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makalah penyakit diabetes

Cardiovascular Risk Factors and 10-Year Risk for Coronary Heart Disease in Thai Adults

We evaluate cardiovascular risk factors (CVD) and 10- year risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) in Thai adults living in Bangkoknoi district. Total number of 194 subjects (51 M, 143 F) aged 35-59 years were enrolled into this study. Information on the martial status, education, occupation, living condition, physical activities, smoking, consumption and drinking habits as well as history of diseases were obtained through a questionnaire. Anthropometric and biochemical assessment were done at the beginning of the study. We estimated 10-yr risk of CHD by using Framingham Risk Score, and the proportions for three levels of 10-year risk were presented, the risk functions by gender, age group in account of level of blood pressure, serum lipids, diabetes and smoking status. There were significant differences between men and women for serum HDL-C, TG, BMI, %BF and WHR (p<.05).

Bariatric Surgery helps prevent type 2 diabetes? By LivLife Hospitals

Doctors of LivLife Hospitals explain how weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass or gastric banding, can help people manage type 2 diabetes. Visit here :

Correlation of Diabetic Nephropathy and HbA1C in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic Patients of Western

Abstract- Insulin resistance is characterized by a subnormal response to a given concentration of insulin and can be measured indirectly by a fasting insulin level. The prevalence of diabetes continues to grow worldwide, disease-related morbidity and mortality is emerging as major healthcare problems. Clearly, type 2 diabetes has a strong genetic component. Diabetic–nephropathy is the leading cause of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in US and a leading cause of diabetes mellitus related morbidity and mortality. Nephropathy complicates approximately 30% of type 2 diabetic patients. However no study has been performed that compared the HbA1c in type II diabetes mellitus with nephropathy to without nephropathy. Therefore aim of this study was to evaluate the glycosylated hemoglobin and their association with diabetic nephropathy in a western Uttar Pradesh. The body mass index (BMI) was calculated as weight (Kg) divided by height (m) squared.

A case of acromegaly with diabetic ketoacidosis as initial presentation

Abstract- Diabetes mellitus can present in 25% of patients with acromegaly, which is usually neither severe nor symptomatic, and can often be controlled with oral hypoglycemic agents. A subgroup of patients with acromegaly exhibit severe hyperglycemia and require insulin. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is rare.

Diet for Diabetes Control
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Diabetes becomes very serious if not controlled, to keep the diabetes in control a proper diet is mandatory. knowing the foods that has to be taken and that has to be ignored is very essential

Advantages And Medicinal Benefits Of Ragi

There are a lot of health benefits of Ragi. Ragi helps diabetes patients, fights anemia, nervousness, sleeplessness, severe headaches as well as depression could be fought using Ragi.

How you can Compare Via the web Auto loan finance

Do you think you're a person would like to shop for a newer car or truck yet you should not look as if scrape the particular monetary resource coupled carried out? If you are you happen to be not by yourself plus there is some individuals to be found who happen to be dealing with that problem as well as simply do not necessarily know very option is at hand. Diabetes sufferers a sufficient quantity of, you could be eager to be able to get a car loan that will grant the particular resources to discover the motor vehicle that you desire.

Effects of Petroleum ether and n-Hexane Extracts of  Globemetula braunii on glucose, Lipids and Some

Globimetula braunii is a parasitic plant (mistletoe) used to treat diabetes and hypertension by Nupe speaking people of Niger Sate, Nigeria.Extracts of petroleum ether and n-hexane showedthe presence of steroids, terpenes,and phenols.Rats of both sexes, weighing (135-244)g were randomly allotted to five groups of four rats each. Rats in group one (control) were the normoglycaemic (administered 10 ml distilled water daily),while those in groups two, three, four, and five were rendered diabetic by the administration of 100mg/kg bodyweight of alloxan monohydrate. Group five rats were treated with 500mg/kg bodyweight of standard drug (metformin), groups three and four rats were respectively treated with 500mg/kg bodyweight of petroleum ether and n-hexane extracts for two weeks, while the group two rats were untreated(negative control). Blood glucose was checked after every two days using glucometer. Blood glucose concentration of rats in the extracts (n-hexane and petroleum

Advantages And Health Benefits Of Azadirachta Indica Seeds

Neem is a remarkable herbal sapling useful in just about every type like bark, seeds, wood, oil and leaves etc. Azadirachta Indica seeds are useful in curing pile problems, exterior injuries, stomach worms, cough, diabetes and a lot more.

Diabetes miracle   My Objective Diabetes Miracle Cure Review

Reversing diabetic issues is so basic when recognized in the proper context

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