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Corcentric to Host

1888 PressRelease - Corcentric will Host New AP Webinar in April, which will cover the "3 Ways to Audit Accounts Payable Performance".

Jobs20130614 - Raleigh ISSA
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Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs website: Raleigh ISSA Chapter members, These job opportunities are from chapter members, local recruiters, LinkedIn, and the CISSP Jobs Forum. Interested candidates should follow up with the identified contact directly and/or check their website for additional info. A list of events as well as job-related websites and articles are listed below. Please send us any technology-related opportunities in NC that you hear about! EVENTS 1) 6/27 (tentative): Triad NC ISSA Chapter Meeting from 6:00 – 8:00 pm; 2) 7/11: Raleigh ISSA Chapter Jobs Networking Meeting - McKimmon Center Lobby from 6:006:40 pm before the Chapter's main meeting ( 3) 7/11: AITP - RTP. Monthly meeting from 5:30-8:30pm. Click this link for additional info including how to make reservations: OPPORTUNITIES 1) Network & Security Engineer - Burlington or Raleigh. ettain group has an opening for a Network & Security Engineer in Burlington or Raleigh. The position is responsible for leading and participating in the activities associated with identifying and analyzing network requirements to develop detailed design specifications for data traffic and network enhancements, coordinating assigned projects for completion from beginning to end and effectively communicate results to the end user; coach and mentor designated staff in network engineering projects, providing direction and support. A more detailed job description is listed below. Please contact Taylor Ward at ettain group for details at 919-287-3979 and send your resume to 2) IT Audit Job - Office of NC State Auditor - Raleigh. Contact Holli Harrison (chapter board member) @ or 919.807.7699 for additional information about the position and application requirements (e.g., coursework: accounting courses if degree is in CS/Info Sys or CS courses if degree is in Accounting). 3) Business Continuity Analyst – Charlotte. ettain group has an 18 month contract for a Business Continuity Analyst working remote and traveling up to 75% of the time. Job Details: ++ Individual will conduct information security and business continuity assessments of vendors providing services to Bank of America. ++ Individual must possess strong technical knowledge of a wide range of information security and business continuity controls and the processes used for...

Bp Holdings Audit Services: How to protect yourself in filing taxes

How to protect yourself when filing taxes online More than 27 million taxpayers already have filed their taxes for 2013 from home computers, a process known as e-filing. As of this week, that's up 6 percent from 2012. But the convenience of electronic filing also allows cybercriminals to file fraudulent tax returns—undetected—to the tune of $3.6 billion for tax year 2011, according to the most recent review by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Accounting greenville sc

Chris McCraw, CPA, is a Spartanburg native and has chosen to stay in the area and invest in his community. For eight years, Chris McCraw proudly served our country as a member of the United States of America Army Reserves. The Army Reserves showed Chris that a community must support one another in order to succeed and that is one of the principles that drives our firm. We are here to help you succeed through solid tax and accounting guidance in your business and life. He has worked hard to build solid relationships and create a vast network of tax and field-related professionals to round out our outstanding staff.After graduating from Wofford College in 1981, he completed his certified public accounting requirements in the audit side of the business. In 1983, he was named partner in a local CPA firm.

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KUNCI JAWABAN LATIHAN SOAL UJIAN SERTIFIKASI AKUNTAN PUBLIK (Certified Public Accountant – Exam) AAS APK AMSI (Audit & Assurance) (Akuntansi & Pelaporan Keuangan) (Akuntansi Manajemen & Sistem Informasi) No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI 1 A 2 C 3 C 4 C 5 D 6 B 7 B 8 B 9 D 10 B 11 D 12 B 13 A 14 D 15 A 16 D 17 D 18 D 19 B 20 C 21 C 22 B 23 B 24 B 25 C 26 C 27 D 28 A 29 D 30 A D D B A No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI A 31 D C 32 A C 33 D D 34 A B 35 C C 36 C B 37 A C 38 C A 39 C D 40 A C 41 D B D D B D D C D A C A A C C C A C A C C C B 42 D A B C 43 B A C B 44 D D C B 45 A C D B D 46 D B B C B 47 D D A D C 48 C C D D B 49 B B B D D 50 A C A C A 51 C A B C D 52 C C C B D 53 D B B C B 54 A D C B B 55 D A B C B 56 C C A A C 57 C C B B B 58 B B C C D 59 D D A D D 60 A A C C D A B C C C D A A C No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI No. JAWABAN SOAL AAS APK AMSI 61 C A C 91 C B 62 A B C 92 A 63 B C B 93 B C B 64 A A C 94 D D 65 A B C 95 D D 66 A B A 96 B 67 D C C 97 C B B 68 A A A 98 D B 69 A C B 99 D D 70 D D B 100 A D 71 D D B 72 A B B 73 C D C 74 A A C 75 B D C 76 A B 77 D D 78 B C 79 B C 80 A B 81 B C 82 D B 83 A A 84 D D 85 D B 86 C C 87 B C 88 A B 89 D A 90 B A

