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limited powertrain warranty for 3 months or 3000 miles (whichever ...

This is a limited power-train warranty for a period of 3 months from the date of the original sale or 3000 miles from the mileage at the time of the original sale, (whichever occurs first), for repairs which are required as a result of defects due to material and/or workmanship to the power-train components as listed below: What Is Covered Engine All internally lubricated parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt, timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters;. The engine block and heads are also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered components. Transmission All internal parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator and mounts. Does not include clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throw out bearing; worn synchronizers; cables or electrical items. The case is also covered if damage is caused by a Failure of any of the above covered items. Drive Axle All lubricated internal parts contained within the housings. Axle shafts, differential housing, transaxle housing & final drive housing. Water Pump Impeller shaft; bearings; bushings and housing. Turbo/Supercharger Internal parts; vanes; shafts; bearings and housing if damage is caused by a failure of a covered component. Transfer Unit 4x4 Internal parts including: bearings, bushings, sprockets, chains, sleeves and gears (excluding electrical items).

2 How to Buy Solar Panels
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Today more public are gravely bearing in mind rotating to solar energy for some or all of their electricity requirements, but they're not sure How to Buy Solar Panels. Solar electric systems are springing up on roofs everywhere.

Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 Fundamentals - SDC Publications

Create bearing or wall footings hosted by walls. Create new foundation wall types. Wall footings for bearing and retaining are placed under walls and in Autodesk® Revit® Structure software are actually hosted by the walls. Once a footing is in place, you can change the size of the section and add reinforcement, as shown in Figure 7–1, to make it a foundation bearing system. With the advantages of having a true foundation in place, you can accurately tag and schedule the footings. When a footing size or footing type changes, the software reads and updates the information where ever it is needed.  You can apply two types of continuous footing systems, as shown in Figure 7–2; Bearing footings with an equal distance on either side of the bearing wall and Retaining footings with one side offset to accommodate additional lateral loads and reinforcement. Bearing Footing Retaining Footing Figure 7–2 © 2013, ASCENT - Center for Technical Knowledge®

TIGHTENING TORQUES 1199 PANIGALE (all versions) - Ducati

ACCESSORY AND OUTFIT ASSEMBLY AF FL steel ring nut - Passenger seat strap fastener SIDE STAND ASSEMBLY Finished side stand pivot - Side stand pivot pack fastener Finished centring rod pin - Rod reference dowel fastener for side stand spring Pin for spring centring rod hinge - Pin fastening for spring centring rod hinge Side stand magnet - Side stand magnet fastener CHAIN-SPROCKET ASSEMBLY TBEI screw M5x8 10.9 STSTR087 - Sprocket cover fastener TCEIF screw M10x1.25x30 10.9 STSTR110 - Sprocket fastener LIGHT ASSEMBLY AF screw 3.5x10 - Cover to conveyor fastener (only base version) AF screw 3.5x10 - Conveyor to headlight fastener (only S version) TBEIF screw M5x12 - Conveyor to headlight fastener (only base version) TEF screw M5x25 8.8 - Headlight to support fastener AF screw 4.5x12 UNI 9707 - Headlight to tail guard fastener TBEIF screw M5x16 10.9 - Special fastener to subframe TCEIF screw M5x12 8.8 - Turn indicator to number plate holder fastener INSTRUMENT ASSEMBLY AB FL M5 nut serpress - Silent block to headlight support fastener 2/17 Rev. 01 - 26/03/2012 Tightening torques 1199 Panigale_Rev01.doc TIGHTENING TORQUES - 1199 PANIGALE (all versions) Application description Thread pitch Torque: [Nm]±10% *[Nm]±5% Notes M37x1 M6x1 M6x1 40 8* 10 LOCTITE 128455 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 (Seq: 1-2-3 / 2-1-3) LOCTITE 243 M5x0,8 5 M6x1 M8x1,25 M8x1,25 M8x1,25 M35x1 M8x1,25 M6x1 M6x1 6* 19* 22* 22* 25* 10 10 10 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 (Seq: EST-INT-EST) SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 SHELL RETINAX HDX2 LOCTITE 601 LOCTITE 222 LOCTITE 222 M5x0,8 M6x1 M5x0,8 M5 af M6x1 M5x0,8 M5x0,8 M5x0,8 M6x1 M5x0,8 5 10 5 2 4 6 4 5 8 3 LOCTITE 222 FRONT FORK ASSEMBLY Steering shaft to bottom yoke fastener TCEIF screw M6x22 8.8 - Base clamps on forks fastener Nut M6 UNI 5588 - Steering limit stop screw fastener TCEI special screw M5x9 collar 1.8x8.5 f/f - Bottom yoke to splashguard fastener (only base version) TCEI screw M6x25 8.8 - Marzocchi fork feet clamps to clevis pin fastener Ohlins fork feet clamps to clevis pin fastener (only S version) TCEIF screw M8x25 8.8 - Steering head clamps to fork fastener TCEIF screw M8x25 8.8 - Steering head clamps to steering shaft fastener Finished steering bearing ring nut - Steering shaft pack fastener Screw - Eyelet to Ohlins steering damper fastener (only S version) TBEIF screw M6x30 10.9 - Steering damper to frame fastener TCEIF screw M6x18 8.8 - Steering damper to handlebars fastener ELECTR.-ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY TCEIF screw M5x22 8.8 - Electric system supports to frame fastener TEF screw M6x22 10.9 - Battery support to engine fastener TCEI screw M5x9 collar 8.5 - Cover to battery support fastener AF SCREW 5x16 - Fuse cable protection to battery support fastener TEIC screw - Cable eyelet to battery fastener TCEIF screw M6x10 8.8 - Cable eyelet to solenoid starter fastener Nut - Cable eyelet to starter motor fastener TBEIF M5x14 black large head screw - Wiring bracket to head fastener M5 self-locking nut serpress - Solenoid starter support to generator cover fastener TEF M6x25 screw - Voltage rectifier fastener TBEI screw M5x10 8.8 - ECU bracket fastener 3/17

