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Configuring HTC Evo (Android) for MASON-SECURE

Configuring HTC Evo (Android) for MASON-SECURE STEP 1: Tap the Home button to leave running applications and go to the home screen. STEP 2: From the home screen, tap the menu button STEP 3: Tap settings in the menu. STEP 4: If you've already set a credential storage password, skip to STEP 11. Otherwise, scroll down the list to Security. STEP 5: Tap Security to make changes to device security options. STEP 6: Scroll down to the Credential storage section. STEP 7: Tap Set password to engage the Set password dialog for device credential storage. STEP 8: Enter and confirm your new password. STEP 9: Tap the OK button to complete the dialog. The Use secure credentials item should now be enabled. STEP 10: Tap the Back button to return to the Settings list.

Setting up a Voicemail Email Account on Your Android Device (Jelly ...

Setting up a Voicemail Email Account on Your Android Device (Jelly Bean v4.1): 1. Set up voicemail on your phone and ensure that you set your voicemail password so that it’s different from the default password used to set up voicemail the first time. 2. From the main window, select the Applications button. 3. Select Email. P a g e | 1 of 8 4. Follow the directions based on whether you already have another email account set up:  If you do not have another email account set up on your device, skip to step 4.  If you have set up a previous email account on your device: i. You will see the inbox of your current email account. Press the Menu key. ii. Select the Settings button. P a g e | 2 of 8 iii. Select the Add Account button. P a g e | 3 of 8 5. In the E-mail Address text box, enter your 5-digit phone extension followed by An example email address would be 6. In the Password text box, enter the password you created when you set up your voicemail password. 7. Select Next. 8. Select IMAP. P a g e | 4 of 8 9. Configure the incoming email configuration: a. In the Username text box, enter your 5-digit phone extension. An example phone extension would be 12345. Note: You will need to delete “” from the end of the username. b. In the IMAP server text box, enter Note: You will need to delete “.imap” from the beginning of the IMAP server name. c. From the Security type drop-down list, select SSL/TLS. d. Verify that the port changed to 993 e. Scroll down and select Next. P a g e | 5 of 8

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DOOR. WALL. DOUBLE DOOR. WALL BRIDGE. Wall Cabinets. WALL. BLIND .... your kitchen into a space to escape from the pressures of everyday life. High Quality Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Catalog Visit us at Wall Cabinets SINGLE DOOR WALL DOUBLE DOOR WALL BRIdGE DOUBLE DOOR WALL WALL BLINd CORNER WALL DIAGONAL CORNER UP 12” OF wALL sPAcE Glass included in elite line ONLY ANd PLAtE RAcK Accessories TAKEs MULLION DOORs WINE RAcK Can be horizontal or vertical WDC [wall diagonal corner] glass doors can be used for AW [angle wall] cabinets WALL ENd SHELF Takes up 12” of wall space Rustic Tuscany Oak Wall Cabinets ANGLE WALL Base Cabinets SINGLE DOOR BAsE DOUBLE DOOR BAsE B09 in standard line comes with door only [no drawer] BAsE DRAwER UNIt SINK BAsE UNIt Three drawers in unit LAZY SUsAN From back corner 36” x 36” BAsE BLINd CORNER Takes up 42-45” total wall space 1-3” filler required on adjacent side DIAGONAL CORNER SINK FRONt Requires 36” x 36” of wall space behind SINGLE DOOR WALL PANtRY One Door above, one door below DOUBLE DOOR WALL PANtRY Two doors above, two doors below SINGLE OVEN CABINEt SINGLE DEsK DRAwER Base ANd Tall Cabinets ANGLE BAsE

Quality Components for Kitchen Cabinets, Home Organization ...

