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Exemplar Global December Webinar: Industry Insight Webinar Series – Military Transition

Attend this short 45 minute, free webinar from Tim Williams, founder and CEO of B.O.S.S. Tim retired from the USAF and now runs a successful auditing business. Tim will talk about the skills you may have acquired whilst serving in the military and how these could be applied to become a self-employed auditor. It is a great time to consider a career as a certified industry auditor due to planned major changes to many ISO standards. It could be the perfect career move for you!

What are some car maintenance tips for first time car owners

Buying a car involves a lot of money. Your car will talk a lot about the type of person you are and hence, you need to take good care of the vehicle all the time. Here are few maintenance tips that will be of great use to you.

TCL Edu Associates Programs Administrative Office Technology

Individuals who pursue a career in Administrative Office Technology work as administrative assistants in a variety of professional settings including medical offices, accounting firms and other businesses.

Mobile Mechanic Sydney Pros Announces Launch of New Diagnostic Services

Mobile Mechanic Pros is a certified mobile mechanic based in Sydney. The company provides a dedicated and experienced team of expertly trained mechanics straight to your door. Alternatively, you can visit them onsite for the full range of services.

Norvell Group and Associates: Your Hardware Needs Fulfilled Online

Talk about your electronics hardware needs and one can definitely appreciate what Norvell Electronics provides through its website. With fifty years under its belt, Norvell Electronics has delivered service and support for the various power needs of the private and public sectors. When it comes to power solutions, Norvell associates offers a wide selection of power supplies, thermal cooling products, filters, protection devices and magnetic, manufactured by many leading companies. More than that, Norvell associates can also offer products not commonly available at the counter as well as develop solutions suited to the unique requirements of special power systems.

Commercial Flooring for Education

Contact us today by calling (855) 357-3566 to talk to a real-life Commercial flooring expert. We offer FREE estimates and no-obligation professional consulting services.

ACE Mobile Mechanic Portland Announces Launch of Mobile Responsive Website

ACE Mobile Mechanics is a Portland-based company that provides mobile mechanic services, bringing certified technicians straight to the door.

How do you customize a weight loss and exercise plan for yourself

If overweight is bothering you, you should choose a customized weight loss plan for yourself as soon as possible. If you follow the advertisements and promotional pages that talk about different medicines and equipments which provide you with quick solutions to the weight related issues, you might end up losing your money and good health.

Are real estate agents worth the cost to a home seller

If you want to sell your home in Singapore, you should try all possible methods to get the best rates. Finding a buyer yourself will not be an easy option. You might be able to spread the word about the property to the people you know. If your friends or colleagues need a house, they might talk to you regarding the deal. However, this might not fetch you the best rates.

Find an Exquisite Selection of Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry at

When we think or talk about diamond jewelry, the first few words that come to mind are sophistication, luxury, and elegance. Though people don’t usually use these words for hip hop jewelry, if you browse through the collection of diamond hip hop jewelry at

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