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Understanding the Difference between Physical Activity and Exercises for Kids

The aim of Playball is to expose young children to constructive and enjoyable movement through a multi-activity programme. We, at Playball, believe that creating a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity at an early age is the key to lifelong participation.

NHS weight loss guide - NHS Choices

Getting started - Week 9 Good going – you’ve made it to Week 9! We hope keeping track of your calories is becoming easier. If you started the Couch to 5K running plan on Week 2, you should be just one week from graduation! If you’re still working towards 150 minutes of activity a week, keep going! We know you can do it! Just keep doing a little bit more each week. Let’s give it a big push this week. The key is to do something you enjoy that can fit into your routine. Your actions for Week 9 • Go to the weight loss forum to find out what other people are doing to raise their activity levels • If you’re lacking motivation, use the What’s Your Sport tool to find out what activity suits you best • Have a go at this week’s recipe, which should satisfy any sweet cravings. If it’s not your cup of tea – research some different lower-calorie recipes Laura’s diary Week 9 How’s the exercise regime going? Whether you’re struggling or you’ve taken to it like a duck to water, I can’t recommend the forums enough. They are truly inspiring and full of people who’ve found their own way of making it work for them. Exercise is a really important habit to learn not just for the purposes of this 12-week guide but for the rest of your life. Think about ways you can support yourself in...

Troubleshooting - the Yorba Linda Miata Page

2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Symptom Troubleshooting - MX-5 Miata 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Symptom Troubleshooting - MX-5 Miata SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING WIRING DIAGRAM [LF] Microsoft Thursday, July 09, 2009 2:42:09 PM 2:42:15 Page 1 © 2005 Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC. 2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Symptom Troubleshooting - MX-5 Miata Fig. 1: Symptom Troubleshooting - Wiring Diagram [LF] (1 Of 2) Courtesy of MAZDA MOTORS CORP. Microsoft Thursday, July 09, 2009 2:42:09 PM Page 2 © 2005 Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC. 2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Symptom Troubleshooting - MX-5 Miata Fig. 2: Symptom Troubleshooting - Wiring Diagram [LF] (2 Of 2) Microsoft Thursday, July 09, 2009 2:42:09 PM Page 3 © 2005 Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC. 2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport 2007 ENGINE PERFORMANCE Symptom Troubleshooting - MX-5 Miata Courtesy of MAZDA MOTORS CORP. FOREWORD [LF]  When the customer reports a vehicle malfunction, check the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) indication and diagnostic trouble code (DTC), then diagnose the malfunction according to Fig. 3 :  If a DTC exists, diagnose the applicable DTC inspection. (See DTC TABLE [LF] .)  If no DTC exists and the MIL does not illuminate or flash, diagnose the applicable symptom troubleshooting. (See QUICK DIAGNOSTIC TABLE [LF] .)

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Maxillofacial Fractures and Dental Trauma in a High School Soccer Goalkeeper: A Case Report Jason P. Mihalik*†; Joseph B. Myers†; Timothy C. Sell†; Eric J. Anish† *University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC; †University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Jason P. Mihalik, CAT(C), ATC, contributed to conception and design; acquisition and analysis and interpretation of the data; and drafting, critical revision, and final approval of the article. Joseph B. Myers, PhD, ATC, and Timothy C. Sell, PhD, PT, contributed to conception and design; analysis and interpretation of the data; and drafting, critical revision, and final approval of the article. Eric J. Anish, MD, contributed to conception and design; acquisition and analysis and interpretation of the data; and drafting, critical revision, and final approval of the article. Address correspondence to Jason P. Mihalik, CAT(C), ATC, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Sports Medicine Research Laboratory, CB #8700, Fetzer Gymnasium South Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599. Address e-mail to Objective: To present the case of a 17-year-old male soccer goalkeeper who sustained maxillofacial fractures and dental trauma after being struck in the face by an opponent’s knee. Background: Because of the nature of the sport and a lack of protective headgear, soccer players are at risk for sustaining maxillofacial trauma. Facial injuries can complicate the routine management of on-field medical emergencies often encountered by certified athletic trainers. The appropriate management of maxillofacial trauma on the playing field may help to reduce both the immediate and long-term morbidity and mortality associated with these injuries. Differential Diagnosis: Lacerated superior labial artery, lacerated upper lip, dental fractures, maxillofacial fractures, orbital blowout fracture, closed head injury, cervical spine injury, cerebrovascular accident. Treatment: The athlete received immediate on-field medical care and was subsequently transported to the hospital, where diagnostic testing was performed and further treatment was provided. Hospital inpatient management included dental and plastic surgery. After discharge from the hospital, the athlete...

