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modelo de acta de entrega de local comercial

Gen Y: New Dawn for work, play, identity - Cisco

... Korea, India, China, Japan, Australia. THE THIRD ANNUAL CISCO CONNECTED WORLD TECHNOLOGY REPORT. COLLEGE STUDENTS and WORKERS. The survey was translated into local languages and conducted in August 2012 across 18 countries to gain approximately 100 completes for each subgroup in each country 18 Countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Korea, India, China, Japan, Australia Smartphones rival laptops as a preferred device by Gen Y. 60% of Gen Y compulsively check their smart phones for emails, texts or social media updates. Over two out of five would feel “anxious, like part of me was missing” if they couldn’t check their smart phones constantly. Two out of three spend equal or more time online with friends than in person If you had to choose only one device, what would it be?favored laptops preferred smartphone Smartphones rated twice as popular as desktop PC And three times as popular as a tablet.

2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report

• In Fall 2010, Cisco Systems partnered with InsightExpress for the execution of a research initiative that effectively gathered insights and feedback across End User and ITDM populations in 12 countries. • Overall, the research was targeted towards understanding the challenges companies face in an increasingly mobile and security risk-prone world. • In support of these efforts, the following investigation explores similar issues among a younger demographic—End Users and College Students between 18–29 years old. © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 3 Timing and Sample Qualifications • This report discusses the findings for 1,441 College Students (age 18–24) and 1,412 End Users (21–29) who completed an online survey between May 13 and June 8, 2011. • The survey was translated into local languages and fielded in 14 countries to gain approximately 100 completes for each subgroup in each country (~200 total completes per country). • End Users were screened to meet the following criteria: – College Graduate or Higher – Employed Full Time in a Non-IT role – Does not work for a company in the Market Research or Non Profit Industry – Works for an organization that employs 10+ people worldwide • Quotas were set to ensure an even distribution of completes by gender. Subgroup Analysis • Statistical differences between country subgroups were tested at the 95% confidence level and are indicated with capital letters in the analysis that follows. © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 4 © 2011 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 5

Bedroom Performance and Alcohol Use   Why More is Not Always Better

It’s summer, and the party is on – but binge drinking, or even having a few too many at the local bar – can have a serious effect on a man’s bedroom performance. Here’s what guys need to know to about the proverbial brewer’s droop.

Tips for choosing the right Local IT support provider in London

Oakland Associates Ltd is a leading IT Support Service provider in london. We are a local IT Support company that provide small business and residential IT solutions, including office relocation, web, email and support.

Servicios de Asistencia para Vehículos Asegurados - Produbanco

BENEFICIARIOS: Vehículo liviano y ocupantes en vehículos livianos de servicio particular o comercial hasta 3.5 toneladas de peso. VEHICULO LIVIANO: Corresponderá a los automóviles siempre que no se trate de vehículos destinados al transporte público de personas y mercancías y cuyo peso máximo sobrepase los 3.500 kgs., o cualquier tipo de motocicleta. FRANQUICIA: No existirá ninguna franquicia. La cobertura iniciará desde el kilómetro cero o lugar de residencia. AMBITO TERRITORIAL: Las coberturas referidas al vehículo se extenderán a todo el territorio de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones (CAN), por donde exista carretera transitable, particularmente para el ingreso de una grúa. COBERTURAS: 1. Remolque o transporte del vehículo: En caso de que el vehículo no pudiera circular por avería o por accidente, PRODUSEGUROS se hará cargo de su remolque o transporte hasta el concesionario o taller autorizado más cercano al sitio donde se encuentre el vehículo. Esta cobertura tendrá un límite máximo de USD 150 en avería y USD 200 en accidente, limitados a 5 eventos anuales. 2. Auxilio Mecánico - Envío de carro-taller: En caso de inmovilización del vehículo a consecuencia de falta de gasolina, pinchazo de los neumáticos o falta de carga en la batería del vehículo, PRODUSEGUROS pondrá a disposición del conductor del vehículo asegurado, limitado a 5 eventos anuales. 3. Servicio de lock out: En caso de extravío de las llaves del vehículo, o si éstas se quedaran dentro del mismo y no siendo posible ubicar las llaves de repuesto, PRODUSEGUROS pondrá a disposición del conductor del vehículo asegurado, cuantas veces lo necesite, un experto cerrajero que habilite la apertura del vehículo. 4. Estancia y desplazamiento de los ocupantes por inmovilización del vehículo: En caso de avería o accidente del vehículo, la compañía sufragará los siguientes casos:...

