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The killing of protesters and police has all the hallmarks of the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1993, which Hitler blamed on the communists, although it was later shown to be started by Nazis themselves

The killing of protesters is still a pretty open question, I think. A parliamentary investigation showed that the bullets fired at both protesters and police were the SAME, and were not bullets used by Berkut. The sniper firings appear to have come from a building controlled by Right Sector at the time and by Andrei Parubiy . The trial of 3 Berkut officers was acknowledged to be a sham, with one commanding officer being accused of firing even though he lacked a right arm and is right-handed, having lost his arm in a training accident 6 years ago. The killing of protesters and police has all the hallmarks of the Reichstag fire in Germany in 1993, which Hitler blamed on the communists, although it was later shown to be started by Nazis themselves. False flags tend to be one of the Nazi's modus operandi

scirj-E-Payment System Adoption in Nigerian Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) Gains and Ch

ICT is a fast developing technology; its application typically involves the introduction or enhancement of systems or technology to meet a particular business need. An example of such application is the e-Payment system, a subset of e-Government that enables us to perform financial transactions electronically. A survey was conducted in the federal government of Nigeria’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to examine the gains and challenges of the e-Payment system commenced on January 1st, 2009. Non-parametric tests were used to establish the rank orders of gains from e-Payment and the challenges, based on median values for each variable, as well as the number of valid answers. The result revealed the most appreciated gains and most encountered challenges of the new system. The t-Test result for the gains of e-Payment shows that the mean number of positive response was significantly different (P < 0.01) from that of the negative response for each of the gains. Also, the t-Test

Finding right medical billing services in california for your healthcare practice

Doctors and dentists were paid the highest in California in the first quarter of 2014. In 2013, their average base pay was $204,764 and median pay was around $234,000. Are you among the high performing medical practices in California? If not, partnering with a reputed billing company can help to enhance revenue generation for your practice.


Halima Tusadiah; 107013000234 “Minat Membaca Buku Pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia Kelas VIII MTs. Islamiyah Ciputat”. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan di MTs Islamiyah Ciputat pada bulan Juli 2011, yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan minat membaca siswa terhadap buku pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia. Secara umum minat dapat diartikan sebagai suatu kecenderungan yang menyebabkan seseorang berusaha untuk mencari ataupun mencoba aktivitas-aktivitas dalam bidang tertentu. Minat juga diartikan sebagai sikap positif terhadap aspek-aspek lingkungan minat membaca perlu ditanamkan dan ditumbuhkan sejak kecil sebab minat membaca tidak akan terbentuk dengan sendirinya, tetapi sangat dipengaruhi oleh stimulus yang diperoleh dari lingkungan tempatnya berinteraksi. Keluarga merupakan lingkungan paling awal dan dominan dalam menanamkan, menumbuhkan dan membina minat membaca. Orang tua perlu menanamkan kesadaran akan pentingnya membaca dalam kehidupan manusia untuk itu orang tua dapat menjadikan dirinya teladan bagi anaknya hal ini agar ada keterkaitan antara penanaman membaca untuk menatap masa depan yang lebih baik. Pelajaran yang diterapkan adalah pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia dengan subjek penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas VIII yang terdiri dari 36 siswa. Instrumen yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah pernyataan-pernyataan berupa angket, yang kemudian diberikan kepada objek penelitian, yaitu siswa-siswi yang peneliti pilih dan menjadi sampel dalam penelitian.

