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iPod shuffle Manual del usuario
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5. Capítulo 1: Acerca del iPod shuffle. 6. Novedades del iPod shuffle. 7. Capítulo 2: Nociones básicas sobre el iPod shuffle. 7. Visión general del iPod shuffle. 8. Enhorabuena por la adquisición de un iPod shuffle. ± ADVERTENCIA: para evitar lesiones, lea todas las instrucciones de funcionamiento incluidas en esta guía y la información sobre seguridad del capítulo 7, “Seguridad y manipulación” antes de utilizar el iPod shuffle. , Para usar el iPod shuffle, primero debe colocar canciones y otros archivos de audio en el ordenador y, después, sincronizarlos con el iPod shuffle. Use el iPod shuffle para: ÂÂ Sincronizar canciones y listas de reproducción para escucharlas vaya a donde vaya. ÂÂ Escuchar podcasts (programas de radio que pueden descargarse de Internet). ÂÂ Escuchar audiolibros adquiridos en la tienda iTunes Store o en ÂÂ Guardar archivos u otro tipo de datos (o bien crear copias de seguridad de ellos) usando el iPod shuffle como disco externo.

iPod shuffle Manual del usuario - Support - Apple

Enhorabuena por la compra del iPod shuffle. ADVERTENCIA: Para evitar lesiones, lea Capítulo 7, Seguridad y manejo, en la página 30 antes de usar el iPod shuffle. Para usar el iPod shuffle, primero debe colocar canciones y otros archivos de audio en el ordenador y, después, sincronizarlos con el iPod shuffle. Utilice el iPod shuffle para: •• Sincronizar canciones y listas de reproducción para escucharlas vaya a donde vaya. •• Escuchar podcasts (programas de radio que pueden descargarse de Internet). •• Escuchar audiolibros adquiridos en la tienda iTunes Store o en •• Guardar archivos u otro tipo de datos (o bien crear copias de seguridad de ellos) usando el iPod shuffle como disco externo. Novedades del iPod shuffle •• Un botón de VoiceOver que pronuncia los títulos y el nombre de los artistas de las pistas, le permite cambiar de lista de reproducción y le informa del estado de la batería •• Controles sencillos e intuitivos •• Soporte para sincronizar mezclas Genius •• Soporte para sincronizar colecciones de iTunes U •• Soporte para límites de volumen de la UE 3 Nociones básicas sobre el iPod shuffle 2 Lea este capítulo para descubrir las funciones del iPod shuffle, aprender a utilizar sus controles y obtener otras informaciones de interés. El paquete del iPod shuffle contiene el propio iPod shuffle, los auriculares Apple Earphones y un cable USB para conectar el iPod shuffle al ordenador. Introducción al iPod shuffle Luz de estado Conector de auriculares Botón VoiceOver Interruptor de tres posiciones Subir volumen Anterior/Retroceso Siguiente/Avance rápido Reproducción/Pausa Bajar volumen Clip Utilizar los auriculares Apple Earphones: mm Conecte los auriculares Apple Earphones al conector de auriculares del iPod shuffle y colóquese los auriculares en los oídos como se muestra. El cable de los auriculares se puede ajustar.

iPod shuffle Manual do Usuário - Support - Apple

O que há de novo no iPod shuffle iPod shuffle de relance Como usar os controles do iPod classic Como conectar e desconectar o iPod shuffle Sobre a bateria do iPod shuffle Sobre o iTunes Como configurar a biblioteca do iTunes Como organizar suas músicas Como conectar o iPod shuffle a um computador pela primeira vez Como adicionar música ao iPod shuffle Como reproduzir músicas Como usar o VoiceOver Como ajustar as faixas para reproduzir no mesmo volume Como configurar um limite de volume Como bloquear e desbloquear os controles do iPod shuffle Como usar o iPod shuffle como um disco externo Como atualizar e restaurar o software do iPod shuffle Informações importantes sobre segurança Informações importantes sobre manuseio Parabén por comprar o iPod shuffle. ADVERTÊNCIA: Para evitar ferimentos, leia Capítulo 7, Segurança e manuseio, na página 29 antes de utilizar o iPod shuffle. Para usar o iPod shuffle, basta colocar as músicas e outros arquivos de áudio no seu computador e depois sincronizá-los com o iPod shuffle.

