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Packaging and dilemmas in packaging development W ... - CurTec

Packaging and dilemmas in packaging development By Professor Roland ten Klooster CurTec International offers packaging and packaging knowhow for industrial and distribution applications in the pharmaceutical, speciality chemicals and other industries. We strongly believe in offering added value through quality, functionality, user-friendliness and design. Added value can be found in many other aspects than just the tangible product. To select or develop the optimal packaging it is essential to have a complete insight in all these aspects. Through the publishing of a series of White Papers on Packaging we hope to make a small contribution to the packaging issues you are confronted with. The CurTec Team White paper | Packaging and dilemmas in packaging development Over 3.5 billion are lost to the cost of packaging, packaging should add value and not be seen as waste’, says Professor ten Klooster. Better packaging can lead to a better product, he claims, which is why he suggests revising and professionalizing the development processes.

VIP Undervest
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This new bulletproof under vest is a state of art product designed for discretion and flexibility. The anatomical flex points and breathable mesh give this one piece design the optimal comfort when used in hot climate zones. The concept behind the shirt comes from professionals that are working daily in a threatening environment in hot climate zones.

Universal Grinding Machine for the highest demands - Hardinge Inc.

Splash guard to be used with standard workhead mounted on linear roller bearings Sine bar attachment direct fine angular setting by using gauge blocks when grinding chucked workpieces with inside or outside tapers KEL-UNIVERSAL for grinding jobs in tool and die maker shops, for the grinding of small batches of components or of prototype pieces, for maintenance jobs, laboratories or special machine building facilities. Machine base with high static and dynamic rigidity. Optimal bracing Generously dimensioned and precision scraped V- and flat guideways guarantee a long lifetime of quality Three point set-up, no special foundation required Workhead with its preloaded highprecision roller bearings is designed for a working capacity of up to max. 130 kg between centres or of up to 160 Nm for components taken-up in chucks. Standard working accuracy Roundness for chucked work: Delta R<0.5 µm according to B.S. 3730. Increased working accuracy Delta R<0.2 µm according to B.S. 3730. Accessoires: Lever-operated clamping attachment power chuck KEL-UNIVERSAL Tailstock with preloaded sleeve Sleeve located in preloaded ball bearings Morse taper MT4 retraction of sleeve 30 mm.

The Compact High-Precision Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Platform concept Optimal arrangement of the wheelhead in relation to the workpiece The truth of the highest precision KEL-VERA – the on-going consequent development has led to the introduction of this extremely compact machine which is based on a visionary modular concept. The new design of the hydrostatic guideways is meeting even the extremest requirements on universal as well as on production grinding. Building-up on their experience of more than 15 years with hydrostatic guideways, KELLENBERGER is launching a completely new range of machines. The objective rigorously striven for had been to develop a compact machine which can be used for the grinding of any kind of components with a length of up to 400 mm. The concept is based on platforms for the table slide and wheelhead supports, and also for applications where the table slide is the direct starting basis. The new machine models are offered in their standard configuration. Application- and customer-specific versions, however, are also available. Highly dynamic and rigid guiding and driving systems The new very rigid hydrostatic guideways provide the basis for higher performance and dynamics in the X- and Z-axes. Further, the productivity and precision on unround grinding are significantly enhanced. Stronger drives fort he axes of the KELVERA are permitting rapid speeds of up to 30 m/min. on the longitudinal axis, and of 15 m/min. on the infeed axis, both movements with higher accelerations.

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning

Care Temp Heating and Air Conditioning has had the pleasure since 1991 to provide residents in New Jersey areas of Monmouth and Ocean County the highest quality of heating, air conditioning needs for optimal comfort. Visit

Segments - Range Overview - Electrolux

Washer Extractor Control ensures the best utility cost optimisation and customising Compass Pro® Flexible and customisable Up to 55 programs available of which 15 programmable Large, clear display in up to 18 languages, plus Real-time clock Create new programs your PC with the Laundry Program Manager, then transfer them to machines via USB port Automatic Saving System: save up to 50% on water for half load 5 liquid detergent signals Process monitoring via Certus Management™ Information System Unique Triangle Technology* The best flexibility and process performance Economy: optimal cost efficiency for medium soiled garments due to low energy consumption Time: the highest output volume for lightly-soiled garments due to shorter process times Performance: the best cleaning results for heavily-soiled garments Clarus Control® Fully programmable with up to 194 programs for unparalleled versatility Create new programs directly on the Clarus Control®/  Clarus Control® TS panel or on your PC with the Laundry Program Manager, then transfer them to machines via memory card Intelligent parameters save time, energy and water while delivering excellent wash and rinse results in every application 8 liquid detergent signals Process monitoring via Certus Management™ Information System* Clarus Control® TS Easy-to-use touch screen for Pullman barrier washers Fully programmable with up to 900 programs Delayed start with Real-time clock for next-day unloading Up to 13 liquid detergent signals for correct formula concentrations Second display option on the clean side for more cycle oversight Create new programs directly on the Clarus Control® TS panel or on your PC with the Laundry Program Manager, then transfer them to machines via memory card.

