty and needs to be replaced. If vacuum does hold steady at 20” proceed to step 3. 3) With 20” of vacuum in booster depress brake pedal once and release it. The booster should transfer some but not the entire vacuum in reserve. Depending on how hard the pedal is depressed it is normal to see 5-10” of vacuum depleted from reserve. The most important thing is to ensure the booster does transfer vacuum but does NOT transfer the entire vacuum in its reserve. If vacuum remains at 20” OR goes to zero the booster is bad and will need to be replaced. If vacuum transfer is within the above parameter proceed to step 4. 4) Once again draw booster down to 20” of vacuum. Go inside car and depress brake pedal and hold down for 30 seconds. You should see the gauge drop slightly and then hold steady. Vacuum should stay steady as long as you are holding the pedal down. If vacuum drops while pedal is being held down the booster is faulty and will need to be replaced...

Flexible Tubing - Total Plastics, Inc.

Total Plastics carries the full line of Tygon® application specific tubing from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. See pages 52 and 53 for a Tubing and Market Overview. Call TPI for non-standard or custom sizes. Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing Tygon® Beverage Tubing is specially formulated for transferring a wide variety of beverages including soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water. In virtually all cases, Tygon® Beverage Tubing will not affect the taste or odor of product transferred through it, while its excellent non-wetting properties facilitate complete drainage and permit simple flush-cleaning. Many of the unique properties inherent to Tygon® Beverage Tubing also apply to a wide variety of complex applications ranging from fine cosmetic production to the dispensing of water-based printing inks found in the publishing industry. The versatility and proven performance of Tygon® Beverage Tubing have made it today’s most widely specified clear, flexible plastic tubing. • Taste-free and odor-free • Non-wetting surface permits thorough cleaning and complete drainage • Broad chemical resistance to virtually all non-solvent chemicals • Lightweight and flexible for easy, quick installation • Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF 51 criteria. Tygon® B-44-4X Food, Milk & Dairy Tubing Producers of food, milk and dairy products insist upon Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing for dependable performance in countless filling, draining, transfer and processing applications. Its smooth, non-porous bore inhibits particle entrapment, promoting a sanitary fluid path by minimizing potential for bacterial growth. It has outstanding resistance to harsh alkaline cleaners and is equally unaffected by commonly used sanitizers. Non-toxic, taste-free and odor-free, Tygon® Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing meets applicable regulatory standards for contact with food products. Complete clarity for positive visual inspection and flow control, it is available in up to a 6” inside diameter, making it a flexible replacement for rigid piping systems. • Smooth, non-porous bore will not trap particulates or promote bacterial growth • Compatible with foods containing a high oil content • Resistant to harsh alkaline cleaners and sanitizers • Excellent alternative to rigid piping systems • Meets FDA, 3-A and NSF 51 criteria Tygon® B-44-4X I.B. Pressure Tubing Tygon® Pressure Tubing’s unique flexibility gets it into service quickly and easily. This means less tubing footage, fittings and labor than required for rigid systems. Reinforced with a tough polyester inner-braid imbedded in the wall, it can handle four times the pressure of non-reinforced tubing. Tygon® Pressure Tubing is compatible with virtually all non-solvent chemicals, meeting the needs of many industries in hundreds of applications where flexibility and higher pressure are required. Its clear wall permits positive flow monitoring and inspection.

