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Medical Symptoms Questionnaire
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WLM-1 2010-006 Medical Symptoms Questionnaire Initials Visit # Number # Date Rate each of the following symptoms based on the last 48 hours: Point Scale HEAD 0 1 2 Never or almost never have the symptom Occasionally have it, effect is not severe Ocasionally have it, effect is severe ________ Headaches ________ Faintness ________ Dizziness ________ Insomnia DIGESTIVE TRACT TOTAL EYES ________ Watery or itchy eyes ________ Swollen, red or sticky eyelids ________ Bags or dark circles under eyes ________ Blurred or tunnel vision (does not include nearor far-sightedness) TOTAL EARS ________ Itchy ears ________ Earaches, ear infections ________ Drainage from ear ________ Ringing in ears, hearing loss ________ Stuffy nose ________ Sinus problems ________ Hay fever ________ Sneezing attacks ________ Excessive mucus formation TOTAL Chronic coughing MOUTH/ ________ Gagging, need to clear throat THROAT ________ ________ Sore throat, hoarse, loss of voice ________ Swollen or discolored tongue, gums or lips ________ Canker sores TOTAL SKIN JOINTS / MUSCLE HEART LUNGS ________ Irregular or skipped heartbeat ________ Rapid or pounding heartbeat ________ Chest pain TOTAL ________ Nausea, vomiting ________ Diarrhea ________ Constipation ________ Bloated feeling ________ Belching, passing gas ________ Heartburn ________ Intestinal/stomach pain ________ Pain or aches in joints ________ Arthritis ________ Stiff or limitation of movement ________ Pain or aches in muscles ________ Feeling of weakness or tired TOTAL WEIGHT ________ Binge eating/drinking ________ Craving certain foods ________ Excessive weight ________ Compulsive eating ________ Water retention ________ Underweight TOTAL ENERGY / ACTIVITY ________ Fatigue, sluggishness ________ Apathy, lethargy ________ Hyperactivity ________ Restlessness TOTAL MIND ________ Acne ________ Hives, rashes, dry skin ________ Hair loss ________ Flushing, hot flashes ________ Excessive sweating TOTAL Frequently have it, effect is not severe Frequently have it, effect is severe TOTAL TOTAL NOSE 3 4 ________ Poor memory ________ Confusion, poor comprehension ________ Poor concentration ________ Poor physical coordination ________ Difficulty in making decisions ________ Stuttering or stammering...

200+ iOS Apps for Adult Speech-Language Therapy

TACTUS THERAPY SOLUTIONS presents: 200+ iOS Apps for Adult Speech-Language Therapy APPS FOR APHASIA App Name : Language TherAppy Price : $59.99 Lite Version : Language TherAppy Lite Format : Universal A 4-­‐in-­‐1 bundle of apps at a discount. The apps use the same 700 core vocabulary pictures, categories, and interface for a unified approach to aphasia rehab. Each app is fully customizable. Blog post here. App Name : Comprehension TherAppy Price : $24.99 Lite Version : Language TherAppy Lite Format : Universal Single word auditory & reading comprehension with data tracking, adjustable field & difficulty, and email reports. Over 700 real photos in categories of nouns, verbs, & adjectives. US & UK English, Spanish, & French. Works well for ax or tx. App Name : Naming TherAppy Price : $24.99 Lite Version : Language TherAppy Lite Format : Universal Cueing hierarchy for naming practice of over 400 nouns by category, semantic feature analysis for circumlocution, a naming test, & over 700 photo flashcards of nouns, verbs, and adjectives or add your own! Blog post here. App Name : Reading TherAppy Price : $14.99 Lite Version : Language TherAppy Lite Format : Universal Phrase & sentence-­‐level reading practice in matching and completion modes. Foils are carefully designed to challenge users. Data tracking and report emails. Can also be used for speech practice for oral reading. Add your own exercises! App Name : Question TherAppy Price : $34.99 Lite Version : Question TherAppy Lite Format : iPad Combining Answering TherAppy & Asking TherAppy, this 2-­‐ in-­‐1 value-­‐pack covers all aspects of interrogatives. Save money when you purchase these apps together. Adaptable for nearly any user! App Name : Answering TherAppy Price : $19.99 Lite Version : Question TherAppy Lite Format : iPad Practice answering yes/no and wh-­‐questions in a completely customizable app! Add your own questions or answer over 400 questions in expressive or receptive modes. App Name : Asking TherAppy Price : $19.99 Lite Version : Question TherAppy Lite Format : iPad A completely unique app with 4 activities to have clients ASK questions to discover new information. Using expressive, receptive, and an intermediate Generator mode, all people can learn to ask yes/no and wh-­‐questions in this new app. App Name : Category TherAppy Price : $14.99 Lite Version : Category TherAppy Lite Format : Universal Four semantic activities (find, classify, exclude, & add one) in basic, sub, & abstract categories with adjustable field size. Data tracking & email reports. Targets semantic knowledge for word-­‐finding, convergent naming & reasoning.

