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spring | summer 2013 - Valvano
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The upcoming season is all about flirty and girly! OMBRE hair colour makes its appearance again this season with TEAL – GREEN being the hair colour of choice! We are thrilled to share with you more trends in hair , makeup, fashion, etc. as we welcome the change of seasons yet again! Valvano trend team Creative Director Felice Valvano Contributing Editor & Designer April Valvano Contributors Ashley Montemarano & Melanie Skeoch With the warm weather upon us, so will be those lazy afternoons by the pool. But don’t be lazy with your hair this summer. Be sure to ward off the effects of chlorine build up with our new, amazing ROCCO Clarify-It deep cleansing shampoo with the power of kiwi! ROCCO Clarifying Shampoo comes in 2oz, 8.5oz, 32oz sizes. Valvano Salon Spa 134 Niagara St., St. Catharines Valvano (Lakeshore Square) 33 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines 905.684.5580 905.646.1877 Typically “HAIR" and “FOOD" are two words most of us prefer not to hear in the same sentence, but as you know, at Valvano... It's Not Just Great Hair! When you get over the initial shock that some of us here know about MORE than just hair, leap into the kitchen and take a stab at this delish dish. hair myth | answered MYTH: Hair grows faster when it is trimmed more frequently. FACT: The rate or speed of hair growth is not determined by the frequency of trims. Trimming will not make it grow faster but it will keep your hair healthy so it can grow longer. hair hero According to a new poll, favorite hairstyle on any male in the public eye went to; Harry Styles from One Direction. Other notable names in the top 10 include David Beckham and his son, Romeo Beckham, Justin Bieber & Olympic Cyclist & Tour de France winner; Bradley Wiggins. Spring Carrot, Kale & Fennel Ribbon Salad By April Valvano 2012 VSSA Winners Join us in congratulating the following team members who were awarded “the golden comb” in these categories…

BeautyAsia 2013 showcases the best of beauty innovations and trends

17th edition of BeautyAsia is now at new location in Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s first Hair Designer of the Year competition makes its debut Singapore, 18 February 2013 – From the best cover up job to the latest eyelash extensions, to konjac face sponge and the much talked about Hakuhodo brushes handcrafted by skilled artisans from weasel hair, squirrel, white goat and water badger. BeautyAsia, the region’s most established one-stop trade show for the beauty, spa and health industry is back for its 17th appearance, to wow, woo and educate beauty professionals with the best, latest and most exciting products and services. The three-day show will be held from 25 to 27 February at its new location at Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands. Gillian Loh, Project Manager, for show organizer Lines Exhibition said: “Of all the industries, beauty is one of the most recession-proof. While economies around the world have gone through so many ups and down over the years, the beauty business continues to be on the upswing. We are happy to say that this year we have more exhibitors participating at our show. “There is also a sense of excitement with exhibitors as the 17 th BeautyAsia is being held at a grander and much newer venue within the upmarket Marina Bay Sands area.” BeautyAsia 2013 will play host to Singapore’s first Hair Designer of the Year competition. Some of the region’s top stylists are expected to compete for several of the award categories such as the “Most Promising” award and the “Most Inspiring Colour Creation”. Judges for the competition include well-known hairstylists Park Young-Soo, arguably Tokyo’s top hair stylist, and Calvin Chan, hairstylist to celebrities like supermodel Qi Qi. NailsAsia™ 2013 will also be hosting its much anticipated 7th International Nail Art Competition with six award categories up for grabs, including 3-D Folk Art Nail Design, French Sculpture Gel Nail and Mix Media Nail Art Design (theme: Chinese Zodiac). Also on display is a variety of nail-related products including the latest nail trends, nail polish, tattoos, colours and accessories. Or meet Catherine Wong, Training Director of Ecsalonce, a professional nail art specialist training centre for tips and advice on nail art. According to Catherine – popularly known as the Nail Queen – the trend for nails in 2013 is the “watercolour” technique. This involves gentle brushing of colours so that they appear more gradual and blended, very much like how watercolour paintings are rendered. For something bold and vampish, look out for pointy sharp nails or talons, another nail trend for 2013. Talons have been spotted on celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna who have popularised the trend. BeautyAsia 2013 incorporates four distinctive shows: BeautyAsia, SpaAsia, HealthAsia and NaturalAsia. It is open from 11 am to 7 pm during exhibition days. Admission is free and open only to beauty and wellness trade professionals. To register for show admission, log on to