SMART SOLUTION Tes Potensi Akademik SBMPTN 2013

Rangkuman Materi SBMPTN 2013 SELEKSI BERSAMA MASUK PERGURUAN TINGGI NEGERI Disertai Teori Ringkas dan Pembahasan Soal Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) Disusun Oleh : Pak Anang Kumpulan SMART SOLUTION dan TRIK SUPERKILAT Ringkasan Materi SBMPTN Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) Penalaran Verbal (Sinonim, Antonim, dan Analogi) By Pak Anang ( A. PENALARAN VERBAL 1. SINONIM (Padanan Kata) Soal-soal sinonim, kemampuan yang dituntut adalah adik-adik mampu mencari arti dari sebuah kata pada pilihan jawaban yang tersedia. Tips agar adik-adik mudah menyelesaikan soal tentang sinonim adalah sering membaca. Nah, saat menemukan kata-kata asing, jangan ditinggalkan begitu saja, catat dan coba mencari padanan katanya di Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia. TRIK SUPERKILAT: Seringkali ada pilihan jawaban yang hampir mirip dengan soal. Biasanya jawaban ini adalah diberikan sebagai jawaban jebakan. Contoh soal sinonim: PARTIKELIR = .... A. Tukang parkir B. Partisan C. Partisi D. Swasta E. Enterprener Pembahasan: Jawaban B dan C mirip dengan kata yang digunakan pada soal. Biasanya ini mudah kita eliminasi sebagai jebakan jawaban..... Sehingga mempemudah kita dalam menjawab soal sinonim ini. Jawaban yang tepat adalah ”swasta”. 2. ANTONIM (Lawan Kata) Soal tentang antonim ini kebalikan dari sinonim. Dalam soal antonim adik-adik dituntut untuk mencari lawan kata dari soal yang diberikan. Contoh soal antonim: TERKATUNG A.Melayang B.Pasti C.Ombak D.Terperosok E.Terbenam

Getting started with Logitech® Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth® audio devices

1. Connect the power supply to the wireless speaker adapter. 2. Plug the power supply into an AC outlet. 3. Connect the wireless speaker adapter to powered speakers or an AV receiver using the included Y-cable. 4. Press the connect button on the wireless speaker adapter to place it in Bluetooth® pairing mode. 5. The wireless speaker adapter connects to smart phones, tablets, and Bluetooth-enabled computers. Put your Bluetooth device in pairing mode. (Refer to the documentation that comes with your device for pairing instructions.) If your Bluetooth device requests a security code, PIN, or pass code, enter 0000. The Bluetooth connection is made. You’re ready to play some music. 1. Schließen Sie das Stromkabel an den Adapter an. 2. Schließen Sie das Stromkabel an eine Steckdose an. 3. Schließen Sie den Wireless Speaker Adapter mithilfe des mitgelieferten Y-Kabels an Lautsprecher mit eigenem Stromanschluss oder an einen AV-Empfänger an. 4. Drücken Sie die Verbindungstaste auf dem Adapter, um ihn in den Bluetooth®-Pairing-Modus zu versetzen. 5. Der Wireless Speaker Adapter kann eine Verbindung zu Smartphones, Tablet-PCs und Bluetooth-fähigen Computern herstellen. Versetzen Sie Ihr Bluetooth-Gerät in den PairingModus. (In der Dokumentation zu Ihrem Gerät finden Sie Anweisungen zum Pairing.) Falls Ihr Bluetooth-Gerät Sie zur Eingabe eines Sicherheitscodes, einer PIN oder eines Passcodes auffordert, geben Sie 0000 ein. Die Bluetooth-Verbindung wurde hergestellt. Sie können jetzt Musik hören.

Retail Market Flyer - Downtown Raleigh Alliance

DOWNTOWN OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWING RETAILERS DOWNTOWN RALEIGH’S FAST FACTS: • 11% annual restaurant sales tax growth  • 91,660 residents live within three miles  • 40,000 daytime office workers • 3.3 million visitors in 2012 • 108 outdoor festivals in 2012 • 37,000 students within two miles  • 1,200 apartments planned or under  construction JOIN DOWNTOWN’S GROWING LIST of popular dining establishments including Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Mellow Mushroom, Starbucks Coffee Company, and Carolina Ale House. Several downtown Raleigh retailers and restaurants have recently received national recognition, including Raleigh Denim, Holly Aiken Bags + Stitch, The Pit, and Ashley Christensen Restaurants. © Cheryl Gottschall © Stacey Simeone Downtown Raleigh is a dining and nightlife destination supported by its growing number of daytime employees, residents and evening/ weekend-oriented traffic drivers. Revitalized historic buildings and new construction, mixeduse projects present great opportunities for fast casual and fine dining restaurants as well as service retailers exploring urban store concepts. And there are several prime locations available for entertainment and grocery-anchored developments seeking heavily trafficked sites. FOR RETAIL MARKET INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Jim Stella Downtown Retail Recruiter 919.821.6980 | RALEIGH, NC DOWNTOWN OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWING RETAILERS DOWNTOWN DEMOGRAPHICS 1-mile 3-mile 5-mile 2011 Total Population 14,817 91,660 191,708 2011 Households 5,851 32,967 72,516 Average Household Income $38,650 $53,178 $60,438 Median Age 32.9 29.1 29.9 DOWNTOWN VISITOR COUNTS 2012 NC Museum of Natural Sciences 1,224,611 Marbles Kids Museum/IMAX® 611,048 Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts 389,641 NC Museum of History 342,371 Raleigh Convention Center