Home pc Internet Security Five Easy Steps

Most individuals end up getting flipped up as soon as you condition the expression "computer internet based security". These guys rapidly jump in the realization it could basically be executed by any individual well-versed when it comes to portable computer comprehension otherwise you be forced to pay outside the money to do with computer system Internet security software software. Now this fearfulness is totally unfounded and in reality there are many different very easy, quality owning dysfunctions that any of us, having a bit of good compact get better at computer system systems, may do for you to have its personal computer Internet security software. DAT Sample Test Items - American Dental Association

DENTAL ADMISSION TESTING PROGRAM Sample Test Items Dental Admission Testing Program 211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 600 Chicago, Illinois 60611 1-800-232-2162 American Dental Association ® These sample test items are reprinted for distribution in 2007 by the American Dental Association. © 2007 American Dental Association. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce or transmit, by any means or for any purpose, this publication, or any part of it, in print, electronic or other format without prior express written permission from the American Dental Association. DENTAL ADMISSION TEST PREPARATION MATERIALS How does one prepare for the DAT? There are no shortcuts to the process of learning, and these test preparation materials are not designed to provide the applicant with an opportunity to bypass the extensive process of absorbing basic information through class participation and months of study. These test preparation materials contain samples of the four tests used in the Dental Admission Testing Program. These are available to DAT applicants as a means of discovering possible areas of weakness in their comprehension of subjects covered by the test. They will also enable the candidates to become familiar with the types of material included in the test as well as with the general coverage and format of the various parts of the test battery. The entire DAT takes 4 hours and 45 minutes (including a 15-minute optional tutorial and break). In the real DAT, the time limit will be indicated in the upper right hand corner on the computer screen. Therefore, you will need to pace yourself as you proceed through each test in the Dental Admission Test. If you have time remaining for a section of the test, you can review your responses. When time expires, the computer screen will move to the next test or optional break period. The structure of the test is given below. You are encouraged to review the DAT Tutorial at under Step 4 before taking the actual DAT. The tutorial provides some sample items and information on navigating through the test. Components of the Test Optional Tutorial Survey of the Natural Sciences Perceptual Ability Test Optional Break Reading Comprehension Test Quantitative Reasoning Test Dental Admission Test

Contend with an Ethical Webdesign Company

Shocked that you could are looking at an not as much as honest website design producer? Do not be since the website and increase industry is not regulated. Then again, each time you overcome a web page growth firm with regard to Peterborough along the lines of Roman policier Connection , tasks life values is a at a minimum from the aggravations. These make sure of the being successful on the the web homemade projects making use of a authorized visual creative to enjoy the appearance and furthermore obtained web programmers for those web development. With in-depth comprehension of such as the available for purchase, they could present web based method this really is unique for one's exact calls for. They'll make sure that one can endlessly upgrade this of this web pages by including some sort of website cms (Content management systems).

