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Jumeira Baccalaureate School Welcomes The First Lady Of Tanzania, HE Salma Kikwete

A co-educational school in Jumeira, Dubai, JBS is a truly international school, offering The International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Jumeira Baccalaureate School students taking centre stage at THIMUN, Doha

A co-educational school in Jumeira, Dubai, JBS is a truly international school, offering The International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Jumeira Baccalaureate School - Meet The Principal

A co-educational school in Jumeira, Dubai, JBS is a truly international school, offering The International Primary Curriculum (IPC), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Control Arm Brochure - Moog
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moog R-SERIES™ control arms for value-driven repairs Total undercar solutions When it comes to undercar solutions, MOOG® offers the complete steering and suspension package. MOOG provides advanced engineering, problemsolving innovation, industry-leading technical expertise, superior products and the broadest range of foreign and domestic coverage that today’s technicians need. That is why MOOG is the choice of professional technicians and top NASCAR® Crew Chiefs. Upper Strut Mount Upper Control Arm Coil Spring Control Arm Bushing Upper Ball Joint For the cost-conscious consumer, the new R-Series™ line of control arms is the right choice. With a broad range of applications, and with the quality construction and design you expect from MOOG, R-Series provides technicians the perfect solution for the value-driven repair. INDUSTRY EXPERTISE Technical Training & Support Today’s vehicle technologies create new challenges for technicians. That’s why Federal-Mogul offers an array of industry-leading training and support options: • Technical Education Center • ASE-certified call center • In-market seminars • Live webinars • 24/7 parts lookup • Technical web-based library It’s superior training and support you only get with MOOG. ww PR B w.m OB oo Ba LE to ll joi M: inf nt eri fai gp ro w Ball em w w so lv er U LL ET Years 19971999- 2003 1990- 2003 1995- 2002 1996- 1998 1999 disin Pla tegr stic ated bea uPP ring er R O B .m LE : 21 10 02 ll fa join t il ure Ac ys Hon ura se da CL LU y, Ac MO TI Isuz co & TL Lo OG ON we ® K9 : u Oard , r Ba 64 To ensu & ll Jo3 Fro catas re sis parts troph depe int nt whic like ic ndab failur MOO stren h le Od SO oo M IN Ba .com featu G.® e, it is operation • The gth MOO impo and re a quali and powdMOO endu ty G chasrtant grea force ered G all-m rance forge sis to insta tly • To d hous parts s and -met etal . ll redu Fr redu al “gus desig matebette ing inclu quali ce the and de ty, the rial r hand cing her” n even go ont Probname risk of a meta • Prec mate for its le high stres bear ly Intru ing su lem bran ing trans l-on- Solve d • Supe ise rial andhous loadss. cau sion and fers ov sp chas Ow heatmeta sed of can ings. , MOO into vehic r ball sis rior er en l desig nois rust con ners the pullo treating test Larg joints le G Make bu sio well er, less spec hous loads ing tam n for spe e inanof the

Prostate Cancer Patient Guide - American Urological Association

Based on recommendations from the Prostate Cancer Clinical Guideline Panel of the American Urological Association The AUA Foundation is the nation’s leading voluntary urological healthcare organization that promotes research, patient/public education and advocacy. Our mission is to improve prevention, detection, treatment and, ultimately cure urologic diseases. This information is not intended to substitute for a consultation with a urologist. It is offered to educate the patient and his or her family on the basis of urology conditions in order to get the most out of their office visits and consultations. © C o p y r i g h t 2 0 0 8 A m e r i c a n U ro lo g i c a l A s s o c i at i o n F o u n dat i o n Th e M a n ag e m e n t o f L o c a l i z e d P ro s tat e C a n c e r : P at i e n t G u i d e 3 Figure 1. What is the prostate? BLADDER SEMINAL VESICLE URETHRA RECTUM PROSTATE As a man ages, his chance of having prostate cancer increases. Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer found in American men. It is the second leading cause of cancer death among American men. However, with advancements in cancer screening and treatment, the death rate for prostate cancer is going down. TESTICLE Fairman Studios, LLC The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. It is about the same size as a walnut and weighs about an ounce. As pictured in Figure 1, the prostate is below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate goes all the way around a tube called the urethra. The urethra carries urine from the bladder out through the penis. The main job of the prostate is to make fluid for semen. During ejaculation, sperm made in the testicles moves to the urethra. At the same time, fluid from the prostate and the seminal vesicles also moves into the urethra. This mixture—semen—goes through the urethra and out the penis.

Click - Culturally-Situated Design Tools - Rensselaer Polytechnic ...

Bourdieu and Passeron (1973) famously defined cultural capital as the accumulated cultural knowledge that confers power and status. Their original work explained many of the intangible advantages that allowed the upper class to obtain better status jobs, education, etc. Here we extend this concept to include “computational capital”—the concepts, skills, and other resources that facilitate participation in computing activities, education and careers. We posit that hidden sources of computational capital can be found in some cultural practices of disadvantaged groups, and that a suitable learning environment can make this capital available to its owners. In the study presented here, the cultural practice is cornrow hairstyles, and the learning environment is based on Cornrow Curves, a web applet that allows children to use math and computing principles to simulate the patterns of these braids. This paper analyzes the interactions of African-American children with Cornrow Curves, in particular their reflections on the relationship between their heritage identity and the experience of learning math and computing through cultural resources. We use Bennett’s (2008) concept of “design agency” to describe the ways in which the students’ creative explorations in this computational geometry converge with their cultural construction of the self. Keywords: ethnomathematics, culturally situated design tools, design agency, graphic design, culture © 2009 Children, Youth and Environments

Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Bristol Bay Native Corporation works to help promote corporations across Alaska to grow and prosper through education opportunities and promote and preserve cultural heritage.

Bright Water School
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Bright Water School is one of the top schools in Seattle offering Waldorf education for preschool through eight grade students.Preschool through Grade Eight and two Parent and Child classes available. Come visit our campus and meet our staff to discover what Bright Water is all about.

Acer TravelMate 4000.DOC - The Department of Education

Conventions used in this manual The following conventions are used in this manual: Menu path: Example: Tap Start > All Programs > Games > Solitaire. This means tap the Start menu button, then the All Programs button, then select Games from the menu that is displayed, and Solitaire from the Games menu. Keyboard: Example: Hold down the ++ keys simultaneously. This means press these keyboard keys, all at the same time. Symbols are used to represent important things you need to know: Warning about cost. Doing this action could cost you money! Severe warning! Be extra careful! You could seriously damage the machine. Note, hint or tip. Information that will help you. Department of Education and Training Program objectives The Notebook for Teachers Program is an integral component of the Education to Community (e2c) initiative, supporting learning technologies in the K-12 government education community in WA. It is designed to support schools and teachers in achieving their mutual professional goals. The portability of notebook computers allows for a wide range of educational opportunities and strategies to be explored, with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for students. Participation in the program is voluntary and should only be undertaken after careful consideration of how the introduction of this technology can be integrated into the individual school's plan. The objectives of this training are to: § § § Provide an introduction to the notebook, the operating system, and the applications. Help you to become familiar with basic operations of the notebook. Assist you with setting up the notebook for internet access from home and your school.

MIT Pune Transforming Lives with Industry Oriented Courses

MIT Pune has carved a place of prominence and set up high standards in the education sector with their progressive strategies and advanced teaching methodologies.