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2013-2014 Banneker/Key Full and Partial Scholarship Policy for the ...

2013-2014 Banneker/Key Full and Partial Scholarship Policy for the Class of 2017 Description and Eligibility The Banneker/Key Scholarship is awarded to a selected undergraduate student for a maximum of eight (8) consecutive undergraduate semesters, provided the student remains in compliance with scholarship policies as outlined in this document. The student must register for a minimum of 12 credits per semester, maintain a minimum 3.20 cumulative grade point average (GPA), and successfully complete 30 credits per academic year. Please note: the student must average 15 credits per semester over the Fall/Spring semesters to meet the 30 credit requirement. A Banneker/Key Scholarship recipient who graduates from his/her undergraduate program early cannot receive the unused portion of his/her scholarship money toward graduate school or any graduate portion of a combined Bachelor/Master’s program. In addition, the scholarship funds are designated for Fall and Spring terms and cannot be used for other undergraduate semesters or terms without prior approval and often with restrictions. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement The student must maintain a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA. The GPA used for this review is not rounded. Therefore, a 3.199 does not equal a 3.20 cumulative GPA. The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will review the cumulative GPA at the conclusion of each Fall and Spring semester. In the event the student fails to maintain a 3.20 cumulative GPA, the student will have one probationary semester to raise his/her GPA. After the probationary semester, if the student’s cumulative GPA is again below a 3.20, the scholarship will be canceled for any future semesters.

AMVETS National Scholarship Program
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AMVETS offers the following four-year scholarship. It must be used for full-time study at either an undergraduate college or university or an accredited technical/trade school leading to a certification or degree. $1,000 will be awarded each year for a maximum of four years contingent upon maintaining a 2.0 grade point average or equivalent and showing evidence of enrollment. AMVETS will not make more than a $1,000 payment per year even if the student is on an accelerated schedule. The scholarship must be used in its entirety within five years of the award date. Any amount remaining unused within five years will be forfeited. The purpose of this scholarship is to make the goal of post secondary education more attainable for the children and grandchildren of veterans by assisting deserving students who might not otherwise have the financial means to achieve their educational goals. A total of six scholarships of this level will be awarded nationally, one per each of the six National Districts of AMVETS. Applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements listed below and submit the completed application postmarked on or before April 15. For questions regarding the application, required documents, or application process, please contact AMVETS toll free at 877-726-8387. Eligibility Requirements: 1. Must be a graduating high school senior entering at the college freshmen level in the upcoming fall semester. 2. Must have a minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. (Or documented evidence of extenuating circumstances that caused a lower GPA.) 3. Must be the child or grandchild of a United States veteran. 4. Must be a United States citizen. 5. Must demonstrate academic promise and financial need. 6. Must agree to authorize AMVETS to publicize your scholarship award, if you are selected. Required Materials:...

Official 2013 FiSCA Scholarship Application

Financial Service Centers of America, Inc. (FiSCA) believes education is the key to America’s future, and these scholarships will help unlock brighter futures for deserving and dedicated students. What is the Financial Service Centers of America, Inc. (FiSCA)? FiSCA, established in 1986, represents an estimated 6,500 financial service centers in the U.S. and is the leading voice for the industry on regulatory, compliance and political issues. The professional financial services industry cashes an estimated 160 million checks annually, with an aggregate face value of $55 billion. What Kind of Scholarships is FiSCA Offering? FiSCA will award a minimum cash grant of $2,000 for the freshman year of study to at least two (2) outstanding college-bound high school seniors, from each of the five geographic regions across the nation, using leadership skills in both school and local community and academic achievement as the criteria to identify winners. Who Can Apply for the Scholarships? The FiSCA Scholarship Program is only offered to college-bound high school seniors. You must be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident. The following is a list of the eligible states divided into regions. Please check the region that contains your state.  East: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Applications - lnesc
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The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has considered education its number one priority since it was established in 1929. As part of LULAC’s education efforts, the LULAC National Scholarship Fund (LNSF) was established in 1975 to provide scholarships to Hispanic students attending colleges and universities. Under the LNSF program, local LULAC Councils, in partnership with local and national businesses, award scholarships to students in their communities. LNSF is administered by the LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc., (LNESC) a non-profit educational organization established by LULAC to provide educational programs for Hispanics and other youth. TERMS: LULAC Councils will award scholarships to qualified Hispanic students who are enrolled or are planning to enroll in accredited colleges or universities in the United States. Awards start at $250. Awards of $500 and under are disbursed on July 15; awards over $500 are disbursed in two equal payments on July 15th and January 15th. All awards are sent to the local LULAC Councils for distribution to recipients. Scholarships may be used for the payment of tuition, academic fees, room, board, and the purchase of required educational materials & books. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for a scholarship: • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident • Must have applied to or be enrolled as a full-time student in a college, university, or graduate school, including 2-year colleges, or vocational schools that lead to an associate’s degree • A student will not be eligible for a scholarship if he/she is related to a scholarship committee member, the Council President, or an individual contributor to the local funds of the Council AWARD CRITERIA: Applicants are eligible for the following three types of scholarship awards:...