Items to Appear Into When Performing a Internet site Audit

Lots of companies go on-line these days. That is for the reason that you will find more opportunities when utilizing the internet.

Audit - Office of the State Comptroller

Jan 24, 2014 ... To determine if the Metro-North Railroad (Metro-North) used American ... Metro- North, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority ... To determine if the Metro-North Railroad (Metro-North) used American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) funds efficiently and for authorized purposes, and whether the funds were properly monitored to prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Our audit covered the period April 30, 2009 to June 30, 2012. Background Metro-North, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), has four projects funded by the Recovery Act, namely, Poughkeepsie Station Building-Doors/Window ($4.6 million), Grand Central Terminal Elevators ($7.7 million), Grand Central Terminal Facilities Rehabilitation ($22.7 million), and Tarrytown Station Improvement ($37.3 million). Key Finding • Our review of Metro-North’s monitoring of employees paid with Recovery Act funds found that Metro-North officials could better monitor their employees to ensure that Recovery Act funds are used for authorized purposes and instances of fraud, waste and abuse are mitigated. MetroNorth officials should improve the timekeeping method used for conductors to better ensure they are actually working the hours they are paid for, require that all overtime is pre-approved and justified prior to being worked, and consider whether it is the most efficient practice and whether government funds are being wasted by paying conductors 2 hours and 40 minutes of overtime every day for indirect tasks such as changing their clothes, washing up, and traveling to and from the project site. Also, an unannounced visit to the Tarrytown Station found one conductor was not at his assigned post when a train made a stop. Key Recommendations • Monitor employees’ time and attendance to ensure that they are only paid for actual hours worked. • Establish agency-wide policies and procedures that govern the use, pre-approval and justification of overtime. • Ensure the most efficient practices are in place and government funds are not wasted by paying overtime for indirect tasks such as employees changing their clothes, washing up and traveling to and from the project site. • Monitor conductors to make sure that they are on site and working at their assigned posts to better ensure the safety of passengers, contract workers and other Metro-North employees when trains stop at a station during ongoing track work. Other Related Audit/Report of Interest Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Long Island Rail Road: Overtime and Other Time and Attendance Matters Found in the Use of Certain Federal Funds (2010-S-2) Division of State Government Accountability

AutoCAD Command Shortcuts
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AutoCAD Command Shortcuts IN THIS GUIDE This guide lists AutoCAD shortcuts in groups according to the command sequence. For example, all text relevant shortcuts are grouped together. Quick Link BLOCKS 5 COMMON COMMANDS 5 CONTROL KEYS 5 COORDINATE ENTRY 5 DIMENSIONING 5 DRAWING OBJECTS 5 EXTERNAL REFERENCE 5 FORMATTING 5 FUNCTION KEYS 5 INQUIRY 5 LAYERS 5 MODIFYING OBJECTS 5 OBJECT SELECTION 5 OBJECT SNAP 5 TEXT 5 3D 5 UCS 5 VIEWPORTS 5 Notes: 1. Generally a shortcut prefixed with ” -“ will suppress the associated dialogue from appearing. 2. Some of the following shortcuts only work with AutoCAD 2006. 3. Not all of the shortcuts listed work with AutoCAD LT. BLOCKS SHORTCUT COMMAND COMMENT ATT ATTDEF Opens attribute definition dialogue box ATTEDIT ATTEDIT Edit attribute values for a specific block B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box in order to make a block BATTMAN BATTMAN Opens block attribute manager BATTORDER BATTORDER Displays attribute order dialogue box BC BCLOSE Closes the block editor BCOUNT BCOUNT Counts the blocks in a drawing BE BEDIT Opens the edit block definition dialogue box EATTEXT EATTEXT Enhanced attribute extraction wizard to count blocks GATTE GATTE Global attribute edit of multiple blocks I INSERT Opens insert dialogue to insert a block -I INSERT Insert a block by name MINSERT MINSERT Insert block in rectangular array REFEDIT REFEDIT Edit a block reference in place REN RENAME Opens rename dialogue box to rename blocks, layers, etc W WBLOCK Write a block - for use in other drawings XLIST XLIST Lists type/block name/layer name/color/linetype of a nested object in a block or an xref Page 1 of 13 © 2007 H O MEM IC R O AutoCAD C ommand Shortcuts C AD _003 TIPS 1. 2. 3. Create a new block on layer 0 so that the block will use the layer and properties of the current layer it is inserted on. Text can be set to colour white. Set ATTDIA to 1 to use dialog box with block attributes or 0 to use command line. AutoCAD 2006 allows you to change the insertion point on the fly. INSERT and select BASEPOINT. This allows you to pick anywhere in the drawing (and anywhere in the block you are inserting) as your new insertion point (basepoint). COMMON COMMANDS SHORTCUT COMMAND COMMENT A ARC Draw an arc AL ALIGN Align an object with another AP APPLOAD Opens application load dialogue box AR ARRAY Opens array dialogue box AUDIT AUDIT Audit drawing for errors AV DSVIEWER Opens ariel view of drawing B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box C CIRCLE Draw a circle CO COPY Copy an object CHA CHAMFER Chamfer between 2 non-parallel lines COL COLOR Opens select color dialogue box CUI Opens customise user interface dialogue D DIMSTYLE Opens dimstyle manager DC ADCENTER Opens designcenter DI DIST Check a distance  ...

