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Alarm License Application - Treasurer & Tax Collector

Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector City and County of San Francisco Street Address: 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, City Hall, Room 140, San Francisco, CA 94102 Telephone: (415) 554-5204 Fax: (415) 554-5316 ALARM LICENSE APPLICATION (INCLUDES RENEWAL) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY LICENSE NUMBER__________________________ DATE ISSUED_______________________________ I. RESIDENCE ALARM SUBSCRIBER’S NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) DAY PHONE #:_______________________________NIGHT PHONE #____________________________FAX:__________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS OF ALARM SITE (include apt., bldg. or unit number) (Street, City, State, Zip) C/O ___________________________________________________________DAY PHONE #:_____________________________FAX:_______________________ MAILING ADDRESS (If different from site address) II. ____ BUSINESS ALARM SUBSCRIBER’S NAME FEDERAL ID #______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DAY PHONE #:_______________________________NIGHT PHONE #_____________________________FAX:_________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS OF ALARM SITE (include apt., bldg., or unit number) (Street, City, State, Zip) C/O ____________________________________________________________DAY PHONE #:_____________________________FAX:______________________ MAILING ADDRESS (If different from site address) III. ALARM INFORMATION ALARM INSTALLATION COMPANY NAME PHONE FA X ALARM MONITORING COMPANY NAME PHONE FA X ALARM START DATE IV. EMERGENCY INFORMATION CONTACT PERSON’S NAME (Names and phone numbers of two persons for emergency contact) (Last, First, Middle Initial) DAY PHONE # NIGHT PHONE # CONTACT PERSON’S NAME (Last, First, Middle Initial) DAY PHONE # NIGHT PHONE # I have carefully read the completed application and declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. ________________________________________________________________________ APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE DATE _________________________________ PLEASE SEND TO YOUR ALARM COMPANY THE COMPLETED APPLICATION WITH CHECK MADE OUT TO YOUR ALARM INSTALLATION OR MONITORING COMPANY. HOWEVER, IF YOUR ALARM IS ALREADY INSTALLED AND IS NOT MONITORED BY A MONITORING COMPANY, PLEASE SEND THE COMPLETED APPLICATION WITH CHECK MADE OUT TO SF TAX COLLECTOR TO: Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector NON-REFUNDABLE LICENSE FEE: City and County of San Francisco AMOUNT PAID $_______ RESIDENTIAL ($45) License Unit COMMERCIAL ($70) P.O. Box 7427, San Francisco, CA 94120-7427 (SEE ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THE BACK OF THIS APPLICATION) IMPORTANT ALARM LICENSE INFORMATION I. License Required; Application; Fee; Transferability. (a) (b) The initial alarm license fee must be paid to the alarm installation company at the time the alarm system is installed or to the alarm monitoring company at the time the alarm user contracts with the company for monitoring services. If the alarm user does not use an alarm installation or monitoring company, the fee must be submitted to the Tax Collector within five (5) days after the alarm system installation or alarm system takeover....

Mons Enrico Dal Covolo Universita Lateranense Una Fucina Per I Giovani

Specchio Economico, intervista a Mons Enrico Dal Covolo, Rettore Magnifico della Pontificia Università Lateranense, nominato nel 2003 Postulatore generale per le cause dei Santi della Famiglia Salesiana. Mons Dal Covolo: “Questa Università risponde alla missione affidatale di un un’offerta formativa a 360 gradi. Non solo informazioni, ma un apparato formativo che metta gli studenti in condizione di rispondere alle sfide esistenziali attuali. Non è impresa facile, ma è ciò a cui l’Università punta, mettendo al primo posto una sintesi del sapere che non può non essere di tipo filosofico-teologico”.