Flexible Pipe - Technip
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Flexible pipe How Technip offers a broad range of flexible pipe systems with the most advanced integrated solutions for deepwater and ultra deepwater field developments Technip profile A world leader in engineering, project management and technologies, serving the energy industry for more than 50 years A workforce of 36,500 Confirmed leadership and proprietary technologies in 3 business activities: Subsea Offshore Onshore In subsea hydrocarbon field development, Technip’s activities include the design, manufacture and installation of rigid and flexible subsea pipelines and umbilicals. Thanks to its portfolio of technologies and industrial and operational assets, Technip offers a unique vertically integrated model in the industry. In the Offshore business segment Technip performs engineering, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and the refurbishment/upgrading of offshore facilities for the oil & gas industry. Technip covers the full range of onshore facilities for the oil and gas chain, petrochemicals and other energy industries (nuclear, renewables including biofuels and offshore wind). It holds many proprietary cutting-edge technologies and is the leader in the design and construction of LNG and gas treatment plants as well as ethylene, hydrogen and syngas units. The Group has 3 flexible pipe manufacturing plants, 4 umbilical production units, 9 logistics and pipeline assembly bases, and 1 construction yard. Technip’s worldwide leadership is supported by a modern fleet of vessels for subsea construction, pipelay development (rigid and flexible pipes using S-Lay, J-Lay or Reeled technology) and heavy lift applications. 2 Technip provides these services for fixed platforms in shallow water with conventional sub-structures and self installing platforms such as the TPG 500 and for deepwater facilities including Spar, semi-submersible, TLP, FPSO and FLNG units. Technip is a world leader in floatover installation of topsides and its R&D effort is focused on technology transfer for local content and new frontier areas such as ultra-deepwater and the Arctic. Technip is also one of the key actors in refining and petrochemical units, and has developed a leadership in the fertilizer industry. Moreover, the Group is very active in non-energy activities such as mining and metals, life sciences, buildings and infrastructures.

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General purpose flexible hoses Flexible hoses are used to transfer a wide range of fluids including gaseous fluids, such as air, steam and gases, and liquids, such as water, oils and chemicals. The hoses function for reciprocation of piping systems, absorption of thermal expansion and Dimensions Joints High-pressure models Special models Accessories vibration and centering of piping. ※We are ready to produce models not listed in the catalog. Please feel free to consult us. General purpose flexible hoses Dimensions 1 Type A ■Type A (annular) flexible hoses are made by corrugating thin-walled stainless steel pipes. They are highquality flexible hoses exposed to complete solution heat treatment. The corrugations are formed like individual rings which are not twisted under high pressure. Thickness ■The hoses are highly flexible and have excellent strength, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. ■Standard specifications Flexible hose materials SUS304、 SUS316L Braid material SUS304 Wire braid: 250 A (108) or less

Metal Hose Catalog - Hose Master
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When to use Metal Hose: There are many different types of hose available on the market. They include metal, rubber, composite, PTFE and fabric. The decision of which hose type to buy depends on the application for which the hose is being used. Generally, there are eight factors that should alert you to consider using metal hose: 1. Temperature Extremes - If either the temperature of the media going through the hose or the surrounding atmospheric temperature is very cold or hot, metal may be the only material that can withstand the temperature extremes. 2. Chemical Compatibility - Metal hose can handle a wider variety of chemicals than most of the other hose types. If the hose will be exposed to aggressive chemicals (either internally or externally), metal hose should be considered. 3. Permeation Concerns - Non-metal hose is susceptible to having gases permeate through the hose wall and into the atmosphere. Metal hose, on the other hand, does not allow permeation. If containing the gases inside the hose is important, metal hose may be required. 4. Potential for Catastrophic Failure - When a metal hose fails, it usually develops small holes or cracks. Other hose types tend to develop larger cracks or come apart completely. If a sudden failure of the hose can be catastrophic, a metal hose may help minimize the effects of a failure by leaking product at a slower rate. 5. Abrasion and Overbending Concerns - To prevent abrasion and overbending, a metal hose can be used as a protective cover over wires or even other hoses. 6. Fire Safety - Other hose types will melt when exposed to fire while metal hose maintains its integrity up to 1200º F. 7. Achieving Full Vacuum - Under full vacuum, metal hose maintains its shape while other hose types may collapse. 8. Flexibility in Fitting Configuration - Virtually any type of fitting can be attached to metal hose while other hose types require special shanks and collars. Types of Metal Hose: 1. Corrugated Metal Hose - Corrugated metal hose can handle high pressures and is gas tight. It is excellent for gas and liquid transfers. 2. Stripwound Metal Hose - Stripwound metal hose, although not gas tight, is rugged, making it excellent for use as a guard, an open-ended exhaust hose, and for the transfer of dry bulk materials. ...

