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Plan de numeración de la Republica de Guatemala.pdf

PLAN DE NUMERACIÓN PARA LA REPÚBLICA DE GUATEMALA Contiene cambios al Plan Nacional de Numeración por Resoluciones SIT-395-2000, SIT-340-2002, SIT-218-2004 y otras disposiciones internas conforme a funciones de la Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones de Guatemala. SUPERINTENDENCIA DE TELECOMUNICACIONES... El Plan de Numeración para la República de Guatemala, está dividido en dos grandes grupos: números geográficos y no geográficos.. Dentro de los números no geográficos están las series de números de 3, 4 y 11 dígitos, así como los que inician con los indicativos nacionales de destino para identificación de servicios móviles. Dentro de los números geográficos están los que inician con los indicativos nacionales de destino para identificación de servicios fijos. Dentro de los números de 3 dígitos se encuentran los servicios de Asistencia Pública y Códigos de Operador, los de 4 dígitos son para servicios de información del gobierno y entidades no lucrativas, asistencia de otras entidades y Códigos de Operador. Asimismo, se tienen los números, que se utilizan para la identificación de ciertos servicios y usuarios finales de telecomunicaciones. A continuación se especifican las principales series de numeración:

Solicitud de portabilidad de números telefónicos Móviles - Movistar

NOTAS: “El Abonado acepta que con la firma de la presente Solicitud de Portabilidad, manifiesta su consentimiento de terminar la relación contractual con el Prestador Donante, únicamente de los servicios de telecomunicaciones cuya prestación requiere de los números telefónicos a ser portados, a partir de la fecha efectiva en que se realice la portabilidad de los mismos”. “El Abonado acepta que el portar su(s) número(s), no lo exime del cumplimiento de las obligaciones que haya contraído por la relación contractual con el Prestador Donante. Sin perjuicio de la Portabilidad Numérica, el abonado deberá cancelar todo valor pendiente de pago que adeude al prestador donante relacionado con la prestación de servicios o con el equipo terminal. “El Abonado reconoce que la Portabilidad del (los) número(s) solicitada está sujeta al cumplimiento de todos los requisitos establecidos en el Reglamento para la Aplicación de la Portabilidad Numérica en la Telefonía Móvil y sus Especificaciones Técnicas y Operativas.” “El firmante declara que los datos asentados en la presente solicitud y, en su caso, ....

legendary griffith collection of important robots and antique toys

LEGENDARY GRIFFITH COLLECTION OF IMPORTANT ROBOTS AND ANTIQUE TOYS CARPENTER TALLY-HO COACH SELLS FOR $66,300 SETTING A RECORD FOR A CAST-IRON, HORSE-DRAWN TOY AT AUCTION --OTHER AUCTION RECORDS ESTABLISHED FOR ROBOT MIGHTY 8, TELEVISION ROBOT, SPACE PATROL CAR, TREMENDOUS MIKE, SPACE CRUISER X 300, JUPITER ROBOT, RANGER ROBOT AND RADAR ROBOT (a.k.a Topolino)---SALES OF ROBOTS AND ANTIQUE TOYS FROM THE ESTATE OF F.H. GRIFFITH CONTINUE ONLINE AT SOTHEBYS.COM-December 9, 2000 -- New York, NY – In a packed salesroom at Sotheby’s in New York today, 399 lots of Important Robots and Antique Toys from the Estate of F.H. Griffith totaled $1.4 million. Competitive bidding for toys and robots from this famed collection drove some prices up to two and three times their high estimates and established nine records for various robots and toys at auction. Highlighting today’s sale was the Carpenter Tally-Ho Coach, circa 1885 which sold for $66,300 establishing a new record for a cast-iron, horse-drawn toy at auction. Leila Dunbar, Senior Vice President and Director of Sotheby’s Collectibles Department said, “Just like Sotheby’s sale of the Matt Wyse Robot Collection in 1996, the records set today prove that prices for robots and space toys continue to conquer new frontiers.”

