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Safety Recall No. 983 Brake Booster Vacuum Hose

Safety Recall No. 983 Brake Booster Vacuum Hose Models 2000-2001 (PL) Dodge and Plymouth Neon NOTE: This recall applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a: Ø 2.0L engine (“C” in the 8th VIN Position) built through March 21, 2001 (MDH 0321XX) or a Ø 2.0L High Output engine (“F” in the 8th VIN Position) built through April 11, 2001 (MDH 0411XX). IMPORTANT: Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer new vehicle inventory. Federal law requires you to stop sale and complete this recall service on these vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also consider this requirement to apply to used vehicle inventory and should perform this recall on vehicles in for service. Involved vehicles can be determined by using the DIAL VIP System. Subject The brake booster vacuum hose on about 350,000 of the above vehicles may swell due to oil contamination and become disconnected. A disconnected hose could cause a loss of power brake assist and an increase in engine idle speed. This can increase stopping distance and cause an accident without warning. Repair The brake booster vacuum hose must be replaced. © Copyright 2001, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, All Rights Reserved Safety Recall No. 983 -- Brake Booster Vacuum Hose Page 2 Parts Information Each dealer to whom vehicles in the recall were invoiced (or the current dealer at the same street address) will receive enough Brake Booster Vacuum Hoses to service about 10% of those vehicles. Dealers should determine which brake booster vacuum hose is required for each vehicle at the time appointments are scheduled to assure that the correct part is available when the customer arrives. The vacuum hose for the vehicle to be serviced may be determined by: Ø Using the part code in the third column of the VIN list along with the following table (involved dealers); Ø Using the VIN and part number list electronically transmitted to DIAL System Function 53 (involved dealers); or...

Bingo Supply Store
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The most comprehensive on-line source for Bingo merchandise and equipment. Launched in 1999, the BingoShop's inventory and customer base has continued to grow as the Bingo Industry has evolved with the gaming marketplace.

Chevrolet Is Offering Great Lease Deals at Joe Bowman Auto Plaza

For over sixty years, Joe Bowman Auto Plaza has been serving Harrisonburg, Va. and surrounding areas by providing quality new and used automobiles. A Chevrolet- and Cadillac-certified dealer, Joe Bowman Auto Plaza provides the area with a massive inventory, and offers a full-service maintenance and body shop for GM models, as well as a heartfelt commitment to helping people find the vehicles they need with world-class customer service and expertise. Visit today for more information. Contact Details: Joe Bowman Auto Plaza 2455 East Market, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 SALES: (540) 908-2803 SERVICE: (540) 908-2809

Auto Detailing Supplies
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Finish Renu Car Care Products is a division of Renu cleaners LLC which is based in Corona, California and is committed to provide professional quality customer service and exceptional products to our customers. We take pride in offering premium quality automotive products and accessories and have been serving people in California for over 23 years. With a well stocked inventory of high quality car accessories that include car air fresheners. Adds Angle Grinder to DeWalt Power Tools Inventory ...

PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution Adds Angle Grinder to DeWalt Power Tools Inventory Source: Dated: May 06, 2008 Tools Now ( a leading online discount tools retailer announced today that it has added the DeWalt DW818 4-1/2” Angle Grinder to its line-up of DeWalt Reconditioned Tools online inventory. SPRING HILL, Kan. -- The new line up of DeWalt DW818 4-1/2” Angle Grinders will give you power and speed in a small package. The 7.8 amp motor operates at 11,000 rpm and generates 995 watts of output. The metal gear case dissipates heat for longer bearing, gear, and motor life, and the AC/DC capacity works off of welding machines and generators for increased productivity and versatility. Other features include a sliding sealed switch, two-position side handle, and spindle lock. The DeWalt Reconditioned Tools (,385.html ) have a one year factory warranty. “We’ve offered a wide selection of discount tools since 1977, and are committed to excellence in service, quality and customer satifsaction”, said Bob Cummins CEO. “We offer many new and reconditioned name brand tools at discounted prices that consumers will not find anywhere else.” While the housing crisis is a risk to the US economy, do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors are buying more factory reconditioned tools which are quality discount tools at affordable prices. Tools Now is...

Kunci Jawaban Soal Essai Paket A.pdf

Kunci jawaban Babak FINAL Jenis soal : ESSAY 1. Kinerja bensin diukur berdasarkan nilai oktan (octane number) yaitu keberadaan senyawa 2,2,4 - trimetil pentane (isooktana) dengan nilai oktan 100, sedangkan nheptana nilai oktannya adalah nol. a. Gambarkan struktur 2,2,4 – trimetil pentane dan n – heptana (20 Point) Penyelesaian : b. Gambarkan semua isomer struktur n-heptana dan namai secara IUPAC (30 Point) Penyelesaian : c. Gambarkan struktur dan nama IUPAC alkena paling sederhana yang mempunyai isomer cis dan trans. (30 Point) Penyelesaian : d. Jelaskan pengertian bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % (20 Point) Penyelesaian : Angka oktan pada bensin ditentukan dengan adanya senyawa trimetil pentane dan nheptana dimana apabila pada bensin memiliki angka oktan 100 % maka pada besin tersebut terkandung senyawa trimetil pentane banding senyawa n-heptana yaitu 100 : 0, sehingga apabila bensin dengan angka oktan 75 % maka dalam bensin tersebut terkandung 75 % senyawa trimetil pentane dan 25 % senyawa n-heptana. 2. Reaksi : 2NOBr (g)  2NO (g) + Br2 (g) H = +16,1 kJ Diketahui : Tekanan awal NOBr = 0,65 atm. : NOBr telah terurai sebanyak 28% (Saat Kstb) (a) Tuliskan bentuk tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp. (10 poin) Penyelesaian : Kp  [p NO ] 2 [p Br2 ] [p NOBr ] 2 (b) Tentukan tekanan parsial gas NOBr, NO, dan Br2 setelah tercapai keadaan kesetimbangan. (30 poin) Penyelesaian : 100  28 p NOBr   0,65 atm  0,468 atm 100 28 p NO   0,65 atm  0,182 atm 100 p Br2  28 2 100  0,65 atm  0,091 atm (c) Tentukan tekanan total sesudai tercapai kesetimbangan (20 poin) Penyelesaian : (100  28 )  (28  14 ) 114 p tot  [ ]  0,65 atm   0,65 atm  0,741 atm 100 100 (d) Hitung nilai tetapan kesetimbangan, Kp pada temperatur tersebut. (20 poin) Penyelesaian :

