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pulling travel trailer with chevrolet cruze

Installation Sheet
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For use with 12 volt negative ground systems only For trailers with two to six brakes Read, follow and save this guide for future reference 51110-INS-R1 • PAGE 1 This package includes: (1) Brake control module with quick plug (1) Mounting bracket (4) Mounting bracket screws One or more of the following may be needed to complete installation: • Brake control connection harness, supplied with the tow vehicle (if equipped) • CURT quick plug - custom connector for specific vehicles. See catalog for availability • CURT part# 51515 - male quick plug with pigtails • CURT part# 51500 - brake control wiring kit Key Features • Display shows brake force output • Mount anywhere in your vehicle (Dependable solid state electronics require no leveling) • Electronic activation ensures smooth stops • No internal moving parts • Fully-adjustable power and time (sync) • Provides automatic and manual trailer braking • Manual control lever activates brake lights • Compatible with electronic systems (anti-lock brakes and cruise control) • Self diagnostic - continually monitors trailer connection and checks for short circuits • Displays brake system disconnect PAGE 2

TRAILER WIRING - Cequent Consumer Products

Maximum Durability 78115 4-Flat Insta-Plugs • No Splicing, No Stripping! • Insert Wires. • Close Cover, Screw Down. Now Available! 85475 CONNECTORS Designed for ease of installation, these connectors feature enhanced materials over standard self-wired connectors for longer operational life. 78119 ADAPTERS The quick - easy link between your vehicle and the variety of trailer wiring used on the different types of trailers manufactured today. Reese Towpower Professional, Professional Grade Quality. For Additional Information: Cequent Consumer Products Inc. 29000-2 Aurora Rd. , Solon, OH 44139 Phone: 1-800-234-6992 • Fax: 1-440-498-1038 Email Us: © 2011 Cequent Consumer Products, Inc. /ReeseTowpower /ReeseTowpower /CequentConsumerProd TRAILER WIRING Maximum Durability Heavy Duty Professional Grade Connectors & Adapters! ADAPTERS Maximum Durability ADAPTERS 78116 78117 • Built-in Cool Blue LED Circuit Testers • Tin Plated Corrosion Resistant Terminals • Durable Enhanced Materials • Ergonomic Styling • Weather Proof Design • Wide Variety of Adapter Applications • Patented • Unique Adapting Solutions 85476

Typical RV Electric Brake Wiring Diagram

Typical RV Electric Brake Wiring Diagram Controller Electric brake controller provides power to the magnets to actuate the trailer brakes. Dexter Electric Brakes Wired in parallel. Battery Connect controller directly. Breakaway Battery Provides power to actuate trailer brakes in the event of trailer breakaway. Breakaway Switch Switches battery power to brakes if breakaway occurs. Connector Used to connect and disconnect trailer and tow vehicle. (Always ground trailer brakes through connector). Note: Actual installation will vary depending on controller system used. Hookup Wire Size Copper Recommended Number of Brakes No. 12 AWG No. 12 AWG No. 10 AWG No. 10 AWG No. 8 AWG 2 4 4 6 6 Hitch-to-Axle Distance (in feet) Under 30 30-50 Under 30 30-60 Current Needs @ 3 Amperes/Brake

Typical Trailer Wiring Trailer Wire Size Chart

Typical Trailer Wiring Double Filament Bulb Red Green Stop & Left Turn Signal To Terminal #5 License Tail & Running Lights Terminal #3 Yellow Auxiliary Circuit Terminal #7 Grey White #1 Common Ground #3 To Tail Running & License Lights #5 Stop & Left Turn Green Auxiliary Circuit Terminal #8 Red Black Battery Charge Terminal #4 Black #4 Battery Charge Yellow #7 Aux. Circuit Orange #9 Aux. Circuit Brown Electric Brake Terminal #2 Blue Breakaway Switch Batt. White Brown Electric Brake Ground Terminal #1 White Double Filament Bulb Common Ground Terminal #1 Orange Auxiliary Circuit Terminal #9 Stop & Right Turn Signal Terminal #6 Trailer Towing Vehicle 9-Circuit Receptacle 7-Circuit Receptacle K Stop & RH Turn 2 BL U E Brakes 2 GR EY Brakes Ground 3 Clearance & Tail Lights 4 Battery Charge 7 E E IT H W 1 6 YELLOW BLU BROWN RED 7 1 D N EE YELLOW 5 Ground 5 RE GR AC BL Stop & LH Turn 4 E ANG OR BLA CK N EE R G 9 ITE 3 Stop & LH Turn Auxiliary Battery Charge WH Clearance & Tail Lights #6 Stop & Right Turn #2 Electric Brake #8 Aux. Circuit