Alcoholic Beverage Market
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Alcoholic Beverage Market Driven by Increasing Disposable Income of Consumers. Alcoholic Beverages can be segmented by Products, Services, Ingredients and Submarkets. Products of Alcoholic Beverages are Energy Drinks. Services of Alcoholic Beverages are Beverage Packaging. To get a PDF Brochure @

German Guardianship Law German Guardianship Law

As the result of an accident or illness, or because of old age, some people are no longer in a position to take care of important matters themselves. They need someone who can represent their interests and rights in dealings with doctors, for example, or public offices and officials. The basic principles of legal guardianship are explained in this advice brochure, and the duties and rights of the care-taking guardians described in some detail. You see, German guardianship law is complicated. And not all advice centres and facilities are adjusted to persons with a migration background. Migrants often don’t know which options they actually have, the main reason being that they are not familiar with German guardianship law. Then again, it’s difficult for them to understand the often rather complex legal regulations because their German language skills aren’t so good. This brochure is intended to be both a source of advice and a guide. It takes cultural differences into consideration, and tries to help you to understand the complicated system of German guardianship law. After all, as far as matters of your personal wealth and welfare are concerned, nobody can fulfil expectations better than you yourself. Which is why everyone should have the chance to check whether precautionary measures should be taken in good times – for bad times – if, indeed, guardianship is necessary at some point. As well as an illustration of the legal basics, the brochure also contains a detailed description of types of precautionary options, in the shape of advance directives on guardianship, living wills and powers of attorney. Moreover, it contains a list of the regional drop-in centres, like guardianship authorities and associations, which offer advice and support. The brochure is published in several languages so that migrants have access to all the information. Our thanks go to the Institute for Transcultural Support for developing and publishing this brochure, which bears in mind the growing need for legal support of persons with a migration background.

Teacher Certification Program Brochure - Providence College

Some are experienced business professionals who want more out of their careers. Some are teachers who are certified in other states but are interested in teaching in Rhode Island. Some are undergraduate students just getting started. Regardless of their background, they all share one dream — to have a meaningful career where they can make a difference in the lives of young people. If you share this dream, too, please consider the Providence College Teacher Certification Program. We not only offer one of the most student-centered and reputable secondary school teacher training programs in New England, but also one of the most affordable. It’s also very easy to get started. You won’t have to deal with a lot of red tape. I will personally meet with you to answer your questions and provide my honest opinion of whether or not teaching high school is a good fit for you — and if our program “The School of Continuing Education staff take the time to look at what your circumstances are and is the best choice. are able to advise you about the best steps to move forward. I didn’t feel like I was just another student. I valued the fact that they helped me tailor the program to my individual circumstances.” —JANE CORRERA, TCP GRADUATE (ENGLISH) Bob Vachon Coordinator, Teacher Certification Program OFFERED THROUGH THE PROVIDENCE COLLEGE SCHOOL OF CONTINUING EDUCATION, THE TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (TCP) provides an alternative, innovative path to earning your Rhode Island secondary school teaching certification. While it’s ideally suited for college graduates who did not major in education, the TCP also allows students without a college degree to earn their certification while they earn their Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies at Providence College.

Football for Hope brochure -

the FIFA World Cup, or an impromptu game on the streets, football has the power to instil confidence, hope, and pride in the underdog, and promote teamwork ... The game of football is a sport of simplicity and finesse. It has a global reach, it is gender-transcendent and can virtually be played anywhere. Whether at a large-scale sporting event like the FIFA World Cup, or an impromptu game on the streets, football has the power to instil confidence, hope, and pride in the underdog, and promote teamwork and support.” Ban Ki-moon · UN Secretary-General “The driving force of our social engagement can and must be football itself. With its unique appeal and core values that reach across generations and cultures, football offers common ground for engaging in a wide range of social development activities, including education, health promotion, social integration and gender equity. That is why Football for Hope is of strategic importance to FIFA. Football is and needs to remain a school for life.” Joseph S. Blatter · FIFA President

Lines 802/805 (06/29/14) -- Metro Rail Red/Purple Lines (Union ...