2012-2013 MALDEF Scholarship List
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This is an informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators. MALDEF is not a direct provider of the scholarships on this list, with the exception of the MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program. If you are interested in any of the other scholarships listed here, please contact the organization directly using the information provided. Thank you. Esta lista es una fuente informativa para estudiantes, padres, maestros y consejeros. MALDEF no es un proveedor directo de las becas en esta lista; con excepción del Programa de Becas de MALDEF para la Escuela de Leyes. Si usted esta interesado en alguna de las otras becas que están nombradas, por favor comuníquese directamente con la organización usando la información que proveímos. Gracias. This is an extensive list of scholarships that may not inquire about immigration status or require a valid social security number to redeem the award. It is suggested that you look through the scholarship list and select scholarships that are applicable to you. As a general rule, if an application asks for your social security number and you do not have one yet, leave that space blank but fill out and turn in the complete application. Lying about your legal status or providing a false social security number is a federal offense. •

Scholarship Information and Application - College of Staten Island

College of Staten Island scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of both academic excellence and College and community service. Scholarships are offered through the generosity of the College of Staten Island, the CSI Foundation, and the many College academic departments and associations. Memorial scholarships, honoring individuals and organizations who value higher education, are also offered. Eligibility requirements are explained below. Macaulay Honors College students are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for a CSI Scholarship. However, other scholarship opportunities may be available. CSI Scholarships are nonrenewable. Students must re-apply every year, unless otherwise stated in the contract. Students must be in good standing with the College to be eligible for application. Students attending CSI for more than four years are not eligible for a scholarship, nor will scholarships be awarded to students seeking a second Baccalaureate degree from CSI. Current Students • Complete the enclosed application and provide all supporting documentation, including a résumé • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 (with some exceptions) • Register for and successfully complete 12 or more credits for the fall term and spring term • Document school and/or community service as part of completed application Transfer Students • Complete the enclosed application and provide all supporting documentation, including an official copy of your transcript and a résumé • Transfer a minimum of 28 credits from previous college(s) • Maintain a minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 3.25 (with some exceptions) • Pass the three CUNY Assessment Tests in reading, writing, and mathematics

Quickstart Guide to Trading Forex - K-Signals

Copyright ©2006 LLC If you wish to share this document with someone, please direct them to and ask them to donate and help support If you did not receive this ebook from, then this ebook is a bootleg, and you are stealing. Reproduction or translation of any part of this work by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, beyond that permitted by the copyright law without permission of, LLC is unlawful. Quickstart Guide to Forex Here is where you begin your illustrious forex trading career. Our Quickstart guide is a series of Forex lessons created to quickly familiarize the clueless or kinda-clueless with the Forex world. Every industry has its own collection of jargon, and Forex is no exception. You have to grasp Forex gobbledygook before you can start trading. The lessons are designed to help you gain a better understanding of what the Forex market actually is, who participates in this foxy market, and how you can make money trading Forex. By the time you finish reading this guide, the slang of currency trading will have become second nature to you. You'll probably be all fired up and hyped about forex trading and be tempted to open a real account and start trading your rent money. Don’t do it! This guide was made to make sure you're properly equipped with the right knowledge before moving forward to our School of Pipsology.

5 Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

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High School - Easy Hydroponics -

DRAFT 1 Lesson Title: Easy Hydroponics Grade Level: 9-12 Subject Area: Science – Biology/Chemistry Setting: Classroom or Greenhouse if available Instructional Time: Several Class Periods Grade Level Expectation (s): B1.1A Generate new questions that can be investigated in the laboratory or field. B1.1B Evaluate the uncertainties or validity of scientific conclusions using an understanding of sources of measurement error, the challenges of controlling variables, accuracy of data analysis, logic of argument, logic of experimental design, and/or the dependence on underlying assumptions. B2.3B Describe how the maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment is required for the continuation of life. B2.3C Explain how stability is challenged by changing physical, chemical, and environmental conditions as well as the presence of disease agents. B2.5C Describe how energy is transferred and transformed from the Sun to energy-rich molecules during photosynthesis. B3.1A Describe how organisms acquire energy directly or indirectly from sunlight. B3.1B Illustrate and describe the energy conversions that occur during photosynthesis and respiration.