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pengertian WEB SERVER dan contohnya

Web Hosting Services Provide In India

Server technically has two main OSI layers the Network layer and the Data link layer, in the data link layer it has a layer for logic which is called the LLC stands for Logical Link Control, though servers also have a physical layer but the main components for a server are the LLC and DATA LINK Layer.

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Fax Server Solution Facts and Benefits

Explore this doc to know about FoIP – Fax over IP aka Fax Server Solution and its related facts.

  Web Hosting Result For Small Static Websites To Big Dynamic Websites And Portals Also.

Popular web hosting companies which provides better hosting solutions have now started offering their hosting plans on a monthly basis and the server space can always renewed and extended as per requirements, Microsoft’s IIS7 is the kind of web hosting in which you have a remote access to the server via normal windows Operating system which can be exercised from a remote location, it basically is a fully fledged Personal Computer hosting your website as well as allows to manipulate the databases by providing preinstalled SQL on the remote machine, this service comes handy when an individual have to edit/alter database.


In this paper, a single server bulk service queuing system with interrupted vacation, request for Re-service and Balking is considered. At a service completion, if the server finds at least β€žaβ€Ÿ customers waiting for service say πœ‰, he serves a batch of min (πœ‰ ,b ) customers, whereb β‰₯ a. At the completion of an essential service, the leaving batch of customers may request for a re-service with probability Ο€. However, the re-service is rendered only when the number of customers waiting in the queue is less than β€žaβ€Ÿ. If no request for re-service is made after the completion of an essential service and numbers of customers in the queue is less than then β€žaβ€Ÿ the server will avail a vacation of a random length. If the queue size reaches β€žaβ€Ÿ during the vacation, the server terminates the vacation abruptly and resumes for primary service. On completion of the vacation the server remains in the system (dormant period) until the queue length reaches β€žaβ€Ÿ. Customers arrive in batches

Guide To Become A Freelancer Telecom Engineer

Telecom Engineering is probably one of those fields that has witnessed rapid advancement in recent years.Your duties as a telecom engineer will include taking care of the telecom, testing the server, maintaining telecom peace and fixing network hell, among many other duties.To be a good telecom engineer, you must master certain skills. You should be able to determine, enforce, and even monitor the telecom. revenue generated by you will depend solely on your ability to market your services and your credibility with previous employees.

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SQL Server training
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Hp Server Repairs, Server Maintenance

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