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Amazon Affiliate Quick Start “How To Get Traffic” - Super Affiliate ...

We’ve already covered how to optimize them in Video #4, part 2, so… Use unique content Add an amazon widget or banner to each post Start out slow with 5 or 10 posts a day for the first few weeks Volume of content (number of posts) is key to really scaling this out. Thousands of posts would be nice, but try for at least 300 (which is only a month or two of 5 or 10 a day). • Outsource the blog posts on,,, etc. • Each blog post should have its own incoming links campaign • If the posts are being done by someone other than the article writer or incoming links person… then have your article writer or incoming linksgetter subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed so each time a post is made, they receive notification and can start working on the article and/or the incoming links. •

Video U1-4: Amazon Auto Pin - Get Quick Commissions

Video U1-4: Amazon Auto Pin The Amazon Auto Pin function allows you to automatically generate Pins containing your Amazon affiliate links. The software cloaks the links using the Short URL settings so that the link redirects to a temporary page before being redirected to Amazon via your affiliate link. Step 1 In the Pro software, click on "Amazon Search". (Figure 1.0) Figure 1.0 NOTE: You’ll only be able to do Amazon Auto Pinning if you have successfully completed the previous steps to populate search keywords in your database. (see the previous two videos) Step 2 From the dropdown box, select any of your stored Amazon Keywords. (Figure 2.0) Figure 2.0 Step 3 Choose the board where you’d like the software to create the Pins based on your Amazon keyword. (Figure 3.0) Figure 3.0 Step 4 Choose a pin URL redirector: currently there are or More will be added on an ongoing basis. The URL redirector acts as a cloaker of the Amazon links associated with the Pins it’ll create in Pinterest. (Figure 4.0) Figure 4.0 Step 5 Add several Pin Descriptions. You can include any of your review site links if desired or just a plain text description will suffice too. Remember, it’s a good idea to have a ratio of around 3:1 or 4:1 of comments without links to comments with links. (Figure 5.0) Step 6 Figure 5.0 We’ve given you the option of changing any of the timing settings (as with other functions) The defaults are 3 to 10 seconds delay, 30 set numbers before long delay and 60 minutes long delay. This gives the impression you’re pinning images manually. Figure 6.0 Step 7 Press the GREEN go button. (Figure 7.0) Figure 7.0 The software will start to pin images from Amazon with your Amazon affiliate embedded in the links. (Figure 8.0) Step 8 If you login to your Pinterest account you can examine the Pins that the software automatically created for you. Click any of the links to see it redirect to the Amazon sales page … ready for you to earn a commission! (Figure 9.0) Figure 9.0 Step 9 If you hover over the image you’ll see that the link similar to this one: (Figure 10.0) Figure 10.0

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New Final Cut Pro 10.1 Update The benefit of being able to make, edit and deliver video is one of the reasons many people choose the Mac Pro. Now, thanks to the updated version of Final Cut Pro 10.1 that was recently released, that option is even more enticing. If you haven’t yet updated to the new Mac Pro with the 10.1 version of Final Cut Pro, here is what you are missing out on and how you can rectify that problem.

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Hd underwater video camera
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The Delta Vision HD offers unimpressed full 1080p HD underwater video from depths up to 200ft below the surface. It boasts an extremely rugged and innovative stainless steel design. The exceptional video clarity and light sensitivity will allow for flawless viewing in the most difficult and challenging environments. Outfitted with a remarkable wide angle lens make for easy, worry free deployment that delivers the best possible underwater images.

Canon XF300 Professional PAL Camcorder

Canon XF300 Professional PAL Camcorder available for just £3,459.00 from Tip Top Electronics UK with fast shipping.The XF300 - Canon’s newest professional digital video camera for event videographers, film makers and news gatherers - is truly state of the art.

Architecture careers
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The Cheesy Animation specialists in 3D Walkthrough,3D Exterior Design - Rendering, 3D Interior Design - Rendering, video with profile content for Store video posters.