Mopar Trailer Tow Wiring Harnesses - Dodge

Mopar Trailer Tow Wiring Harnesses These 7-way harnesses connect directly to the vehicle wiring harness and have provisions for: ∗ Taillamps ∗ Brake and Turn Signal Lamps ∗ Backup Lamps ∗ Trailer Brakes ∗ Battery Voltage ∗ Ground In addition, these trailer tow harnesses contain a relay to protect the headlamp switch from overloads often seen with HD trailers. For Ram Truck, relays are not required since these circuits are isolated from the headlamp switch. Vehicle Ram (DR) 2002-2006 Dakota (ND) 2005-2006 Durango (HB) 2004-2006 Minivan (RS) 2004-2006 non CYC Minivan (RS) 2005-2006 w/CYC (Stow N go) Part Number 82207253 82209045 82208432 82208491 82208956 This 4-way harness connects directly to the vehicle wring harness and has provisions for: ∗ Taillamps ∗ Brake and Turn Signal Lamps ∗ Battery Voltage ∗ Ground Vehicle Ram (DR) 2002-2006 Dakota (ND) 2005-2006 Durango (HB) 2004-2006 Minivan (RS) 2004-2006 non CYC Minivan (RS) 2005-2006 w/CYC (Stow N go) Part Number Standard Equipment 82209045 82208434 82208490 82208957


Thecabin filter is located behind the glove Th cabin air filter is located behind the glove To gain access to the cabin air filter follow the To gain access to the cabin filter follow the instructions explained on this sheet. instructions explained on this sheet. Open the glove box and release the stoppers by pushing inwards on the rear top of the box as indicated in the picture. Lean the glove box on your knee and proceed to unhinge the strut by gently pulling in the direction shown on the picture. The glove box can now be removed and the cabin filter housing will be easily identifiable. Pull the lid cover upwards to gain acces to main housing lid. Push clips in the direction shown and remove the cabin air filter housing lid. Remove old filter and replace with new Ryco filter Remove old filter and replace with new Ryco filter making sure it is on the right air flow direction and making sure it is on the right air flow direction and refit all components in reverse order. refit all components in reverse order. GUD Automotive Pty Ltd 29 Taras Ave Altona North Victoria 3025 Australia GUD Automotive - A Division of GUD (NZ) Holdings Limited 626A Rosebank Road Avondale Auckland, New Zealand

Buyer's Guide - ProMotive by Purolator

Cabin Air filter element used on 1995-00 Ford Contour; Mercury Mystique; 2000-02 Mercury Cougar. (Replaces: Ford F5RZ-19N619-C)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1995-97 Lincoln Continental. (Replaces: Ford F05Y-19N619-C; Motorcraft FA-1627)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-02 Chevrolet/GMC Sliverado/Sierra Pickups, 2000-02 Tahoe/Yukon, 2000-02 Suburban/Yukon XL. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: AC-Delco CF104; GM 52473340)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-03 Ford Windstar, 2004 Freestar, 2004-05 Mercury Monterey. (Replaces: Ford XF2Z-19N619-AB)... Cabin Air filter element used on 2001-03 Acura 3.2CL, 1999-03 3.2TL; 1998-02 Honda Accord. (Package contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Honda 80291-S84-A01)... Cabin Air filter element used on 2006 Acura CSX, 2002-06 RSX; 2001-05 Honda Civic, 2002-06 CR-V, 2003-08 Element. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Honda 80292-S5D-A01) ... Cabin Air filter element used on 2001-04 Chevrolet Tracker; 1999-03 Suzuki Vitara, 1999-03 Grand Vitara, 2001-03 XL-7. (Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Suzuki 95861-65D00) Package Contains 2 elements) (Replaces: Suzuki 95861-65D00)... Cabin Air filter element used on 1999-06 BMW 3 Series, 2001-06 M3 Series, 2004-10 X3 Series. (Replaces: BMW 64 31 9 071 935) ...