Industrial Blades
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Welcome to the granulator, shredder, densifier, pelletizer knife superstore. Our mission to to provide the highest quality blades in the industry for the cheapest price. Maintanence budgets are ever decreasing leaving purchasers with a thin inventory.Don't let shrinking budgets affect your production. The Blade Specialist has a multi-million dollar distributing network, allowing immediate shipment for most OEMs.

Vacation Rental Site TravelBB Features Real-Time Inventory Re-Launches Site with Real-time Vacation Rental Inventory for Travelers. Travelers can Quickly Find & Book Vacation Rentals, B&Bs, and Hotels in With TravelBB's new site features, travelers can easily search, find and book vacation rental inventory as well as hotels and bed and breakfasts. Visit:

Brakes & Brake Master Cylinder Prices subject to change Brake Line ...

8.25/Ft. BRK-0009, BRK-0010, BRK-0011 Continuous wound stainless steel spring stock to armor brake pipes on Bugatti and other French cars of the 1930's such as Delage and Peugeot. Three sizes available. Please inquire for current inventory of available lengths. BRK-0009 For use with 5/16 pipe; .043 wire, .375 OD BRK-0010 For use with 1/4 pipe; .032 wire; .312 OD BRK-0011 For use with 1/4 pipe; .020 wire; .295 OD Co Heavy Wall Copper Tubing for Brakes 5.50/FT. J-4836, J-4869, J-4821 Heavy wall copper tubing for use in brakes. Three sizes available: J-4836 1/4 x .065 wall; J-4869 5/16 x .065 wall; J-4821 3/8 x .065 wall Co 1938 Packard V-12 Brake Shoe Tension Spring $9.00 P-0062 Brake shoe tension spring for 1938 Packard V-12, may also fit other years and models. Packard part number 234839. L-29 Clutch & Brake Pedal Return Spring Bracket $6.00 COR-0029 Laser cut steel bracket to attach the clutch and brake pedal return springs on Cord L-29. Material: Steel; OAL: 1.140; Large OD: .750; Small OD: .259; Large ID: .460; Small ID: .150; Thickness: .0478 Co Cord L-29 Brake & Clutch Pedal Spring $15.50 COR-0028 Brake and clutch pedal return spring for use on Cord L-29. Cord part number C2-5007. Material: Steel; OAL: 19.00; Coil length: 6.375; Coil OD: .555; Wire: .062; Hook length: .750 Co 1935-37 Packard Secondary Brake Shoe Return Spring $5.25 P-0177 Steel return spring used on 1935 1937 Packard V12 and Super 8. Connects the secondary brake shoe to the bracket. Packard part number 304879, "Brake shoe (secondary) to bracket spring". Quantity of four used per car. Material: Steel; OD: .583; OAL: 2.150; Coil length: .875; Long hook length: .9375; Short hook length: .407; Wire: .081 Wire is .062 Dia, .380 OD and 3.82 OAL. Co 1929-30 Packard Brake Shoe Anti-Rattle Spring $58.75 P-0109 Brake shoe anti-rattle spring for use on 1929 - 1930 Packard. Version: 3/4/2014 Classic & Exotic Service, Inc., 2032 Heide, Troy, MI 48084 USA Brakes & Brake Master Cylinder Prices subject to change Co 1916-36 Cadillac LaSalle Brake & Clutch Pedal Return Spring $25.75 CAD-0093 Brake and clutch pedal return spring for use on the following years and models of Cadillac and LaSalle: Cadillac 1916-17 V8 55; 1917-19 V8 57; 192021 V8 59; 1921-23 V8 61; 1923-25 V8 63; 1925-27 V8 314; 1927-29 V8 341; 1929-30 V8 353; 1930-35 V8 355; 1930-35 V12 370; 1930-35 V16 452; 1936 V16 36-90 LaSalle 1927-28 303; 1928-29 328; 1929-30 340; 1930-33 345 Cadillac part number 32513, group numbers 5.0362 and 4.4222 Material: Steel; Finish: Natural; OD: .637; Number of coils: 48; Coil length: 3.9375; Wire: .075; Hook: 1.325 x 1.063 x .125 Co American Underslung Traveler Brake Shoe Torsion Spring $20.75 MISC-0241 Brake shoe torsion spring as used on 1910 American Underslung Traveler. Material: Steel; Finish: Natural; Wire: .105; OD coil: 1.4375; OAL: 3.125; OAW: 2.8125; ID hook at end: .517...

Hydra Air Pacific hydraulic motor

Hydra-Air Pacific was incorporated in 1985. With over 150 years of combined experience and 3 convenient locations - Hilo, Honolulu And Guam, we're certain that we have the industrial supplies that you're looking for and most importantly, the service, knowledge and experience to help you get your next project completed on time and within your budget. Hydra-Air Pacific maintains a large inventory of industrial supplies. We have over 17000 products in our 3 warehouses.

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