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sample letter asking for approval

International Day Principal Letter   Greenfield Community School

Greenfield Community School provides a high quality, creative and challenging international education, based on the International Baccalaureate Philosophy. We foster within each student, staff member and community member an enduring passion for learning and empowering each individual to become a caring global citizen.


Outside television crews and photographers must be in possession of a permit for their activities issued by the European Parliament’s audiovisual unit . They shall be supplied with a copy of these rules and shall sign an undertaking to comply with them. Article 2 Filming, photography and sound recording are permitted subject to the following conditions: A. Chambers During part-sessions, film cameramen and photographers have access to the gallery overlooking the Chamber provided that they are in possession of a pass bearing the letter T (for Tribune), valid for the whole of the part-session, issued by the audiovisual unit. The use of flashes or extra lights is prohibited in the gallery. B. Other areas - in all press conferences; - in meeting rooms, with the prior authorisation of the chairman of the meeting and a majority of the members present; - in Members’ offices, with the prior authorisation of the Member concerned and in his or her presence. The Member must complete the access form annexed to these rules; - in the entrance halls (lobbies), the area around the Chamber, corridors, passageways and other public areas, unless the Member expressly object. Article 3 Filming and photography are strictly prohibited - in the restaurants and bars; - around the security equipment at the entrances to the buildings; - in areas and offices reserved for parliamentary services, including those allocated to the Members’ financial affairs unit; PE 359.332/BUR

read our policy - Brooklyn Botanic Garden

We ask all photographers to honor these policies when using Brooklyn Botanic Garden (the “Garden”) as a backdrop for any photography or filming. Avoid damage to collections and disruption of visitors and Garden activities. Photographers and their equipment are restricted from Garden collections and planting areas and may not block or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Follow all rules applicable to all visitors to the Garden. Follow instructions given by Garden personnel. Photographers may be asked to restrict their activities to certain places or times, depending on the Garden’s schedule and the size of the group. Group number should be no greater than 5 without prior approval. Clients/models need to arrive camera-ready as there are no dressing room facilities. (exceptions for large, pre-arranged commercial shoots upon payment of additional fee) Shooting must occur on open areas, pathways and boardwalks. Because we are a facility open to the public, we ask that photographer not block any pathways or garden areas. Do not climb trees. Do not touch or move plant life. Do not step on the plants Do not hang backpacks or props on trees or plants. No smoking. No food or drink – except in designated areas. No entry on areas designated as Restricted by the Garden The Garden assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to equipment.

XL Axiata Shareholders Approve Acquisition of Axis Telecom Indonesia

Jakarta. XL Axiata, the second-largest telecommunication provider in Indonesia, gained approval from shareholders to acquire Axis Telecom Indonesia, paving the way for the merger of the company.

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RACING EXHAUST SYSTEM The Akrapovič Racing system is designed for riders who demand maximum performance. Racing system is significantly lighter if compared to stock exhaust system and features exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials and of course increased engine performance combined with pure racing sound output. The Akrapovič Racing system was developed to complement the racing character of the Daytona 675 / Daytona 675R. Racing system uses stainless steel header tubes and link pipe. We offer titanium muffler outer sleeve. System is not EC Type approved and is designed for racing purpose only. PERFORMANCE stock max. increased power 119.3 / 13000 max. rear wheel power HP / rpm (measured on SuperFlow Cyle Dyn) AKRAPOVIC 124.3 / 13100 5.1 / 13100 ADDITIONAL DATA stock PERFORMANCE weight comparison (kg) AKRAPOVIC difference RACING Measurements of the Akrapovič Racing system on the Triumph Daytona 675 (without muffler insert): stock EVOLUTION - 2.9 - AKRAPOVIC 93 / 6300 EC Type approval The power increase with the Akrapovič system is substantial, and can be seen from 6500 rpm right to the top of the range. At 13100 rpm we measured 124.3 HP, with max. increased power of 5.1 HP at 13100 rpm. The system’s effect on the torque curve is similar to the power curve. The main increase starts at around 6500 rpm and continues right into the over-rev range. stock - RACING stock noise measurements (dB / rpm) Power & Torque: EVOLUTION 6 8.9 97 / 6300 NO TRIUMPH Daytona 675 ORIGINAL EXHAUST AKRAPOVIC SO with optional header set 72,5 120 110 70,0 100 67,5 65,0 80 70 62,5 60 EngTrq WhlPwr 90 60,0 50 57,5 40 55,0 30 4000 05/09/11 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 EngSpd RPM SuperFlow WinDyn™ V2.8 11000 12000 13000 14000 14:49:46 Technical specifications of Akrapovic exhaust systems and related products subject to change without notice. Product code: S-T675R1-ACT Akrapovič d.d. 2011 all rights reserved 28.06.2011

