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August 31, 2001 (Volume 5 - Number 2) - VolWeb

Building condition to necessitate changes in Homecoming assembly and theatre productions bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Gallatin High opened the school year with the smell of fresh paint in the air, but has already been hit with some problems. Over the summer, the gymnasium floor was destroyed and the light booth in the Juliette Doyle Guthrie Theatre was condemned. While working on the roof late last July, workers failed to properly cover the roof. Later that night, when a rain storm came through, the cover blew away, leaving the gym floor open to the rain and dirt. The damage was estimated at $125,000. Although renovations got under way this past Monday, it is questionable whether the project will be done by Photo by David Satterfield its October 15 deadline. Commenting on the soon-to-be new floor, Coach Kim Kendrick said, “It’s going to be beautiful. We have a great design with the Gallatin High School ship at center court.” In 1992, the school board voted unanimously to give the money to repair the school’s 1940’s light booth. However, the county’s financial problems prevented the money from being spent at that time. The ancient light booth was finally condemned by Photo by David Satterfield the Fire Marshall early last June because of electrical problems. “At first, both the theater and the light booth were condemned, but right before school began, the theater was reopened,” commented theatre arts director Kim Reed-Bracey. The upcoming theater and chorus shows will more than likely have to be performed without stage lights. The bidding on the repair has already begun and will likely be a month-long process. However, the show must go on, and this year’s productions will still likely be among the best ever at Gallatin High. Without a gym, many upcoming events have to be relocated. The football ...

H1N1 vaccine clinics- Please sign in at the Volunteer Center- when ...

H1N1 vaccine clinics‐ Please sign in at the Volunteer Center‐ when you report to your shift. You will be given an assignment at that time. THANK YOU for volunteering to be a part of the H1N1 vaccination effort. Over the coming weeks, AU will be holding a series of vaccination clinics for students, employees and dependents. As we embark on this effort, we realize that our best laid plans may change as we gain experience in mass immunizations, so please be give us your feedback on how to improve our clinic flow and processes. This will truly be a learning experience for us all! If you have questions or comments or need additional information, please contact one of the following individuals: Susan McAllister‐ Associate Director of Public Safety Information and Education Chance Corbett, Associate Director of Emergency Management Dr. Fred Kam, AUMC Dr. Kimberly Braxton Lloyd, AUPCC Clinical Director Emily Mann, AUPCC Operations Director _____________________________________________________________________________________ Non‐clinical volunteer roles: • Screening area entrance‐ Greet individuals seeking vaccination, provide the screening form, direct person to a table, instruct person to complete the form. Instruct persons to read the laminated Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) and Privacy Practice Notice available on the tables. • Screening area exit‐ Offer copy of Vaccine Information Sheet and Privacy Polity and direct person to vaccination • Runner‐ Assist wherever needed to ensure supplies are available at all stations, take administration forms to the volunteer center and ensure that the laminated copies and pens are on the tables in screening area • Traffic‐ Direct persons toward screening area and vaccination area. Collect data on participant age and status (student, employee, dependent, other) • Volunteer center‐ Assist volunteer with check in (have volunteers sign in, assist with orientation to area), alphabetize administration forms as received, serve as contact point for onsite volunteer coordinator.

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Advertising Artist Art Director Client Consultant Display Designer Furniture Designer Home Furnishings Coordinator Industrial Designer Interior Designer – Residential, Commercial (offices, restaurants, health care facilities, hotels) Illustrator Kitchen Designer Manufacturer's Representative Merchandise Displayer Package Designer Residential Designer Retail Store Designer Set Decorator Sports Facility Designer Store/Home Consultant Writer for Magazines featuring Interior and Graphic Designs * Some of these careers may require additional education or work experience POSSIBLE HIRING INSTITUTIONS Architectural firms Construction firms Corporate Design Departments Department stores Decorating magazines Department stores Engineering firms Freelance / Self-employed Furniture dealers Furniture manufacturers Furniture stores Government agencies Hotel and restaurant chains Housing developments Interior design firms Museums... Ability to react quickly to changing trends Create projects related to the use of design elements and principles and color Knowledge of the history of design Utilize computer-aided design to create designs Ability to understand technical documents applicable to contracts, codes, laws, and drawings Creative and imaginative, ability to innovate ideas Have very good spatial reasoning skill Posses an excellent ability to visualize concepts Ability to be open to new ideas and influences Aptitude for sketching and drawing An artistic personality – thoughtful, individualistic, sometimes aggressive, sometimes inward looking, independent, and a keen sense of aesthetics Ability to communicate; as you will often be required to make presentations promoting your ideas and design Ability to utilize various materials, accessories, furnishings; have an excellent sense to create with colors and patterns Sense of balance and harmony of space Good commercial sense – understand costs and an ability to persuade people Ability to work independently and under pressure Long-term planning skills and needs assessments...