How to obtain a Windows 7 License Key - University of Miami

How to obtain a Windows 7 License Key Step 1: Open up your web browser, and navigate to: Step 2: Scroll down this page, and select “Microsoft Windows” Step 3: Proceed to the “Download Links” section, and click on the link listed below “Students” Page | 1 Created by: Student Technology Help Desk Revised on: Feb 11, 2014 Review by: Feb 11, 2015 Step 4: Click on the “Sign In” link located on the top right of the page, you must log in using your CaneID and Password, after logging in, click on “Click here once you have signed in” Step 5: Select “Microsoft Windows 7” and choose either Microsoft Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. Make your selection, and then click “Add To Cart” Page | 2 Created by: Student Technology Help Desk Revised on: Feb 11, 2014 Review by: Feb 11, 2015 Step 6: Select which operating system you would like to use, and click “Add To Cart” (Work At Home License if optional) Step 7: Click on “Check Out” on the bottom right of the page Note: In this page you will have the option to extend the ability to access your license key for 24 months after originally obtaining it. You will also have the option of ordering a backup disc for the software which is downloaded. Page | 3 Created by: Student Technology Help Desk Revised on: Feb 11, 2014 Review by: Feb 11, 2015 Step 8: Click on “Continue” Note: Apart from obtaining your license key, you will also have the ability to download an image of Windows 7. You may download this image and burn to a DVD disc (For DYI purposes) Step 9: Read and accept the Microsoft License Agreement, when done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and type in your CaneID in the “Username” box, then type your name in the “Signature” box below. Click “I Accept” if you agree with the terms of the license agreement or “I Decline” which will not allow you to access the license key and software download.

Amazon Affiliate Quick Start “How To Get Traffic” - Super Affiliate ...

We’ve already covered how to optimize them in Video #4, part 2, so… Use unique content Add an amazon widget or banner to each post Start out slow with 5 or 10 posts a day for the first few weeks Volume of content (number of posts) is key to really scaling this out. Thousands of posts would be nice, but try for at least 300 (which is only a month or two of 5 or 10 a day). • Outsource the blog posts on,,, etc. • Each blog post should have its own incoming links campaign • If the posts are being done by someone other than the article writer or incoming links person… then have your article writer or incoming linksgetter subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed so each time a post is made, they receive notification and can start working on the article and/or the incoming links. •

3-D WHITENING: - Crest 3D White
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A person’s smile is their first point of communication, so you want that smile to sparkle. Beauty and Attractiveness Dull and yellow teeth can instantly send the wrong message. More and more people are seeking to improve their smile, leading tooth whitening to become the No.1 dental cosmetic procedure. Overall esthetics and beauty perception are important issues in modern society, affecting social attitudes, interactions and professional advancement.1 Facial attractiveness is said to play a role in achieving successful mating, kinship opportunities, personality evaluations and performance and employment prospects.2 During social interactions, one’s attention is mainly focused on a speaker’s eyes and mouth3, establishing a strong connection between smile attractiveness and perceived facial beauty. Research has shown that the aesthetic appearance of teeth has an immediate effect on the way people form an opinion of another person based on a first impression.4 In a recent survey conducted by the American Dental Association (ADA), Crest® and Oral-B®, 87 percent of respondents said they feel better after receiving a smile, even when the smile comes from a stranger.5 Since a smile can say so much, consumers now expect oral care products to deliver not only health benefits but a perfect smile as well.6,7 In addition to the shape of the teeth, one of the key aesthetic parameters in a smile is tooth color.8,9 White teeth are considered attractive, and teeth whitening has become the most requested cosmetic dental procedure.6

