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pengertian depth interview

Europe Urea Formaldehyde Resin Market

Browse through the TOC of the Europe Urea Formaldehyde Resin market for an in-depth analysis of the industry trends and segments, with help of various tables and figure

Study of Gonado Somatic Index of Fresh Water Fish Channa marulius

The gonadosomatic index of the channa marulius from Son river Shahdol. Studies have been carried out the scientific management for obtaining high yield of fish production eventually calls the adequate and in-depth study of breeding mechanism. In order to complete the task present study was undertaken to trace accurately spawning period of channa marulius. This is reported in terms of gonad somatic index which express the relative change in gonad weight to the percentage of body weight. During present study the peak value of GSI was observed only once in the month of May (47.56%) indicating only one spawning period in channa marulius . i.e. from June to August.

Proposed E-learning system for Iraqi Universities

The leaning systems in Iraqi universities face many challenges of managing the learning efforts such as activities, services, and infrastructures. The universities budgets are restricted which maximize the difficulty of provide efficient learning services. The universities need to manage their learning environment aspects effectively to minimize the learning resources costs and maximize the level of learning environment management. This paper presents proposed E-learning system for Iraqi universities in order to manage the learning environment and reduce the expenses of the learning processes; the quantitative approach using questionnaire used to analyze the current challenges of learning environment; the qualitative approach using interview used to analyze the most suitable Elearning features and characteristics to avoid the current challenges of leaning environment in Iraqi universities. The proposed model provide the services accessibility and availability using internet as platform

Maternal “grouped health education packages”: A field experience from Hambantota

Mention the abstract for the article. An abstract is a brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject or discipline, and is often used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper's purpose. When used, an abstract always appears at the beginning of a manuscript, acting as the point-of-entry for any given scientific paper or patent application.

The Logistic Multiple Regression Flow Model- A Tool for Aquatic Macrophyte Prediction and Management

- Flow reduction has been identified as the major predisposing factor that promotes the exuberation of most aquatic macrophytes in open channels. This study , therefore examines various flow variables such as Velocity (v), Cross Sectional Area (CSA), Discharge (Q) as well as Depth (D) from which a data base is generated. The least square multiple regression approach was adopted (to design a logistic flow model) to predict the spread of water hyacinth in Kolo creek in the Niger Delta. The flow variables obtained are used against percentage macrophyte area covered. Results from the model gives R2 values of 0.62 and 0.9887 for dry and wet seasons respectively. All the flow variable studied negatively correlated with the area covered by macrophyte for both seasons. Velocity (-0.6844), CSA (-0.6974, discharge (-0.6986) and depth (-0.7566) during dry season and velocity (-0.990), CSA (-0.978) and discharge (-0.980) and Depth (-0.9902). This indicates and inverse relationship between the flow

2015 Annual Report & Forecast
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Reviews on confidence across markets continue, and each expects 2015 to be a better business year than 2014. The level of confidence, however, is still cautious. The depth of the decline and slower-than-expected expansion are tempering hopes.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men - Dr. Rasya Dixit

Find in depth information on hair loss in men including causes and best treatment options from one of the best dermatologist in Bangalore Dr. Rasya Dixit. Visit here for more details :

Online Weightlifting Competition

Bend the Bar Events is world's easiest way to compete in Weightlifting and CrossFit like Wods. We take the best of both communities, put it in one place, and make it easy to compete in the most creative events online and in the comfort of your own gym or garage. Recently, CrossFit HQ and a few other companies have come out with online competitions. Nothing out there is as in depth and user friendly as the BTB competition interface.


Hiring salespeople that will actually succeed can be a tricky business.  Most salespeople are good at being likable in an interview but this often hides an inability to sell.  It can be hard to see if a salesperson can sell as well as they interview.  Sadly the answer is often that they can’t.  After 6 months, it’s apparent that they aren’t going to succeed and a lot of time, money, and effort has been wasted.  However, there are a few categories that we can identify and attempt to place candidates in as they interview.  If we are successful, we can hire a salesperson that sells more than just us on the interview.

NCA Academy
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NCA Academy is one of the leading coaching institutes that provide coaching for cracking exam in armed services like NDA, SSB, CDS, AFCAT, PABT or SSB Interview. With expert faculty that have professions in defence guide students in case of study and physical fitness as the proper slots are divided for every task to be carried out. Aiming for the clearing exam of armed services schedule is managed in the coaching institute and blending students for those tough tasks with high efforts.

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