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The data collected from 549 consumers show that the perceived importance of WOM remains equal to or even higher than that of self-evaluation for credence goods (product quality unknown even after purchase and use) and the so-called digital goods without Web access

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However, the importance of self-evaluation increases when consumers have both Web access and non-Web sources of shopping information. The Web appears to make self-evaluation by consumers more important than inputs from others

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Thus, shoppers may prefer self-evaluation to WOM or may regard these two decision patterns as equal. Therefore, when the Web is not readily accessible, we have the following hypothesis.

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Thus shoppers have more confidence in following the recommendation. For credence goods, since WOM cannot provide a definite evaluation, shoppers still need to commit considerable effort to collect and synthesize additional information for making a decision.

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The information-searching cost is relatively higher for shoppers to collect shopping information by themselves, so they would naturally prefer getting inputs from trusted other individuals like family members or friends

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When we match the above analysis across product categories, we expect that WOM provides a relatively definite recommendation for search and experience goods. It is because the quality of product and services is relatively easy to evaluate either before or after purchase and use

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