Portabella Series Our extensive collection of 5-piece thermofoil doors is the result of our continuing commitment to provide innovative products to our discerning customers. Capitalizing on advances in materials and European technology, Northern Contours has lead the industry with glazed and 5-piece profile wrapped components. The Portabella Series includes French Miter, Traditional Miter and Shaker doors styles with glazed and raised panel options. This unique collection of door styles is produced in custom sizes and quantities and offers a host of appealing features: • Horizontal cross-rails have correct grain orientation for a more realistic appearance. • Profile wrapped stiles and rails assure a uniform appearance on the face and back of components. • Glazed doors are available in most styles providing a poplular designer look at very competitive prices. • Complete line of accessories and surface options are available to customize your kitchen, bath, closet or home office project. We hope you enjoy these very durable and inviting new products. French Miter Styles Summerflame - 2013 Rustic Cherry - 2081 Candlelight - 2078 Bisque - 0150 Flat Panel with Glaze Raised Panel with Glaze Flat Panel with Glaze Raised Panel with Glaze Traditional Miter Styles Summerflame - 2013 Raised Panel with Glaze Blonde Maple - 2006 Bisque - 0150 Flat Panel Raised Panel with Glaze Shaker Styles Rustic Cherry - 2081 Rustic Cherry - 2081 Flat Panel Raised Panel Portabella Series

NoSQL databases: a step to database scalability in ... - ResearchGate

Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Praha, Czech Republic Abstract Purpose – The paper aims to focus on so-called NoSQL databases in the context of cloud computing. Design/methodology/approach – Architectures and basic features of these databases are studied, particularly their horizontal scalability and concurrency model, that is mostly weaker than ACID transactions in relational SQL-like database systems. Findings – Some characteristics like a data model and querying capabilities of NoSQL databases are discussed in more detail. Originality/value – The paper shows vary different data models and query possibilities in a common terminology enabling comparison and categorization of NoSQL databases. Keywords Cloud computing, NoSQL database, CAP theorem, Weak consistency, Horizontal scaling, Vertical scaling, Horizontal data distribution, Databases, Computing Paper type Research paper

A Survey on NoSQL Databases - University of Illinois - Engineering ...

NoSQL databases have gained popularity in the recent years and have been successful in many production systems. The goal of this document is to understand the current needs that have led to the evolution of NoSQL data stores, why relational database systems were not able to meet these requirements and a brief discussion of some of the successful NoSQL data stores. We will study the common concepts underlying these data stores and how they compromise on ACID properties to achieve high scalability and availability. We also look at how the database community looks at this evolution: will it supersede the RDBMS (or) just a passing cloud? Data management systems began by automating traditional tasks like recording transactions in business, science, and commerce. These systems have evolved over the time from the manual methods through the several stages of automated data management. The idea of relational model emerged with E.F.Codd’s 1970 paper [1] which made data modeling and application programming much easier than in the past. Beyond the intended benefits, the relational model was well-suited to client-server programming and have proved to be the predominant technology for storing structured data in web and business applications. Applications also evolve with time and pose challenging demands for the data management. As stated by Jim Gray [6], the most challenging part is to understand the data and find patterns, trends, anomalies and extract the relevant information. With the advent of Web 2.0 applications, the data stores needed to scale to OLTP/OLAP-style application loads where millions of users read and update, in contrast to the traditional data stores. These data stores need to provide good horizontal scalability for the simple...

Motorola XOOM™ 2 Media Edition - Getting Started Guide Page 1 Friday, October 21, 2011 11:28 AM MOTOROLA XOOM™ 2 Media Edition with Wi-Fi Only (MZ607) MOTOROLA XOOM™ 2 Media Edition with 4G (MZ608) UMTS EMARA Quick Start Guide 21 October 2011 11:28 am Your tablet Start Touch Navigate Want more? At a glance Setup Quick start: Touch Quick start: Navigate More information When you're up and running, make sure you explore what your tablet can do: EN Let's get you up and running. It's all in the touch: Find your way around: • Touch: Choose an icon or option. • Search: • Touch & hold: Move items on the home screen, or open options for items in lists. • • Drag or flick: Scroll slowly (drag) or quickly (flick). App menu: all). • Pinch or double-tap: Zoom in and out on websites, photos and maps. • Back: Tips & tricks • Home: • Flick & stop: When you flick a long list, touch the screen to stop it from scrolling. • • Maps: Twist a map with two fingers to rotate it, and pull two fingers down to tilt it. Recent apps: open the app). • Customise: Start up, then "Personalise"your tablet. • Create: Check and send your "Email", and even create and edit documents and calendar events for "Work". • TM MOTOROLA XOOM 2 MEDIA EDITION Enjoy: "Load up"your tablet’s apps and games, or "Play & record"media and "Control"your TV. Tips & tricks • Tips & tricks • Caution: Before assembling, charging or using your tablet for the first time, please read the important safety, regulatory and legal information provided with your product. Power/Sleep: To turn your tablet on or off, press and hold Power/Sleep back. To make the screen sleep or wake up, press but don't hold. on the Note: Wi-Fi-only devices don’t have a SIM card. Certain apps and features may not be available in all countries. In the unlikely event that your tablet becomes unresponsive, try a forced reboot—press and hold both Power/Sleep and the down volume key for more than 12 seconds.

