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An Overview of Additive mixed EDM
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The objective of this paper is to understand various trends of Electrical discharge machining (EDM) has been widely used as a removal process to produce parts, dies and molds for several decades. In recent years, the surface modification for hardening and depositing some functional materials by EDM has been studied [1].The development of the super tough electrical conductive material such as carbides, stainless steel, nitralloy etc. resulted in development of the nontraditional machining processes. These materials are difficult to machine by conventional machining process & have wide range of applications in industry. In EDM thermal energy is used to machine all electrical conductive materials of any hardness & toughness. Since there is no direct contact between the tool electrode & work piece in EDM, machining defects like mechanical stresses, clattering & vibration do not create problem during machining [2].

Event Identification for Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless sensor networks consist of sensor nodes with radio, processor, memory, battery and sensor hardware. With widespread deployment of these devices one can precisely monitor the environment. Sensor nodes are resource constrained in terms of radio range, processor speed, memory and power. WSNs are mostly unguarded and the wireless medium is broadcast. This makes them more vulnerable to attacks. Without proper security measures, an enemy can launch various kinds of attacks in hostile environments. These attacks can disrupt the normal working of WSNs and can defeat the purpose of their deployment. Therefore security is an important aspect of these networks. WSNs are often deployed to monitor important emergency events, such as forest fire and battlefield monitoring. System Monitoring Modules (SMM) should be integrated with Intrusion Detection Modules (IDM).

Clustering Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor  Networks: A Survey

Due to the wide range of application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)[1] the past few years have witnessed the potential use of it and also become a hot research area now a days. One the main degradation of WSN is that sensor nodes are battery powered and deployed in harsh environment so it is not possible to recharge or replace the batteries all the time the node fails or dead. WSN are used in various applications like environment monitoring, health care, military, industrial control units and in various other environments. Routing protocols developed for various other adhoc networks such as MANET, VANET etc can’t apply directly in WSN due to energy constrains of nodes. It is proved that sensor nodes require much energy to transmit data rather than sensing thus routing protocol developed for WSN should be efficient so that the network lifetime can be prolonged. In this paper, a survey on various Clustering routing protocols has been done indicating their merits

A Survey on Object detection and Object tracking in  Videos

This paper presents survey on moving object detection and tracking methods is presented by classifying them into different categories and identify new trends. This survey shows moving object detection and tracking using different and efficient methodologies. Object detection and object tracking is used to track the object type(such as human, vehicles) and detect the movement of the object(such as moving, standing).This survey shows various methodologies for object detection and tracking such as background subtraction, background modeling, intensity range based background subtraction. The simulated result shows that used methodologies for effective object detection has better accuracy and with less processing time consumption rather than existing methods.

Evaluate some biochemical changes associated with  chronic renal failure patients undergoing hemodia

This study was conducted in AL-Hakeem hospital in al najaf al ashraf city during the period from May 2014 to September 2014. To assess serum lipid profile ,albumin and Hb in renal failure patients on hemodailysis , it included 77 patients , 53were males and 24 were females and their age range from 21 to 65 years.

Extraction of Niobium from Tin Slag

Tin slag a waste product of tin smelting contains many important metals such as niobium, tantalum, manganese, iron, aluminum, titanium, etc. Niobium metal which is one of the important metals found in tin slag has successfully been extracted using leaching and electrothermal method. The tin slag was crushed and ground to very fine particle sizes of nanometer level using laboratory ball mill, piston and mortar. The particles were sieved and 150nm and 180nm particle sizes range were used for this experiment. The samples were subjected to two leaching processes using hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The residues from the leaching processes were subjected to carbonchlorination at 300oC to produce Niobium oxide. The purity of Niobium metal extracted was calculated to up to 95% which means that tin slag from Nigerian Tin Smelting Company is a good source of high quality Niobium metal.

Short-Mini Bridesmaid Dresses
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