The State of Men – June 2013 - JWT Intelligence

| THE STATE OF MEN | INTRODUCTION | Men’s fortunes are declining, or so word has it. There was the “mancession”—in the U.S., men held more than three-‐ quarters of the jobs lost during the economic crisis—and the 2012 book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, while Labour Party politician Diane Abbott recently declared a “crisis of masculinity” in the U.K. A book by comedian Adam Carolla frets that In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks. Women are rising, but for men this is less the “end” than the driver of major shifts in gender roles, behavior, attitude and mindset. Some men are welcoming the new options that a less prescribed model of masculinity opens up. For others, the lack of a clear model for manhood is anxiety-‐producing, as are the new expectations to spend more time on everything from child care to chores to skin care. Indeed, men are putting a masculine stamp on child care, housework and even skin care. conducted in the U.S. and the U.K. and examples of how marketers are responding to new gender norms. METHODOLOGY This report is the result of quantitative, qualitative and desk research conducted by JWTIntelligence throughout the year. online tool. We surveyed 1,000 adults (500 Americans and 500 Britons) from April 29-‐May 2, 2013. We also received input from JWT’s Planning Foresight group in London and planners and researchers around the globe, including Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, Spain, Poland and Thailand. In addition, we interviewed experts and REDEFINING MASCULINITY When “men were men,” as the saying goes, masculinity was clearly are blurring and men are formulating a more nuanced idea of what it means to be a man. The “manly man” is portrayed winkingly these days, even as retro elements of masculinity enjoy a revival. … EXPERTS AND INFLUENCERS* JON BERRY, VP, GfK Consumer Trends, GfK Consumer Experiences North America BRAD HARRINGTON, executive director, Boston College Center for Work & Family, and professor, Carroll School of Management YANG-‐YI GOH, fashion editor, Sharp magazine ANDY TU, SVP of marketing, Break Media ARMANDO GOMEZ, director of advertising and promotions, AskMen


The Center for Auto Safety has sent a petition t o the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), calling for the recall o f over three million Jeep Grand Cherokees, claiming that the vehicles have a design flaw in their gas tanks that makes them potential fire hazards. The petition states that "the plastic fuel tank on 1993-2004 models is n o t adequately protected from a rear impact because it is behind the rear axle." In addition, the plastic gas-tank can b e easily punctured in a crash by a bolt from the rear sway bar, which the Motor Vehicle Fire Research Institute o f Charlottesville, Virginia found t o b e little more than a tenth o f an inch away. Grand Cherokees made from 1993 t o 2004 have "a fatal crash-fire occurrence rate that is about four times higher than S.U.V.s made b y other companies," the letter states. The executive director o f the Center for Auto Safety, Clarence Ditlow, told the agency, "his search of its Fatality Analysis Reporting System found 172 fatal fire crashes resulting in 254 deaths between 1992, when the Grand Cherokee was introduced, and 2008," the N e w York Times reported. Those numbers included 44 crashes that resulted in 64 deaths, with investigators deeming fire as the "most harmful event." When Jeep introduced the 2005 Grand Cherokee model, they positioned the fuel tank in front o f the rear axle. This redesign has been carried over through each successive model, and the number o f fires and fire related deaths have dramatically decreased in accidents involving Grand Cherokees made in those years. The petition notes that since the redesign, there has been only one fatal fire crash, and that fire occurred only after b o t h persons had been ejected from the vehicle. The petition issued by the Center for Auto Safety cites investigations done on the 1971-1976 Ford Pintos related t o fire-hazardous fuel tanks o n the basis o f much fewer crashes.

Rogue Stunt Giveaway - ePrize
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1. Eligibility: Rogue Stunt Giveaway (the “Instant Win Game”) is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia who are at least eighteen (18) years old and have a valid driver's license at the time of entry. Employees, officers, directors and representatives of TBWA/Chiat/Day Inc. (De), Nissan Motor Company, Ltd, Nissan North America, Inc., ePrize, Inc., as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members (whether related or not) of each such employee/officer/director are not eligible. The Instant Win Game is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited. Participation in the Instant Win Game constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules and Sponsor’s and Administrator's decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Instant Win Game. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein. 2.Sponsor: Nissan North America, Inc., One Nissan Way, Franklin, TN 37067. Administrator: ePrize, Inc., One ePrize Drive, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069. 3. Timing: The Instant Win Game begins on December 31, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET") and ends on February 10, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. ET (the "Promotion Period"). Administrator’s computer is the official time-keeping device for the Instant Win Game. 4.How to Enter: During the Promotion Period, visit and follow the links and instructions to watch the video provided. Then complete and submit the registration form. Once you submit the form, you will automatically receive one (1) Instant Win Game play for that day and proceed to the Instant Win Game page. Follow the links and instructions to play the Instant Win Game. The Instant Win Game results will be instantly displayed. Potential winners of the Instant Win Game will be provided directions for validation. ...