Kids and the Gluten-Free Diet - School of Medicine

The gluten-free diet presents unique challenges for children with celiac disease and their families. Prior to diagnosis, children may be quite ill, suffering from poor growth and developmental delay. Upon accurate diagnosis and treatment, children usually improve quickly; however despite rapid improvement of symptoms, compliance with diet may be less than optimal, putting the child once again at risk for the complications of untreated celiac disease. Because children may feel uncomfortable being singled out as “different,” a diet that calls attention to their condition, and thus their differences, presents a unique challenge to parents and caregivers trying to meet the treatment guidelines. Frequent follow-up and monitoring, along with educational resources and support groups can aid families in maintaining a gluten-free diet and provide creative ways to deal with the challenges inherent in a gluten-free lifestyle.

Audio Conferencing Solution An Optimal Means of Communication For Many Enterprises

Audio/voice conferencing solution is a an optimum way of conducting meetings in today's era. Read interesting facts on audio conferencing solution.

UNWRELLA Autodesk Maya Training Step by step unwrapping and ...

In this comprehensive tutorial we will guide you through the process of creating optimal UV texture maps with Unwrella in Autodesk Maya 8.5 or higher. Introduction Content Defining UV Edges in MAYA Despite the fact that Unwrella is a single click solution, we have created this tutorial with a lot of material explaining basic Autodesk Maya work and the philosophy behind UV texture borders and the unwrapping workflow. The method known as unfolding or unwrapping is used for the creation of UV Maps for texture baking or texture painting. Together with deployment of the Unwrella plug-in it achieves the following quality benchmarks efficiently: Applying Unwrella Unwrella Automatic Mode - Textures with reduced texture mapping seams - Minimizes the surface stretching Comparison and Advantages - Creates automatically the largest possible UV chunks with maximal use of available space Unwrella FAQ, users manual - Preserves user created UV borders - Reduces the production time from 30 minutes and more to less than 3 Minutes! Please follow these steps and learn how to utilize this great tool in order to achieve the best results in minimal time for your daily workflow. best regards Igor Posavec and the team at Unwrella UV mapping tutorial. Copyright 3d-io GmbH, 2009. All rights reserved. Please visit for more details. Content In order to follow this tutorial, we would like to encourge you to download the tutorial material from our site. Introduction The tutorial material consists of: Content Defining UV Edges in MAYA Applying Unwrella Unwrella Automatic Mode Comparison and Advantages Unwrella FAQ, users manual Unwrella Plugin for Maya Download the plugin from: Tutorial Scenes Download the tutorial scenes from: PDF Tutorial The tutorial you are currently reading: (15 MB) (1 MB) maya_tutorial.pdf (10 MB) Unwrella UV mapping tutorial. Copyright 3d-io GmbH, 2009. All rights reserved. Please visit for more details. Introduction Content Defining UV Edges in MAYA Applying Unwrella Defining UV Edges in Maya * if you are familiar with creating UV edges in MAYA, you may skip this part and go directly to the Unwrella chapter Unwrella Automatic Mode Comparison and Advantages Unwrella FAQ, users manual Unwrella UV mapping tutorial. Copyright 3d-io GmbH, 2009. All rights reserved. Please visit for more details.

High performance – Stable yields. Bosch Solar Cell M 3BB C4 1200

Our monocrystalline solar cells offer impressive features including:  High annual yields, even with sub-optimal levels of sunlight, thanks to excellent performance in weak light conditions  Exceptionally stable performance thanks to using purest silicon and to high-resistance wafers  Improved cell processing as a result of narrow performance tolerances  Reliability of short and long term supply, due to high production capacity  Pioneering 3-busbar technology reduces the series resistance and helps to boost the power output in the module Packaging:  pack as smallest packaging unit 150  Suitable for controlling/checking incoming goods digitally using a barcode system Production & quality control:  100 % classification under IEC 60904 and IEC 60891  100 % testing of reverse-current  Regular calibration at Fraunhofer ISE Bosch Solar Cell M 3BB | C4 1200 Storage conditions:  Store at room temperature, protected from dust and moisture. Product characteristics Dimensions 156 mm x 156 mm (±0.5 mm) pseudo square Diagonal 205 mm ±1 mm Average thickness 190 μm (±30 µm) 210 μm (±30 µm) Front contacts (–) 3 Busbars (silver) with 1.47 mm width, textured surface with silicon nitride anti-reflective coating Back contacts (+) 3 rows of soldering pads (silver) with a pad width of 2.9 mm, full-surface aluminium BSF Dark reverse current Irev < 1.5 A @ –12 V Power sorting Recommendations for processing:  Tin-plated copper ribbon  Coating: 10–15 µm (62 % Sn / 36 % Pb / 2 % Ag) +50 / –0 mW Electrical data: Weak light performance: Class Pmpp [Wp] Efficiency [%] Vmpp* [mV] Impp* [mA] Voc* [mV] Isc* [mA] 4.49 4.49 – 4.54 18.63 – 18.84 530 8 476 631 9 041 4.44 4.44 – 4.49 18.43 – 18.63 529 8 408 631 8 970 4.39 4.39 – 4.44 18.22 – 18.43 527 8 387 630 8 951 4.34 4.34 – 4.39 18.01 – 18.22 525 8 339 629 8 907 4.29 4.29 – 4.34 17.81 – 18.01 522 8 274 627 8 872 4.24 4.24 – 4.29 17.60 – 17.81 519 8 212 627 8 862 Intensity [W/m2] 1.47 52 52 52 156 / reference edge 52 156 / reference edge –70 –6.06 –80 The electrical data applies for 25 °C and AM 1.5 (IEC 60904-3 ed.2 2008).

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