What software do I need to run a CNC mill? -

What software do I need to run a CNC mill? Creating a part on a CNC mill is a three phase process. The part is drawn in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing program such as AutoCAD. Then a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program is used to convert the CAD drawing to G-Code. Finally, the G-code controls the CNC mill as it makes the part. We will take a look at what is involved in using these three kinds of software by sketching out the creation of a very simple part. Creating a CAD Drawing There are dozens of CAD programs with which you can create a drawing. Costs vary from free to many thousands of dollars. We are not going to get into reviews or recommendations here, but simply describe the CAD program that we know the best; TurboCAD. Let’s take a look at the steps required to create a drawing. A new drawing in TurboCAD is based on a template. In this case the template defines an A-size (8.5 x 11”) sheet using inches for dimensions and including the title block. This view is the Paper view. This is the page that prints. To work on the drawing we switch to Model view. The title block is gone and a grid appears. This is where we create our drawing. 1 To start the drawing of our sample part, use the Rectangle tool on the left side of the drawing area to create a rectangle that is 2.5” tall and 1.5” wide. You can use your mouse to define the corners of the rectangle, but you will quickly find that you need to use the parameter block at the bottom of the screen to enter the values you want if you want your drawing to be accurate. Your finished part will not be any more accurate than your drawing. Create a double line ¾” long and ¼” wide. Center it ½” above the bottom of the part.

FTB 3516 - Request for Copy of Income Tax Return - California ...

If a paid preparer completed your tax returns, get a copy from the preparer to save you both time and money. Attach a copy of the taxpayer’s signed photo ID with this request for signature identification purposes (e.g., a California driver’s license or a California identification card). Copies of your personal income tax returns are only available for the last three and a half years from the date the returns were filed. There is a $20.00 charge for each tax year requested. You must sign this request. Without proper authorization, we cannot provide you with the requested copies. If you are not the taxpayer, you must provide appropriate authorization to receive copies of tax returns or claims. Appropriate authorization includes one of the following: • A letter signed by the taxpayer authorizing the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) to release the requested material to you and a photocopy of the taxpayer’s ID. • A current Power of Attorney (FTB 3520). • An Internal Revenue Service Power of Attorney stating that it applies to FTB. • A copy of FTB 3516 signed by the taxpayer and a photocopy of the taxpayer’s ID. • A certified copy of the letters of administration or testamentary dated within the past 12 months, if the taxpayer is deceased.

Tutorial on: Business Process Modeling as a Method of ...

Today, at least half of the industrial software development is connected to business application development. During the past ten years, requirements on functionality of business applications have been slowly changing. This shift consists of moving from the command-based applications to the applications of workflow and groupware type. In other words, the shift can be described as moving from the traditional, “humanassisting” systems, to a new generation of “humanassisted” systems. A human-assisting system helps a human being only to perform certain activities, e.g. to write a letter, to print an invoice, to complete a transaction, etc. The relations between these activities, and the aim of the whole process are beyond the understanding of the system, but are a prerogative of the human participant. In a human-assisted system, the roles are reversed, the system has a complete picture of the process and is involved in all activities. Only when the system cannot perform some activity on its own, it will ask the human participant for assistance. The difference between the old and new generations is essential, and it can be traced in all aspects of system development, as shown in table 1. A new generation of applications is aimed at “controlling” business processes. Designing an appropriate “control” system presumes that the nature of the process that we want to control is fully understood. That is why in table 1, the traditional data modeling is substituted by process modeling.



Eye Testing of Optometrist in Perfect Vision Optical

This is one of the first tests to be performed in an eye examination and it will give your optometrist an idea of what kind of prescription you may need. In a darkened room, you’ll be asked to stare at a target, such as a large letter E. The optometrist will shine a light into your eyes and will look at the way your eyes reflect light when different lenses are passed in front of them. Contact us: Perfect Vision, 412 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Ph: 02 9221 1010, Web: