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The Horde 4 PHP framework
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The Horde 4 PHP framework. Gunnar Wrobel May, 13th 2011 . Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4. May, 13th 2011. 1 / 44 ... The Horde 4 PHP framework Gunnar Wrobel May, 13th 2011 Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 1 / 44 Components Components = Modules = Libraries = Packages = ... Photo: Rudolf Ammann [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 2 / 44 The Horde 4 PHP framework There are more than 90 components available from Photo: Aaron Merrifield [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 3 / 44 Groupware Photo: Denise Chan [] Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 4 / 44 Groupware Definition “[...] groupware [...] is computer software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals [...].”a a Remote It is usually associated with team members not physically co-located. Asynchronous Communication between team members is primarily asynchronous. Gunnar Wrobel ( Horde 4 May, 13th 2011 5 / 44

Analyzing Design Tradeoffs in Large-scale Socio ... - Christoph Dorn

Emerging online collaboration platforms such as Wikipedia, Twitter, or Facebook provide the foundation for socio-technical systems where humans have become both content consumer and provider. Existing software engineering tools and techniques support the system engineer in designing and assessing the technical infrastructure. Little research, however, addresses the engineer’s need for understanding the overall socio-technical system behavior. The effect of fundamental design decisions becomes quickly unpredictable as multiple collaboration patterns become integrated into a single system. We propose the simulation of human and software elements at the collaboration level. We aim for detecting and evaluating undesirable system behavior such as users experiencing repeated update conflicts or software components becoming overloaded. To this end, this paper contributes (i) a language and (ii) methodology for specifying and simulating large-scale collaboration structures, (iii) example individual and aggregated pattern simulations, and (iv) evaluation of the overall approach. Keywords: Design Tools and Techniques, System Simulation, Collaboration Patterns, Large-scale Socio-Technical Systems

Solicitud de pago único - Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal

Solicitud de pago único Abono en un único pago del valor actual del importe de la prestación contributiva Subvención de las cuotas de cotización a la Seguridad Social Abono del importe de la prestación contributiva y Subvención del importe de las cuotas de cotización a la Seguridad Social (Si sólo solicita alguna de las dos primeras modalidades de abono, renuncia a una posterior solicitud de la otra modalidad). Antes de rellenar cada apartado, lea atentamente las “Instrucciones para cumplimentar la solicitud” de la carpeta informativa. Forma de constitución para el desarrollo de la actividad Socio trabajador de sociedad laboral Trabajador autónomo Socio trabajador de cooperativa Trabajador autónomo con discapacidad Tipo de prestación En el caso de ser socio trabajador Nueva creación Socio trabajador de sociedad mercantil Tipo de colectivo Incorporación Fecha de grabación del derecho (A cumplimentar por el SEPE)

Tech City UK names Global Personals Ltd in Future Fifty fast-track

Tech City UK has named Global Personals Ltd in the second wave of 25 companies to join the Future Fifty programme, which matches high potential growth-stage businesses with bespoke public and private sector support. Visit:

Global Personals / International Social Discovery

Global Personals provide social discovery and dating networks to countries on no less than four continents across the globe. Members of a Global Personals website can choose to focus their searches on people in their local area with a view to meeting personally once a relationship has been established. Visit:

Zend_Cache: how to improve the performance of ... - Enrico Zimuel

Zend_Cache: how to improve the performance of PHP applications by Enrico Zimuel ( Senior Consultant ­ Zend Technologies October 31th, PHP Barcelona Conference - 2009 Copyright © 2007, Zend Technologies Inc. About me Enrico Zimuel • I come from Turin (Italy). • Senior Consultant at Zend Technologies in Italy. • Software Engineer since 1996. • Open source contributor: XCheck, Core XPath • I was a Research Programmer at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. • ZCE, ZFCE also proficiency in C/C++, Java, Perl, Javascript. • B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics My website: ­ Blog: Summary • Keys of performance of a PHP application • The caching mechanism • Zend Framework and Zend_Cache • Using the Zend_Cache to cache data and pages • Benchmarking different caching: Files, APC, Memcache, Zend Server CE Name of this section | | 3 Nov 2, 2009 Performance • How to improve the performance of a PHP application or more in general a piece of software?  Optimize the code (make the code faster)  Using a caching mechanism (reduce the amount of code to execute) Name of this section | | 4 Nov 2, 2009 What's a cache? • In computer science, a cache is a collection of data duplicating original values, stored elsewhere or computed earlier, where the original data is expensive to fetch (owing to longer access time) or to compute, compared to the cost of reading the cache From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Name of this section | | 5 Nov 2, 2009...

October 2013 issue - Doherty High School

Did you miss your chance to join newspaper, or do you just want to be a published writer? Send stories and contact info. to dohertyspectrum@ for a chance to be publish in next month’s issue! T he fourth amendment of the constitution states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” So why is the government trying to put both the SOPA and PIPA laws into effect? SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act, which simply means if it is passed it will allow the internet to be censored, meaning any copyrighted material and any sites giving off illegal music/movies, will be terminated and “censored”. PIPA which stands for Protect Internet Protocol Act would be able to give the US government and copyright holders’ additional tools to curb access to rouge websites dedicated to infringing or counterfeiting goods. PIPA works in hand with SOPA. In 2012, these laws came into question, but the people fought to make sure it did not happen. The issue is being brought up once again. The part that is irritating to people is that the government is trying to pass these laws right under our noses. The website Wikipedia went on a “blackout” protest which shut down the website for a day. A part of the law says that: “Streaming a copy- righted work over the Internet is considered a violation of the public performance right.” This says that if a cover song and/or remake is made and if it is under a copyright, the person that made that cover or remake can be criminally charged with a misdemeanor. People have become famous from doing covers such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and many more, but imagine it being against the law to do these covers or remakes. Imagine the talent and musical masterpieces that would be missed. Celebrities such as comedian Aziz Ansari, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails are against the SOPA and PIPA acts.


Confidencialidad de los números telefónicos a los que se comunican los servidores públicos desde el celular que les fue asignado. Si bien, las llamadas efectuadas de los teléfonos asignados a los servidores públicos son pagadas con recursos públicos, lo cierto es que la publicidad del número telefónico al que se realizaron, no está sujeta a la naturaleza del pago, dado que la autodeterminación informativa de los titulares de ese dato personal, no se pierde en función de la naturaleza y características del equipo celular del que recibieron las llamadas en su momento. Aunado a lo anterior, se observa una imposibilidad material para los sujetos obligados de identificar cuáles números telefónicos son públicos (corresponden a prestaciones inherentes al servicio) y cuáles son particulares, por lo tanto cuando se soliciten documentos en los que conste la provisión del servicio de telefonía y éstos contengan el detalle de llamadas realizadas desde la línea telefónica celular, procede la elaboración de una versión pública en la que deberán testarse los números telefónicos a los que se efectuaron llamadas, por tratarse de información confidencial en términos del artículo 18, fracción II de la Ley Federal de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública Gubernamental. ------------------------- Resoluciones • RDA 1798/12. Interpuesto en contra de la Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones. Comisionado Ponente Ángel Trinidad Zaldívar. • 5033/11. Interpuesto en contra de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores. Comisionada Ponente Jacqueline Peschard Mariscal. • 4815/11. Interpuesto en contra de la Secretaría de Desarrollo Social. Comisionado Ponente Ángel Trinidad Zaldívar. • 4323/11. Interpuesto en contra de la Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes. Comisionada Ponente María Elena Pérez-Jaén Zermeño. • 2091/11 y acumulado. Interpuestos en contra del Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social. Comisionada Ponente Sigrid Artz Colunga.

carta de presentación - Observatorio Ocupacional UMH

La carta de presentación es una herramienta imprescindible para buscar trabajo y, como tal, debemos poner todo nuestro empeño en hacerla lo mejor posible. En ella tenemos que manifestar nuestras expectativas profesionales, destacar nuestras cualidades profesionales y personales, y mostrar nuestro interés en la empresa. El objetivo principal es conseguir una entrevista, por lo que a través de la carta de presentación tenemos la oportunidad de despertar el interés de la persona que la va a leer y poner de relieve los datos específicos de nuestro currículum. Si no comprendemos la importancia de la carta de presentación, difícilmente redactaremos una adecuada. A continuación te damos algunas claves para redactar la carta de presentación con éxito: 1. Encabezado: Indica tus datos personales y de contacto en la esquina superior derecha y, en un nivel inferior y a la izquierda, los datos de la empresa. 2. Personaliza la carta: Antes de empezar a escribirla conoce, si es posible, el nombre de la persona encargada de esa selección en particular en la compañía y dirígete a ella. 3. Introducción: Empieza dando a conocer el objeto de tu carta, como por ejemplo cómo te enteraste de la oferta. Un largo preámbulo es la mejor forma de aburrir a alguien ocupado. Emplea un estilo directo y dinámico, con frases cortas que denoten una actitud positiva. 4. Explica tus motivos: En el párrafo siguiente destaca las razones por las que te interesa ese trabajo y esa compañía: puedes citar alguno de los proyectos que esté llevando a cabo, alguna noticia o un detalle llamativo de su web. ¡Investiga primero! 5. Véndete: ¿Qué te hace ser un buen candidato? En este apartado habla de tus puntos fuertes (competencias) que puedan ser de interés para la compañía, explicando cómo los has desarrollado según tu experiencia: prácticas en empresa, estancias en el extranjero, idiomas, concursos y actividades...

Lecture 13: Introduction to iOS
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iOS is the name (as of version 4.0) of Apple’s platform for mobile applications The iPhone was released in the summer of 2007 According to Wikipedia, it has been updated 30 times since then, with the 31st update slated to occur when version 4.3 is released soon (currently in beta) iOS apps can be developed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; iOS is used to run Apple TV but apps are not currently supported for that program © Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011 Tuesday, February 22, 2011 INTRODUCTION TO IOS CSCI 4448/5448: OBJECT-ORIENTED ANALYSIS & DESIGN LECTURE 13 — 02/22/2011 © Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011 Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Goals of the Lecture Present an introduction to iOS Program Coverage of the language will be INCOMPLETE We’ll see the basics… there is a lot more to learn © Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011 Tuesday, February 22, 2011 iOS 4.2 I’ll be covering iOS 4.2 which is the current “official version” Version 4.2 in November 2010 was significant in that it represented the first time that the same OS ran across all three hardware platforms Until that release iPad had been running version 3.2 which had been created specifically for that device © Kenneth M. Anderson, 2011 Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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