Retro Tin Toys and Robots Welcome to Fabulous Chucklesnort!

Who’s behind it and where did the name “Chucklesnort” come from? Everyone has snorted while laughing before, right? Which probably made you laugh even harder! And then maybe even snort again! Well that’s what we call a Chucklesnort! Here at Chucklesnort we are all about fun and the lighter side of life. Bringing a smile to someone’s face when they see one of our retro toys and say, “Wow, I remember these!” That makes us happy! Retro is In, In, In! Whether starting a new collection or adding to an existing one, our wide selection of tin toys gives you a lot to choose from. We pride ourselves on being a small company based in Forney, Texas. It enables us to take care of our customers more efficiently and on a more personal level. The Robot Commanders Andy and Stacy are committed to customer satisfaction. ORDERING TERMS: Minimum Order - $100.00 Minimum Reorder - $100.00 Free Shipping with $500.00 order First order prepaid with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express *Terms after credit approval Heaven Sent Innovation, Inc. Chucklesnort PO Box 3355 Forney, TX 75126 (469) 364-8400 2 © 2014 All Rights Reserved HEAVEN SENT INNOVATION, INC. | Email: | Fax orders: 888.478.8258 | Ring-a-Ding: 469.364.8400... Tin Toys and Wind-Ups THUNDER ELECTRONIC PROPELLER ROBOT TR2015 5.1” X 6.7” X 12.2” ELECTRON ROBOT ME100 5.5” X 3.9” X 11.8” ELECTRON SMOKING ROBOT TR2011 5.1” X 6.7” X 12.2” PISTON ROBOT GOLD/SILVER TR2051 4.9” X 3.5” X 8.1” ASTRO SPACEMAN TR2052 7.1” X 4.9” X 11.0” LANTERN ROBOT TR2050 6.9” X 2.6” X 7.7” PLANET ROBOT MS430 4.3”x3.3”x8.7”

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To help children with autism develop social skills, we are investigating the use of mobile robotic toys that can move autonomously in the environment and interact in various manners (vocal messages, music, visual cues, movement, etc.), in a more predictable and less intimidating way. These interactions are designed to build up their self-esteem by reinforcing what they do well. We report tests done with autistic children using different robots, each robot having particular characteristics that allow to create interesting interactions with each child. Autism is characterized by abnormalities in the development of social relationships and communication skills, as well as the presence of marked obsessive and repetitive behavior. Despite several decades of research, relatively little is understood about the causes of autism and there is currently no cure for the condition. However education, care and therapeutic approaches can help people with autism maximize their potential, even though impairments in social and communication skills may persist throughout life. As engineers, we got interested in the idea of designing mobile robotic toys to help children with autism learn to develop appropriate social skills. For an autistic child, a robot may be less intimidating and more predictable than a human. A robot can follow a deterministic play routine and also adapt over time and change the ways it responds to the world, generating more sophisticated interactions and unpredictable situations that can help capture and retain the child’s interest. Robotic toys also have the advantage that they can be programmed to respond differently to situations and events over time. This flexibility allows robotic toys to evolve from simple machines to systems that demonstrate more complex behavior patterns.

Toys Rock'em Sock'em Robots is a classic children's toy ... - Deep Blue

Rock’em Sock’em Robots is a classic children’s toy from the 1960s and 1970s. First introduced by Marx Toys in 1964, it featured a red robot known as the “Red Rocker” and a blue robot known as the “Blue Bomber.” With the help of two players to press buttons operating the boxers’ arms, the two robots would battle it out in a boxing ring until, as the television commercial described it, one robot’s “block is knocked off.”1 The toy is both in theme and action a boys’ toy, a toy designed to appeal to competitive and aggressive instincts associated with masculinity. Marx’s advertising for the toy emphasized boys’ attraction to Rock’em Sock’em Robots. A typical ad featured either two boys or a boy and his father enthusiastically playing with the toy. These television commercials highlighted the potential for male bonding over a toy in which boys could engage in physical competition, beating each other up by proxy. Because operating the toy did not require any actual physical strength, just the ability to press buttons, it was an ideal medium for masculine expression without an adult boxer’s muscles. As sociologist R.W. Connell has pointed out, “sporting prowess is a test of masculinity even for boys who detest the locker room.”2 With Rock’em Sock’em Robots even the scrawniest of boys could assert his manliness by winning a round in the ring. Though the goal of the toy is to pummel an opponent, as far as “violent” or...

