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APA-Formatted Research Proposal - Vanguard University of ...

The role of the perceived gender of an infant and the gender of adolescents on ratings of the infant will be explored. Thirty-six junior high students (18 boys and 18 girls) will view a photo of a 3-month-old infant. Students will be told the infant’s name is either “Larry,” “Laurie,” or they will not be told the infant’s name. Each student will rate the infant on 6 bipolar adjective scales (firm/soft, big/little, strong/weak, hardy/delicate, well coordinated/awkward, and beautiful/plain). It is predicted that both the name assigned to the infant and the students’ gender will affect ratings. Implications of the results for parenting and for future research will be discussed.Effect of Infant’s Perceived Gender on Adolescents’ Ratings of the Infant Many researchers agree that gender role socialization begins at the time of an infant’s birth (Haugh, Hoffman, & Cowan, 1980; Honig, 1983). Most parents are extremely interested in learning whether their newborn infant is a boy or a girl, and intentionally or not, this knowledge elicits in them a set of expectations about sex role appropriate traits (Rubin, Provenzano, & Luria, 1974). Empirical research suggests that these initial expectations, which form the basis of gender schemas (Leone & Robertson, 1989), can have a powerful impact on parents’ perceptions of and behavior toward infants (Fagot, 1978; Lewis, 1972). Gender contributes to the initial context within which adults respond to an infant and may become an influential agent in the socializing process and the development of the child’s sense of self (Berndt & Heller, 1986). Stereotyped expectations may influence gender role socialization and the acquisition of sex-typed behavior through a self-fulfilling prophecy process (Darley & Fazio, 1980). Preconceived gender-based expectations may cause the parent to elicit expected behavior from the infant and to reinforce expected behavior when it occurs; this would confirm the parents’ initial expectations.

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Participant Info - nexgeneracers
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Nexgeneracers (NXG) give boys and girls an opportunity to learn about auto racing and have a “hands-on” experience in a supervised and controlled environment. We offer three class levels in our Lucas Oil/NXG Youth Motorsports Program scheduled from April to September. Most classes are conducted over the weekend. Each class serves up to 20 student participants in both on-track and classroom activities. Parents, family & friends are welcome and encouraged to attend as spectators on our competition Sundays. Class Levels Level 1 - Introduction to Motorsports: Provides an overview of the motorsports industry, racing terminology and go-kart driving instruction. Prerequisite: Proficient in 5th grade level math & English. For boys and girls 11-15 years of age. (No previous driving experience required.) Level 2 - Competitive Driving Techniques: Covers basic driving skills and go kart racing techniques. Tests individual performance and knowledge and includes racing competition. Prerequisite: Introduction to Motorsports course, or previous go kart driving experience and approval of Chief Instructor. For boys and girls 11-15 years of age. Level 3 – Advanced Performance Driving Class: Focuses on: vehicle dynamics, race driving skill development and auto racing competition knowledge. Driving exercises and competitive go kart racing are conducted. Prerequisite: Competitive Driving Techniques course and approval of Chief Instructor. For boys and girls 11-16 years of age. Typical Weekend Schedule & Activities Registration and Orientation (Level 1 only) is held on Saturday mornings typically from 8:00-8:30pm, parents should attend with students.

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Secretstoriesescort com
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Harry Potter through the Focus of Feminist Literary Theory ...

Joanne Kathleen Rowling's series of novels about Harry Potter has attracted the attention of numerous literary critics. This paper questions the problems of multiple readings from the viewpoint of feminist literary theory. We can observe considerable differences in the approach of various literary critics to Rowling's series and the opinions of these critics are equally varied. They claim that these are sexist novels, feminist novels, novels for boys, novels in which girls can find role-models and novels in which the author seeks to assert herself through the discourse of fictional text. It is concluded that the novels analyzed can be read from multiple perspectives and that Rowling succeeds in making the reader aware of the problems of male-female relations by positioning the characters on opposite sides with regard to emotional relations, relations towards different people and the family and towards society in general, as well as through convincing and impressionable characterization. Key Words: Harry Potter, feminist literary theory and criticism, multiple readings, relationships between sexes