Aspire Serie 5715Z/5315 - ftp
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La información de esta publicación puede estar sujeta a cambios periódicos sin obligación alguna de notificar dichas revisiones o modificaciones. Dichas modificaciones se incorporarán a las nuevas ediciones de la presente guía o documentos y publicaciones complementarios. Esta empresa no hace promesas ni concede garantías, ya sean explícitas o implícitas, sobre el contenido del presente producto y declina expresamente toda garantía implícita de comerciabilidad o idoneidad para un fin determinado. Anote el número de modelo, el número de serie y la fecha y lugar de compra en el espacio provisto a continuación. Los números de serie y modelo figuran en la etiqueta pegada en el ordenador. Toda correspondencia relativa a su unidad deberá incluir los números de serie y modelo, así como la información de compra. Ninguna parte de esta publicación puede ser reproducida, almacenada en sistemas de recuperación o transmitida por ningún medio, ya sea electrónico, mecánico, fotográfico o de otro tipo, sin consentimiento por escrito de Acer Incorporated. Ordenador portátil Aspire 5715Z/5315 Número de modelo: _____________________ Número de serie: ________________________ Fecha de compra: ________________________ Lugar de compra: ________________________ Acer y el logotipo de Acer son marcas comerciales registradas de Acer Incorporated. Los demás nombres de productos o marcas comerciales sólo se utilizan con fines identificativos y pertenecen a sus respectivos propietarios. iii Información para su seguridad y comodidad Instrucciones de seguridad Lea atentamente estas instrucciones. Guarde este documento para consultarlo en el futuro. Siga los avisos e instrucciones marcados en el producto. Apagado del producto antes de limpiarlo Desconecte el producto de la toma de corriente antes de limpiarlo. No utilice productos de limpieza líquidos ni aerosoles. Utilice unpaño húmedo para la limpieza. PRECAUCIÓN con el enchufe como dispositivo desconectado Preste atención a las siguientes indicaciones cuando conecte o desconecte la energía a la unidad de suministro eléctrico: Instale la unidad de suministro eléctrico antes de conectar el cable de alimentación a la salida de corriente alterna, CA. Desenchufe el cable de alimentación antes de retirar la unidad de suministro eléctrico del ordenador. Si el sistema dispone de múltiples fuentes de alimentación, desconecte la energía del sistema desenchufando todos los cables de alimentación de los suministros de corriente. PRECAUCIÓN en Accesibilidad Asegúrese de que la salida de corriente a la que enchufa el cable de alimentación es fácilmente accesible y que se encuentra lo más próxima posible al operador del equipo. Cuando necesite desconectar la corriente del equipo, asegúrese de desenchufar el cable de alimentación de la salida de corriente. PRECAUCIÓN con la Tarjeta Ficticia PCMCIA y la Ranura Express Su ordenador se ha enviado con tarjetas plásticas ficticias instaladas en la PCMCIA y en la Ranura Express. Estas tarjetas protegen las ranuras no utilizadas frente a la entrada de polvo, objetos de metal y otras partículas. Guarde estas tarjetas para utilizarlas cuando no tenga PCMCIA o Tarjeta Express instalados en la ranura. ...

ItsHot.Com Diamond Watches – For Glamorous Times Ahead

It is ever so easy to draw similarities between a diamond watch and a tinsel town diva; both attract attention for very similar reasons like chiseled good looks, sleek persona, glamour and style. And like a movie starlet, these diamond watches stun onlookers making them weak in the knees with oozing charm and bling.

