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Health and Nutrition: The Importance of Fat in a Child’s Diet | A child’s diet needs to contain fat to ensure good health. There are multiple organs in the body that are unable to develop or function properly without it. Not all fats are equal however – there are good and bad fats. A recent study has shown that South African children mostly consume bad fats that contain high amounts of saturated fatty acids. Read this article to find out which fats are beneficial and which are detrimental to your children’s health.

Kids and the Gluten-Free Diet - School of Medicine

The gluten-free diet presents unique challenges for children with celiac disease and their families. Prior to diagnosis, children may be quite ill, suffering from poor growth and developmental delay. Upon accurate diagnosis and treatment, children usually improve quickly; however despite rapid improvement of symptoms, compliance with diet may be less than optimal, putting the child once again at risk for the complications of untreated celiac disease. Because children may feel uncomfortable being singled out as “different,” a diet that calls attention to their condition, and thus their differences, presents a unique challenge to parents and caregivers trying to meet the treatment guidelines. Frequent follow-up and monitoring, along with educational resources and support groups can aid families in maintaining a gluten-free diet and provide creative ways to deal with the challenges inherent in a gluten-free lifestyle.

Healthy Weight Loss - Oklahoma State University

T-3200 Nutrition for Older Adults: Diet and Health Guidelines For Weight Loss Janice Hermann, Extension Nutrition Specialist Healthy Weight Loss Healthy weight loss focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Advice for those who want to lose weight is to aim for a slow, steady weight loss by: • Focusing on health, not appearance. • Setting reasonable weight loss goals. • Eating healthy foods, not “dieting.” • Getting regular physical activity. Reasonable goals Reasonable weight goals are: • Rate - A loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week. • Time frame - A loss of 10 percent body weight over six months. For a 250 pound person, a 10 percent loss over six months would be about 25 pounds. This would be about a one-pound loss per week. A 10 percent weight loss, even if someone is still overweight, can provide many health benefits: • Help blood glucose control. • Lower blood pressure. • Lower LDL cholesterol. People who lose weight slow and steady tend to lose more body fat and less muscle. They are also more likely to keep the weight off.

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Head and neck cancers present very unique challenges to the patients, their families, and the social network around them. The areas being treated, whatever the treatment choice may be- surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or any combination of the threeinvolve areas of our body that are responsible for two basic human needs- speaking and swallowing. A recurring theme has always been food. We understand this. Food plays an important role in day to day life. Food gives us sustenance, pleasure and a social outlet. It is used as a reward or as the center of special occasions. Yet, many patients require feeding tubes during their treatment. Those that don’t, struggle to maintain nutrition as a result of the side effects of treatment. And all patients struggle as they transition back to regular eating practices. This cookbook can provide a guide for all head and neck cancer patients. For the most part, the recipes included here are those that are easier to chew or swallow. These recipes have been gathered through the years from patients who have found them useful before, during and after treatment. Basic information about common side effects with eating guidelines for each has also been included. But each person is an individual and everyone’s experience is unique. If there are any questions, one should always check with a healthcare professional about the appropriateness of a dish or a diet.

EATING PLAN for Weight Loss and Toning

EATING PLAN for Weight Loss and Toning 07h00 Breakfast 09h30 Mid-Morning 12h30 Lunch 15h00 Mid-Afternoon 18h00 Supper 20h00 If required Notes:        Day One 125ml Bran Flakes 125ml Fat Free Yoghurt Fruit – Apple with Supashape Diet Whey Day Two 125ml Cooked Oats & 2 Egg Whites; Scrambled or Boiled 2 Rice Cakes with 40g Fat Free Cottage Cheese 125ml Brown Rice and a side Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast Fruit – Orange and 125ml Fat Fee Yoghurt 125ml Pasta with ½ a tin of Tuna Salad 125ml Mixed Vegetables and a side Salad with Grilled Fish 125ml Mixed Vegetables and a side Salad with Grilled Steak SUPASHAPE Diet Whey OR Protein Pudding OR Jelly SUPASHAPE Diet Whey OR Protein Pudding OR Jelly 3 slices of Pineapple Supashape Diet Whey Day Three 125ml Bran Flakes 1 Boiled Egg Day Four 125ml Bran Flakes 125ml Fat Free Yoghurt Day Five 125ml Bran Flakes with 2 Egg Whites; Scrambled or Boiled Fruit – 3 slices of pineapple with Supashape Diet Whey 125ml Brown Rice and Salad with Grilled Fish Fruit – 6 strawberries Supashape Diet Whey 2 Rice Cakes with 40g Fat Free Cottage Cheese...



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Low-Fat/Low Cholesterol Diet If you have any questions on how to incorporate these foods into your daily routine please call the dietitian for further information. Food Group Foods Allowed Foods to Avoid Meat/Meat substitute 6 oz or less/day • Tofu, tempeh; veggie burgers & • Fatty cuts of beef, pork, other meat substitutes lamb, regular ground beef, • Dry beans and peas spare ribs, organ meats • High fat sauces • Fish, shellfish (without butter) • Poultry without skin • Lean cuts/ well trimmed beef, pork, lamb; e.g., loin, round, select grade • Processed meat prepared from lean meats, e.g., lean ham, lean frankfurters, lean meat with soy protein Eggs 2 or less yolks/week (4 if egg is fortified with omega-3 fats) • Egg whites (2 whites can be substituted for one whole egg in recipes), cholesterol free egg substitute

The Healthy Weigh to Eat
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Healthy Weigh to Eat Hallmarks of Healthy Eating to Promote Healthy Weight Loss • Stress a three-pronged approach: healthy eating, exercise, and behavior modification. A good program will: • Include maintenance suggestions and support. • Be one that you can live with the rest of your life. • Encourage you to check with your physician before beginning. • Recommend a rate of weight loss of no more than 1-2 pounds per week. • Encourage you to set reasonable and achievable goals that are consistent with good health and wellness. • Focus on a healthy, well-balanced diet, that does not exclude one or more of the food groups (refer to the Food Guide Pyramid). • Be offered by professionals, a registered dietitian, an exercise specialist and a qualified expert in behavior change. • Not misrepresent sales people as counselors.

6 Tips to Mix Exercise & Travel This Summer by The Corliss Group Tour Packages tips

Regular exercise and good eating habits will help you stay lean and toned during your busy summer. You can easily put on 20 pounds of fat during a 2-week summer vacation! Have fun on your vacation and do fun exercises and workouts. Clothing usually is looser in the summer to keep us cooler in the summer heat, so keeping up with exercise and eating right is a huge challenge. Since you will wear less clothing in the summer, you want to look good, right? Well, you may need to pay more attention to your diet and level of activity to stay in shape!

Glycemic Index and its effects in Weight Loss   LivLife hospitals

If you’re on weight loss diet, you may have heard about GI index. Glycemic index is a way of measuring the digestability of carbohydrates, read more here:

Amalgaming Traditional Yoga And Aerial Acrobatics

The human body is like a machine that needs regular attention and care in the form of a healthy diet, regular exercises and timely sleep.