Bishop Verot Catholic High School Prom Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code  Attire that is inappropriate for the occasion or deviates from modesty in the judgment of a school administrator will result in being denied admission. This includes guests from other schools.  For boys, tuxedos or suits including jackets, ties, socks and dress shoes are required. Young men are to be clean-shaven, meet school guidelines regarding length and style of hair, and are not to wear earrings. No hats or canes allowed in the dance.  For girls, dresses and attire that reflect modesty are required. Each year, the most difficult task for administrators is the determination of modesty for girls. Traditional interpretations are often at odds with fashion and cultural trends. Each year, girls are turned away or asked to modify. This is easily avoidable if the following guidelines are observed: o Prom attire should reflect more a formal family occasion (like a wedding) rather than a night on the town or at a dance club. o Dresses that are too revealing, are skin tight or form-fitting, expose midriffs or cleavage, or are too short in length are not appropriate. o Claims that a dress was worn at last year’s Prom or at Homecoming, or comparisons to the dresses of other girls already admitted to Prom will not be entertained or discussed. (Claiming that “others were speeding” rarely works when pulled over by police.) o Modesty is admittedly a subjective interpretation, but one which we have a duty to uphold. Girls should therefore err on the side of modesty and formality and not put school administrators in the difficult position of upholding school standards. Having been specifically forewarned, I expect nothing less than full cooperation from girls and their parents on this issue. Specifics for Dresses:  Dress backs may not be lower than the elbow.  Dresses may not be any shorter than 3” above the knee (or 3” below the middle finger for taller girls). This includes any slits in the dress. If you purchase a dress with a slit that does not meet those guidelines, you will need to have the slit sewn.  Dresses must not be too tight or form-fitting.  Dresses may not have cut-outs. Covering a cut-out with fabric will not suffice unless that fabric is permanently sewn into the dress.  Dresses must not be low cut in the front. Be especially careful with halter-style dresses or strapless dresses with a sweetheart neckline.  Appropriate under garments should be worn based on the style of the dress. Keep in mind that certain bras, padded busts, etc. can change the look of the dress.

Dress Code Policy - Kingwood Christian School

We are implementing a Full Uniform Policy as follows: 2011-2012 - K-5th Grades - Full Uniform 2012-2013 6th - 8th Middle School Full Uniform 2013-2014 High School implements Full Uniforms Entire school will be in Full Uniform for the 2013-2014 school year. The adoption of school uniform policies can promote school safety, improve discipline and enhance the learning environment. The potential benefits of school uniforms include: ● instilling a sense of community, pride and ownership in our school ● decreasing dress-code violations and increasing instructional time in the classroom ● instilling students with self-discipline; ● freeing time for administrators to attend to school activities rather than having to deal with dress code violations ● helping parents and students resist peer pressure; ● helping students concentrate on their school work; and ● helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school. K-12th Grades Dress Code/Uniform School Uniform Guidelines K-12th Grade: 1. Clothes may be purchased from pre-approved retailers* (Dennis Uniform Company) and must be “School-approved uniforms”. KCS Plaid must be purchased from Dennis. See Office for more details. 2. Boy and Girls may chose from khakis, black or blue pants or shorts. Boys in 2nd grade and older must tuck shirts in and wear a belt. Girls must have shirts long enough to tuck in. 3. Girls may chose uniform skirts, carpi, skorts, pants, shorts or jumpers in khakis, black or blue. Note: Skirts and shorts must be to the knee in length (no more than 2 in. above knee) 4. Boy and Girls may chose from blue (navy or royal), black, red or white collared shirts (short or longsleeved). 5. All previous dress code policies must be followed: no tight clothing, no mid-riffs, no sagging, etc. NOTE for K-12th Grades: Jeans (meeting previous dress code standards) and KCS t-shirts ONLY will be allowed on FRIDAYS and special days to be announced by KCS administration Students in grades K5-5th do not dress out for P.E., so they should wear shoes that are suitable for P. E. class. K5-5th graders may NOT wear flip-flops. *Target, JCPenneys, Belk, Lands End, Wal Mart, Old Navy, Sears, Gap, Dennis Uniform Company Log In School Code: BAKWCS Clothing/Accessories cannot be a distraction to our faith or instruction

Free Must-Have iPad Apps For Elementary Math - TCEA

For Elementary Math 123 Numbers Free – This app works on numbers 0 to 10, including ordering, sequencing, odds and evens, and writing numbers. Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts – Defend the solar system by solving counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. Butterfly Math Addition – This app works on number recognition and addition. Counting 123 – This app is packed with four different mini-games: Fish Tap challenge, Spot the Differences, Jumping Grasshopper, and a Dresses Fashion Show. It teaches numbers from one to 10. Counting Bills & Coins - Count, match, and make change with coins up to quarters and bills up to $20. Practice money skills in five unique activities. Counting Money - In practice mode, the user must answer the question correctly in order to proceed to the next question. The user presses the check button after each attempt to check the answer. In quiz mode, the user has one opportunity to answer the question correctly. There are two difficulty types, beginner and normal. Interactive Telling Time Lite - Learn to set the time via Interactive clocks with movable hour and minute hand! Learn the concept of day and night. Learn how to use AM/PM, 12 hour, and 24 hour clock notation. Jumping Grasshopper – Learn to Count - Enjoy remarkable animation technology which introduces a first look at numbers for the whole family to enjoy. Math Express – This is a fun educational math game designed for girls and boys ages 4-7, combining engaging math exercises and fresh graphics. The game includes exercises to help visualizations and counting of numbers. Math Puppy – This app features both Bingo and Challenge modes. Its animated math calculator and subtraction module are included in the free app; other modules may be purchased. Montessori Counting Board - The Montessori counting board is five counting apps in one. You can learn...

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