Monday through Friday Red & Purple Lines Effective Jun 29 2014 All service after 9:00PM is subject to minor delays for system maintenance. Todo servicio después de las 9:00PM es sujeto a retrasos menores para mantenencia a la sistema. — 1:09A — 1:11A Friday Late Night and Saturday Late Night Only 12:08A — 12:10A 1:14 12:12A 1:16 12:14A 1:18 12:15A 1:19 12:16A 1:20 12:19A 1:23 Red & Purple Lines 11:47 11:52 NORTH HOLLYWOOD UNIVERSAL CITY HOLLYWOOD 11:54 11:56 11:59 12:01A DC12:12ADC12:14ADC12:15ADC12:17A C12:19A C12:21A See Friday Late Night and Saturday Late Night Only 8:14 — 8:24 — 8:34 — 8:44 — 8:54 — 9:04 — 9:15 — 8:15 — 8:25 — 8:35 — 8:45 — 8:55 — 9:05 — 9:16 — North Hollywood l 8:12 — 8:22 — 8:32 — 8:42 — 8:52 — 9:02 — 9:13 — Universal City l — 8:59 — 9:11 — 9:24 — 9:36 — 9:48 — 10:00 — 10:12 — 10:24 — 10:36 — 10:48 — 11:00 — 11:12 — 11:24 — 11:36 — 11:48 — 11:59 — 12:12P — 12:24 — 12:36 — 12:48 — 1:00 — 1:12 — 1:24 — 1:36 — 1:48 — 2:00 — 2:12 — 2:24 — 2:36 — 2:48 — 3:01 — 3:13 — 3:25 — 3:35 — 4:46A 4:49A 5:04 5:07 — — 5:20 5:23 5:27 5:30 — — 5:40 5:43 — — 5:53 5:56 — — 6:03 6:06 — — 6:13 6:16 — — 6:23 6:26 — — 6:33 6:36 — — 6:41 6:44 10 minutes — — 9:01 9:04 — — 9:13 9:16 — — 9:26 9:29 — — 9:38 9:41 — — 9:50 9:53 — — 10:02 10:05 — — 10:14 10:17 — — 10:26 10:29 — — 10:38 10:41 — — 10:50 10:53 — — 11:02 11:05 — — 11:14 11:17 — — 11:26 11:29 — — 11:38 11:41 — — 11:50 11:53 — — 12:02P 12:05P — — 12:14 12:17 — — 12:26 12:29 — — 12:38 12:41 — — 12:50 12:53 — — 1:02 1:05 — — 1:14 1:17 — — 1:26 1:29 — — 1:38 1:41 — — 1:50 1:53 — — 2:02 2:05 — — 2:14 2:17 — — 2:26 2:29 — — 2:38 2:41 — — 2:50 2:53 — — 3:03 3:06 — — 3:15 3:18 — — 3:27 3:30 — — 3:37 3:40 — — 10 minutes 8:17 8:20 — — 8:27 8:30 — — 8:37 8:40 — — 8:47 8:50 — — 9:00 8:57 — — 9:07 9:10 — — 9:18 9:21 — — 20 minutes 10 minutes Hollywood/Highland

Asia Pacific Disc Brake Market

Asia-Pacific is the largest market for disc brakes as it is not only the largest automobile producer in the world, but also because most of the modern vehicles in this region come with disc brakes in the front wheels. This is mainly due to the increasing demand from consumers for a safe ride and a growing disposable income which enables them to opt for these added performance parts in their cars. Get the PDF brochure @

Lecithin Market in Europe
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The European Lecithin Market report explains and divides the Lecithin market in Europe with analysis and projection of revenue. The Lecithin Market in Europe is estimated to grow from around $241.7 million in 2012 to $315.9 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2012 to 2019. To get PDF Brochure @