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AIR FILTER BOXES - Dorman Products
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AIR FILTER BOXES DIRECT FIT REPLACEMENTS Problem: 258-519 Ford Focus 2007-05 Original unit not serviceable • Customer forced to buy complete Air Filter Box just to change Air Filter Solution: Engineered Dorman unit designed to be serviceable using a variety of popular standard size Aftermarket filters Redesigned to allow replacement of Air Filter 1 7 SKUs Covering Over 18 Million Vehicles 258-522 258-216 Camry, RX, Sienna, Solara 2006-04 Nissan Altima 2006-02, Maxima 2006-04, Quest 2009-04 258-506 Century, Grand Prix, Impala, Lumina, Monte Carlo, Regal 2005-99 Failure Mode: • Box cracks or clips break from filter replacement • Warps from heat exposure • Collision AIR FILTER BOXES COMPLETE APPLICATIONS Make Model Years Dorman # BUICK CADILLAC Century Regal Escalade CHEVROLET Avalanche 2005-99 2004-99 2006-03 2002 1999 2006-03 2002 2000-96 2007-05 2005-00 2001-00 2005-00 2007-03 2002-99 2006-03 2002-00 1999-96 2006-03 2002-00 2000-96 2005-02 2007-05 2008-05 2007-03 2002-99 2006-03 2002-00 1999-96 2006-04 2006-02 2006-04 2009-04 2003-99 2002-99 2000-96 1995-90 1995-90 2006-04 1995-89 1995-89 2004 2006-04 2004-99 2004-95 1998-95 258-506 258-506 258-514 258-513 258-505 258-514 258-513 258-505 258-523 258-506 258-506 258-506 258-514 258-513 258-514 258-513 258-505 258-514 258-513 258-505 258-521 258-519 258-518 258-514 258-513 258-514 258-513 258-505 528-522 258-516 258-516 258-516 258-506 258-512 258-500 258-502 258-503 528-522 258-503 258-502 528-522 528-522 258-504 258-500 258-501 C/K Pickup Cobalt Impala Lumina Monte Carlo Silverado Suburban Tahoe DODGE FORD GMC Neon Focus Mustang Sierra Yukon LEXUS NISSAN PONTIAC TOYOTA RX Altima Maxima Quest Grand Prix 4Runner Camry Pickup Sienna Solara Tacoma For detaile d applications, visit NEW PRODUCTS • NEW SOLUTIONS • NEW OPPORTUNITIES New Product Idea Hotline: 1-800-336-3575 Dorman Products, Inc. 3400 East Walnut Street | Colmar, PA 18915 Corporate Office & Customer Service: 1.800.523.2492 @ ABOUT FORMERLY“DEALER ONLY” PARTS © 2012 No reproductions in whole or in part without prior written approval. 74379

Roush Parts Catalog - Diehl Ford Inc.

I have a passion for all things performance, whether that is on the highway, the racetrack, or the sky (you probably know my affection for airplanes, especially the World War II warbirds). You too must share these same passions, at least on the automotive side. Passion is a great word to describe ROUSH Performance and the people that work there. They share your passion for high-performance vehicles, whether they are built in our Livonia, Mich., assembly area or someone’s garage. The Customer Service Department is staffed by former technicians who have built hundreds of ROUSH Mustangs and F-150 trucks so they literally know them inside and out. The engineers have a passion to match OEM specs in quality and durability, and a passion to design the finest products in the industry. The word passion can also be used to describe the members of the new ROUSH Road Crew, the official club for owners and fans of the fast lane. These people are some of the best ambassadors we have for the brand, and are as passionate as we are about ROUSH. There are plenty of events planned around the country to hang out and have fun with like-minded people, so consider joining the RRC today, if you haven’t already (see page 6 for details). For those who have a passion for horsepower, the new line of phased R2300 ROUSHchargers will get your heart beating faster. For the first time, owners can jump in at any level of horsepower as the budget and desire allows. Start at the Phase 1 base and increase the performance over time, or go all the way to Phase 3 with 625 horsepower right off the bat. The ROUSHcharger has long been the industry standard, and now there are more choices to help your passion for horsepower grow. There are a lot of things happening at ROUSH these days, and we’re glad to have you as part of the family. If you ever have any questions or need more information on our line of vehicles, parts, engines or the ROUSH Install Center, call 800-59-ROUSH or visit our web site at  The Roush Fenway Racing trademarks used by authority of Roush Fenway Racing, LLC.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Los Angeles