Quiet Chainsaws - Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

chainsaws are not exactly silent, we’ve found some that are quiet enough that the operator need not wear hearing protection, and we’ve found a quality saw that is quieter than the quietest gas powered lawn mower we’ve ever tested. NPC is testing and promoting quieter chainsaws as part of our expanded Quiet Lawns Project. (See our Quiet Lawns Special Report where we examine the noise levels of more than 70 lawnmowers.) As we expand the number and Chainsaws are coming types of lawn equipment out of the woods. In tested, we are starting fact, most of the three with chainsaws, because million-plus chainsaws for years the chainsaw sold this year will never has been the poster child for noise. By showing see the woods, let alone that chainsaws can be travel more than a quieted, we show that couple hundred feet almost anything can be from the garage. quieted. Secondly, we’re testing chainsaws because we want to balance our projects between rural, suburban, and urban noise. Testing chainsaws expands the scope of our Quiet Lawns Project to rural areas, since chainsaws have a significant impact on the rural soundscape. Finally, we’re testing chainsaws because they are no longer solely the tools of lumberjacks and loggers. Chainsaws are found in more and more garages; their noise is found in more and more neighborhoods. There are probably more than 30 million chainsaws used in the US. More than three million chainsaws are sold in the US each year. The National Gardening Association reports that 5.7 million new and used chainsaws were sold last year. If there aren’t any chainsaws in your neighborhood right now, they will be coming soon. There aren’t three million loggers in the United States; there are slightly more than 100 million households in the United States. The people buying chainsaws today don’t need gas saws. There is no reason electric chainsaws, which are currently about 10% of the market, couldn’t be 80% of the market. The demand for chainsaws will continue to increase as more and more homeowners are using them for lawn maintenance and clean-up. In addition, with oil prices at the highest levels since the energy crises of the 1970s, many households are turning or returning to wood as an energy source. Newer EPA certified stoves which burn much cleaner than the older ones and the fact that wood is a renewable fuel with no net carbon dioxide emissions are also driving this trend. The increased demand for chainsaws, combined with falling prices for chainsaws, make their noise which was once limited to wooded rural areas, now much more common in suburbs too. Chainsaw Safety and Hearing Protection Often Forgotten Chainsaws are a remarkably powerful tool, but they come with a number of drawbacks, and noise is just one of them. A chainsaw in the hands of a careless, inexperienced, or tired operator can be very dangerous. Approximately 28,000 to 40,000 people per year require emergency treatment for injuries from using chainsaws. So we are beginning our report on chainsaw noise with a brief look at chainsaw safety and hearing health, because the best way to quiet a neighborhood is to get the people who shouldn’t be using a chainsaw in the first place not to use them. The graphic from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) shows chainsaws can cut up flesh as well as wood. And when a moving chain meets a humanbeing, the results are not small flesh wounds. Chainsaw wounds require an average of 110 stitches. Hearing loss from chainsaws, since it does not result in a trip to the emergency room, is not reported on this graphic. Fatalities are not reported either. As you look at the graphic, remember that both hearing loss and fatalities do occur. Gas powered chainsaws measured by NPC ranged from 106 to 117 dBA at the operator’s ear. The EPA and World Health Organization recommend daily unprotected exposure to 106 decibels be less than 23 seconds; to 117 decibels, less than 2 seconds (assuming no other noise exposure for the rest of the day). Not a lot of wood can be cut in 2 seconds, or even 23 for that matter. Chainsaws have been the poster child of noise because they have been very, very loud. Electric chainsaws (excluding battery powered ones) ranged from 90 to 102 dBA at the operator’s ear. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse recommends the use of hearing protection be used when 85 dBA is exceeded for any extended period of time. Although the electric chainsaws have significantly lower community noise levels, the short distance between the saw and the person’s ear, compared to a lawnmower, for example, where the engine is five to six feet away, makes hearing protection necessary. Fatalities from chainsaws themselves are less common than fatalities due to trees or branches striking the chainsaw operator. According to a Minnesota study “90 percent of the chainsaw deaths resulted from trees or branches falling on operators as they used a chainsaw.” Nevertheless, the scientific literature on the subject contains graphic depictions and photos of chainsaw kickback injuries to the neck, severing carotid and jugular blood vessels and resulting in fatalities. The chainsaw is actually cheap compared to the full cost of proper safety attire for chainsaw operation. The total cost of a chainsaw safety package is $350-$400 (10 times the cost of the cheapest saws we tested, twice as much as the best electric saw we tested, and equivalent to a high-end gas powered saw). One very important reason chainsaw noise is becoming more common is that people are purchasing the relatively cheap chainsaw and not the necessary safety items. No one should be operating a chainsaw, quiet or noisy, without the following. Included in the list are a number of chainsaw safety products we tested and liked: ...

segundo informe sobre diversas cuestiones relativas al ...

Al haberse planteado a este Centro Directivo diversas cuestiones relativas al procedimiento de regularización derivado de la presentación de la declaración tributaria especial regulada en la disposición adicional primera del Real Decreto-ley 12/2012, de 30 de marzo, por el que se introducen diversas medidas tributarias y administrativas dirigidas a la reducción del déficit público (BOE de 31 de marzo), adicionales a las que se incluyeron en el informe de 27 de junio, a continuación se pone de manifiesto el criterio de esta Dirección General sobre estas: 1) Contribuyente que debe presentar la declaración tributaria especial en los supuestos de cotitularidad de los bienes o derechos. Especial referencia al régimen de gananciales. Según dispone el apartado 1 de la disposición adicional primera del Real Decreto-ley 12/2012, “Los contribuyentes del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas, Impuesto sobre Sociedades o Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes que sean titulares de bienes o derechos que no se correspondan con las rentas declaradas en dichos impuestos, podrán presentar la declaración prevista en esta disposición con el objeto de regularizar su situación tributaria ...”. En este sentido se manifiesta la Orden HAP/1182/2012, de 31 de mayo, por la que se desarrolla la disposición adicional primera del Real Decreto-ley 12/2012, de 30 de marzo, por el que se introducen diversas medidas tributarias y administrativas dirigidas a la reducción del déficit público, se aprueban cuantas medidas resultan necesarias para su cumplimiento, así como el modelo 750, declaración tributaria especial, y se regulan las condiciones generales y procedimiento para su presentación (BOE de 4 de junio), cuyo artículo 2.1 establece: 1.“Podrán presentar la declaración tributaria especial los contribuyentes del Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas, del Impuesto sobre Sociedades o del Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes que sean titulares de los bienes o derechos a que se refiere el articulo 3 de esta Orden.”. Por su parte, el artículo 3.1 de la citada Orden HAP/1182/2012 señala lo siguiente: “1. Podrá ser objeto declaración tributaria especial cualquier bien o derecho cuya titularidad se corresponda con rentas no declaradas en el Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Físicas, del Impuesto sobre Sociedades o del Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes.”. De los preceptos transcritos se desprende que la declaración tributaria especial, en los casos de cotitularidad de bienes o derechos objeto de la misma, se presentará por cada uno de los cotitulares en la parte correspondiente a su cuota de participación, siempre que el valor de la respectiva cuota de titularidad corresponda con rentas no declaradas en los citados Impuestos por el cotitular del bien o derecho. CORREO ELECTRÓNICO

