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Homecoming 2013 - Pella Christian High School

Friday afternoon games and class competition began with students, including senior Zack Giddings who placed 2nd, putting tights on their heads with a baseball in the toe, trying to knock over pop bottles filled with different levels of water. Juniors Justin Boot and Derek Van Soelen and senior Jenna Fynaardt participated in the blindfolded musical chairs competition. The freshmen tug of war team attempted to beat other classes, but failed to succeed. The day ended with the annual obstacle course that included a sled dog race with two guys pulling someone on a blanket around the gym. Junior Mariah Eekhoff was pulled by Zach Van Zee and Mason Howerzyl for a first place against the seniors. by Briana Warden The Pella Christian Eagles faced the the Norwalk Warriors on February 1 for their homecoming game. The girls varsity fought hard against the Warriors, but the Warriors pushed ahead in the fourth quarter and kept the lead, winning by only four points, 40-36. Leading scorers were seniors Paige Engbers with 18 points and Cori Uitermarkt with 10 points. The varsity boys also played very well and came out on top, flying high over the Warriors with the ending score of 64-43. Seniors Austin Ver Meer carried the team with 22 points while Riley Stursma scored 13. Junior Coltin Collins helped out with 10 points and 8 rebounds.

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With advent of digital age, gone are the days when simple toys were enough to define children-toys relationship and satiate their playing hunger. Generations change have not only been for human but also for toys and simple manual toys are coming of the age and getting replaced by automatic robotic toys which are more sophisticated and more exciting. These toys are instrumental in experiential form of learning which gives opportunity of learning by playing and which is why it has been so widely popular concept in schools today to engage students in such learning programs. Intelligent or Robo-toys new class of products which are plush or plastic toys moulded into traditional toys form with sensor technology (that makes these robot toys moves when they sense something like hand movement etc.), some sort of movement and a bit of artificial intelligence. Robotics for kids (robotic toys) especially boys or children having passion for machines is a fascinating world (like Barbie world for girls) that provides learning dimension coming in shape of learning electronics, mechanics, software, problem solving ability, team work etc. Robotic technology is increasingly being embedded into all sorts of toys from dinosaurs to plush toys. The automated process revolution in educational and entertainment robots promises strong growth that extends beyond the direct markets. Once students learn how to use robots, they move into industry and make functional robots for business automated process and for communications and entertainment. The educational kits are designed for pure fun and for educational competitions where students put together modules in innovative ways to create designs that work. The modularity of robot kits makes them versatile and flexible. Modules can be put together in a variety of ways, give users choices about what functionality the robot will have and also allow them to be more creative and more innovative in designing them. Educational robots are used by every level of student. Kits are geared to various age and skill levels. Robotics competitions are being held for every age level. The automated process...

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Women's Football -
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Worldwide, 29 million girls and women play football Key figures:  29 million women and girls play football worldwide  12% of youth players are female  Women and girls play football in all 208 FIFA member associations in one way or another  24 teams will participate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™  In 1971, 3 teams played 2 matches – in 2011, 129 teams played 514 matches One of FIFA’s missions is to promote the development of women’s football, support women’s football financially and give women players, coaches, referees and officials the opportunity to become actively involved in football. FIFA is helping to popularise the game by increasing public awareness and conducting information campaigns as well as overcoming social and cultural obstacles for women with the ultimate aim of improving women’s standing in society. FIFA’s mission for women’s football:  To promote and develop women’s and girls’ football in the confederations and member associations;  To improve the infrastructure of women’s football in the confederations and member associations;  To increase the proportion of women and girls playing football at the grassroots, in schools and at amateur and professional levels;  To constantly improve the quality, organisation and expansion of FIFA women’s football competitions;  To create conditions for more women to occupy technical and managerial positions in football, including the domains of refereeing, coaching, medicine, media and administration;  To increase the level of expertise of female coaches, players, referees, doctors, officials and any other women’s football stakeholders worldwide, through courses, seminars and other capacitybuilding activities;  To establish and publicise a coordinated international match calendar for women’s football;  To analyse and monitor technical developments in women’s football;  To organise women’s football symposiums and conferences.

Women's Football Development Programme Guidelines -

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™ was a fantastic spectacle, full of great football performances. The sixth edition of our flagship women’s competition was praised by many of the participating players and coaches as the best FIFA Women’s World Cup™ yet. The tournament also witnessed great match attendance and broke TV viewer records. There is no doubt that women’s football has become highly recognised all over the world. At the elite level we can certainly say that the future of women’s football has already arrived. However, as we look back with satisfaction on the quality of the top teams’ play in Germany, we are also aware that there is still much to be done to improve the women’s game around the world, especially in those countries where women still face a struggle simply to be allowed to play the beautiful game. In the next four years, FIFA will continue to live up to its mission for women’s football in creating more opportunities for women and girls to become involved in our sport. The main aim towards the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ will be to support FIFA member associations in further establishing women’s football competitions and leagues while also placing a special emphasis on grassroots and youth development. Through FIFA women’s football development programmes, FIFA will continue championing recognition and equality for women and girls. With a tailor-made approach, our member associations will be able to access multifaceted support ranging from expertise and teaching and promotional material to football equipment and financial assistance. The programmes on offer for the next four years will strive to encourage and create competition opportunities at all levels. Member associations should also give the opportunity to women to take up leadership positions within their structures. The greatest beneficiaries will be the girls and women as hopefully they will have new possibilities to play and enjoy the game. Let’s embrace the challenges together and bring more women and girls on board! For the Game. For the World.

Have the Fun Because of Blue Colored Disposable lenses

It might not be medically proved which usually blue-eyed boys or girls acquire more privileges along with exciting that comes her way like blondes. However the market is today promising blue colored contact lens to read together which in turn possiblity to nearly all consumers several and also irrespective of whether to take pleasure in some sort of more younger and so energetic glimpse.Everybody under the sun would like to generally be developing always to discover life style for the best. All the innovative engineering causes different inventions and works of art which happens to be hence outstanding that a lot of grown-ups may suffer that they have had missed his possible opportunity to consider many of these brand new products. A number of men and women might like to overall look and feeling smaller to discover the best of whole life even for an evening.

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