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RFCurrent2000A Wireless Data Logger | The RFCurrent2000A is a wireless data logger from MadgeTech, the world leader in data logging software and devices. The RFCurrent2000A wireless data logger is versatile and can operate as a stand-alone device or interface with a variety of output sensors to fit the user’s needs.

Blood Pressure Data Management Screen

Before Using the Software Important Information • Use this software and Help Manual under conditions described on the License Agreements applicable to this product. • It is prohibited to use or copy all or part of this software and Help Manual without prior permission from Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd. • The specifications of this software and the descriptions in this Help Manual are subject to change without prior notice. • The screen images printed in this Help Manual may slightly differ from the images displayed by the software. • Microsoft, Windows, Internet Explorer, Access, and Excel are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. • Adobe, Adobe logo, Acrobat and Reader are registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and other countries. • Other company names and product names used in this Help Manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies. Trademark and registered trademark symbols such as ® and TM are omitted in this Help Manual. • In this Help Manual, the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System is abbreviated to “Windows XP”, and the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Operating System is abbreviated to “Windows 2000”. Also, Microsoft Internet Explorer is abbreviated to “Internet Explorer”, and...

Agilent E363xA Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

Agilent E363xA Series Programmable DC Power Supplies Data Sheet Reliable Power, Repeatable Results • Single and triple output • 80 W to 200 W output power • Dual range output (except E3631A) • Low noise and excellent regulation • Remote sensing (except E3631A) • Front and rear output terminals (E3633A/34A only) • GPIB and RS-232 standard • Save and recall functions • Overvoltage protection, Overcurrent protection (except E3631A) Clean and stable power with programmability at an affordable price Affordable programmable power supplies to meet your needs The E363xA Series of programmable DC power supplies gives you the performance of the system power supplies at a decent price. All models provide clean power, excellent regulation and a fast transient response with built-in GPIB and RS-232 interfaces. The E363xA Series is designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in R&D design verifications, production testing, and QA verifications with traditional quality and reliability which you can count on.

Distributed Dynamics and Optimization in Multi-agent Systems

Motivation Many networks are large-scale and comprise of agents with local information and heterogeneous preferences. This motivated much interest in developing distributed schemes for control and optimization of multi-agent networked systems. Routing and congestion control in wireline and wireless networks. Parameter estimation in sensor networks. Multi-agent cooperative control and coordination. Two Complementary Control Paradigms Cooperative Decentralized Network Control: Obedient users and well-defined system objective. Goal: Design distributed algorithms that rely on local information and involve simple computations (robust to dynamic changes). Examples: Information processing in sensor networks Mobile ad hoc communication networks Past and present of data networks Noncooperative Network Control: Model distributed control problem as a multi-agent game (either because of selfish incentives or as an alternative distributed control paradigm). Goal: Establish efficiency properties of resulting equilibrium and show convergence of simple distributed adaptive dynamics to an equilibrium. Examples: Internet Future source-based network architectures Transportation and energy networks...

Everything you need to know about simulators: BlackBerry 10 & Ripple

Everything you need to know about simulators: BlackBerry 10 & Ripple JAM 303 Ken Wallis - Product Manager Matthew Whiteman - Product Manager February 6, 2013 Overview  What is the BlackBerry 10 Simulator?    Overview and Features Getting started: Gestures, Controls and Configuration Beyond the Simulator  What is the Ripple Emulator?    Overview and Features Working with Ripple What about real data?  Q&A 2 What is the BlackBerry 10 Simulator ? Overview & Features 3 BlackBerry 10 Simulator Overview and Features  BlackBerry 10 simulator allows you to load and test your applications in a simulated environment without the need for a physical device  Virtual machine for VMware for Windows, Mac or Linux. Recommended on a system that supports Virtualization extensions for best performance  Supports hardware accelerated GLES 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 4 BlackBerry 10 Simulator Overview and Features  Supports all BlackBerry development environments      Native SDK WebWorks HTML5 Adobe Air Android Runtime  Run and Debugs applications on the simulator from your environment. Deploy as just another device target.