Form ST-1311/14:Seller's Report of Sales Tax Due on a Casual Sale ...

Seller’s Report of Sales Tax Due on a Casual Sale ST-131 (1/14) New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Use this form to report and remit sales tax on sales of taxable items. Do not use this form if you are required to register as a vendor with the New York State Tax Department or are reporting the sale of a motor vehicle, trailer, all-terrain vehicle, vessel, or snowmobile that must be registered with or titled by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. For Tax Department use only Type or print clearly Seller’s name Social security number Seller’s address (number and street or rural route) Location code Federal identification number (if any) Tax jurisdiction code Taxable sales County  Amount subject to sales tax (see instructions) . .............................................................................. . Tax rate (see instructions) ............................................................................................................... Tax due (multiply amount on line 3 by rate on line 4) .......................................................................... Penalty and interest if you are filing or paying late (see instructions) ............................................. ­ . Total amount due (add lines 5 and 6). Attach check or money order payable to: New York State Sales Tax .....

Spotters Guide
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Spotters Guide Class Full Name (First/Last) No. Vehicle Year/Make/Model/Color H1 Kevin Gale 25 1990 Troyer Modified/Black + Gold H1 Doug Valliere 26 1967 Sunbeam Tiger/Red H1 Sherman Baumann 36 2010 Buffalo Racing mod lite/blue H1 Drew Young 62 1971 Datsun PL 510/orange/silver H1 Arthur Heath 78 Chevrolet Cavalier Mod./Blue H1 Charles King Sr. 178 1999 Chevrolet Silverado/white H1 Jamie Melhuish 317 1994 Smart Performance Toyota WSR/Red and white H1 Ted Theodore 881 2004 Westfield Megabusa/Red H2 Slim Bryant 23 1989 Porsche 944/Orange H2 Bill Hudson 24 1979 Chevrolet camaro/black H2 Arlo Cota 45 2005 Subaru STI/WHITE & BLUE H2 William Washburn 74 1989 Nissan 240RS14 Maxi/Blue H2 Pascal Belperron 164 1985 Saab 900 SPG/Black H2 Duane Foley 212 1971 Opel Ascona/Silver / Black H2 Larson Schultz 350 1997 Volkswagen Jetta/Green H2 Nick Grabau 445 1992 BMW M3/Red H2 Justin Carven 501 1999 Volkswagen Golf/Blue H2 Stephen Jones 702 2001 Volkswagen Golf/Green H2 Brian Goss 927 1983 Porsche 928/Black H3 Kurt Thiel 8 1995 Mazda Miata/Orange H3 Robby Smolinski Jr. 15 Volkswagen Golf/Red H3 Dave Valliere 18 1990 Mazda Miata/blue H3 Timothy Mather 20 1991 Nissan Sentra SE/Black H3 Dave Patten 21 1971 Datsun 510/Yellow/Orange H3 Walter Clark 33 1986 Volkswagen GTI/Black H3 Todd McAfee 40 1983 Mazda RX-7/Black H3 kevin dennis 42 1981 Volkswagen rabbit/grey H3 Randy Hale 83 2009 Mazda MX5/White/blue H3 Brian Dennis 89 1970 Triumph Spitfire/white H3 Robert Raposo 93 Dodge Neon/Black H3 John Hart 174 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S/Mars Red H3 Anthony Ruddy 186 1988 Honda CRX Si/White H3 John Stevens 214 1987 Mazda RX-7/gold H3 Roy Hopkins 411 1969 BMW 2002/all H4 Lincoln Bates 11 2004 Subaru Impreza STI/Blue H4 Douglas Hoar 46 2004 Subaru WRX sti/blue H4 Don Taylor 88 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX/Blue H4 Allan Dennis 96 2004 Subaru WRX STI/Black H4 Donald Kennedy 931 1993 Subaru Impreza/Aqua Frost

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