Setting Up Your Android Device - FIU

Setting Up Your Android Device Division of Information Technology with your FIU PantherMail Email Account Last Updated: September 28, 2012 Step 1: Enable IMAP on your PantherMail account Point your browser to PantherMail at and log in with your PantherMail username and password. From the top right-hand corner, click on the gear icon and select Settings. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab Scroll down to the IMAP Access section, and select Enable IMAP Click Save Changes Step 2: Setup Email account on your Android mobile phone From your phone’s main menu, select the Email application When prompted, enter your PantherMail e-mail address and password Choose Manual Setup Select IMAP At the Incoming Server Settings, enter the following: For Username, enter your PantherMail username (with the; e.g., For Password, enter your PantherMail password For IMAP server, enter: For Security Type, select SSL (Accept all certificates) For Port, select 993 Click Next At the Outgoing Server Settings screen, enter the following: For Outgoing Mail/SMTP server, enter: For Security Type, select TLS (Accept all certificates) For Port, enter: 587 When prompted, set your account options (e.g., Name for the account, how often to fetch mail, etc.) Click Done or Finish In a few minutes, your PantherMail e-mail will start synching. Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Android to receive your PantherMail!

T305 - Motorola Support
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Before using this product, read the Important Safety and Legal Information pamphlet and follow its instructions. Take a moment before you get started to familiarize yourself with your new T305 Portable Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker. Speaker Multi-Color Indicator Light and Call Button Volume Up (+) Button (on side) T305 1 Power Button Volume Down (-) Button Microphone Get connected in 4 quick steps. 2 CHARGE YOUR HANDS-FREE SPEAKER Your Phone Charge your hands-free speaker's battery for 2 hours: Your phone's Bluetooth feature is off by default. To use your hands-free speaker, you must turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone. Charging Port For most Motorola phones (at the main menu): 1 Press M (Menu ) > Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup. Note: Do not place hands-free speaker with clip installed on visor when charging. 1 Plug the Motorola charger into the charging 2 Scroll to Power. port on the end of the hands-free speaker. 3 Select Change. The indicator light turns steadily red when the battery is charging and the hands-free speaker is turned off. It may take up to 1 minute for the indicator light to turn on. When the hands-free speaker's battery is fully charged (about 2 hours), the indicator light turns steadily blue.


Charge your headset's battery for 2 hours: 1 Plug the Motorola charger into the end of the headset. The blue indicator light turns on when the battery is charging. It may take up to 1 minute for the light to turn on. When the headset's battery is fully charged (about 2 hours), the blue indicator light turns off. 2 Unplug the charger from the headset. Note: Headset is not functional while charging. Your phone's Bluetooth feature is off by default. To use your headset, turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone. For most Motorola phones: 1 Select M (Menu ) > Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup. 2 Scroll to Power. 3 Press Change. 4 Scroll to On. 5 Press Select to turn on the Bluetooth feature. Bluetooth feature remains on until you turn it off. Note: These steps are for most Motorola phones. For other phones, see your phone's user's guide. TROUBLESHOOTING My phone does not find my headset. Make sure the blue light on your headset is steadily lit when your phone is searching for devices (see step 3). My headset worked before but now it's not working.