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Dating Tips for the Modern Man   How to Get Her Attention in a High Tech World

The dating world has dramatically changed in the last 10 years, making it harder for a guy to approach a girl. Master these dating tips to get her attention and never be dateless again.

What You need to realise about Automotive Refurbishment Employees

A hefty component of in need of automobile fixing realized to your auto or truck is speaking with and addressing automatic revive experts, also called aspects. Depending upon the guy or girl, this can easily choose to make or vacation your expertise in automatic repair service, so it's extremely important to interpret some information and facts behind them. Apart from technical operate, interacting making use of human part of car maintenance experts may very well be sometimes a problem or build a amazing have for every single functions connected.

Your Princess Wedding Dreams Come True With These Tips

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1.Backup, backup, backup -seriously backup! 2.Change Settings with caution 3.Be secure and up to date - Upgrades 4.Making WordPress mobile 5.WordPress Layout options 6.Finding, installing and activating new Themes 7.Plugins make widgets come alive 8.Widgetize your Sidebars! 9.Run WordPress Locally In Just Few Clicks 10.Use the WordPress Codex as a Resource WordPress BEG/INT Appearance - Change the Look of your Blog From the Presentation Administration Panel you can control how the content of your blog is displayed. WordPress allows you to easily style your site by either installing and activating new Themes or changing existing Themes. Manage Themes A Theme is the overall design of a site and encompasses color, graphics, and text. A Theme is sometimes called the skin. WordPress site-owners have available a long list of Themes to choose from in deciding what to present to their sites' viewers. In fact, with the use of the Theme Switcher Reloaded Plugin, visitors can select their own Theme. From the Appearance Themes SubPanel you can choose which Theme will be presented to user visiting your site you have already downloaded will be used for your site. You can also view screenshots of each Theme you

Low Blood Sugar - University of Colorado Denver

There are two emergency problems in blood sugar control for people with diabetes. The first, discussed in this chapter, is low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. (The second, discussed in Chapter 15, is high blood sugar or ketoacidosis.) Low blood sugar comes on quickly and must be treated by the person, family or friends. Early treatment helps prevent a more severe reaction and possible hospitalization. 1. Define mild, moderate and severe low sugar symptoms, causes and treatment. 2. State the appropriate time to contact a healthcare provider. Any time a person has received a shot of insulin, or an oral diabetes medicine, there is a chance of a low blood sugar reaction. The family of a person with newly diagnosed diabetes must know the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia before going home the first night. A normal random (non-diabetic) blood sugar is usually between 70-140 mg/dl (3.9-7.8 mmol/L). Normal fasting values are usually between 70 and 100 mg/dl (3.9-5.5 mmol/L). For purposes of this book, we define a true low blood sugar as < 60 mg/dl (< 3.2 mmol/L). The Amercian Diabetes Association (ADA) defines a low blood sugar level as any level < 70 mg/dl (< 3.9 mmol/L).

Balancing it All: Recognizing and treating hypoglycemia

Recognizing and Treating Hypoglycemia The following diagram represents the actions of food, insulin and exercise on blood glucose values. Understanding the effects of these on blood glucose values will help you to learn to think like a pancreas, and balance blood glucose levels. Insulin exercise glucose food hormones Insulin and exercise lower the blood glucose, food raises the blood glucose. Now that you have mastered the diabetes basics: insulin therapy, blood glucose monitoring, and constant carbohydrate diet, you are ready to use these skills to balance the blood glucose levels, just as the pancreas would do. Food Exercise Insulin Balance 80-150 Balancing Hypoglycemia What is Hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia (also called insulin reaction, or low blood sugar) occurs when the blood glucose falls below 70 mg/dl. Symptoms may also be noticed when there is a rapid decrease in the level of blood glucose, even if not low. Low blood glucose is usually caused by: ♦ missed or delayed meal or snack ♦ excessive activity without an additional snack ♦ too much insulin, or incorrect insulin dose administered What are the signs of an insulin reaction? The early signs of an insulin reaction are caused by adrenaline. Later signs are caused by ‘brain hunger’ as the brain cannot function well without a steady supply of glucose. Signs of Hypoglycemia include: Feeling Faint ‘Drunken” behavior Dizzy laughing Nervous irritability or crying Shaky confused Weak inability to concentrate Pale aggressive Hungry Blurred vision Sweating Stomachache Drowsy Headache Fatigue Nightmares Dilated Pupils Convulsions or seizures Leg cramps Unconsciousness

Diabetes and Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) - Endocrine Press

What is hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia is the term for low blood sugar (or blood glucose). Glucose is the “fuel” that your brain and body need to function properly. It’s important to maintain levels of blood sugar that are healthy: not too high and not too low. If hypoglycemia is not corrected right away, it can quickly worsen. You may become very confused and unable to manage your condition. In severe cases, you may even lose consciousness, have a seizure, or go into a coma. Hypoglycemia can happen if you do not eat when you need to or as much as you need, or if you skip a meal, drink too much alcohol, exercise more than usual, or if you have diabetes. What is the relationship between diabetes and hypoglycemia? If you have diabetes, a disease characterized by high blood sugar and you are taking medication to control your blood sugar, you are at increased risk of hypoglycemia. Medications to treat diabetes act on insulin, the hormone that your body produces to keep blood sugar levels from getting too high or too low. Sometimes these medications can make insulin stronger, and, thus, lower your blood sugar more than necessary. Likewise, if you are taking insulin shots to manage your diabetes, it’s important to check your blood sugar before taking insulin to make sure you don’t take too much.

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