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pengertian mineral jenis dan manfaatna

Various Conveniences Offered To The Workers At VV Mineral

Vaikundarajan, who is 58 years old, is the owner of VV Minerals is a self-made businessman and he built his business with the help of his family from the year 1989. Vaikundarajan is based out of Tisayanvilai town in Tirunelveli district in south Tamil Nadu.Many people who know him say he's comfortable in his shirt-veshti (dhoti) and a humble personality.

No Environmental Hazards In Heavy Mineral Mining Activities: VV Minerals

VV Mineral is a family grown business, founded by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group. They produce 12,000 metric tonnes of zircon, annually. The company manufactures and exports heavy minerals such as garnet, rutile and ilmenite in India and many parts of the globe.

VV Minerals, V. Subramanian Voyage In The Mineral Mining World

VV Mineral, managing director V Subramanian, joined the family owned company back in 2002 and has been responsible for modernising and preserving the garnet and ilmenite market in India.

The Initial Accusations On VV Mineral For Illegal Mining May Not Be True

VV Mineral is one among the finest heavy mineral mining company’s in the world. They are India’s biggest mining manufacturers and exporters of garnet. The business was started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group of companies. However, the company were said to be involved in illegal mining of monazite in the state of Tamil Nadu. All of these claims would be unsupported and false.

VV Minerals, India Their Products And Its Uses

Established in 1989, VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan has been involved in the mining industry for quite some time. The company has engaged in the manufacture and exports of heavy minerals such as rutile, garnet, ilmenite, and zircon.

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Vaikundarajan Explains The Status Of Heavy Mineral Industry Of India

The long coastal stretch of the Indian peninsula spans up to 6000 kilometers and is gifted with abundant reserves of heavy minerals across the southern coast. Most commonly found minerals on the beach are in form of placer deposits right on the beach surface include, Garnet, Ilmenite and others like rutile, sillimanite and zircon. Private mining companies like VV Minerals, India are major players in the international heavy mineral market.

VV Mineral, Vaikundarajan Soaring Heights in the Heavy Mineral Mining Industry of India

Mr. S. Vaikundarajan is a humble businessman based in Tamil Nadu. He is the owner of a heavy mineral mining company located in Tisayanvilai. VV Mineral, India is the leading heavy mineral mining company.

VV Mineral, Mining Manufacturer also Conscious Towards Environment

VV Mineral, mining is a heavy mineral mining company in Tamil Nadu that manufactures minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile. Although it is a mining company, they are very conscious about how their activities affect the environment and their surroundings. They use sea water in concentration plants to save precious fresh water at the rate of 1,600 litres per ton of product produced.

Comparative Analysis of the Proximate and Nutritional Compositions of Nigerian Bitter and Sweet Hone

Honey, a natural product of the genus Apis, usually contains a variety of nutritional and mineral substances which varies depending on the plant species on which the bee forage. It had been noted that over the years, there have been a greater increase in the demand of bitter honey over the sweet honey; this has led to increase in price of this honey type and more gain for the apiculturists. This study was then undertaken to compared the nutritional and mineral compositions of Nigeria bitter and sweet honey. The honey samples used were collected from ADEKAM apicultural farm in Ala community, Akure, Ondo State and analysed following Standards Association of Official Analytical Chemists protocol for nutritional composition and mineral compositions using standard calibrated machines.

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