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slogan for tuberculosis

Performance of Logistic Regression in Tuberculosis Data

This paper examined logistic regression for describing the relationship between an indications of suffering from complications pulmonary tuberculosis and its associated risk factors (predictors). Logistic regression was used as a tool to see the performance on tuberculosis data.

'Pravednik , masovni ubica , gradonacelnik   Mali . Slogan za kampanju .... masovnog ubice

Синиша Мали је постао довека познат као први градоначелник Београда за чије време су се подавили суграђани у Обреновцу и да има имало људске части и достојанства поднео би оставку

Promotional Slogan Bag Is Now The Best Alternative To Plastic Bag

Bags of all sizes and types hold an important place in our lives. They are personal carriers for women for keeping their individual as well as specific items.

Micro Topping Miami
by artisticconcretegroup 0 Comments favorite 26 Viewed Download 0 Times Our dedication to quality, combined with the characteristic beauty and strength of our products, make our slogan a reality: It's not an expense; It's an investment! And yes, we remain customer service fanatics.

Suzuki Hayabusa - MBASkool
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Suzuki Hayabusa Brand Name Suzuki Hayabusa Parent Company Suzuki Category Motorcycles Sector Two-wheeler Tagline/ Slogan The Ultimate Predator; Ride the winds of change 1/4 Suzuki Hayabusa USP Extremely powerful engine and sporty design used in motorsports STP Segment Ultra premium sports bike Target Group Upper middle and upper class men Positioning Passion for performance and precision engineering SWOT 2/4 Suzuki Hayabusa Strength 1.Excellent brand name 2.High speed and performance 3.Hig innovative technology Weakness 1.Very expensive 2.Cant utilise maximum power due to traffic issues Opportunity 1.New emerging high income market 2.Better innovations Threats 1.Threats from other competitors 2.At such a high price people might prefer cars Competition 3/4 Suzuki Hayabusa Competitors 1.VMAX 2.R1 3.Kawasaki Ninja 4.Ducati 5.Honda CBR 4/4

e-Brochure - Hyundai
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outdated. A car represents individuals’ lifestyles, and it became an integral part of their lives. At the same time, the automobile industry has experienced seismic change. Hyundai Motor Company has grown rapidly to become one of the largest automakers, backed by world class production capability and superior quality. We have now reached a point where we need a qualitative approach to bring bigger ideas and relevant solutions to our customers. This is an opportunity to move forward and we have developed a new brand slogan that encapsulates our willingness to take a big leap. Led by our new slogan and the new thinking underlying it, we will become a company that keeps challenging itself to unlock new possibilities for people and the planet. GEN. LHD 1312 ENG. ID-KM Copyright © 2013 Hyundai Motor Company. All Rights Reserved.

Corliss Group Online Financial Mag Hong Kong  Between a rock and hard place

One of a handful of Britain's remaining possessions, Gibraltar is an interesting anachronism says Gillian Vine. Last year, sabre-rattling Spaniards soured relations with Britain, saying it was time they had Gibraltar back. No you can't have it, said the British Government, supported by most of Gibraltar's 29,500 citizens, who rallied around the slogan ''Let no-one dare untie this knot''. The Spanish response was border checks with consequently long queues and delays, so I was pleased to come into Gibraltar by sea, during a port-hopping Mediterranean cruise.