Unique Patio Furniture Company bought the assets to a failing small business. To help returning customers, they decided to keep the same website and offer almost all of the same products. They buy from the same manufacturer as the previous company which was established in 2007, so even though Unique Patio Furniture is a new company they offer the same great products as the previous company.

EE122 - Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design - Stanford University

EE122 - Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design Prof. Greg Kovacs with Amy Droitcour and Bob Ricks Department of Electrical Engineering Stanford University About EE122 • “Curiosity-driven” laboratories with a flexible structure. • A team-based approach to learning. • Practical, rather than theory-driven content. • Preparation for laboratories will involve team research and analysis, rather then lengthy write-ups. • An informal lab-book-based approach to taking data. • No formal examinations (midterms or final), with grading based on laboratory notebooks, teamwork, and final project. • Final project with a full three weeks provided for design and construction. • Final demos given by each team to the entire class. EE122, Stanford University, Prof. Greg Kovacs 2 An introduction to gEEk culture. EE122, Stanford University, Prof. Greg Kovacs 3 EE122 Course Goals • Analog circuit design knowledge. • Introduction to sensors. • Working knowledge of interface electronics (to the “real world”). • Developing circuit design intuition. • Experience with teamwork in experimentation, documentation and design. EE122, Stanford University, Prof. Greg Kovacs 4 Basic Things You Have to Handle • Know how to use Excel (how to enter data and how to make plots). • Know how to use Word (including importing graphics) and how to generate PDF files. • Find a form of SPICE that you are comfortable with (B2Spice, PSPICE, HSPICE, or whatever). TA’s will help. • Get a copy of Horowitz and Hill, “The Art of Electronics.” EE122, Stanford University, Prof. Greg Kovacs

OWNER'S MANUAL - Delmhorst Instrument Co.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION/FEATURES Thank you for your purchase of Delmhorst Instrument’s Navigator Pro handheld moisture meter / thermo-hygrometer. Navigator Pro has been developed specifically with the restoration contractor in mind. It provides the user with a host of data acquisition capabilities, and offers the latest in features and functionality. Even with its wide range of functions, Navigator Pro is intuitive and easy to operate. We recommend that you read the following pages in detail to take full advantage of all that Navigator Pro has to offer. Outstanding Features:  Pin mode o 5%-60% wood scale (Douglas Fir) Species corrections for SPF, Oak, Maple, Birch, Plywood, OSB and Particleboard o Temperature correction over the range of 0-255° F/-18-124°C o 0.1% - 6% Sheetrock® scale o 0-100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials, including Plaster and Concrete  Scan Mode o 0-300 numerical reference scale  Thermo-hygrometer (RH/T-S1 sensor included) o Measures RH over the range of 0-100% (with accuracy of +/- 2% over 10%-90%) o Measures temperature over the range of -40°F-255°F with accuracy of +/- 1.8°F over -4°F to 158F (range of -40°C - 124°C with accuracy of +/- 1°C over -20° to 70°C) o Calculates Dew Point over the range of -40°F - 176°F (-40°C - 80°C) o Calculates GPP (Grains Per Pound) when in Fahrenheit mode over the range of 0.1-3820 GPP o Calculates GPK (Grains Per Kilogram) when in Celcius mode over the range of 0.01-545 GPK o Conforms to ASTM-F-2170 for in-situ concrete slab testing (RH/T-S3 sensor required)  General Features: o o o o o o o o Connector for external Electrodes On-screen reading recall of stored readings Date and time stamp for each stored reading Set up to 5 job groupings with room and location definition Optional infrared linking capability w/ application software 9V battery 1-year warranty Carrying Case Copyright  2007, Delmhorst Instrument Co. Page 4 of 30 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS -User GuideThis guide provides step-by-step instructions on powering up, using and powering down the meter.