moog® Hub assemblies
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Hub Assemblies From MOOG®– The Problem Solver® When it comes to total undercar solutions, MOOG® steering and suspension components are the choice of more professional technicians. The leading-edge engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing, and long-lasting, problem-solving performance of MOOG products have earned technicians’ trust for decades. MOOG Hub Assemblies are the latest product from this trusted brand. We offer coverage for virtually all applications, putting the MOOG problem-solving philosophy to work for the broadest range of vehicles. superior Oil Seal Best seal in the market, eliminates leaking and contamination. Integral Raceway Provides proper clearance between ball and bearing riding surfaces. OEM Approved Bearing Design No re-lubrication is necessary for this non-metallic retainer, allowing for a cooler-running bearing. OEM ABS Sensor and Plug Better ABS signal due to high strength polymer and copper wiring for improved connection and conductivity. Exclusive Seal Design DEBRIS FLOW DEBRIS Exclusive Seal Design Premium seal design ensures maximum contamination exclusion, protecting bearing life and ABS performance. Precision Matched Components Rigorously controlled manufacturing processes ensure exact matching of bearing raceways and rolling elements to consistently deliver superior performance and minimize noise and vibration. Post-Assembly Quality Assurance Testing 100% inspection ensures proper ABS function and quiet operation. Engineered for Seamless systems Operation MOOG® Hub Assemblies are designed to maximize the performance of the related components in the ABS, brake and steering systems. Total undercar solutions When it comes to undercar solutions, MOOG® offers the complete steering and suspension package. MOOG provides advanced engineering, problem-solving innovation, industry-leading technical expertise, superior products and the broadest range of foreign and domestic coverage that today’s technicians need. That’s why MOOG is the choice of professional technicians and top NASCAR® crew chiefs. Upper Strut Mount Upper Control Arm Coil Spring Upper Ball Joint Control Arm Bushing Complete Strut Assembly Inner Tie Rod Tie Rod End Sway Bar Bushing Hub Assemblies Control Arm Bushing Lower Control Arm Sway Bar Link Lower Ball Joint Control Arm Bushing INDUSTRY EXPERTISE

Detection of electrical discharges in bearings - IBT Industrial Solutions

Since the 1990’s, the use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) in industry has increased dramatically, mainly for reducing electricity costs. Manufacturers have contributed to this development by making VFDs better and more affordable by introducing Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) drive types. But along with this cutting edge technology, more premature bearing failures have occurred, and consequently more and more electric motors fail prematurely. Electrical erosion is the cause of these premature failures. A dismounted bearing will show evidence of electrical erosion: grease is affected as much as the bearing components. To date, using an oscilloscope together with a contact probe on a rotating shaft could help diagnosing electrical erosion, but it is impractical, expensive and time-consuming. A new unique technology from SKF may help performing such a diagnosis, quicker and remotely. Preventive maintenance on the motors suffering electrical erosion can be planned instead of being done too late. SKF offers a solution to easily detect the early symptoms of electrical erosion.

buku ajar_media pembelajaran
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Mata kuliah ini bertujuan mengembangkan potensi mahasiswa melalui konsep media pembelajaran, landasan dan prinsip-prinsip penggunaan media pembelajaran, manfaat media pembelajaran, klasifikasi dan karakteristik media pembelajaran, pengembangan media pembelarajan berbasis ICT, perencanaan dan penggunaan media pembelajaran untuk anak usia dini, pengembangan media pembelajaran anak usia dini, pemeliharaan media pembelajaran, hakekat sumber belajar, pemanfaatan media dan sumber belajar pembelajaran di TK, alat permainan edukatif dan media dengan bahanbahan limbah. Diakhir mata kuliah ini diharapkan mahasiswa dapat mampu memahami konsep media pembelajaran, landasan dan prinsip-prinsip penggunaan media pembelajaran, manfaat media pembelajaran, klasifikasi dan karakteristik media pembelajaran, pengembangan media pembelarajan berbasis ICT, perencanaan dan penggunaan media pembelajaran untuk anak usia dini, pengembangan media pembelajaran anak usia dini, pemeliharaan media pembelajaran, hakekat sumber belajar, pemanfaatan media dan sumber belajar pembelajaran di TK, alat permainan edukatif dan media dengan bahanbahan limbah serta dapat merancang dan mengaplikasikan berbagai macam media dalam porses kegiatan belajar mengajar.

SERVICE MANUAL - The Expert - Dana Corporation

This will help determine what parts can be saved and how the axle should be rebuilt. Getting Started Carrier Disassembly WARNING Under no circumstances should individuals attempt to perform axle service and/ or maintenance procedures for which they have not been trained or do not have the proper tools and equipment. 1. Remove the cover bolts and use a rubber mallet to remove the cover plate (Figure 2). 1. ALWAYS wear safety glasses that meet OSHA requirements when performing maintenance or service. Failure to wear safety glasses can result in personal injury and/or partial or complete vision loss. 2. ALWAYS be careful handling gears or other sharp components, so you do not cut your hands. 3. ALWAYS be sure to follow torque specifications carefully. Failure to do so may lead to premature component failure or damage to other vehicle components. Figure 2 2. Turn the axle over and drain the oil. Introduction Figure 3 NOTE: During drainage, strain the oil to see if it contains metal shavings (Figure 3). Be sure to place a bucket under the stand to catch the oil so it can be disposed of properly. If the axle is Proper care during the teardown and rebuild of the being rebuilt because of a major problem such as WJ44-4 (Figure 1) is critical to improved service as gear set breakage or excessive bearing wear, a well as customer satisfaction.

MOOG PS Bulletin 29010
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Premature Ball Joint Wear 2000-2004 Dodge Dakota & 2000-2003 Durango P RO BL EM : S O LU T I O N : Lower ball joint experiences premature wear ® MOOG­­ K7395 Lower Ball Joint • Non-serviceable polymer sockets cannot flush contamination, which quickly leads to corrosion and wear. • Stress can quickly erode the polymer load bearing surface. • OE-style replacement ball joints requires flaring the retention flange during installation. The MOOG K7395 Lower Ball Joint was designed for ease of installation and longer life. • The snap-ring makes installation easy, eliminating the need to flare a retention flange. The snap-ring in combination with the knurled housing keeps the ball joint securely in place. • “Gusher” bearing with grease grooves provide the most durable wear surface available. • Greaseable design ensures fresh lubrication reaches the bearing surfaces while flushing contaminants. • Premium polychloroprene sealed boot with grease-relief valve keeps contaminants out while providing a sealed, serviceable environment. flange must be flared during installation ANGLED GREASE PASSAGE non-serviceable design Snap-Ring KNURLED HOUSING Description Years Make/Model Replacement Part Number

Quarter Master 7.25
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Lake Zurich, IL – Drivetrain performance leader develops 7.25" 2004-2011 Subaru WRX STI 8-Leg Billet Clutch Kits for stock, street/strip, drag, drifting and road racing applications. Drawing on an extensive, race-winning heritage, Quarter Master® has developed two all new 7.25" Subaru WRX STI 8Leg Billet Clutch Kits that perform well in a broad range of street performance and racing platforms. The kits include a two-disc 8-leg pull-to push conversion clutch, flywheel and hydraulic release bearing. These new clutches are engineered with a low moment of inertia and gear drive friction design that creates quicker, smoother shifts. And, they feature an open design that allows more efficient cooling during extended race use. Designed for easier and less expensive maintenance, the 7.25" Subaru WRX STI 8-Leg Billet Clutches are also completely racer rebuildable for a longer service life. Designed to handle up to 600 ft./lbs. of torque, they can be used in stock, street performance, drag, drifting and road racing applications. The race version of the kit features a flywheel weighing 8.4 lbs., while the street version’s flywheel comes in at 10.3 lbs. Each kit provides dependable performance in shifting, consistent pedal feel and torque holding capacity.