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Living Healthy with Diabetes - Constituent Center | American ...

Living Healthy with Diabetes As people get older, their risk for type 2 diabetes increases. In fact, in the United States about one in four people over the age of 60 has diabetes. If you already have diabetes, you may find that you need to adjust how you manage your condition as the years go by. This booklet provides information to help you take care of your diabetes over the long term, so that you can avoid or delay complications and live a long, happy, and active life. Diabetes Basics What is type 2 diabetes? When you eat, your food is broken down into a sugar called glucose. Glucose gives your body the energy it needs to work. But to use glucose as energy, your body makes insulin, which “unlocks” your body’s cells so they can receive the glucose they need.

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Breakfast Lunch 1 whole wheat English muffin 1 Tbsp. sugar free jam 1 poached egg 1 Tbsp. “0g trans-fat” butter spread 1 small apple Total: 51g Carbs tuna salad sandwich with 4oz tuna 2 slices whole wheat bread 4 oz. low-fat yogurt ½ cup sliced strawberries 5 baby carrots 2 Tbsp. low fat Ranch Total: 46g Carbs 2 slices turkey deli meat 2 slices whole wheat bread 2 Tbsp. mustard 1 slice American cheese 1 small bag baked potato chips (1 oz.) Total: 48g Carbs Frozen entrée with less than 300 calories & 30g Carbs 1 small pear ½ cup cherry tomatoes 1 Tbsp. low fat ranch dressing Total: 54g Carbs 3 oz. roasted chicken breast 1 cup baked winter squash ½ cup cooked spinach 1 small whole wheat roll ½ Tbsp. “0g trans-fat” butter spread Total: 53g Carbs 4 oz. salmon ½ baked potato ½ Tbsp. “0g trans-fat” butter spread 1 cup carrots 1 small chocolate chip cookie

The Type 2 Diabetes Meal Planner
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Good meal planning can help you better control your blood sugar Eating healthy foods and adding variety to your menus is easier than you think. Your doctor or healthcare provider can help you develop a meal plan that helps control tour blood sugar. This sheet can help you make that plan more interesting by providing substitution options, so you don’t have to eat the same foods all the time. It also helps if you eat a balanced diet, eat meals at the same time every day, avoid skipping meals and eat food portions that are indicated by your individual meal plan. The American Diabetes Association recommends good eating habits along with being physically active as the primary part of any good type 2 diabetes management plan. Here’s how you can easily choose foods that fit your type 2 diabetes meal plan: · Find your total daily calorie level on the chart below. · Using the chart, plan your menus for the day with serving amounts from each group. · Look at the sample meal plan below to see how you can do this. · Give your meals variety by choosing other items from the same food groups.

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Insulin resistance is a condition in which the body produces insulin but does not use it properly. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, helps the body use glucose for energy. Glucose is a form of sugar that is the body’s main source of energy. The body’s digestive system breaks food down into glucose, which then travels in the bloodstream to cells throughout the body. Glucose in the blood is called blood glucose, also known as blood sugar. As the blood glucose level rises after a meal, the pancreas releases insulin to help cells take in and use the glucose. When people are insulin resistant, their muscle, fat, and liver cells do not respond properly to insulin. As a result, their bodies need more insulin to help glucose enter cells. The pancreas tries to keep up with this increased demand for insulin by producing more. Eventually, the pancreas fails to keep up with the body’s need for insulin. Excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, setting the stage for diabetes. Many people with insulin resistance have high levels of both glucose and insulin circulating in their blood at the same time. Insulin resistance increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Learning about insulin resistance is the first step toward making lifestyle changes that can help prevent diabetes and other health problems.

Understanding Insulin Resistance - PCOS Nutrition Center

To understand PCOS you must first understand insulin. Insulin is a hormone that every human on the planet needs to survive. Its role is to transport glucose (our body’s main source of fuel) into our cells where it can be used as energy. For example, let’s say you just ate a granola bar. Since it’s a carbohydrate, your body will first break it down into small glucose particles. Insulin is then secreted in response to the glucose particles to put them into your cells where they are needed for energy. If insulin doesn’t do this, glucose will remain in your blood stream where it can do damage. This typically happens when someone has diabetes and isn’t controlling their blood sugar well. You may have heard about insulin compared to a lock and key metaphor. There are insulin receptors, or locks on our cell walls. The only way that glucose can enter the cells is by opening the locks. Insulin acts as a key to open the locks, thereby putting glucose into the cells so it can be used for energy. Currently, it is unknown why women with PCOS have elevated insulin levels, but this area is being heavily researched. The connection between insulin and PCOS was really only first discovered in the 1990s, so we have a lot yet to learn. Regardless, we do know that insulin resistance is the catalyst for PCOS.

The menopause Conditions And Normal Fitness Solutions

With only a certain their age, the female sex gland (reproductive body parts) discontinue functioning properly, and there is no details reveals egg or perhaps a infertility laddish behaviour love oestrogen. This type of cessation always will require any blockage involved with monthly period since uterine along is not needed from then on. A menopause basically translates that the feminine just isn't rich, an item that often takes place in the course of the girl's the later part of fourties and early on 50's. Nonetheless the menopause will occur years earlier besides.

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