Installation Instructions Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Lids

Installation Instructions Harley-Davidson Saddlebag Lids Thank you for your purchase of Bagger Audio™ Saddlebag Lids for your HarleyDavidson motorcycle. We have carefully engineered these products to work with HarleyDavidson motorcycles to give you the best quality possible. Cycle Sounds® strives to bring you the highest quality audio products for your motorcycle. Donʼt forget to check our website for the most up-to-date product availability. Taking your valuable investment into consideration, we have detailed the installation instructions for our products. We would like to suggest that you refer to your HarleyDavidson factory service manual for removal of any factory parts. Should you not have this information available, we strongly recommend that your local dealership or professional installation facility assist with your installation. NOTE: YOU MUST APPLY SOME TYPE OF FINISH TO BAGGER AUDIO SADDLEBAG LIDS AND GRILLS TO PROTECT FROM MOISTURE AND UV RAYS WHICH CAN CAUSE FADING, DISCOLORATION OR RUSTING OVER TIME. THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL TO ENSURE THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR BAGGER AUDIO PRODUCTS.

Zend Framework from the Command Line - Cal Evans

Zend Framework from the Command Line Cal Evans Why CLI? I’ll take CLI over web for tools any day Three ways to do CLI • Freestyle Freestyle wget http://bugu.local/cli/text ?numToCall=16157158812 &payload=This+is+a+test We’ve all done this. Freestyle curl, wget, etc. • Handy tools Page 1. Zend Framework from the. Command Line. Cal Evans cal@blueparabola .com. Page 2. Why CLI? I'll take CLI over web for tools any day. Page 3 ...

A Gentle Introduction to the Zend Framework

This tutorial provides an introduction to the Zend Framework. It assumes readers have experience in writing simple PHP scripts that provide web-access to a database. 1. First a digression – Smarty templates: the separation of code (model and control) and display (view) 2. Using simple Zend components in isolation 3. Zend_DB – help with data persistence 4. Model View Control and related issues 5. Zend's MVC framework The examples have been built for an Ubuntu system with a local Apache server using NetBeans 6.9.1 and Zend 1.10. The NetBeans projects are available for download. Details of how to set up the environment are appended to this document along with links to tutorials at NetBeans and Oracle. Some examples use a MySQL server hosted on the same machine as the Apache server; others use a remote Oracle server accessed via Oracle's instant_client and its associated libraries. 1 Smarty The first PHP program that you wrote probably achieved the supposed ideal of just a little code embedded in a HTML page, such as this variant of Ramus Lerdorf's example script for handling input from a form for entering a user's name and age: But when you started to create real PHP applications you were using large files with lots of PHP code containing output statements that generated the HTML, as illustrated in the following fragment of a script dealing with file uploads:...

Workforce Training for the Electric Power Sector - Smart Grid Legal ...

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority Smart Grid Workforce Training Program Develop a workforce that is well-trained and committed to the mission of modernizing NTUA's distribution services, including an expeditious and well- Arizona New Mexico built smart grid system. The training program is designed to maximize employment opportunities for citizens of the Navajo Nation located on the reservation. Sacramento Southern California Utility Initiative - Expand training curricula and programs in the Southern California region. The project will raise awareness and interest in careers in utilities, address the predicted number of workers California eligible for retirement, and focus on training the workforce from the local community. The project is also intended to provide an electrical engineering pathway from the community college to the university level. Composite Technology Corporation Smart Grid Workforce Training (Topic B) Workforce Training for Operations and Management of New CTC Facility in Sikeston, MO to Manufacture High Efficiency ACCC (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) Transmission Conductor - Support training of 200 workers Missouri in hourly production positions, 37 in support positions and 13 in management and technical positions for a conductor manufacturing facility. University Enterprises, Inc. (on behalf of CSU Sacramento) Developing and Enhancing Workforce Training Programs (Topic A) California Smart Grid Workforce Development Network - Engage electric utilities, California State University campuses, California Community Colleges, labor unions, and smart grid manufacturers to create, execute, and California evolve a statewide workforce development strategy. The project's collaborating utilities include PG&E, Southern California Edison, and Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

CAUTION: Zoom N' Go HULK™ ATV 4-Wheeler - Hasbro

Zoom N’ Go HULK™ ATV 4-Wheeler To install batteries: 1. Using a Phillips/cross head screwdriver (not included), unscrew battery cover. 2. Insert 2 fresh 1.5 V “AA” or LR6 batteries. See diagram for polarity. 3. Replace battery cover and tighten screw. IMPORTANT: BATTERY INFORMATION Please retain this information for future reference. Batteries should be replaced by an adult. CAUTION: TO AVOID BATTERY LEAKAGE 1. Be sure to insert the batteries correctly and always follow the toy and battery manufacturers’ instructions; 2. Do not mix old and new batteries or alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries; 3. Always remove weak or dead batteries from the product. CAUTION: 1. Always follow the instructions carefully. Use only batteries specified and be sure to insert item correctly by matching the + and – polarity markings. 2. Do not mix old and new batteries or standard (carbon-zinc) with alkaline batteries. 3. Remove exhausted or dead batteries from the product. 4. Remove batteries if product is not to be played with for a long time. 5. Do not short-circuit the supply terminals. 6. Should this product cause, or be affected by, local electrical interference, move it away from other electrical equipment. Reset (switching off and back on again or removing and reinserting batteries) if necessary. 7. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Do not mix these with any other types of batteries. Always remove from the product before recharging. Recharge batteries under adult supervision. DO NOT RECHARGE OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES.