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Technical Note Overview: This document will explain the steps necessary to connect Omron InduSoft Web Studio (any version) and Omron CX-Programmer to Omron CX-Simulator. CX-Simulator is the PLC simulation package included with CX-One that allows the user to test the functionality of the PLC code without having the physical PLC to work with. Connecting Omron InduSoft Web Studio to CX-Simulator allows the user to test the interaction of Omron InduSoft Web Studio features such as lamps, buttons, scripts, alarms, trend objects, database connections, and other tools with the ladder code developed for the PLC, thus speeding development and debugging efforts. The simultaneous connection of Omron InduSoft Web Studio and CX-Programmer to CX-Simulator provides the user the ability to debug the PLC and HMI portions of a project at the same time. The use of InduSoft Web Studio with CX-Simulator requires the OMRON FINS driver to be enabled in Web Studio, which is only possible when using Omron InduSoft Web Studio, purchased through Omron. This document assumes that the user has general familiarity with Omron InduSoft Web Studio, and Omron CX-Programmer, and has FINS Gateway or SYSMAC Gateway installed on same PC as Omron InduSoft Web Studio, CX-Programmer, and CX-Simulator.

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Whether you’re creating programs for simple control systems, or for sophisticated, multilevel networked systems with thousands of I/O, Omron programming and documentation software will let you accomplish the task quickly, easily and reliably. Choose from a variety of software packages designed to meet your PLC programming and diagnostic needs. Omron PLC programming software combines p o we r f u l c re a t i o n a n d e d i t i n g t o o l s w i t h exterminator-like debugging support to help you get up and running fast. Depending on the package you choose, you can program in Relay Ladder Logic, mnemonic or sequential function chart (SFC). In addition, ready-to-use, timesaving function blocks let you perform sophisticated programming tasks and reduce program size and complexity. Choose from an extensive array of documentation f e a t u re s t h a t a l l o w yo u t o b u i l d d e t a i l e d development notes and I/O comments into each program to simplify program maintenance and revisions. This is especially important for programs that will be maintained by persons other than the programmer. Each Omron PLC programming package supports numerous PLCs. Programs written for one type of PLC can be easily migrated to other, larger PLCs. In addition, because each software package supports many different Omron PLCs, you only have to buy and learn one package – significantly reducing your software and training investment. Omron’s cost-effective software maintenance programs keep you on the leading edge of software development – all for one low annual fee.

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The information in this document has been checked carefully and is believed to be entirely reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed for inaccuracies. Furthermore, OMRON reserves the right to make changes to any product described herein to improve reliability, functionality and design. OMRON does not assume any liability arising out of the applications or use of the product described herein, neither does it convey any licence under its patent rights or the rights of others. Copyright © 1996-1999 OMRON Europe B.V. All rights reserved. OMRON is a registered trademark of OMRON Manufacturing of the Netherlands BV. IBM, PC/AT are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The OMRON SYSWIN software is designed for use with SYSMAC C and CV series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It provides a straightforward method of creating and maintaining programs and testing their operation, either offline or connected to a PLC. SYSWIN offers a comprehensive range of facilities for the PLC programmer, from program editing to full symbolic and network debugging, including: New program creation, Program storage and editing, Uploading and downloading code to a PLC, Program status during execution by PLC Commenting programs: Symbolic addresses, Symbolic block and network names, Comments, Maintenance of library files Printing program and documentation Conversion from other packages SYSWIN runs in the Microsoft Windows environment (version 3.1 or greater) on standard IBM and compatible 486 and Pentium-based desktop computers. SYSWIN is intuitive to use, and allows the programmer to rapidly configure a specific project and enter network and program data. PLC programs can be constructed in either ladder or function plan format, and previously tested networks can be recalled from libraries. A special statement list editor allows PLC programs to be viewed and checked in their mnemonic format.


CARTA DE PRESENTACIÓN Y CURRÍCULUM VITAE Ejemplos de cartas de presentación Autocandidatura En el siguiente ejemplo puedes apreciar cómo el candidato Pedro García Gómez, se presenta de forma espontánea con una autocandidatura y para ello: • Busca empresas del sector en el que ha tenido experiencia (Fabricantes de maquinaria). • Se ofrece como experto • Solicita que le entrevisten Pedro García Gómez C/ Del Sol, nº. 18 08014 Barcelona Sr. Ernesto Domínguez López INDUSTRIAS JOVI. S.A. C/ La Alameda, nº 24 08034, Barcelona Barcelona, 15 de Febrero de 2009 Estimado Sr. Domínguez: He podido comprobar por distintos medios que su empresa “INDUSTRIAS JOVI, S.A.” es líder en la fabricación de productos y maquinaria para la fabricación de zapatos. Por mi experiencia como Jefe de Ventas en una firma del sector, he seguido con atención el desarrollo de su empresa; por ello estimo que mi colaboración podría serles útil a la hora de planificar campañas y promocionar su firma. Me gustaría tener la oportunidad de conversar con usted, en una entrevista, y exponerle con mayor amplitud aquellos datos que deseen conocer. En espera de sus noticias les saluda atentamente: Fdo: Pedro García Gómez Adjunto “Currículum Vitae” Respuesta a un Anuncio En el siguiente ejemplo se muestra una carta en respuesta a una oferta concreta de Abogado: • Hace referencia a la fecha del anuncio y el medio en el que se publicó. ...

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1. INTRODUCCION Vivimos en una sociedad y el hecho de buscar trabajo por cuenta ajena implica relacionarnos con personas y organizaciones. Una carta de presentación es un acto social de cortesía, es el saludo y presentación inicial y como tal tiene esa importancia. Generalmente ira acompañada del curriculum, bien respondiendo al anuncio de un periódico, bien en una autopresentación o como carta de agradecimiento. Es el envoltorio del curriculum, y por el bien del historial académico y profesional, para que no caiga en saco roto, hay que cuidar los detalles de redacción y de estilo. El objetivo es atraer la atención de la persona que la lee, de manera que considere, en una primera impresión, que el historial que presenta puede ser el idóneo para cubrir el puesto de trabajo que nos ofrece. Conviene no olvidar que la carta puede ser tan importante como el curriculum, ya que en ella no se describen conocimientos, pero sí actitudes: refleja el interés que tiene el candidato por la empresa y el puesto de trabajo que solicita, la capacidad de comunicación e incluso dejar ver una parte de su personalidad. Página 2 Manual para realizar Cartas de Presentación Al contestar un anuncio no debemos olvidar nunca que la carta que enviamos es nuestra presentación y que es acerca de ella sobre la que se va a emitir un juicio. La empresa no tiene otra forma de hacerse una idea sobre nosotros que analizando el curriculum y la carta que lo acompaña. En las páginas siguientes daremos algunos apuntes y consejos para la elaboración de una carta de presentación, esperando que les puedan servir de apoyo en este “trabajo” que es la Búsqueda de Empleo. 2. TIPOS DE CARTAS Vamos a presentar diversos ejemplos de cartas, a continuación un MODELO TIPO DE CARTA ...

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Do you want to get placed in a company that is scaling up the ladder of growth? Then, the first step that you must do is to register in an appropriate job board. The internet is home to many companies that offer excellent vacancies for a fresher in various sectors that include banking, education, research, and more. View More on :

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From our beginnings in 1998 as a supplier of IEC electrical cabling and accessories to the North American market, we have steadily climbed the ladder of success with the help of our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and committed vendors. For more at:

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The Amarok Range 02 – The Amarok Range Exterior Wheels Accessories Safety 4Motion Technical specifications Drivetrain Measurements and statistics Standard and optional equipment Paint colours Trim Owning a Volkswagen Environment General information Range. It’s somewhat ironic that Amarok has proved But the Amarok is also extremely smart, itself in the deserts of South America given uniting unmatched cross-country mobility that its name translates to “arctic wolf” in and efficiency in this segment. These the Inuit language. considerable attributes were foremost in the minds of the judges who awarded The Eskimo people of Northern Canada Amarok 4x4 Australia Magazine’s ‘Ute of and Greenland believe the mythical Amarok the Year 2011’. Volkswagen Amarok went to be the king of the wild. It is agile, powerful back to back and claimed the ‘Ute of the and robust. In other words, the Volkswagen Year 2012’ award, proving the Amarok’s Amarok is aptly named. Certainly, one part king status in the marketplace. of the Amarok’s personality is about being tough. After all, it is a world class ute 04 – The Amarok Range Built on a robust ladder frame chassis and created to match heavy-duty requirements. distinguished by the high standards of Volkswagen design, engineering and build smooth 8-speed automatic (on the TDI420 handling and grip characteristics for quality, this uncompromising ute is packed engine)...

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Tough is a table-stake. Smart lifts the bar and reinvents the category. Amarok. Where tough and smart come together. The Amarok unites cross-country mobility, flexibility and efficiency like no other pickup. Set on a robust ladder-frame chassis and encased in Volkswagen build quality, the Amarok is packed full of smart technology and design. The Amarok’s powerful 2.0 litre TDI Biturbo engine sets new standards in terms of torque, fuel economy and CO2 emissions. The shiftable and permanent 4Motion® all-wheel drive systems along with driver assist features like off-road ABS and ESP provide it with traction and safe handling in all terrain types. Then there’s its ability to shoulder the load – the large load bay dimensions allow the Amarok to accomodate a Euro pallet crosswise between its wheel arches. On tar, the Amarok also breaks new ground. With high quality interior, low noise levels and driving characteristics that leave nothing to be desired, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and ride dynamics. 4x2 rear-wheel drive. The Amarok is equipped with rear-wheel drive as standard. Rear-wheel drive enables steering that is not influenced by the engine torque resulting in a smaller steering radius and enhanced driveability. Shiftable 4MOTION® all-wheel drive. Tough assignments call for smart and efficient power management. With shiftable 4MOTION®, the Amarok is able to distribute the driving force equally across the front and rear axles. All it takes is the push of a button and you will experience reliable traction on almost all road surfaces. Permanent 4MOTION® all-wheel drive.The new Amarok Automatic with Permanent 4Motion® means that four-wheel drive is available at all times, irrespective of the driving surface, providing you with the best grip possible...

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Alternating tread stair design Adjust the riser height to the space between floors. For a 9’ floor to floor height there would be 14 risers of 7.714”. Start with this and adjust the angle of the carriage from there. R= I think I would add a nonslip surface material to the step portion of the tread. (sketch problem 6-8-04) This type of stair saves lots of space and can have standard rise and run dimensions to meet code. However, it is quite steep and a bit scary to go down head first (most people turn around, like you would on a ladder). Most building codes will allow this type of stair into lofts of 250 sf or smaller. Here are some suggestions about how to build this type of design. It is sometimes called a Jefferson stair as Thomas Jefferson was an early promoter of the space efficient design. I hope this gives you some useful ideas. John Raabe, For a better printing PDF file click HERE...