U.S. Permanent Residence/Green Card 101 - International Programs

#2 - Employment-Based (EB) Employer-Sponsored PR: U.S. employers are not required or obligated to sponsor PR for any foreign worker; it is the employer’s choice. If the employer chooses to sponsor a FN hired into an eligible position, the employer pays all costs. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has strict rules which focus on protecting U.S. workers, that is, no minimally qualified U.S. workers are able to fill the position and the employment of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers. These rules include: 1. Eligible position: It must be a permanent full-time position. 2. Recruiting U.S. workers for the job opportunity: If a U.S. employer chooses to sponsor a FN for PR, DOL requires the employer to conduct a full bona fide recruitment to make the permanent full-time job available to U.S. workers. Though this type of recruitment serves the purpose for the sponsoring employer to document and verify to DOL that the permanent full-time job opportunity is indeed open and available to U.S. workers, anyone can apply since it is a full bona fide recruitment. 3. Job advertisement: The job requirements must adhere to what is customarily required for the occupation in the U.S. and may not be tailored to the foreign worker’s qualifications. In addition, the employer shall document that the job opportunity is described without unduly restrictive job requirements, unless adequately documented as arising from business necessity. 4. Wages: The employer must pay at least the prevailing wage set by DOL. 5. Recruitment report: The employer must prepare a recruitment report in which it categorizes the lawful jobrelated reasons for rejection of U.S. applicants and provide the number of U.S. applicants rejected in each category. The recruitment report does not have to identify the individual U.S. applicants; however, if requested by the Certifying Officer, the employer must submit copies of the application materials. 6. Audits/requests for information: The employer must provide the required supporting documentation if the employer's application is selected for audit or if the Certifying Officer requests it. 7. Retention of records: The employer is required to retain copies of application materials and all supporting documentation.

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The Risk Perspective - The Institute of Internal Auditors

Much has been written about the need for organizations to improve their risk management capability. The collapse of Enron, the WorldCom scandal, the 2008 financial crisis, BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster and the European debt crisis have all been examples called out by regulators and news media evidencing the need for more inclusive, effective risk management practices and oversight. The IIA and RIMS believe that collaboration between the disciplines of internal audit and risk management, can lead to stronger risk practices in meeting stakeholder expectations. The two functions make a powerful team when they collaborate and leverage one another’s resources, skill sets and experiences to build risk capabilities within their organizations. The adage, “the sum is greater than the parts,” certainly applies. And, it is clear that leading organizations have discovered efficiencies, better decision-making and improved results by forming strong alliances between the risk management and internal audit functions. Traditionally, risk managers have approached their duties with an eye towards protecting the organization’s assets and balance sheet, while internal auditors have been concerned with reviewing the efficiencies and effectiveness of internal controls. But before we explore how these two groups can form an effective collaboration, it will be helpful to take a more in-depth look at their specific roles and responsibilities within an organization. The Roles and Responsibilities of Risk Management Over time, the risk management function has evolved in line with changing business needs, in order to deliver recognized additional value to organizations (Figure 1). The risk manageFigure 1

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