Findability of Commodities by Consumers - Design Research Society

Findability of Commodities by Consumers: Distinguishing Different Packaging Designs Regina W.Y. Wang, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Mu-Chien Chou, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Chungyu Institute of Technology, Abstract What package design features can help consumers find commodities faster? This study assumes that the factors in distinguishing different packaging designs of commodities differ due to consumers’ different personal experiences. Thus, this paper studies the findability of commodities by consumers through distinct packaging designs. It consists mainly of two stages: (a) the first stage reviews the existing literature to determine the application of different package designs; (b) the second stage is a focus group interview designed to investigate the factors influencing consumers in distinguishing different package designs. In the investigation process, (i) samples of package bottles for testing were collected through natural observation and convenience sampling; (ii) a focus group interview was conduced to determine how a consumer recognizes the differences among packages; (iii) a grounded analysis model was employed to transfer and encode the data collected from the focus group interviews to construct a conceptual frame for trade dress and the classifications of trade dress, which can interpret variations in the recognition of packaging design differences. The results of the focus group interview showed that consumers focused more on three kinds of “trade dress”: property of commodity, label design, and bottle shape design when looking for differences in packaging designs. The “bottle shape design” was the most important factor that the focus group used in distinguishing different packaging designs. The distinction in the different package designs by consumers is not limited to design elements (image, language, color, shape, etc.) only; more importantly, the distinction lies in the relationship between “trade dress” and “classifications of trade dress,” which can better reflect the differences in packaging designs. Keywords commodity packaging; differences in packaging design; findability; trade dress. The findability of commodities influences consumer decisions (Brown, 2008). Two-thirds of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by the packages on the shelf (Lundberg, 2004; Nilsson & Öström, 2005; Rettie & Brewer, 2000). Hence, the kind of packaging that is easy to find is a thesis worth investigating. Packaging gives appeal and provides distinction from other commodities. Furthermore, it stimulates the buyers’ desire for consumption. An effective package design catches consumers’ attention and experience, prolongs lingering time before the shelf, and consequently causes sales opportunity to take place directly (Cheverton, 2004; Doyle, 1996; Mikunda, 2002). Experience in various commodities is connected with brand identity, packaging design on the shelf, and attempt to link with consumers’ personal experiences (Schmitt, 1999). Therefore, design elements such as character, figure, color, brand, shape, size, material, and texture employed effectively by the package designer can create a different package and communication experience (Schmitt & Simonson, 1997; Sonsino, 1990). There are different types of cognition towards the communication design of package comprehension between consumers and designers (Author, 2007). Hence, designers have different preferences in their own design communication owing to their different senses and cognitions of the commodity itself (Antioco, Moenaert, Feinberg, & Wetzels, 2008). This survey investigates the findability of packages. A literature review on packaging design differences is first presented, and the results of the group interview aimed at exploring the factors affecting consumer recognition and distinction of packaging design differences are then discussed...

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UNDERSTANDING ORAL INFORMATION The following scenario is a sample oral passage followed with sample questions. The oral passage during the firefighter exam will be longer. This section of the test is designed to measure listening and comprehension skills. Candidates cannot take handwritten notes while the oral passage is read. Have someone read the oral passage to you and then you answer the sample questions....

French Course Descriptions
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Training in the elements of French communication and comprehension. ... Training in basic French communication and comprehension skills to satisfy minimum ...

Gujarat Board English Core Sample Paper

Through different schools all over the India Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board conduct metric level examination. The class 10 board examinations are scheduled in the month of March. English is one of the languages papers which are compulsory for all the students. Pattern of the paper The class 10 English paper of Gujarat Board is divided into 5 sections. The first two sections are about Reading Comprehension. In the third section short notes are given to write. This includes messages and report writing. Section D is about long writing tasks. Here paragraphs, letters are given to write on. Section E is totally based on grammar.

Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

The volcano had been inactive for centuries. There was little warning of the coming eruption, although one account unearthed by archaeologists says that a hard rain and a strong wind had disturbed the celestial calm during the preceding night. Early the next morning, the volcano poured a huge river of molten rock down upon Herculaneum, completely burying the city and filling in the harbor with coagulated lava.

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