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INTERIOR DESIGN POSSIBLE OCCUPATIONS (Some of these occupations may require additional education and experience) Art Director Color/Materials Designer Commercial Interior Designer Contract Designer Creative Director Decorating Consultant Design Consultant Display Coordinator Environmental Designer Exhibit Designer Exhibitions Curator Facilities manager Historical Society Window Dresser Home Furnishings Coordinator Interior Decorator Interior Design Consultant Interior Design Coordinator Interior Designer Interior Space Coordinator Manufacturer's Representative Preservationist Product Consultant Product designer Residential Consultant Sales designer Sales representative Scenic Designer Set Designer Show Design Supervisor Space Designer Teacher POSSIBLE WORK SETTINGS Architectural Firms Carpet Companies Commercial Settings Corporate Offices Day Care Facilities Decorating Companies Decorating Magazines Department Stores Engineering Firms Fabric Companies Consulting Businesses Furniture Dealerships Hospitals Hotel Chains Housing Developments Interior Design Firms Museums/Historical Agencies Property Management Firms Realtor Companies Restaurant Chains Retail Stores Television/Motion Picture Studios Theatres Vacation Resorts

Tourism - UNEP
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Chapter Coordinating Author: Lawrence Pratt, Director of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS), INCAE Business School, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Lead authors also included Luis Rivera, Economics Consultant and Amos Bien, Sustainable Tourism Consultant. Nicolas Bertrand of UNEP managed the chapter, including the handling of peer reviews, interacting with the coordinating author on revisions, conducting supplementary research, conducting preliminary editing and bringing the chapter to final production. Derek Eaton reviewed and edited the modelling section of the chapter. The chapter was developed in partnership with the World Tourism Organization. The project manager for UNWTO was Luigi Cabrini, Director, Sustainable Tourism Programme. Background Technical Papers prepared for the development of this chapter were drafted by the following individuals: James Alin (Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia), Ravinder Batta (Government of Himachal Pradesh, India), Tom Baum (University of Strathclyde, UK), Kelly Bricker (University of Utah, USA and TIES Board of Directors, USA), Rachel Dodds (Sustaining Tourism, Canada), Ramesh Durbarry (University of Technology, Mauritius), Ioanna Farsari (Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece), Carolyn George (TEAM Tourism Consulting, UK), Stefan Gössling (Lund University, Sweden), Gui Lohmann (Southern Copyright © United Nations Environment Programme, 2011 Version -- 02.11.2011

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CONTEMPORARY TOURISM REVIEWS E-Tourism Dimitrios Buhalis, Ph.D., International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research, Bournemouth University, UK Soo Hyun Jun, Ph.D., Tourism Management and Marketing, School of Services Management, Bournemouth University, UK. Contemporary Tourism Reviews Series Editor: Chris Cooper Published by Goodfellow Publishers Limited, Woodeaton, Oxford, OX3 9TJ (G) Copyright © Goodfellow Publishers Ltd 2011 All rights reserved by Goodfellow Publishers Limited. The text of this publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storage in an information retrieval system, or otherwise, without prior permission of the publisher. Design and setting by P.K. McBride 2 E-Tourism About the authors Professor Dimitrios Buhalis is a Strategic Management and Marketing expert with specialisation in Technology and Tourism. He is currently Established Chair in Tourism and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research (ICTHR) and Director of the John Kent Institute in Tourism at the School of Tourism at Bournemouth University and Professorial Observer at the Bournemouth University Senate. He is also the President of the International Federation of Information Technology for Travel and Tourism (IFITT). He previously worked at the Universities of Surrey, Westminster and the Aegean whilst he had visiting appointments at ESSEC in France, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China University of Aveiro, Portugal, and the Modul University in Vienna, Austria. He is regarded as an expert in the impacts of ICTs in the tourism industry, the management of tourism distribution channels as well as in strategic tourism marketing and management. He has worked around the world and has written 14 books and more than 100 articles. Dimitrios has been involved with a number of European ...