What in the world is a 'GIS' ?

The word GIS stands for Geographical Information System. It is a technology that gives us information about various things and places on the earth's surface or we can even define it as a technology that is used to view and analyze data from a geographic/geospatial perspective. It is a powerful approach towards exploring the world. While working with GIS specialized software's are used for input, storage, manipulation/analysis and output/display of geographic (spatial) information, often using maps or other visual displays.

Join the Fight Against Air Pollution! - Toyota

Join the Fight Against Air Pollution! All Genuine Toyota air filters: Feature triple layer construction that traps and retains as much as 30% more contaminants than some aftermarket air filters which only contain a single layer. Utilize a rigid, molded polyurethane resin frame that helps maintain a tight seal, while also reducing noise transmitted to the interior of the vehicle. Are original equipment, engineered specifically for Toyota vehicles—they’re the same filters that came with your Toyota from the factory! Tip: Changing your air filter routinely ensures that your engine maintains the proper air flow for maximum performance. To ensure the most trouble-free operation of your Toyota, please check your vehicle’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide or consult your Toyota dealer for proper air filter change intervals. MODEL YEAR ENGINE AVALON 1995-1999 2000-2004 2005- V6 (1MZFE) V6 (1MZFE) V6 (2GRFE) CAMRY/HV 1992-1996 4 Cyl. (5SFE),V6 (3VZFE, 1MZFE) 1997-1999 4 Cyl. (5SFE) 1997-2001 4 Cyl. (5SFE),V6 (1MZFE) 1997-2001 V6 (1MZFE) 2000-2001 4 Cyl. (5SF#) 2002-2006 4 Cyl. (2AZFE) 2002-2006 V6 (1MZFE,3MZFE) 2007-2009 4 Cyl. (2AZFE) 20074 Cyl. (2AZFXE) 2007V6 (2GRFE) 2007V6 (2GRFE) 20104 Cyl. (2ARFE) PART NO. CUST. ID# MODEL 17801-03010 17801-03010 17801-AD010 20062009200920092009- 17801-03010 17801-03010 17801-03010 17801-03010 17801-03010 17801-0H010 17801-0H010 17801-0H050 17801-0H010 17801-31120 17801-AD010 17801-0H050 CELICA ENGINE PART NO. V6 (2GRFE) 4 Cyl. (2ARFE) MARK 17801 -31120 4 Cyl. (2ARFE) MARK 17801 -AD010 V6 (2GRFE) (J) V6 (2GRFE) (L) V8 (2UZFE) V8 (2UZFE,3URFE,3URFBE) V8 (1URFE) 17801-07010 17801-0S010 17801-0S010 1998-2003 2004-2006 2007-2010 20112011- V6 (1MZFE) V6 (3MZFE) V6 (2GRFE) 4 Cyl. (1ARFE) V6 (2GRFE) 17801-03010 17801-0H010 17801-0H010 17801-0P050 17801-0P050 SOLARA 1999-2002 4 Cyl.(2AZFE),V6(1MZFE), 4 Cyl.(5SFE) 17801-03010 20044 Cyl. (2AZFE),V6 (3MZFE) 17801-0H010 SUPRA 1986-1993 1994-1998 6 Cyl. (7MGTE) 6 Cyl. (2JZGE) 17801-70020-83 17801-07020

