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Fox Valley Video Services
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Fox Valley Video Service was originally formed with former associates from two of the most respected names in the electronics industry, Panasonic and Sony. All of our engineers have obtained the highest level of factory training during their tenures at their respective factory service centers as well as military training in electronics as well.

Mazda Radio Wire Harnesses - The Install Doctor

Note: using an optional snap on wire harness adapter will simplify the wiring. Most snap on wire harness adapters have already converted and color coded the wires from the auto makers in dash wire harness to match typical aftermarket radio wire colors. ** The wire colors listed in the chart above are typical for these vehicles during these years but may not be the exact colors for this vehicle. This is another reason to use a snap on wire harness adapter. ** Publication, Duplication, or Retransmission Of This Document Not Expressly Authorized In Writing By The Install Doctor Is Prohibited. Protected By U.S. Copyright Laws. © 1997,1998,1999,2000. All Information, Including Photos And Illustrations, In These Pages Is Believed To Be Correct And Reliable. The Information Contained In These Pages Is Given As General Information For The Installation Of Audio, Video, Security, Communications, And Other Accessory Products Into Mobile And/Or Vehicle Applications. The Install Doctor, Any Subsidiaries Or Divisions Thereof, Or Any Member Of These Companies Shall Not Be Held Liable For Any Damages And/Or Injuries Resulting From The Use Of Information Contained In These Pages. All Information Contained In These Pages Should Be Checked And Verified With Appropriate Test Equipment To Assure The Safety And Proper Operation Of Equipment Installed And The Vehicle Itself. Careful Attention Should Be Given To All Electronic/Electric Circuits. High Voltages And Currents Can Cause Bodily Injury, Skin Damage, And Even...

Cisco Instant Connect Solution Overview

Organizations have used numerous forms of communications in efforts to increase productivity. Simple push-totalk (PTT) solutions were an early answer; advances in technology have also introduced instant messaging, text messaging, unified communications, and collaboration applications as ways to perform group communications. Some reasons organizations have shifted away from PTT are to attempt to reduce costs by using their existing IT infrastructure for mobile communications or to improve collaboration with mobile personnel by giving them voice, instant messaging, and video capabilities in addition to PTT services. Pushing a button to instantly connect to a group is making a comeback; many organizations are returning to pushto-talk (PTT) instant communications to drive operational productivity in their environments. But organizations need a better PTT solution. New alternatives from carriers require a monthly fee. In addition, they might not provide coverage in all areas, hampering communications when it really counts. Business Benefits ® The Cisco Instant Connect solution provides an economical alternative to service provider solutions for mobile communications. Your organization deploys land mobile radio (LMR)-over-IP software in the data center. This software enables mobile personnel within your Wi-Fi coverage area to participate in PTT sessions using a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone or an Android device with a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, personnel who are out of the coverage area can use nearly any analog or digital radio or a smartphone or tablet with a 3G or 4G cellular connection or satellite connection. Major benefits of Cisco Instant Connect include:...

Cisco Connected Sports Solutions: Use the Power of the Network to ...

This document explores the challenges and opportunities facing today’s sports and entertainment venues and provides a technical overview of the solutions from Cisco that are designed to meet the needs of these venues. Challenges Today, sports and entertainment venues are facing a number of challenges brought about both by advances in technology and the downturn in the economy. One of the biggest challenges of sports and entertainment organizations today is keeping the in-venue experience more compelling for fans than staying at home. Increasingly, fans have options at home—such as high-definition TVs, digital video recorders (DVRs), and PCs—that give them better video quality, more control over what they see, and more information about the game. Because most traditional sports and entertainment venues are equipped to only deliver traditional experiences such as standard-definition video (if any) and limited fan interactivity, it is difficult for these venues to compete with the in-home experience. Another challenge is the growing trend in the adoption of Smartphones. Specific to the sports and entertainment industry, venues, clubs and leagues are already creating applications and social networking sites for fans to get stats, the latest scores and highlights, access fantasy sports, and view videos of other games and matches. However, the concentrated increase in Smartphone data application usage within a venue can strain the capabilities of a third-generation (3G) or fourth-generation (4G) network and interfere with voice and text services. Although Smartphones are designed to offload data services to a local WLAN where available, the Wi-Fi networks within the venue are typically not able to provide the increased coverage or  ...

Connected Stadium Datasheet - Cisco

The Cisco© Connected Stadium solution is enabling stadiums across the globe to address evolving market trends and fan needs with next-generation sports and entertainment experiences. As a converged, highly scalable, secure platform, the Cisco Connected Stadium solution brings together all forms of access, communications, entertainment and operations to deliver next-generation sports and entertainment experiences. The Cisco Connected Stadium solution provides a media-ready IP infrastructure that is optimized for video distribution. Moreover, the Cisco Connected Stadium solution accommodates all aspects of your business: integrated communications and collaboration, mobile services, and safety and security. Prominent venues around the world, such as Cowboys Stadium, Yankee Stadium, the New Meadowlands, and Croke Park, are already using the Cisco Connected Stadium solution to capitalize on these opportunities. Cisco Connected Stadium Benefits The Cisco Connected Stadium solution is the foundation for stadium operations. It provides a single, converged platform for innovation that delivers the capabilities required to enhance the experience of fans and business customers, to improve the operational efficiency of employees and vendors, and to allow venues to capitalize current and future growth opportunities. Incorporating advanced technologies, such as Cisco Unified Communications, and Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) Mobility, as well as leading-edge solutions, such as the Cisco StadiumVisionTM, Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, and StadiumVision Mobile solutions, the Cisco Connected Stadium solution offers:...

Event Equipment Rentals Services

We are the all-in-one place for location support equipment rentals for commercials, feature films, video, photography shoots, party and event shows.

Event Equipment Rentals Services

We are the all-in-one place for location support equipment rentals for commercials, feature films, video, photography shoots, party and event shows.

Video Production & Marketing

Intelligent Video Solutions creates cutting-edge videos and provides visual strategy consulting. We help firms and companies uniquely market themselves, and create powerful recruitment campaigns. From idea to finished piece, IVS' approach is to produce videos that are dynamic, entertaining and accurately reflect their clients’ business goals. Video is the most powerful marketing and branding tool to emerge in decades and IVS allows companies to maximize this tool.

Classically Elegant Wedding Videos

At Videomax Productions we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality wedding videos at affordable prices. We shoot in uncompromising, beautiful and stunning Full HD Video. We then take this HD footage and edit into a stylish Wedding Day Video and place it onto Blu-ray or DVD Disc for your viewing pleasure.

How to Make Money Online CPA Profits Daily

We are going to be finding CPA offers that get tons of searches so that people will find your videos...and do a little promotion so that we can get more eyeballs on your video.