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Act Now A Parent's Guide to Girls' Bone Health - Best Bones Forever!

Between ages 9-18, your daughter is in her key bonebuilding years. By age 18, she will have built most of her bone mass.1 That means right now is the best time to give her the support she needs to build strong bones. Less than one in 10 girls gets the calcium she needs each day.2 As girls get older, they tend to get less calcium and physical activity—two important things they need to build strong bones. 2 Support Your Daughter’s Bones Take these steps to build and maintain strong, healthy bones: For You... Be a good role model for your family. Know your own risk factors for osteoporosis. Talk to your doctor about your bone health. For Your Daughter... Make being healthy a part of your family routine. Help her make healthy food choices, including foods high in calcium and vitamin D. Help her get one hour of physical activity daily, including bone-strengthening activities at least three days per week.

Bishop Verot Catholic High School Prom Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code  Attire that is inappropriate for the occasion or deviates from modesty in the judgment of a school administrator will result in being denied admission. This includes guests from other schools.  For boys, tuxedos or suits including jackets, ties, socks and dress shoes are required. Young men are to be clean-shaven, meet school guidelines regarding length and style of hair, and are not to wear earrings. No hats or canes allowed in the dance.  For girls, dresses and attire that reflect modesty are required. Each year, the most difficult task for administrators is the determination of modesty for girls. Traditional interpretations are often at odds with fashion and cultural trends. Each year, girls are turned away or asked to modify. This is easily avoidable if the following guidelines are observed: o Prom attire should reflect more a formal family occasion (like a wedding) rather than a night on the town or at a dance club. o Dresses that are too revealing, are skin tight or form-fitting, expose midriffs or cleavage, or are too short in length are not appropriate. o Claims that a dress was worn at last year’s Prom or at Homecoming, or comparisons to the dresses of other girls already admitted to Prom will not be entertained or discussed. (Claiming that “others were speeding” rarely works when pulled over by police.) o Modesty is admittedly a subjective interpretation, but one which we have a duty to uphold. Girls should therefore err on the side of modesty and formality and not put school administrators in the difficult position of upholding school standards. Having been specifically forewarned, I expect nothing less than full cooperation from girls and their parents on this issue. Specifics for Dresses:  Dress backs may not be lower than the elbow.  Dresses may not be any shorter than 3” above the knee (or 3” below the middle finger for taller girls). This includes any slits in the dress. If you purchase a dress with a slit that does not meet those guidelines, you will need to have the slit sewn.  Dresses must not be too tight or form-fitting.  Dresses may not have cut-outs. Covering a cut-out with fabric will not suffice unless that fabric is permanently sewn into the dress.  Dresses must not be low cut in the front. Be especially careful with halter-style dresses or strapless dresses with a sweetheart neckline.  Appropriate under garments should be worn based on the style of the dress. Keep in mind that certain bras, padded busts, etc. can change the look of the dress.

Dress Code Policy - Kingwood Christian School

We are implementing a Full Uniform Policy as follows: 2011-2012 - K-5th Grades - Full Uniform 2012-2013 6th - 8th Middle School Full Uniform 2013-2014 High School implements Full Uniforms Entire school will be in Full Uniform for the 2013-2014 school year. The adoption of school uniform policies can promote school safety, improve discipline and enhance the learning environment. The potential benefits of school uniforms include: ● instilling a sense of community, pride and ownership in our school ● decreasing dress-code violations and increasing instructional time in the classroom ● instilling students with self-discipline; ● freeing time for administrators to attend to school activities rather than having to deal with dress code violations ● helping parents and students resist peer pressure; ● helping students concentrate on their school work; and ● helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school. K-12th Grades Dress Code/Uniform School Uniform Guidelines K-12th Grade: 1. Clothes may be purchased from pre-approved retailers* (Dennis Uniform Company) and must be “School-approved uniforms”. KCS Plaid must be purchased from Dennis. See Office for more details. 2. Boy and Girls may chose from khakis, black or blue pants or shorts. Boys in 2nd grade and older must tuck shirts in and wear a belt. Girls must have shirts long enough to tuck in. 3. Girls may chose uniform skirts, carpi, skorts, pants, shorts or jumpers in khakis, black or blue. Note: Skirts and shorts must be to the knee in length (no more than 2 in. above knee) 4. Boy and Girls may chose from blue (navy or royal), black, red or white collared shirts (short or longsleeved). 5. All previous dress code policies must be followed: no tight clothing, no mid-riffs, no sagging, etc. NOTE for K-12th Grades: Jeans (meeting previous dress code standards) and KCS t-shirts ONLY will be allowed on FRIDAYS and special days to be announced by KCS administration Students in grades K5-5th do not dress out for P.E., so they should wear shoes that are suitable for P. E. class. K5-5th graders may NOT wear flip-flops. *Target, JCPenneys, Belk, Lands End, Wal Mart, Old Navy, Sears, Gap, Dennis Uniform Company Log In School Code: BAKWCS Clothing/Accessories cannot be a distraction to our faith or instruction

guidebook & resources for organizing a prom dress drive is the first national campaign designed to encourage girls around the country to donate their prom and special occasion dresses to those who cannot afford the costly experience of going to their prom, sweet 16, quinceañera, or formal. The site features a directory of local dress drive organizations across the U.S. that enables girls to easily find where in their local markets they can donate or receive a dress. thrives on the dedication of volunteers who run dress drives nationwide. They work tirelessly to see that every girl in need receives the dress of her dreams, and they empower her to feel more glamorous and confident than ever before. The campaign also grows with the generosity of our corporate sponsors and individual donors, who are stylish women of all ages, as well as celebrities. guides girls to take action, while linking them to the prom beauty and fashion resources on that will get them ready for their big night. originated at Hearst Magazines and lives within the Hearst Teen Network, which is one of the top 10 ranked entertainment news Web sites, and one of the top 5 teen networks, according to ComScore Media Metrix. We are committed to raising awareness of dress donation while helping finance the drives’ operational costs through our Purple Dress Awards, which are grants funded by proceeds from our annual celebrity dress auction and corporate partnerships. If you are interested in joining the cause or starting a dress drive organization of your own, this guidebook will get you started!

Beyond Amazon – Adding and Wal-Mart to your Affiliate ...

Product breadth Higher potential commission payouts Giving your customers choice and the chance to comparison shop  There is a fourth reason also: If you live in Colorado, Rhode Island, Illinois or North Carolina, Amazon has pulled their affiliate program out of those states because those states wanted to charge Amazon sales tax on sales that were referred by affiliates even though the person buying and selling the goods were not located in that state. In other words, if you live in Colorado and someone in New York sees your blog and buys something from Amazon that is shipped from Washington State to New York, then the state of Colorado wants the sales tax even though Amazon also paid it to New York. Makes sense, right?  As you will see, some product categories at pay higher commissions than Amazon. And Wal-Mart, although they pay less, does have thousands of products that Amazon does not have and often has other products that are cheaper.  Lets take a look at the two programs. is mostly known for electronics but they actually have thousands of products in over 20 categories. Click here to learn more about the Affiliate Program First of all lets take a look at the commission payout schedule:       3% - Base Commission Rate 5% - For Office Supplies 6% - For Video Games, Bags, Books, Home & Outdoor, Baby & Toy, Music, Wine 8% - For Sports, Musical Instruments, Clothing & Shoes, Jewelry, Movies, Pet Supplies 9% - For Health & Beauty 11% - For Everything Else As you can see, although their base rate and Office supply rate are lower than Amazon and their rate for Video Games, Bags, Books, Home & Outdoor, Baby & Toy, Music, Wine is about the same, their rates for health & beauty and everything else is higher. Another interesting thing about is that they sell wine. In fact they have some fabulous deals on wine. I was looking on the site recently and found one of my favorites, a Louis Martini Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 for $22.99. that wine sells for over $30 at my local wine store. has a full suite of tools to help affiliates succeed:      Link Builder- link to any product using our easy to use link builder tool RSS feeds - for Today's Deals, Featured Products, and Top Sellers across all categories Product Catalogs - updated everyday High converting text links and banners New Suite of Apps & Widgets using Bento Box also does frequent promotions. Here are a few recent ones:     Deal of the Day, What's Shakin? (list of the hottest productions), Weekend Specials Free Shipping on thousands of products Monthly $5, $10, and $20 off Coupons to our various online stores also puts out a weekly newsletter where you can learn about their promotions. Here is the schedule for the Affiliate Only Newsletter:    Tuesday's Newsletter- includes Tech Deals, Seasonal Promotions, Big Ticket deals & Top Sellers Thursday's Newsletter- Includes Thursday Deals, Seasonal Promotions, Big Ticket items & Top Sellers Friday's Newsletter- Includes Friday Deals, Weekend Specials, & Sneak Previews to Mondays deals

Free Must-Have iPad Apps For Elementary Math - TCEA

For Elementary Math 123 Numbers Free – This app works on numbers 0 to 10, including ordering, sequencing, odds and evens, and writing numbers. Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts – Defend the solar system by solving counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. Butterfly Math Addition – This app works on number recognition and addition. Counting 123 – This app is packed with four different mini-games: Fish Tap challenge, Spot the Differences, Jumping Grasshopper, and a Dresses Fashion Show. It teaches numbers from one to 10. Counting Bills & Coins - Count, match, and make change with coins up to quarters and bills up to $20. Practice money skills in five unique activities. Counting Money - In practice mode, the user must answer the question correctly in order to proceed to the next question. The user presses the check button after each attempt to check the answer. In quiz mode, the user has one opportunity to answer the question correctly. There are two difficulty types, beginner and normal. Interactive Telling Time Lite - Learn to set the time via Interactive clocks with movable hour and minute hand! Learn the concept of day and night. Learn how to use AM/PM, 12 hour, and 24 hour clock notation. Jumping Grasshopper – Learn to Count - Enjoy remarkable animation technology which introduces a first look at numbers for the whole family to enjoy. Math Express – This is a fun educational math game designed for girls and boys ages 4-7, combining engaging math exercises and fresh graphics. The game includes exercises to help visualizations and counting of numbers. Math Puppy – This app features both Bingo and Challenge modes. Its animated math calculator and subtraction module are included in the free app; other modules may be purchased. Montessori Counting Board - The Montessori counting board is five counting apps in one. You can learn...

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education

ArtikPix Currently for iPad only, ArtikPix has flashcard and matching activities with 560 cards for articulation practice. Baby Sign Language Using AUSLAN An Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) teaching app especially designed for babies and toddlers. DAF Assistant Delayed auditory feedback and frequency shifting to help improve stuttering. Expressionist Cartoon drawings with 120 commonly used expressions in 7 categories and 1000+ nouns. iCommunicate Pre-loaded pictures and storyboards/routines (e.g., schedule) facilitate language comprehension. iConverse AAC tool to express 6 different icons representing basic needs: food, drink, sick, bathroom, help, break. iPrompts Visual prompting tool containing original artwork for schedules, a timer, choice prompts, and a library. iSpeech List of sounds for developmental ages 3 to 7+, and explanations for forming and teaching the sounds. iSayIt Type in text and your iPhone or iPod touch will speak it out in a male voice and phrases can be saved for use again. P a g e | 3 Sailers 2009 - 2010 iTalk Recorder Voice recorder for iPhone with internal mic, or iPod touch with external mic. iTranslate Plus Translate words and whole sentences in 52 languages, and use text-to-speech with 43 voices in 16 languages. Learn to Talk Over 160 interactive flashcards to learn nouns, verbs, early syntax, and word combinations. Locabulary Lite Audio output for expressing phrases (“hello”), moods (“I am happy”), assistance (“Call the doctor”), & restaurants. Look2Learn AAC AAC system with photos and preloaded voices to express wants and needs. Model Me Going With 6 locations (e.g., playground), each has photos (with Places narration) of children modelling the behaviour. MyTalk AAC software with photos and voice recording feature that can be used with a web authoring service. Pocket SLP Articulation With 400 images, practice phonemes in various positions of words or sentences, and save/email data. Proloquo2Go Full AAC solution with over 7000 symbols, natural sounding voices, automatic conjugation, and more. RIDBC Auslan A video-based Australian Sign Language (Auslan) teaching Tutor application. Sentence Builder With 100 pictures, it helps elementary aged children to build grammatically correct sentences. P a g e | 4 Sailers 2009 - 2010 Speak it! Copy or type text for text-to-speech using natural sounding voices. StepStones Visual schedules for 9 sequential activities can be checked for completion, and more activities can be added. TapSpeak Button A large button or switch enables the user to play a single message. Visules Uses drawings and photos to communicate schedules and actions. Voice4U With over 130 icons and recorded audio, express feelings, thoughts, actions, and needs.. P a g e | 5 Sailers 2009 - 2010

Top iPad Apps for Literacy
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THE BEST ipad apps to develop literacy skills. Compiled by: READINGrockets. org ... ABC Expedition is an app designed to help children with their alphabet. Interactive Alphabet offers alphabet matching for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Your child can hear words, letters and phonics sounds. This app also includes a "Baby Mode." Interactive Alphabet $2.99 Match phonic sounds with letters, through colorful illustrations, pictures and accurate pronunciation, while playing the age old game of I Spy. iSpy Phonics $1.99 ABC Expedition is an app designed to help children with their alphabet. However, this app not only helps kids with their alphabet; it also helps children learn various animals too. ABC Song Piano uses music to teach the alphabetic principle. This app can also tap into children's musical creativity; it is colorful and has piano keys that light up. Furthermore, this app introduces letters A-Z, objects, animal and instrument sounds. ABC Song Piano $1. 99 Alphabytes is an educational app that helps kids learn their letters, the sounds letters make, how to write both upper and lower case letters, and how to spell a few words. The game has four sections: Alphabet, Trace, Spell, and Play. Alphabytes $1.99 Simplex Spelling Lite is designed to improve spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way by using "reverse phonics." Simplex Spelling Lite contains over 50 high frequency English words; it also enables students to build on each word, which goes beyond the sheer memorization of words.

Dancewear from A to Z
by PinkPrincess 0 Comments favorite 30 Viewed Download 0 Times | Dance is a wonderful form of expression that nurtures confidence and grace in little girls. Allow your child to enjoy her dancing experience to the fullest with these helpful tips on selecting and caring for dancewear.

Weddings The Wedding Planner
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Lovely small girls in the stunning flower girls dresses nz always take a honey luck towards the wedding party. And romantic will be brought to marriage ceremony by there modest angels.