CABIN AIR FILTER - Hastings Filters
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CABIN AIR FILTER IDENTIFICATION / INSTALLATION IMPORTS AFC1154 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eclipse Spyder, Endeavor, Galant; Subaru B9 Tribeca, Legacy, Outback, Tribeca; Toyota 4Runner, Celica, FJ Cruiser, Prius, Sienna Tabs Filter Housing Hinges OE: Fits: Size: 87139-47010, 88508-20120 2011-on Mitsubishi Eclipse 2004-08, 2010-11 Mitsubishi Endeavor 2004-on Mitsubishi Galant 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder 2006-07 Subaru B9 Tribeca 2005-09 Subaru Legacy, Outback 2008-on Subaru Tribeca 2003-on Toyota 4Runner 2000-05 Toyota Celica 2007-on Toyota FJ Cruiser 2001-09 Toyota Prius 2004-05 Toyota Sienna 8 15/32 x 8 15/32 x 21/32 (215.1 x 215.1 x 16.7) 4. Push up on back of glove compartment to release glove compartment hinges. 5. Pull out glove compartment. (Right side of glove compartment remains attached.) 6. Squeeze tabs on left and right sides of filter housing and remove. Left Side Filter Housing Right Side 1. Open passenger side door. 2. Open glove compartment. 3. Push in on left and right sides of glove compartment to release glove compartment. 7. Remove filter from filter housing. 8. Replace filter and reassemble. Notice: The information provided is based on the latest authoritative information available at press time. However, due to manufacturers’ changes, and year and model variations, Hastings Premium Filters cannot be responsible for misapplications and instruction errors. F420-AFC1154 (139127) (R 2/12) © 2012 Hastings Premium Filters Printed in U.S.A.

CABIN AIR FILTER - Baldwin Filters
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CABIN AIR FILTER IDENTIFICATION / INSTALLATION IMPORTS PA4327 Lexus CT200h, GS300, GS350, GS430, GS450h, GS460, IS250, IS350, IS-F, LF-A; Scion xB, xD; Toyota Avalon, Camry, Camry Hybrid, Corolla, Highlander, Highlander Hybrid, Matrix, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tundra, Venza, Yaris OE: Fits: Size: 87139-YZZ08 2011-on Lexus CT200h, Toyota Sienna, Tundra 2006 Lexus GS300, GS430, IS250, IS350 2012 Lexus GS350, GS450h, GS460, LF-A 2008-09 Lexus IS-F 2008-on Scion xB, xD, Toyota Highlander, Sequoia 2005-on Toyota Avalon 2007-on Toyota Camry, Camry Hybrid 2009-on Toyota Corolla, Matrix 2010-on Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Prius 2006-on Toyota RAV4 2009-10 Toyota Venza 2006-10 Toyota Yaris 8 9/16 x 7 11/16 x 1 1/8 (217.5 x 195.3 x 28.8) Filter Housing Cover 6. Flip down glove compartment. 7. Remove filter housing cover. Left Side Damper Rod Filter Housing Cover Right Side 1. Open passenger side door. 2. Open glove compartment. 3. Remove screw holding damper rod in place on right side of glove compartment. 4. Detach damper rod from glove compartment. 5. Push in on left and right sides of glove compartment to release glove compartment. Notice: 8. Replace filter and reassemble. The information provided is based on the latest authoritative information available at press time. However, due to manufacturers’ changes, and year and model variations, Baldwin Filters cannot be responsible for misapplications and instruction errors. Form 420-PA4327 (473532) (R 4/12) © 2012 Baldwin Filters, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.

New Microsoft Office Word Document

Whether you are purchasing, refinancing, renovating, or building an assisted living facility, we can help you locate financing.  With this being a highly-specialized property type, financing can be tough to locate in many local banking markets.  Our primary sources for ALF financing are lenders participating in the SBA 7(a) and 504 programs.  Most are national and regional in scope, and we will find one that lends in your area.  They have a good appetite for new business in this property type, and up to 90% financing is available.  In most cases the lender pays our fee at the closing of the loan and there is no additional cost to you in working with us as a broker.