Multiple sclerosis, an unlikely cause of chronic cerebrospinal ...

Objectives It is unknown if a relationship exists between multiple sclerosis and chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and if this venous pathology is a causal factor for multiple sclerosis or is a product of a neurological disease. Even so, one should expect that if multiple sclerosis were the cause for venous lesions, then patients with an extended history of the disease would present with a more severe venous pathology. Design Retrospective analysis of catheter venography of the azygous and internal jugular veins, and duration of clinical history of the disease in multiple sclerosis patients. Regional Silesian Board of Physicians in Katowice, Poland (approval number 7/ 2010). The study has been registered at, identifier NCT01264848 Guarantor MS Contributorship All authors contributed equally Acknowledgements None Reviewer Ali Yagan Setting Mono-profile specialist hospital. Participants 353 multiple sclerosis patients, with duration of the disease: 0.5-41 years (median: 10 years). Main outcome measures We performed statistical analysis of the correlations between the duration of multiple sclerosis and the degree and number of venous lesions revealed using catheter venography. Results We observed weak, statistically insignificant correlations between the severity of chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency and the duration of multiple sclerosis. For the cumulated scores of venous lesions, Spearman and Kendall’s tau correlation coefficients were 0.03 and 0.02, respectively; for maximal scores of venous lesions, coefficients were 0.06 and 0.05, while for the number of diseased veins they were 0.007 and 0.006, respectively. Consequently, this analysis did not yield any data supporting the idea that MS is the cause of venous lesions. Conclusion The results of our survey indicated that venous malformations are most likely congenital, and multiple sclerosis had no...

State Sales Tax Rates and Vendor Discounts - Federation of Tax ...

