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Alnico Permanent Magnet Market in Asia Pacific is Estimated to Reach $741.4 Million by 2018

Asia-Pacific Alnico Magnets Market provides pictorial methodology along with detailed sizing by capturing all dependent markets The Alnico Permanent Magnet market in Asia-Pacific is estimated to reach $741.4 million by 2018, at a CAGR of 44.7% from 2013 to 2018

Global Alnico Permanent Magnet is expected to reach $1,035.81 million by 2019

The Alnico Permanent Magnet market report defines and segments the concerned market globally with analysis and forecast of revenue.

TIGHTENING TORQUES 1199 PANIGALE (all versions) - Ducati

ACCESSORY AND OUTFIT ASSEMBLY AF FL steel ring nut - Passenger seat strap fastener SIDE STAND ASSEMBLY Finished side stand pivot - Side stand pivot pack fastener Finished centring rod pin - Rod reference dowel fastener for side stand spring Pin for spring centring rod hinge - Pin fastening for spring centring rod hinge Side stand magnet - Side stand magnet fastener CHAIN-SPROCKET ASSEMBLY TBEI screw M5x8 10.9 STSTR087 - Sprocket cover fastener TCEIF screw M10x1.25x30 10.9 STSTR110 - Sprocket fastener LIGHT ASSEMBLY AF screw 3.5x10 - Cover to conveyor fastener (only base version) AF screw 3.5x10 - Conveyor to headlight fastener (only S version) TBEIF screw M5x12 - Conveyor to headlight fastener (only base version) TEF screw M5x25 8.8 - Headlight to support fastener AF screw 4.5x12 UNI 9707 - Headlight to tail guard fastener TBEIF screw M5x16 10.9 - Special fastener to subframe TCEIF screw M5x12 8.8 - Turn indicator to number plate holder fastener INSTRUMENT ASSEMBLY AB FL M5 nut serpress - Silent block to headlight support fastener 2/17 Rev. 01 - 26/03/2012 Tightening torques 1199 Panigale_Rev01.doc TIGHTENING TORQUES - 1199 PANIGALE (all versions) Application description Thread pitch Torque: [Nm]±10% *[Nm]±5% Notes M37x1 M6x1 M6x1 40 8* 10 LOCTITE 128455 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 (Seq: 1-2-3 / 2-1-3) LOCTITE 243 M5x0,8 5 M6x1 M8x1,25 M8x1,25 M8x1,25 M35x1 M8x1,25 M6x1 M6x1 6* 19* 22* 22* 25* 10 10 10 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 (Seq: EST-INT-EST) SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 LOCTITE 601 LOCTITE 222 LOCTITE 222 M5x0,8 M6x1 M5x0,8 M5 af M6x1 M5x0,8 M5x0,8 M5x0,8 M6x1 M5x0,8 5 10 5 2 4 6 4 5 8 3 LOCTITE 222 FRONT FORK ASSEMBLY Steering shaft to bottom yoke fastener TCEIF screw M6x22 8.8 - Base clamps on forks fastener Nut M6 UNI 5588 - Steering limit stop screw fastener TCEI special screw M5x9 collar 1.8x8.5 f/f - Bottom yoke to splashguard fastener (only base version) TCEI screw M6x25 8.8 - Marzocchi fork feet clamps to clevis pin fastener Ohlins fork feet clamps to clevis pin fastener (only S version) TCEIF screw M8x25 8.8 - Steering head clamps to fork fastener TCEIF screw M8x25 8.8 - Steering head clamps to steering shaft fastener Finished steering bearing ring nut - Steering shaft pack fastener Screw - Eyelet to Ohlins steering damper fastener (only S version) TBEIF screw M6x30 10.9 - Steering damper to frame fastener TCEIF screw M6x18 8.8 - Steering damper to handlebars fastener ELECTR.-ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY TCEIF screw M5x22 8.8 - Electric system supports to frame fastener TEF screw M6x22 10.9 - Battery support to engine fastener TCEI screw M5x9 collar 8.5 - Cover to battery support fastener AF SCREW 5x16 - Fuse cable protection to battery support fastener TEIC screw - Cable eyelet to battery fastener TCEIF screw M6x10 8.8 - Cable eyelet to solenoid starter fastener Nut - Cable eyelet to starter motor fastener TBEIF M5x14 black large head screw - Wiring bracket to head fastener M5 self-locking nut serpress - Solenoid starter support to generator cover fastener TEF M6x25 screw - Voltage rectifier fastener TBEI screw M5x10 8.8 - ECU bracket fastener 3/17