Strayer University Scholarship Overview - Maricopa Community ...

Strayer University Scholarship Overview Strayer University offers three scholarships for the Summer recruiting term for new and readmit students who qualify. The scholarships are effective as of the Summer 2012 term and are applicable to new or readmit students who are finalizing for the Summer 2012 term. THE $1000 EXPERIENCED STUDENT ASSISTANCE SCHOLARSHIP In order to qualify for this scholarship, students must: • Be a new or readmit student registering for the Summer 2012 term.1 New students must have 1 to 26 transfer credits from a Strayer acceptable University. Readmit students must have 1 to 26 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.2 • Meet all the Strayer University admissions requirements • Be in good financial standing with the University ($0 balance) • Register for two or more courses in any associate or bachelor’s program3 This scholarship will be officially awarded once college credit is posted to the student’s record (if applicable) and will be applied as a reduction to tuition.4 Tuition will be reduced in week eight (8) of class, or after the last date to drop without academic penalty as long as the student is still attending both courses. The communication (and awarding) of the scholarship will be done via the Campus Director, who reviews the student’s admission file, then provides the scholarship letter.

Phoenix Boeing 747-400 Advanced Panel Manual

Displays current barometric altitude. When below 10,000 feet, the first digit is replaced with a green box. Outlined in bold white when approaching MCP selected altitude and within 900 to 300 ft to it. Outlined in yellow when deviating from MCP selected altitude and within 900 to 300 ft from it. Decision Height Displays Decision Height (RADIO or BAROmetric) selected on EFIS panel. Flashes in yellow when the aircraft is below selected height. Barometric Altimeter Setting Displays selected Baro setting or STD, as selected on EFIS panel. Outlined in yellow when above transition altitude and STD not set, or below transition level and STD set. Ground Displays Ground level, if the aircraft is below 400 ft AGL. Select Radio or Barometric DH When MTRS button pushed on EFIS panel, additional metric readouts are added above Altitude readout and Command Altitude readout Display Meters Select In.Hg. Select hPa Adjust Barometric Setting Adjust DH Toggle Flight Path Vector display Toggle between selected Baro Setting and Standard fixed 28.82 In.Hg. EFIS Panel Vertical Speed Indicator Vertical Speed Readout Shows Vertical Speed when over +/- 400 FPM. Placed above the indicator when climbing, and below the indicator when descending. Selected Vertical Speed Shows Vertical Speed selected on MCP. Shown only when V/S mode is engaged. Current Vertical Speed Needle shows present Vertical Speed, in thousands of feet per minute. 4 Boeing 777-200 Advanced Panel Manual ©2001 Phoenix Simulation Software Primary Flight Display Heading Indicator Current Heading Existing aircraft heading. Current Track Existing aircraft groundtrack, which can differ from aircraft heading when in crosswind Selected Heading Heading selected in MCP Heading window. When selected heading is outside visible rose part, the heading bug parks at a side closer to the selected heading. AFDS Engaged State Indication FLT DIR A/P LAND 3 Flight Director switch engaged while none of CMD buttons are engaged; Flight Director bars visible Either CMD button engaged; the aircraft is controlled by autopilot Autoland active, all 3 autopilots are in CMD mode Flight Mode Annunciations Displays the active and armed Autothrottle, Roll and Pitch autopilot modes. Active modes are displayed in green. Armed modes are displayed in white under Active modes. When a mode is changed, it is boxed for 10 seconds. Autothrottle modes THR REF Maintains reference thrust which is shown on EICAS display IDLE Throttles are being moved to Idle position SPD Maintains speed selected in MCP Speed window HOLD Autothrottle servos are disconnected, allowing for manual adjustment TRK HOLD Rolls wings level and maintains track existed when levelled Roll modes HDG SEL Maintains heading selected in MCP Heading window TRK SEL Maintains track selected in MCP Heading window LNAV FMC commands bank to follow the active route. Armed when below 100 ft HDG HOLD Rolls wings level and maintains heading existed when levelled HOLD Captures and holds localizer track. Armed until localizer becomes alive VNAV VNAV mode is armed when the aircraft is below 400 ft Pitch modes ALT Holds altitude existing when ALT HOLD button was pressed on MCP, MCP altitude when it was captured while in V/S or FLCH mode V/S Holds vertical speed selected in MCP VS / FPA window VNAV PTH Maintains altitude or vertical descent path commanded by FMC to follow route vertical profile. FPA Holds flight path angle selected in MCP VS / FPA window VNAV SPD Maintains FMC commanded airspeed by pitching the aircraft up or down FLCH SPD Maintains speed selected on MCP by pitching the aircraft up or down 5 Boeing 777-200 Advanced Panel Manual ©2001 Phoenix Simulation Software Primary Flight Display Flight Mode Annunciations (cont.) Pitch modes VNAV ALT...