STATE SALES TAX RATES AND VENDOR DISCOUNTS (January 1, 2014) STATE ALABAMA ALASKA ARIZONA ARKANSAS CALIFORNIA COLORADO CONNECTICUT DELAWARE FLORIDA GEORGIA HAWAII IDAHO ILLINOIS INDIANA (2) IOWA KANSAS KENTUCKY LOUISIANA MAINE MARYLAND MASSACHUSETTS MICHIGAN MINNESOTA MISSISSIPPI MISSOURI MONTANA NEBRASKA NEVADA (9) NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW JERSEY NEW MEXICO NEW YORK NORTH CAROLINA NORTH DAKOTA OHIO OKLAHOMA OREGON PENNSYLVANIA RHODE ISLAND SOUTH CAROLINA SOUTH DAKOTA TENNESSEE TEXAS UTAH (3) VERMONT VIRGINIA (3) WASHINGTON WEST VIRGINIA WISCONSIN WYOMING DIST. OF COLUMBIA U. S. MEDIAN STATE SALES VENDOR TAX RATE RANK DISCOUNT MAX/MIN 4.0% 39 5.0%-2.0% (1) $400/month (max) ------------------------- ----------N/A---------------------------------------5.6% 28 1.0% $10,000/year (max) 6.5% 9 2.0% $1,000/month (max) 7.50% 1 None 2.9% 46 2.22% (4) 6.35% 11 None ------------------------------------N/A---------------------------------------6.0% 16 2.5% $30/report (max) 4.0% 39 3.0%-0.5% (1) 4.0% 39 None 6.0% 16 None (5) 6.25% 12 1.75% $5/year (min) 7.0% 2 0.73% (2) 6.0% 16 None 6.15% 15 None 6.0% 16 1.75%-1.5% (1) $50/month (max) 4.0% 39 0.935% 5.5% 29 None (5) 6.0% 16 1.2%-0.90% (1) $500/return (max) 6.25% 12 None 6.0% 16 0.5% (6) $6/monh (min), $15,000/month (max) 6.875% 7 None 7.0% 2 2.0% $50/month (max) 4.225% 37 2.0% ------------------------------------N/A----------------------------------------5.5% 29 2.5% $75/month (max) 6.85% 7 0.25% ------------------------------------N/A----------------------------------------7.0% 2 None 5.125% 31 None 4.0% 39 5.0% $200/quarter (max) 4.75% 34 None 5.0% 32 1.5% $110/month (max) 5.75% 26 0.75% 4.5% 36 1.0% 2,500/month (max) ------------------------------------N/A----------------------------------------6.0% 16 1.0% 7.0% 2 None 6.0% 16 3.0%-2.0% (1) $3,100/year (max) 4.0% 39 0.015 (10) 7.0% 2 None 6.25% 12 0.5% (7) 4.7% 34 1.31% 6.0% 16 None (5) 4.3% 37 1.6%-0.8% (8) 6.5% 9 None 6.0% 16 None 5.0% 32 0.5% $10/period (min) 4.0% 39 None 5.75% 5.75% 26 None 27 states allow vendor discounts Source: Compiled by FTA from various sources. (1) In some states, the vendors' discount varies by the amount paid. In AL and SC, the larger discounts apply to the first $100. In GA, the larger discount applies to the first $3,000. In KY, the larger discounts apply to the first $1,000, while MD applies the larger discount to annual collections of $6,000. The lower discounts apply to the remaining collections above these amounts. (2) Utilities are not permitted to take discount. Collection allowances are 0.73% if total sales tax collected is less than $60,000; 0.53% if total taxes is between $60,000 and $600,000; 0.26% if total sales tax collected is more than $600,000. (3) Rate does not include a statewide local rate of 1.0% in VA and 1.25% in UT. (4) Local option sales tax discount varies from 0% to 3.33%. (5) Vendors are allowed to keep any excess collections prescribed under the bracket system. (6) Vendor discount only applies to the first 4.0% of the tax. A 0.75% discount if paid by the 7th of the month. (7) An additional discount of 1.25% applies for early payment. (8) Discount varies; 1.2% (1.6% for food) of the first $62,500, 0.92% (1.2%) of the amount to $208,000, and 0.6% (0.8%) of the remainder. Applies to the state tax only. No discount allowed on electronically file returns. (9) Sales tax rate in AZ is scheduled to fall to 5.6% on 6/1/13; KS will fall to 5.7% and NV will fall to 6.5% on 7/1/13. (10) Electronic Filers only. FEDERATION OF TAX ADMINISTRATORS -- JANUARY 2014

Hairdressing Environmental Scan 2013 - Retail and Personal ...

The Hairdressing Industry is captured in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) under Group 951 ‘Personal Care Services’ in class 9511 ‘Hairdressing and Beauty Services’ 1. The Hairdressing Industry in Australia is predominantly made up of small and medium enterprises, most employing between four and six people of whom a high share are apprentices. While the majority of businesses are owner operated there are some chains, including franchises. Most businesses are Australian owned with limited international ownership. Competition is high and will remain high as a large number of salons compete for clients. Enterprises which employ less than 20 people account for an estimated 96.8% of businesses, 90% of industry employment and 86% of total revenue. It is anticipated that the hairdressing and beauty industry will generate revenue of $4 billion in 2012–13, representing real growth of 2.0%, compared with the previous year. 2 In November 2011, 55,200 people were employed in the Hairdressing Industry, of which 85% were female and 60% part time employees. 3 The median age for employees in hairdressing is currently 32 years of age and 20.7% are aged 45 years and over (compared with 35.2% for all occupations). 4 Hairdressing is currently the largest employing occupation in the personal services sector and the largest employer of females in trades.

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