2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilTM -

All in one rhythm™, the Official Slogan of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Pelé is the youngest goalscorer in FIFA World Cup™ history and the only player to have won three FIFA World Cups™. Number 9, the shirt number of Ronaldo, the top goalscorer in FIFA World Cup™ ­ istory with 15 goals. h 209 FIFA member associations 5 6 7 The most decorated female player in the world is Brazil’s Marta with five Women’s World Player of the Year awards. Together with Germany’s Birgit Prinz, she is also the top goalscorer in FIFA Women’s World Cup™ history with 14 goals. A Seleção, the nickname of the Brazil national team. FIFA’s first World Cup trophy was the Jules Rimet ­Trophy, which was permanently awarded to Brazil after the Seleção’s third title in 1970. The adidas Brazuca is the twelfth official FIFA World Cup™ since the Telstar was introduced for the 1970 edition. 202 teams in the 2014 preliminary competition match ball 8 Italy, the long-standing defending champions (winners in 1934 and 1938), t ­ravelled by boat rather than plane to the 1950 FIFA World Cup™, a journey ­ of three weeks from Naples to Santos. 9 10 Fuleco™, the Official Mascot, a three-banded armadillo from the eastern part of Brazil. He will be 14 years old by the time of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Brazil are the most prolific team in World Cup history in terms of goals scored, with 210 so far. 32 FIFA World Cup™ participating teams 11 12 13 14 Brazil’s World Cup track record is impressive. They have five the most of any team: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002. titles, Brazil are the only team to have featured in all 19 World Cups played so far. Football for Hope has supported over 250 football-based social p ­ rogrammes in more than 60 countries. Football for the Planet is the official environmental protection p ­ rogramme of the FIFA World Cup™. 6 zones/confederations ONE FIFA World Cup™ champion (5 CAF, 4.5 AFC, 13 UEFA, 3.5 CONCACAF, 0.5 OFC, 4.5 +1 host CONMEBOL) The Asian Zone (AFC) was the first and to date only confederation with associations to co-host the FIFA World Cup™, Korea Republic and Japan in 2002. The African Zone (CAF) was the last c ­ onfederation to host the FIFA World Cup™, South Africa in 2010. The North, Central American and Caribbean Zone (CONCACAF) was the first confederation to have an association host two FIFA World Cups™, Mexico in 1970 and 1986. The South American Zone (CONMEBOL) was the first confederation to host the FIFA World Cup™, Uruguay in 1930. In 1974, the Oceanian Zone (OFC) became the last of today’s confederations to appear at the FIFA World Cup™. The European Zone (UEFA) is at the top of the leaderboard in terms of FIFA World Cup™ victories, with ten titles. TM THE FIFA WORLD CUP RETURNS TO THE LAND OF FOOTBALL We’ve worked very carefully on all the organisational details so that we can host the best FIFA World Cup of all time. RONALDO, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ ambassador

Duct Cleaning
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Our slogan is something we take very seriously; we aren’t just looking for those pearly whites, and we really mean it when we ask that question.

USAID Graphic Standards Manual
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This is the Graphic Standards Manual for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). It sets the standard for the design of all USAID public communications. The guidelines in this manual are compulsory for all Agency employees and contractors producing communications funded in whole by USAID, in accordance with Automated Directive Systems (ADS) 320. A separate publication, the Partner Branding Guide, details co-branding guidelines for communications co-funded by USAID. Below is the Standard Graphic Identity (Identity) for USAID. It is to be used to mark all programs, projects, activities, and public communications that require acknowledgement of USAID*. Found in the most remote corners of the globe, the USAID handclasp is one of the best known U.S. emblems throughout the world. It has become a symbol of the United States’ long history of aiding those in need. Labeling was first required during the Marshall Plan when Congress became concerned that the Soviet Union was taking credit for the poorly marked U.S. foreign aid donations to European countries. This original 1948 design was adapted from the Great Seal of the United States with the words,“For European Recovery Supplied by the United States of America,” in the center. It was translated into the languages of the recipient countries. But the slogan became obsolete when military aid was added to the economic program, and when some Near East and Asian countries were added to the roster of recipients under President Truman’s Point IV Program. In 1951, the slogan became,“Strength for the Free World from the United States of America.” In several countries, the slogan could not be translated into local dialects, so different designs and slogans were used. Moreover, the wide variety of containers needed made it necessary to have a range of labels, decals, metal plates, tags, and stencils in all sizes. As a result, the value of the overall message was lost due to a lack of uniformity. In 1953, Eleanor Gault, an employee in the Marking and Labeling Office of the Mutual Security Agency—a USAID predecessor—revised the emblem. During her research, Gault discovered that “clasped hands” have been recognized as a sign of unity, goodwill, and cooperation for centuries. She concluded that clasped hands,“could serve to identify the aid as part of the mutual effort with mutual benefits shared by our country and friends around the world.”

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