Informe sobre los tributos locales en la provincia de Cádiz 2011

Estimado lector Como es habitual, la Confederación de Empresarios de la provincia de Cádiz les presenta la XV edición del Informe sobre los Tributos Locales en la provincia de Cádiz para el año 2011, con la finalidad de que este estudio siga constituyendo, como lo ha venido siendo a lo largo de 15 años, un instrumento a disposición de ciudadanos, empresarios, profesionales, Administraciones, y en general, de todos aquellos estudiosos e interesados en la materia. Ya lo decíamos en nuestra anterior edición, no corren buenos tiempos para nuestro tejido empresarial, el cual se está viendo seriamente resentido como consecuencia de una dura crisis económica, mermándose con ello el crecimiento económico y social de nuestra provincia. En base a lo anteriormente argumentado, pretendemos que con este informe los nuevos equipos de gobiernos de los Ayuntamientos que conforman nuestra provincia y que recientemente han tomado posesión de sus cargos, reflexionen sobre la necesidad de moderar y contener cualquier propuesta de incremento en lo referente a los impuestos, tasas y precios públicos para el año 2012, puesto que ello supondría seguir creando obstáculos a los empresarios que intentan superar esta difícil coyuntura económica. Incidiendo directamente sobre el contenido del Informe, en el mismo se procede a realizar un estudio objetivo y analítico de los principales tributos que afectan a las distintas actividades empresariales y profesionales que se desarrollan en los diversos municipios de la provincia de Cádiz, así como entre las 8 capitales de provincia de la comunidad autónoma de Andalucía. Para ello, y atendiendo a la materia sobre la que versa, resulta fundamental utilizar una serie de supuestos prácticos, que a modo de ejemplos simplifiquen el estudio, permitiéndonos de este modo ofrecer una información objetiva con la que podamos efectuar una comparativa para cada uno de los casos contemplados y en donde se reflejan los datos de los 44 municipios de la provincia de Cádiz, y que como viene siendo habitual, plasmamos gráficamente por medio de gráficos comparativos. Igualmente, y a fin de valorar la evolución que se produce de modo individualizada en cada municipio, continuamos incorporando en la segunda parte del informe dos gráficas que aglutinan los impuestos y tasas objeto de nuestro estudio, finalizando la tercera parte del mismo con una comparativa gráfica entre las 8 capitales andaluzas. Realizando un análisis global del presente Informe, podemos destacar entre las conclusiones finales que pueda extraer el lector, que para este año 2011 la mayoría de los municipios de la provincia han optado por no realizar modificaciones, especialmente al alza, en sus respectivas ordenanzas fiscales. Por tanto, realizamos una valoración positiva a la contención y moderación fiscal seguida durante este año por los Ayuntamientos, moderación que desde la Confederación de Empresarios de la provincia de Cádiz se viene solicitando periódicamente, de modo más latente en los últimos tres años, y sobre la que como anteriormente hemos comentado, volvemos a insistir en vista a las próximas modificaciones fiscales que puedan ser aprobadas por los diferentes consistorios locales.