Toys and Tools: Accessible Robotics via Laptop ... - Brown Robotics

The ubiquity and capability of off-the-shelf laptop computers offer robotics and AI researchers a remarkable opportunity to reach into the broader computer science curriculum. At Harvey Mudd College we have developed two “lines” of laptop-controlled robots. The first, based on iRobot’s vacuums, provides an inexpensive and autonomous platform suitable for indoor, human-scale environments. The second, based on PowerWheels toys, offers an inexpensive and capable platform for large, outdoor navigation and planning tasks. Both of these platforms enable cost- and time-effective undergraduate engagement in the ongoing community of robot-themed venues, exhibitions, contests, and... As a small undergraduate institution, Harvey Mudd College has sought inexpensive but powerful robotic platforms on which to base our AI curricula, independent student projects, and faculty-led research investigations. In the past decade the number of our students who use portable (laptop) computation has risen from almost zero to over 50%, and each incoming class seems to continue this trend. Leveraging students’ computational resources for robotics projects offers us several pedagogical advantages over stand-alone platforms:...

Adaptive Robotics in the Entertainment Industry - CiteSeer

Over the last decade, robots have entered to a large degree into the entertainment industry. Here, I will concentrate on a specific sector, namely robots as toys for children. In recent years, robotic toys have entered into the commercial market (see the following section). In a recent survey, the United Nations forecasted that the entertainment robotic market sector will experience an impressive growth in number of units from 155,010 in the year 2002 to 1,202,000 in the year 2005 [1]. The UN forecast makes this field a very attractive business sector for many companies, and there should be vast possibilities for companies in the entertainment robotics field in the near future. However, it is also important to understand the underlying mechanisms of this market and especially to understand how the field may develop in the future in order to better understand the possibilities in this growing field. Apart from the obvious business potential, as outlined above, there are some important issues regarding the value of the robotic systems as toys for children that need to be considered. Many robotic systems developed for the toy industry were developed with a main focus on the product price, meaning that little or no investigation of children’s


With advent of digital age, gone are the days when simple toys were enough to define children-toys relationship and satiate their playing hunger. Generations change have not only been for human but also for toys and simple manual toys are coming of the age and getting replaced by automatic robotic toys which are more sophisticated and more exciting. These toys are instrumental in experiential form of learning which gives opportunity of learning by playing and which is why it has been so widely popular concept in schools today to engage students in such learning programs. Intelligent or Robo-toys new class of products which are plush or plastic toys moulded into traditional toys form with sensor technology (that makes these robot toys moves when they sense something like hand movement etc.), some sort of movement and a bit of artificial intelligence. Robotics for kids (robotic toys) especially boys or children having passion for machines is a fascinating world (like Barbie world for girls) that provides learning dimension coming in shape of learning electronics, mechanics, software, problem solving ability, team work etc. Robotic technology is increasingly being embedded into all sorts of toys from dinosaurs to plush toys. The automated process revolution in educational and entertainment robots promises strong growth that extends beyond the direct markets. Once students learn how to use robots, they move into industry and make functional robots for business automated process and for communications and entertainment. The educational kits are designed for pure fun and for educational competitions where students put together modules in innovative ways to create designs that work. The modularity of robot kits makes them versatile and flexible. Modules can be put together in a variety of ways, give users choices about what functionality the robot will have and also allow them to be more creative and more innovative in designing them. Educational robots are used by every level of student. Kits are geared to various age and skill levels. Robotics competitions are being held for every age level. The automated process...

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