buku ajar_media pembelajaran
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Mata kuliah ini bertujuan mengembangkan potensi mahasiswa melalui konsep media pembelajaran, landasan dan prinsip-prinsip penggunaan media pembelajaran, manfaat media pembelajaran, klasifikasi dan karakteristik media pembelajaran, pengembangan media pembelarajan berbasis ICT, perencanaan dan penggunaan media pembelajaran untuk anak usia dini, pengembangan media pembelajaran anak usia dini, pemeliharaan media pembelajaran, hakekat sumber belajar, pemanfaatan media dan sumber belajar pembelajaran di TK, alat permainan edukatif dan media dengan bahanbahan limbah. Diakhir mata kuliah ini diharapkan mahasiswa dapat mampu memahami konsep media pembelajaran, landasan dan prinsip-prinsip penggunaan media pembelajaran, manfaat media pembelajaran, klasifikasi dan karakteristik media pembelajaran, pengembangan media pembelarajan berbasis ICT, perencanaan dan penggunaan media pembelajaran untuk anak usia dini, pengembangan media pembelajaran anak usia dini, pemeliharaan media pembelajaran, hakekat sumber belajar, pemanfaatan media dan sumber belajar pembelajaran di TK, alat permainan edukatif dan media dengan bahanbahan limbah serta dapat merancang dan mengaplikasikan berbagai macam media dalam porses kegiatan belajar mengajar.

Energy Efficient Motors Market worth $91.46 Billion by 2018

[330 Pages Report] Energy Efficient Motors Market report categorizes the global market based on Type Premium, Product (Synchronous (Permanent Magnet, Reluctance), Asynchronous (Squirrel Cage, Wound Rotor) and DC Motor (Brushless, Brushed) & Application forecasting 2013-18 – A PDF

Z1882 E Vehicle Alert Manual.indd - Winland Electronics, Inc.

The Vehicle Alert is a simple to use vehicle motion detection system that operates on the principle that any moving ferrous metal object will distort the Earth’s magnetic field to some degree. The technology used to measure this distortion is one of the most reliable forms of outdoor protection available. Unlike other outdoor motion detectors that sense heat, vibration or change in position of an object, the Vehicle Alert will sense only moving iron or steel. This makes the Vehicle Alert a selective sensor, reducing the possibility of false alarms from animals, falling tree branches, or people in an outdoor environment. By selectively placing the Vehicle Alert probe, you can detect vehicles entering or leaving an area as well as the unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle such as your car, a boat, or motor home. Objects not constructed of iron or steel can also be monitored by equipping them with a large magnet. When the object is moved past the probe, the Vehicle Alert will activate. Follow the instructions for temporary installation and try your own ideas such as monitoring the opening of steel garage doors or the movement of other selected objects. Once power is applied to the control console, a built-in start-up interval activates the six-minute Exit Delay. Both of the LEDs on the Vehicle Alert console should be on. At this time, the Vehicle Alert is unable to sound an alarm. Once the Exit...