Learn how to spend smart, spend safe during Fraud Prevention Month

Insurance Fraud Certified at Koyal Group SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Consumers are encouraged to learn how to spend smart and spend safe during Fraud Prevention Month. The Financial and Consumer Services Commission is providing resources to New Brunswickers to help. "Whether you are shopping at the mall or making purchases online, you should be looking at how you can spend smartly and safely," said Andrew Nicholson, director of education and communications with the commission. "During March, we will be offering tips and free resources to help empower you to make the right financial decisions, no matter where or how you are spending your money." Commission staff will be available at several home shows, scam jams and presentations around the province during the month. The schedule is online. "Sometimes we need a reminder to think twice before handing over our hard-earned money," said Nicholson.

To promote innovation the proper balance of competition and patent

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION To Promote Innovation: The Proper Balance of Competition and Patent Law and Policy A Report by the Federal Trade Commission October 2003 FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION TIMOTHY J. MURIS MOZELLE W. THOMPSON ORSON SWINDLE THOMAS B. LEARY PAMELA JONES HARBOUR Chairman Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Commissioner Susan A. Creighton J. Howard Beales III Luke Froeb William E. Kovacic Anna H. Davis Rosemarie A. Straight Director, Bureau of Competition Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection Director, Bureau of Economics General Counsel Director, Office of Congressional Relations Executive Director Report Contributors Susan S. DeSanti, Deputy General Counsel for Policy Studies, Office of the General Counsel William E. Cohen, Assistant General Counsel for Policy Studies, Office of the General Counsel Gail F. Levine, Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Policy Studies, Office of the General Counsel Hillary J. Greene, Project Director for Intellectual Property, Office of the General Counsel Matthew Bye, Attorney, Policy Studies, Office of General Counsel Michael S. Wroblewski, Assistant General Counsel for Policy Studies, Office of the General Counsel Robin Moore, formerly Attorney, Policy Studies, Office of General Counsel Michael Barnett, formerly Attorney, Policy Studies, Office of General Counsel Nicole Gorham, Legal Assistant, Policy Studies, Office of General Counsel Cecile Kohrs, Legal Assistant, Policy Studies, Office of General Counsel David Scheffman, formerly Director, Bureau of Economics Mark Frankena, Associate Director for Competition Analysis, Bureau of Economics Roy Levy, Economist, Economic Policy Analysis, Bureau of Economics Alden F. Abbott, Assistant Director for Policy and Evaluation, Bureau of Competition Suzanne Michel, Special Counsel for Intellectual Property, Bureau of Competition Paige Pidano, formerly Legal Assistant, Bureau of Competition Karina Lubell, formerly Legal Assistant, Bureau of Competition Inquiries concerning this report should be directed to: Susan S. DeSanti, Deputy General Counsel for Policy Studies, Office of the General Counsel (202) 326-3190 or