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Computer Programming - Community College of Rhode Island

This concentration prepares students for transfer to the Rhode Island College Computer Science program. Requirements allow students to earn an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in Computer Programming at CCRI but also include courses required to meet requirements of the RIC Computer Science degree. Students paying full-time tuition at CCRI can take RIC courses for no additional cost. See page 27 regarding the inter-institutional agreement. Important: All students must obtain a grade of at least “C” in all computer course requirements and must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Note: Since RIC’s current registration policy does not allow for special consideration of CCRI students, each student is responsible for enrolling himself/herself during the RIC enrollment open period; since the RIC class size is limited, to avoid being shut out of a course, it is recommended that the students enroll in RIC courses as soon as enrollment opens; RIC courses are not usually offered in the evening or online. IMPORTANT — Many courses require:  • Prerequisite: course must be completed successfully PRIOR to enrollment;  • Corequisite: course must be taken at same time;  • Testing: (ACCUPLACER or other placement test) helps determine course placement; See course descriptions at the back of the catalog for details. RECOMMENDED COURSE SEQUENCE : Course sequence and prerequisites for major courses are under review. See Computer Studies department faculty for guidance.

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Most companies are very reluctant to deploy an e-commerce system if there is a perceived risk that system flaws will undermine customer relationships that the company has cultivated over a long period.

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The lower cost and enhanced speed of Internet development projects should particularly encourage financial executives to empower first-line managers to take the initiative rather than wait for corporate level approval of every e-commerce experiment.

Hass & Associates Online Reviews on Malware Poisons One-Third of World's Computers

Nearly one-third of the world's computers could be infected with malware, suggests a report released last week by the Anti-Phishing Working Group. Malicious apps invaded 32.77 percent of the world's computers, a more than 4 percent jump from the previous quarter's 28.39 percent, the report estimates. The increase in infected computers has come hand-in-hand with a jump in the appearance of malware samples, said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs, the research arm of Panda Security, one of the sponsors of the APWG report. "The creation of malware samples is skyrocketing," Corrons told TechNewsWorld. "It has doubled from the last quarter to the first quarter of this year." In the last quarter of 2013, some 80,000 malware samples a day were discovered by Panda researchers. In the first quarter of 2014, that number jumped to 160,000.

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Customers were happy to substitute playing phone tag with customer service people from 9 to 5 with effective twenty-four-hour service on the Internet. Calls and faxes diminished

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A related element of e-commerce experimentation is that Cisco did not feel compelled to invest heavily in calculating the estimated financial benefits of the experiment. First, it would have been impossible at the early stage to develop reasonable estimates

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While it is difficult to quantify, the system also enabled Cisco to make billions in additional sales because it was able to keep up with the demand for additional customer service.

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