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone
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Contents Welcome .... 7 BlackBerry 10: new apps and features ...8 Getting started ....12 Set up your device ....14 About BlackBerry ID ....15 Set up a new BlackBerry ID ...15 Device Switch ....16 Before you switch devices ...16 Backing up and switching devices ...18 Transfer data from a BlackBerry 7 device using a media card ...18 Transfer data to a new device using a computer and BlackBerry Link ...18 After you switch devices ...19 Restoring your BBM contacts and groups ...19 Transfer passwords from the BlackBerry 7 Password Keeper app ....9 Add an email or social networking account ....19 Tips after switching devices ....20 Troubleshooting: Device Switch .... 20 What makes my BlackBerry 10 device different from other BlackBerry devices? .... 22 What is BlackBerry Link? ....25 Navigation ... 26 Keep moving ....26 Home screen at a glance ..... 26 Application icons ...27 Notification icons ....29 Using the BlackBerry Voice Control app ...34 Get your message out with the BlackBerry Keyboard .....36 Keyboard and typing at a glance ......36 Show the keyboard ...... 36 Delete a word ...37 Type faster with automated assistance settings ..... 38 Cut, copy, and paste text ......38 Selecting word suggestions that appear on your keyboard ..........39 Connections ...40 Check which wireless networks your device connects to .. 40 Connect to the mobile network .........40 Wireless connections icons ........ 40 Tips: Choosing a connection .........42 Connect your device to an HDMI display .............43 Turn on airplane mode ..........43 Connect to a Wi-Fi network ........44 Turn on Bluetooth technology .................................... 45 Pair and connect with a Bluetooth enabled device ........ 46 What is NFC? ............46 Turn on NFC .....47 Send a file using NFC ....... 47

User manual ACER TRAVELMATE P253-M -

113 Customizing HotSync® Manager startup and HotSync® setup options . 114 Performing the HotSync® operation via a wireless LAN (for TRAVELMATE P253-M only) 115 Performing the IR HotSync® operation . 118 Performing the HotSync® operation via a modem 121 Performing the HotSync® operation via a network 127 Performing the HotSync® operation via LAN (LANSync) 131 Assigning a name to "Memory Stick" media 142 Formatting "Memory Stick" media 143 Exchanging data via "Memory Stick" media . 145 Starting CLIE Files 145 Copying your CLIÉ handheld data to "Memory Stick" media 148 Copying data on "Memory Stick" media to your CLIÉ handheld . 151 Deleting files/directories on "Memory Stick" media 153 Extracting a Zip file . 155 CLIE Files menu items . 158 Exchanging files/data without using CLIE Files 159 Notes on starting applications from "Memory Stick" media . 160 Beaming Beaming between your CLIÉ handheld and another Palm OS® PDA 162 What you can do with beaming . 162 Beaming information 163 Using "Memory StickTM" media Using "Memory StickTM" media The type of storage media you can use with your CLIÉ handheld Using "Memory Stick" media . Protecting the files/data on "Memory Stick" media Starting an application on "Memory Stick" media Viewing information of "Memory Stick" media (Card Info) . 135 Backing up your CLIÉTM handheld data and applications Backing up your ...

Instructions for the ACER Laptops
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Always, after connecting to a projector, switch the projector on before the laptop. ON THESE NEW LAPTOPS, THE OUTPUT SETTINGS ARE LOST IF THEY HAVE BEEN USED WHEN NOT CONNECTED TO A PROJECTOR. Do right click on desktop, left click properties, settings, monitor 2, click in square box to left which says ‘extend desktop’ and OK. Laptop resolution is 1280 x 800 Note: it is important to regularly back up the hard drive using and external USB chard drive which are now only £70. It is important connect to the internet to update the Norton Anti-virus software, and update Windows. Also regularly defrag your hard drive by doing: Programs, Accessories, and System Tools. We suggest it is done even though it says this is not needed. RS232 Control use USB right looking from the rear. Coms port is labelled and is number on SongPro. Contents o Hard Disk and RAM o Power Management o Multimonitor Mode o PowerPoint 2000 o Mirror Function (Or clone) o DVD Using in mirror mode o DVD Using in multi-monitor mode o SongPro Song Software o CD Copying o Backing Up your Data (USB Data Link) o Disaster Recovery o Tips Page 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 Note: unless specified otherwise “click” refers to clicking the left mouse button on an object or button. If you get into trouble that you cannot easily get out of (the laptop freezing or crashing for example), then wait until the laptop comes to a pause in its ‘thinking’ (it stops whirring and the hard disk LED stops flashing) then hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Delete...

Credit Crunch in a Small Open Economy

Economics, email: Krzysztof Makarski - National Bank of Poland and Warsaw School of Economics, email: The views expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the National Bank of Poland. We would like to thank Micha Gradl zewicz, Marcin Kolasa, Tomasso Monacelli and an anonymous referee for useful comments and discussions. This paper benefited also from comments of participants of the Swiss National Bank seminar, Banco de Espa˜a semin nar, the National Bank of Poland seminar, the 2009 Macromodels conference, the 2010 INFER Workshop in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the 2010 European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory, the 2010 Computing in Economics and Finance conference, the 2010 Congress of the European Economic Association, the 2010 EuroConference and the 2010 WIEM conference. The help of Norbert Cie´la, Szymon Grabowski and Maciej Grodzicki s with obtaining part of the data is gratefully acknowledged as well.