Durham, Raleigh rank high for jobs
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Durham, Raleigh rank high for jobs Durham is up and Raleigh is down in a new ranking of the nation's best cities for creating and keeping jobs. Both ranked among the top 10 among large cities nationwide, according to an annual analysis by the Milken Institute, a California think tank. Durham zoomed to No. 6, up from No. 21 last year. The Raleigh-Cary metropolitan area, which was No. 2 last year, fell to No. 10. Such reports can help boost this region's economy by attracting new residents and businesses, economic development officials have said. But being ranked among the nation's "best-performing cities" is relative, considering the economy. "'Best performing' sometimes means retaining what you have," Ross DeVol, lead author of the report, said in a prepared statement. "In a period of recession, the index highlights metros that have adapted to weather the storm." In Durham, the report found, "existing home prices barely fell and are already recovering. Positive net migration has helped buoy the housing market as well; the area remains a magnet for young professionals." Raleigh-Cary ranks fifth in total job growth nationwide over the past five years, according to the report.

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Berbagai macam bencana yang telah terjadi di negeri ini selalu menyisakan duka bagi rakyat. Meski banyak retorika dibangun untuk mengatasi hal ini, baik pada masa Orde Baru maupun pada masa Orde Reformasi. Namun, seringkali tidak dibarengi dengan tindakan dan kebijakan nyata. Peningkatan bencana terus terjadi dari tahun ke tahun. Bahkan, sejak tahun 1988 sampai pertengahan 2003 jumlah bencana di Indonesia mencapai 647 bencana alam meliputi banjir, longsor, gempa bumi, dan angin topan, dengan jumlah korban jiwa sebanyak 2022 dan jumlah kerugian mencapai ratusan milyar. Jumlah tersebut belum termasuk bencana yang terjadi pertengahan tahun 2003 sampai pertengahan 2004 yang mencapai ratusan bencana dan mengakibatkan hampir 1000 korban jiwa. Dalam Environmental Outlook WALHI 2003 diungkapkan bahwa kita bangsa Indonesia tidak bisa lagi bangga dengan julukan Jamrud Khatulistiwa, karena pada kenyataannya, negeri kita adalah negeri sejuta bencana.

Time To Explore and Inspired the Next Holiday in Malaysia

What is interesting that it became a magnet for millions of visitors, especially among local and foreign tourists? Today's event you visit one of the first international theme park in Malaysia is the latest and Legoland Theme Park.

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CAESAR II TRAINING 6. STATIC ANALYSIS Metode Static Analysis adalah memperhitungkan static load, yang akan menimpa pipa secara perlahan sehingga dengan demikian piping system memiliki cukup waktu untuk menerima, bereaksi dan mendistribusikan load tersebut keseluruh bagian pipa, hingga tercapainya keseimbangan. 6.1 Static dan Dynamic Load Loading yang mempengaruhi sebuah piping system dapat diklasifikasikan sebagai primary dan secondary. Primary loading terjadi dari sustain load seperti berat pipa, sedangkan secondary load dicontohkan sebagai thermal expansion load. Static Loading meliputi : 1. Weight effect (live loads and dead loads). 2. Thermal expansion and contraction effects. 3. Effect of support, anchor movement. 4. Internal or external pressure loading. Sedangkan yang termasuk Dynamic loading adalah : 1. Impact forces 2. Wind 3. Discharge Load 6.1.1 Load Case pada Caesar II Setelah kita selesai mendesain piping, maka langkah selanjutnya adalah melakukan analisa stress terhadap system piping tersebut. Hal tersebut harus dilakukan untuk mengetahui apakah desain yang telah kita buat dapat memenuhi persyaratan stress atau tidak, Page 2 CAESAR II TRAINING sehingga hal ini akan sangat berpengaruh pada kekuatan pipa ketika mengalami pembebanan ketika kondisi operasi. Ada berbagai macam jenis load case yang dapat kita gunakan dalam CAESAR II. Load case ini akan mendefinisikan pembebanan yang terjadi pada pipa, baik beban akibat berat pipa itu sendiri ataupun beban akibat faktor yang lain. Berikut ini definisi load case pada CAESAR II ver 4.2 : Load Design...

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