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Haematological and Serum Biochemical Profile of Cattle  Affected with Plastic Foreign Bodies

Cattle suffering with plastic foreign body syndrome were treated surgically by rumenotomy. The pre-operative and 12 th day post operative blood and serum biochemical were recorded and compared with normal healthy cattle. Preoperatively decrease in haemoglobin, packed cell volume and total erythrocyte count was observed which was gradually increased and came to near normal state on 12 th post-operative day. There was leucocytosis, neutrophilia and corresponding lymphopenia observed in animals during pre-operative phase. The glucose, serum creatinine, serum albumin and calcium levels were found to be at lower level and total proteins, blood urea nitrogen and phosphorus at higher level in pre-operative period when compared to normal cattle. This may be due to low intake of food and water and also inflammatory condition in body due to presence of plastic foreign body.

SV TCL & Associates Probe Company LogicTouch ™-Finepitch-vertikal

Die Schrumpfung der IC Die Geometrien und die zunehmende Komplexität der Geräte-Designs machen die Aufgabe des Tests auf Wafer zunehmend schwieriger. SV TCLs LogicTouchTM für diese Arten von fortschrittlichen Designs eine fine-Pitch-Technologie nutzt eine MEMS-Stil-Sonde, die gezielt für Pad-begrenzte Geräte wie z. B. High-Volume-SoCs, Mikrocontroller, DSPs und 3D Pakete eignet sich perfekt. LogicTouch eignet sich auch für die neuesten Geräteanwendungen einschließlich TSV (durch-Silicon Via) und Kupfer-Säule (Cu-Säule).

Global Oil Shale Market
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The global oil shale market is expected to start generating revenues from 2015. In this year, the market is estimated to be $12.02 billion. The volume produced will increase after 2020 as more countries are expected to begin oil shale production.

Amphoteric Surfactant Market
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The global surfactants market is estimated to register a CAGR of 5.40%, by volume and 5.80% by value from 2014 to 2019. The global surfactants market is projected to reach 22,802 kilotons, by volume and $40,286 million by 2019.

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Reduce cost and efficient access for cloud storage Using  Intermediate Cloud Datasets

Cloud computing provides massive computation power and storage capacity which enable users to deploy computation and data-intensive applications without infrastructure investment. Along the processing of such applications, a large volume of intermediate data sets will be generated, and often stored to save the cost of re computing them. However, preserving the privacy of intermediate data sets becomes a challenging problem because adversaries may recover privacy-sensitive information by analyzing multiple intermediate data sets.

74 678
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Microsoft 74-678 Exam Exam Code: 74-678 Exam Name: Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations Updated: 2014-09-01 Q & A: 111 PDF(Printable Version) $ 199.00

Crystal Hues Chosen Preferred Stall Fabricator for India Lab Expo 2014

India Lab Expo is a premier event focusing on the latest trends and technology in the laboratory and scientific equipment. The event attracts large turnout of visitors and professionals and is an enabling platform for significant volume of business for the industry.

Noble Capital Releases Second Quarter Loan Portfolio Report, Shows Record Volume

1888 PressRelease - Noble Capital, the premier private money lending network in Texas, has released its second quarter loan portfolio results. Among the highlights of the report is its record high loan portfolio of $48,900,000.

How to Keep Equipment Rental Trend Stays Strong and Void Complaints

Axis Capital Group, Singapore: How to Keep Equipment Rental Trend Stays Strong and Void Complaints The primary factor as you consider rental versus ownership costs, and unless you have fixed contracts in place, you will need to take your best educated guess is how much you are going to use the equipment. Ask what projects do you have contracted; is it short term and long term? What’s your usual percentage for bids won? Immediately after you’ve got a line of sight to the volume of work, you can bend your responsiveness to counting the concrete operation of the machine you are considering. Perhaps the simplest way to calculate utilization is to use the industry standard, which ponders holidays, maintenance and repairs and between-job lags. Remember, if equipment operates 22 days or 176 hours per month, that’s 100% utilization.

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