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Carrot Cake - U Weight Loss Clinics

INGREDIENTS Whole wheat flour ¾ cup scoops U-Protein 4½ Baking powder 1 ½ tsp Stevia 13 gm Salt ½ tsp Cinnamon (to taste) 1 ½ tsp Nutmeg (to taste) tsp 1½ with juice Crushed pineapple 1/2 cup d carrots 1 ½ cups Grate sauce Unsweetened apple ¾ cup Eggs 2 large Egg whites 2 large Vanilla extract 2 tsp NTS ICING INGREDIE 8 oz 13 gm 2 tsp Light cream cheese Stevia Vanilla INSTRUCTIONS Carrot Cake n with 3/4 ur a 10” tube pa dry 0 ˚F. Pam and flo heat oven to 35 , mix together all Pre medium bowl wheat flour. In a gether all wet cup whole bowl, mix to wet seperate medium redients, pour the ingredients. In a ...

Healthy Eating
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Lifestyle Coach Facilitation Guide: Core Session 4: Healthy Eating Table of Contents Background and Preparation Page Preparation Checklist Materials Required for Session 4 Before You Begin 2 Lifestyle Coach Brief Learning Objectives Session Overview Key Messages 4 Weigh-in Week in Review This Week 7 Classroom Presentation Part 1: Weekly Progress and Review Part 2: Healthy Ways to Eat Introduction The Way We Eat The Type of Food We Eat 10 Part 3: MyPlate MyPlate The Purpose of MyPlate MyPlate: Grains MyPlate: Vegetables MyPlate: Fruit MyPlate: Dairy MyPlate: Protein How Have You Been Eating? Eating More Like MyPlate 12 Part 4: Wrap Up and To-Do List To Do Next Week Closing 22 Notes and Homework 25 Follow Up Session 4: Healthy Eating Background and Preparation Preparation Checklist Materials These are the materials you will use during Session 4.  Participant handouts for Session 4...

Meal Planning Guide 1400 Calorie
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This Meal Planning Guide is based on the Exchange System, which groups foods into categories such as starches, fruits, vegetables, milk, meats and meat substitutes, and fats. One serving in a group is called an “exchange.” An exchange has about the same amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories as a serving of every other food in that same group. So, for example, you could swap one small apple for 3/4 cup of blueberries for one fruit serving. Sometimes nutrient figures may seem to vary a bit from list to list due to rounding-off, different serving sizes, or different methods of preparation. But if you eat the specified number of servings of each group, you can be comfortable that you’ll have a diet rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. At first it appears a bit tedious measuring out an ounce of this and a cup of that, and with some foods it can be hard to measure or estimate an exact serving size. An inexpensive kitchen scale will come in handy. And these pictures will illustrate some helpful estimations:

Growing Naturals Rice Protein
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Axiom has launched a new marketing program to benefit clients incorporating Oryzatein into their products. Axiom is helping educate consumers that not all rice proteins are created equal and helps differentiate products utilizing Oryzatein.

Genetic, biochemical, and crystallographic characterization of Fhit ...

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 95, pp. 5484–5489, May 1998 Biochemistry Genetic, biochemical, and crystallographic characterization of Fhit–substrate complexes as the active signaling form of Fhit HELEN C. PACE*, PRESTON N. GARRISON†, A NGELA K. ROBINSON†, L ARRY D. BARNES†, A LEXANDRA DRAGANESCU*, ¨ A NGELIKA ROSLER‡, G. MICHAEL BLACKBURN‡, ZURAB SIPRASHVILI*, CARLO M. CROCE*, KAY HUEBNER*, AND CHARLES BRENNER*§ *Kimmel Cancer Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA 19107; †Department of Biochemistry, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX 78284; and ‡Department of Chemistry, Krebs Institute, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, S3 7HF England Communicated by Sidney Weinhouse, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA, March 2, 1998 (received for review December 1, 1997) Because Fhit is encoded at the chromosome 3 fragile site, FRA3B (12), it had been suggested that cancer-associated deletions in the FHIT gene represent a ‘‘bystander effect’’ in which carcinogenesis was initiated by other unrelated genetic changes and that FHIT deletions resulted from genomic instability within already established tumors (13). However, if this were the case, reintroduction of FHIT cDNAs into tumors with FHIT deletions would not be expected to be consequential. On the contrary, stable reexpression of Fhit protein in gastric, lung, and kidney cancer cells with homozygous FHIT deletions suppressed the ability of those cells to form tumors in nude mice (14). It is important to emphasize that whereas FHIT passed this test as a tumor-suppressor gene, there are at least two scenarios in which genes with importance in carcinogenesis might fail this test. First, if loss of function of a gene were to create a mutator phenotype that led to further genetic lesions, reintroduction of that gene into tumor-derived cell lines might not reverse their tumor-forming ability. Second, in...

Tumor Suppressor Genes and Oncogenes - UCSF Biochemistry ...

• Describe the normal cellular functions of tumor suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes and explain their roles in cancer. • Describe Knudson’s two-hit hypothesis for the pathogenesis of retinoblastoma. • List the common clinical features, evolution and treatment for retinoblastoma. • Explain why loss-of-heterozygosity of a particular chromosome/chromosomal region in tumor DNA suggests the existence of a tumor suppressor gene in that region. • Explain why loss of either Rb or p16 drives a cell to proliferate. • Explain how the proteins encoded by the E6 and E7 genes of the oncogenic human papilloma viruses function to promote tumor formation. • Describe how the HER2/neu oncogene is activated in breast cancer. • Describe the normal function of Ras proteins and the molecular mechanism by which mutations in Ras genes lead to cancer. • Describe three pathways by which the cyclin D gene is activated in tumors. • Explain why activation of the Bcl-2 gene promotes cancer. • Describe the molecular events associated with different stages in the development of colon cancer. • Describe the six hallmark features of cancer cells and the molecular basis of each. KEY WORDS Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) Bcl2 caretaker chromosomal inversion chromosome translocation cyclin D E6 protein E7 protein EMSY gain-of-function gene amplification HER2/neu...

How to find the most effective Elliptical machine Reviews Online

If you need for the solution to any running machine because your fitness machine, then you could get a beneficial best elliptical trainer for any work out plans you would finished in your abode. You are able to choose between a sluggish exercise plan to resistance training and additionally cardio workouts including a longterm preparation designed to protein shake most of the fatty acids at a distance. To keep a really good elliptical exercise machine usually is to have one that has a meter exhibit for this required info for instance the utilization required mentioned, the time period entire length together with the calorie consumption you felt the need shed. It can be better if a elliptical exercise machine will be definitely, powerful and offers somebody noise-free training. Parallel to in addition to superior to treadmill machines, you can buy a considerably fat-free body the usage of elliptical fitness machines.

Peptides Assisting in Dope Betterment Regarding Unknown growth

After many years most typically associated with stagnation, peptide therapeutics can be again is there to concentration considering pill expansion attempts are obtaining takers and thus backed by this endeavor income in addition to biotechnology services. Fashion designer peptide illegal substances mastered their horrible pharmacological choices that come with local proteins coupled with necessary protein broken phrases and often element non-natural protein and even foundation substitutes, cyclic and multimeric structures, or even peptidic or perhaps a non-peptidic presentation units. Our prime specificity and low toxic body description of your proteins (scientific) boasts practicable option to lightweight molecular therapeutics.

Protein Pumpkin Pie -

Protein Pumpkin Pie Ingredients for the Base 1/2 cup of ground almonds 2 1/2 tbsp sesame seed, peanut, or almond butter 2 tbsp agave syrup or regular honey (helps bind the almonds with the seed or nut butter) Ingredients for the Filling: 1/2 can (200 g) of pumpkin puree 3/4 cup liquid egg whites 1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder 1 tsp toffee flavoring (optional, but nice for extra sweetness) 1 tsp cinnamon (optional, but nice for extra spice) Directions: 1. Make the base by blending the base ingredients until you get compact dough. Press the dough down into the bottom and along the sides of a pie mold. Remember to use a mold with a removable bottom that allows you to unmold your pie easily. 2. Bake the crust at 360 F (180 C) for 10-15 minutes, and then remove it from the oven. This step is optional, but it ensures your base cooks a bit longer than the pie so it’s nice and crusty. 3. Make your filling by blending the filling ingredients together using an immersion blender, regular blender, or food processor. Pour this onto the base. 4. Bake at 320 F (160 C) for 45-50 minutes, or until the filling has cooked through. Be careful not to overbake it. To ensure a creamy center, remove your pie as soon as it’s cooked through—you’ll know when an inserted knife comes out clean. 5. Let the pie cool before slicing and … that’s it! Eat with abandon!

Treatment options for the advanced asymptomatic prostate cancer ...

Treatment options for the advanced asymptomatic prostate cancer patient: an active immunotherapy approach E. Roy Berger, MD North Shore Prostate Cancer Consultation and Treatment Service, A Division of North Shore Hematology Oncology Associates, East Setauket, NY In 2007, prostate cancer is expected to result in nearly 219,000 new cases and more than 27,000 deaths. Many prostate cancer patients with metastatic disease who are resistant to hormonal therapy are asymptomatic for some time. Optimal treatment of these patients has not been determined. Docetaxel (Taxotere) is the only approved chemotherapeutic agent that can increase the survival of these patients, as well as patients with symptomatic, metastatic, androgen-independent prostate cancer. Active immunotherapy approaches have the potential to provide a significant improvement in survival with minimal toxicity. Sipuleucel-T is an investigational autologous active cellular immunotherapy product designed to initiate a T-cell–mediated immune response against a prostate-specific fusion protein prepared by a leukapheresis process using the patient’s own cells. A phase III study of sipuleucel-T demonstrated a 4.5-month improvement in survival (P = 0.010) and a 41% decrease in mortality over 3 years. Sipuleucel-T has been well tolerated and additional studies are in progress. Because of its mild toxicity profile and short course of therapy, sipuleucel-T may be optimally positioned for use prior to docetaxel chemotherapy in treating asymptomatic patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

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