SAFETY RECALL BULLETIN - 3SX Performance Automotive

This bulletin is to inform Mitsubishi Motors dealers of a safety recall on some 1991 – 1999 3000GT VR–4 vehicles. This safety recall involves leakage of transfer case oil and possible subsequent damage and failure of the transfer case. Transfer case failure could cause the vehicle’s drive wheels to lock up and possibly result in a loss of vehicle control. Mitsubishi Motors has developed recall procedures for repairing these vehicles, which are included in this bulletin. CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION A letter will be sent to all owners of affected vehicles instructing them to bring their vehicle to their Mitsubishi Motors dealer to have the transfer case inspected for leakage and damage and repaired as necessary. A copy of the customer notification letter appears later in this bulletin. REQUIRED OPERATIONS Before starting the PROCEDURE section of this bulletin, CHECK ON THE WARRANTY SUPERSCREEN to verify that the vehicle is an affected VIN for this campaign and that this campaign procedure has not already been completed. NOTE: Some of the affected vehicles may be in your dealership’s used vehicle inventory. This recall campaign should be performed on these vehicles before retail delivery. This recall should also be performed on any affected vehicle that might be in for service. REPAIR SUMMARY Inspect the transfer case for leakage. If it is not leaking, change the transfer case fluid. If there is leakage, re–seal the transfer case with the Repair Kit as instructed in this bulletin. If the transfer case is cracked or if there is internal gear damage, replace the transfer case. (Refer to the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin for details regarding ordering a new transfer case.)...

iPod shuffle (2nd gen) Features Guide (Manual) - Support - Apple

Congratulations on purchasing iPod shuffle. Read this chapter to learn about the features of iPod shuffle, how to use its controls, and more. To use iPod shuffle, you put songs and other audio files on your computer and then load them onto iPod shuffle. Use iPod shuffle to:  Load songs for listening on the go  Listen to podcasts, downloadable radio-style shows delivered over the Internet  Listen to audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store or  Store or back up files and other data, using iPod shuffle as an external disk ... Chapter 1 iPod shuffle Basics Connecting and Disconnecting iPod shuffle Connect iPod shuffle to your computer to load songs and other audio files, and to charge the battery. Disconnect iPod shuffle when you’re done. Connecting iPod shuffle To connect iPod shuffle to your computer: m Plug the included iPod shuffle Dock into a USB port on your computer. Then put iPod shuffle in the Dock. Note: Connect the Dock to a high-power USB port to charge the battery. A USB 2.0 port is recommended. Do not use the USB port on your keyboard. The first time you connect iPod shuffle to your computer, the iPod Setup Assistant helps you configure iPod shuffle and sync it with your iTunes library. Important: Once you’ve synced iPod shuffle with the iTunes library on a computer, a message appears whenever you connect iPod shuffle to another computer, asking if you want to sync with the iTunes library on the new computer. Click Cancel if you want to keep the current music content on iPod shuffle. Or, click Transfer Purchases to keep the contents on iPod shuffle and copy the purchased songs on it to the iTunes library on the new computer. See iTunes Help for more information. Disconnecting iPod shuffle It’s important not to disconnect iPod shuffle from your computer while audio files are being loaded or when iPod shuffle is being used as an external disk. You can see if it’s OK to disconnect iPod shuffle by looking at the top of the iTunes window or by checking the iPod shuffle status light. Important: If you see the “Do not disconnect” message in iTunes or if the status light on iPod shuffle is blinking orange, you must eject iPod shuffle before disconnecting it. Otherwise, you could damage files on iPod shuffle. If you enable iPod shuffle for disk use (see page 19), you must always eject iPod shuffle before disconnecting it.