Altium at UK Electronics Design Show

development (TASKING), and its UK value¬added reseller Premier EDA Solutions will showcase the industry leading electronics design tool Altium Designer at the Electronics Design Show in Coventry on 2nd – 3rd October 2013. Visitors to Stand K10 can experience the power of Altium Designer and see native 3D PCB design capabilities allowing seamless ECAD/MCAD collaboration, learn about advanced data management for electronics design giving better control over libraries, design data and production processes ¬ and more. "We are delighted once again, to be headline sponsors with Premier EDA Solutions of the Electronics Design Show. With an even bigger focus on Electronics this year, the UK electronics design community will be amongst the first to see our latest developments and exclusive previews on new products.” says Frank Krämer, Director Global Solution Marketing & Partnerships with Altium. In a showcase of UK innovation, stand visitors will be able to see some of the exciting products designed and built in the UK using Altium Designer. Examples will be distributed across the entire Show so visitors can witness the software’s capabilities in action. "We share a common passion with show organisers Findlay Media for the success of UK engineering and are very much looking forward to showcasing some of the fantastic technology designed using our products at the exhibition," says Phil Mayo, MD of Premier EDA Solutions. This year, there will be a new initiative where visitors can pre¬register for on¬booth activities. This is designed to help visitors plan their day and in return they will receive a memory stick with copies of all of the …

Strayer University Scholarship Overview - Harper College

Strayer University Scholarship Overview Strayer University offers three scholarships for the Summer recruiting term for new and readmit students who qualify. The scholarships are effective as of the Summer 2012 term and are not applicable to new or readmit students who are finalizing for the Summer 2012 term. THE $1000 EXPERIENCED STUDENT ASSISTANCE SCHOLARSHIP In order to qualify for this scholarship, students must: • Be a new or readmit student registering for the Summer 2012 term.1 New students must have 1 to 26 transfer credits from a Strayer acceptable University. Readmit students must have 1 to 26 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.2 • Meet all the Strayer University admissions requirements • Be in good financial standing with the University ($0 balance) • Register for two or more courses in any associate or bachelor’s program3 This scholarship will be officially awarded once college credit is posted to the student’s record (if applicable) and will be applied as a reduction to tuition.4 Tuition will be reduced in week eight (8) of class, or after the last date to drop without academic penalty as long as the student is still attending both courses. The communication (and awarding) of the scholarship will be done via the Campus Director, who reviews the student’s admission file, then provides the scholarship letter.

Feature 4 Treating Tricky Tonsillitis - STA Communications

IN THIS ARTICLE: 1.What is the palatine tonsil? 2.What function does the tonsil serve? 3.What is the microbiology of tonsillitis? 4.What are the complications of tonsillitis? 5.How do I manage peritonsillar infections? WHAT IS THE PALATINE TONSIL? The palatine tonsil represents the largest accumulation of lymphoid tissue in the head and neck region. Each tonsil has a compact body with a definite thin capsule on its deep surface. A stratified squamous epithelium lines the outer surface of the tonsil and invaginates deeply into the lymphoid tissue to form multiple crypts. Figure 1 demonstrates normal tonsils. The tonsillar fossa is composed of three muscles: the palatoglossus muscle, the palatopharyngeal muscle, and the superior constrictor muscle. The palatoglossus Figure 1. Photograph of oropharynx. The tonsils are normal muscle forms the anterior pillar and the palatopharyn- and the uvula is in the midline. geal muscle forms the posterior pillar. The tonsillar bed is formed by the superior constrictor muscle of the pharynx. The arterial blood supply of the tonsil enters primarily at the lower pole and is derived from the tonsillar branch of the dorsal lingual artery, the ascending palatine artery and the tonsillar branch of the facial artery. The ascending pharyngeal artery and Tonsillitis Dr. Tewfik is professor, department of otolaryngology, McGill University, and director of otolaryngology, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Quebec. Dr. Campisi is fellow, department of otolaryngology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. The lesser palatine artery also contribute to the vascular supply at the upper pole. Venous blood drains through the peritonsillar plexus around the capsule. The plexus then drains into the lingual and pharyngeal veins, which in turn drain into the … WHAT FUNCTION DO TONSILS SERVE? The tonsils are predominantly ß-cell organs with ßlymphocytes comprising 50% to 65% of all tonsillar lymphocytes. T-cell lymphocytes comprise approximately 40% of tonsillar lymphocytes and 3% are mature plasma cells. Tonsils are involved in inducing secretory immunity and regulating immunoglobulin production. The tonsils are favourably located to mediate immunologic protection of the upper aerodigestive tract as they are exposed to airborne antigens. Moreover, there are …

