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notes for sains form 2

Now Employers Can Avail I-9 Compliance Solutions from Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC

Depicting the highest form of commitment and dedication to their clients in sorting out the legal issues pertaining to immigration, Feldman Feldman & Associates, PC is now offering complete I-9 compliance solutions for employers. For more information, please visit

What to check before buying new heavy equipment

With the numerous other businesses in Jakarta Indonesia, construction companies are achieving the status each day. It transpires due to its remarkable benefits that assist others to generate big return from it. Construction business like Axis Capital Group, Singapore is the finest program to gross big income and form a sturdy place in the market. At present, coming as a new comer in this line of work and aspire to manage your business profitably, thenceforth it is significant to buy necessary heavy equipment for your site. There are a lot of kinds of heavy machinery that can be advantageous in construction site. On the other hand, there are some features that you must recognize accurately prior to buying the equipment. The most significant point that demands your focus is the specification of the equipment. Every single machine comes with diverse specifications that you must become skilled at so that you can acquit yourself well with your requirement.

Mobile Wallet: The era of a cashless future

Mobile Wallet is an advance alternative to your physical wallet. It acts as the point of interaction for various types of contactless payments. It can be either in the form of a feature/functionality over your mobile phone dedicated to store information of your debit/credit cards or it can be an App that takes in your payment information and pay your bills for certain services or to allow service providers.

Treadmill expert   all about treadmills

The ICON brand treadmills are offered under such brand name names Epic, Nordic Track, Pro Form, Weslo, Cadence, Healthrider, Reebok, Image, Body Fit, Weider just to name a couple of.

A Genius Pairing of the Authentic GIF Art and Lenticular Technology Launched on Indiegogo

Gif Gonzo is a new form of art and it's showing art that moves. The art industry is growing year after year, and the market is hungry for new art genres and this may be just what they need.

Changes in Form 3 CD in 2014 15
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Knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations of filing income tax is something that all of us should have. However, most people are overwhelmed with the myriad sections, forms, clauses, etc

The role of the food risk and the sociodemographic  variables on the attitude to healthy foods

This research is interested in the changes of the eating habits of the consumer further to numerous health crisis. The consumer became more and more aware of the impact of the food on the health and more and more distrusting. This distrust led the consumer to healthier food product such as: relieved or enriched products and the dietary products etc., which brings the form and well-being in order to minimize the risk. In this context, a quantitative study of Tunisian consumers studied the effect of dietary risk as well as sociodemographic variables on attitudes toward healthy foods.

Nonlinear observers for attitude estimation in gyroless  spacecraft via Extended Kalman filter algor

This paper designs an observer to estimate the spacecraft’s angular velocity using only Euler angles attitude without gyroscope measurement. This work contributes as an alternative or backup system during unavailable gyroscope measurement due to faulty sensor or reduction of sensor hardware for cost reduction.In this work, the observer model for satellite attitude is derived in their nonlinear form, and the observability of the nonlinear system is investigated using Lie derivative. The performance of the designed observer is analyzed and verified using real flight data of Malaysian satellite by employing Extended Kalman Filter algorithm.

To Study Clinical Evaluation and Outcome of Patients  with Febrile Thrombocytopenia

The aim was to the study clinical evaluation and outcome of patients with febrile thrombocytopenia. Methodology:100 patients of fever with thrombocytopenia. Malaria was the commonest cause of febrile thrombocytopenia. followed by Dengue and viral fever.Maximum percent of bleeding seen at 5×103 to 10×103/cumm platelet count, then 11×103 to 20×103/cumm followed by 21×103 to 30×103/cumm.Out of 100 patients 23 patients showd bleeding manifestations. The Commonest form of bleeding manifestation was petechiae in 17 patients followed by hematuria, per rectal bleeding and epistaxis in 3,2 and 1 patient respectively.Good recovery was noted in 95% patients and mortality noted in 5% patients. Septicemia accounted for 75% mortality. We conclude that the febrile illness patients should be investigated for platelet count whether they have bleeding manifestations or not. Strong probability of dengue fever or other common causes like malaria, viral fever and leptospirosis should be

A Survey on Use, Hazards and Potential Risks of Rice  Farming Pesticides in Permatang Keriang

In agriculture, the use of pesticide has been the dominant form of pest management since the 1950s to kill pest organisms including insects, weeds, fungi and nematodes. In recent times, use of pesticides in rice farming has increased rapidly and this scenario contributes significantly towards adverse effects on human health and environment. This study investigated types of pesticide and identified their hazards and potential risks used by rice farmers in the village of Permatang Keriang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Pesticide use, pesticide formulation, groups, classes, major pests as well as pesticide risks and toxicity were examined. Forty selected rice farmers which represent 33% of the total rice farmer population were interviewed based on 40 questions. From the survey, eight pesticide formulations including Actara (85%), Karate (93%), Nurelle 505 (73%), Nominee 100 SC (83%), Tapisan (65%) and Yasodion (62%) were found commonly used by the farmers in rice farming activities

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