Boeing 737-700/800 Flight Crew Operation Manual

•Index• • Introduction • Operational Limitations • Weight Limitations • Autopilot/Flight Director System • Engines and APU • Flight Controls • Fuel System • Normal Procedures • Philosophy • Configuration Check • Crew Duties • Control Display Unit (CDU) Procedures • Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) Procedures • Preflight and Postflight Scan Flow • Areas of Responsibility – Captain as PF • Areas of Responsibility – First Officer as PF • Preliminary Preflight Procedure – Captain or First Officer • CDU Preflight Procedure – Captain or First Officer • Exterior Inspection • Preflight Procedure – First Officer • Preflight Procedure – Captain • Before Start Procedure • Pushback or Towing Procedure • Engine Start Procedure • Before Taxi Procedure • Before Takeoff Procedure • Takeoff Procedure • Takeoff Flap Retraction Speed Schedule • Climb and Cruise Procedure • Descent Procedure • Approach Procedure • Flap Extension Schedule • Landing Procedure – ILS • Landing Procedure – Instrument Approach using VNAV • Go-Around and Missed Approach Procedure • Landing Roll Procedure • After Landing Procedures • Shutdown Procedure • Secure Procedure • Supplementary Procedures – Introduction • General • Interior Inspection • Isolated Pack Operation during Engine Start • Pressurization System Manual Mode Test • Pressurization System Manual Mode Operation • Pressurization Control Operation – Landing at Alternate Airport • Unpressurized Takeoff and Landing • Takeoff • After Takeoff • Landing • No Engine Bleed Takeoff • Takeoff • After Takeoff • Landing • Anti-Ice, Rain • Window Heat System Tests • Overheat Test • Power Test • Automatic Flight • VOR Navigation • Instrument Approach using Vertical Speed (V/S) • Circling Approach • Communications • Electrical • Electrical Power Up • Electrical Power Down • Standby Power Test • Engines, APU • Starting with Ground Air Source (AC electrical power available) • Engine Crossbleed Start • Setting N1 Bugs with No Operative FMC (Manual N1 Bug Setting) • Fire Protection • Flight Instruments, Displays • Setting Airspeed Bugs with No Operative FMC(Manual Airspeed Bug Setting) • Flight Management, Navigation • Transponder Test • Weather Radar Test • IRS • Alight Lights Flashing • Fast Realignment • IRS Entries • Fuel Balancing • Adverse Weather • Takeoff – Wet or Contaminated Runway Conditions • Cold Weather Operations • Preflight Procedure – First Officer • Engine Start Procedure • Engine Anti-ice Operation – On the Ground • Wing Anti-ice Operation – On the Ground • Before Taxi Procedure • Taxi-Out • De-icing/Anti-icing • Before Takeoff Procedure • Engine Anti-Ice Operation – In flight • Wing Anti-ice Operation – In Flight • Approach and Landing • After Landing Procedure • Shutdown Procedure • Secure Procedure • Hot Weather Operation

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Crown The Queen By Quawontay Griswold, Staff Writer “ Begin planning for the crown before you earn it,” is exactly what 2013-2014 Homecoming Queen Hollis Sherman did. Hollis Sherman a cross country, tennis, and volleyball athlete who was crowned after a highly anticipated expedition. Being influenced by family and friends Hollis decided to run. Considering that Hollis being in the IB program she made a perfect candidate to withhold the title of the Homecoming Queen. She used candy, buttons, t-shirts, and posters with her face posted all over the school to persuade The Academy of Richmond County to crown her queen. Taking into account the race was based on a popularity contest Hollis found the campaign to be quite tough and competitive. However through the rain trying to downpour on the Friday night event tables turned. Being escorted by her father Dr. Sherman, Hollis walked the most memorable trail of her high school senior year. As the first and second runner up was called the stadium began chanting “HOLLIS!” Hollis began shaking she was shocked and surprised as her name was called over the microphone. With the vast majority vote, Hollis beat her runner ups Ziyaddah Hasan and Brooklyn Flowers and is now recognized as The Academy of Richmond County’s Homecoming Queen. The Bluest Eye By Maria Smith, Contributing Writer Mr. Lewis, the Richmond Academy Drama Program’s director, aimed to choose an inspiration story in order to spread a message that his cast believes needs to be heard an addressed. With The Bluest Eye, he has done nothing less than this. This story of a child who struggles with her self image and a sexually abusive father conveys a message that captures the attention of the audience, and enlightens them to the effects of the trauma both society’s view of beauty and an abusive event on a child. Mr. Lewis and his cast gave themselves a voice, and have been rehearsing in order to make it heard. Rehearsals are exhausting, but worth it to a majority of the cast, as they work hard to possibly win state, after winning regionals for a second consecutive year. Jazzmin Smoot, a senior cast member, is excited for the competition. Although she admits other competitors did ...