Murray Quad 2014 Race Rules
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All participants must read and agree to the Race Rules prior to registering for the event. Please familiarise yourself by reading the official Murray Quad Race Rules. The sport and competition order should allow a fair and comparable competition through common followed rules. Every participant is to be committed to these rules and he/she should appear a decent and sportive attitude throughout the entire event. Having said this, the sport and competition order defines binding rules. These rules are on basis of field tested experience and meaningful procedures without constraining the competition. 1. FUNDAMENTALS 1.1 DEFINITIONS  Race marshal, referee and race official are normally used as a synonym.  Participant, refers to registered participant actively taking part in the race at a particular time and does not include relay team members not actively participating  Race Director = Tim Roadley  Event Manager and Organiser are normally used as a synonym.  Organiser = Save the Children Australia & Tim Roadley 1.2 PURPOSES AND AIMS Save the Children is committed to providing a safe, fair and inclusive competitive environment and aspires to deliver to World Quadrathlon Federation (WQF) Competition standards wherever possible. 1.3 AFFIXES AND CHANGES a) Affixes and changes could be actioned through the Murray Quadrathlon Organising Committee. b) These affixes and changes will be directly published on the official Murray Quad website and registered participants notified via email.

Download pdf - FC Wisconsin
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Elite Camp Includes JUNE 17 - AUGUST 2 Directed by: FC WISCONSIN AND Nike SPARQ Soccer Testing Pre and post Camp SPARQ Testing, a unique system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. Nike SPARQ Training Expert instruction in the latest (S)speed, (P)power, (A)agility, (R) reaction, and (Q)quickness techniques from licensed professionals. Functional Strength Training Advanced strength training exercises that target weak areas in the soccer athlete helping to reduce the risk of common injuries. Advanced Conditioning Scientifically designed anaerobic & aerobic exercises to help players recover quicker and play at a high pace during the game. Deadlines and Payment Return Registration and Medical Clearance & Waiver Forms with payment (make checks payable to Mike Tabor) by June 14, 2013 to: Mike Tabor, Tabor Athletic Performance 4720 Old Church Road Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045 Elite Camp Logistics Dates: June 17 - August 2, 2013 (6 weeks) * No Training July 1st - 4th*

Canada RV Finance
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We provide RV, Marine and Power-sport financing exclusively to residents of Canada. If you are looking to purchase an RV, Motor Home, Marine, or Power-sport product, either privately or from an RV dealer, look no further.

2012 HyundAi ACCENT - Dealer e-Process

From the very beginning, our engineers were determined to conceive something more than a redesigned car. They wanted to change the very idea of what a subcompact could be. Can we engineer a car that rolls onto the scene with best-inclass horsepower, while also delivering class-leading standard fuel economy? Can we conceive a fluid, aerodynamic profile with an interior cabin spacious enough to offer the most front and rear shoulder room in its class? Can we wave goodbye to the compromises inherent in traditional subcompacts? The all-new 2012 Hyundai Accent has all the answers. With three trim levels to choose from, there’s plenty to consider. The artful simplicity of the GLS 4-Door. The versatility of a wellequipped GS 5-Door. And the sport-inspired pleasures of the SE 5-Door. Each new model is molded with dynamic styling that is sure to raise eyebrows as well as expectations. What happens when you give an imaginative team of engineers the freedom to go beyond making changes to a car…and do something so different, it changes people’s thinking? Inquire within.

Photography Guidelines
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Celebrating Football Through Photographs and Video Recommended Guidelines There has been much talk about who is allowed to take pictures of children (under 18s) playing sport and in particular what parents/carers are permitted to do. The FA would like to assure parents, carers, coaches, spectators, players and local media that we encourage the taking of appropriate images of children in football. Potential risks The FA has developed this guidance to help avoid the following: •  he inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of T images for use on child abuse websites on the internet (often incorrectly referred to as pornography sites) •  he identification of children when a photograph is T accompanied by significant personal information that will assist a third party in identifying the child. This can lead, and has led, to children being ‘groomed’ •  he identification and locating of children in T inappropriate circumstances which include: (i) where a child has been removed from his/her family for their own safety; (ii) where restrictions on contact with one parent following a parental separation exist e.g. in domestic violence cases; (iii) in situations where a child may be a witness in criminal proceedings; or (iv) other safeguarding children concerns. It’s important to remember the majority of images taken are appropriate and taken in good faith. If we take the following simple measures we can help to ensure the safety of children in football.


ENGINE GUARD KIT 983152 The dedicated engine guard kit is made of black powder coated steel and ensures effective protection of the engine from low speed drops. Compatable with the optional foglight support and aluminum engine guard. Le kit de protection moteur est fabriqué en acier avec un revêtement spécial de couleur noire et assure une protection efficace du moteur en cas de chute à faible allure. Compatible avec le support anti-brouillard optionnel et le sabot moteur en aluminium. Aluminum BELLY PAN 983153 983153 The aluminum bellypan is made of 3mm thick high-strength aluminum alloy, to offer protection of the oil pan from impact or gravel kicked from the front wheel, assists in engine cooling. Compatable with the engine guard kit. Le sabot moteur aluminium est fait en alliage aluminium haute résistance (3mm d’épaisseur) offre une protection du carter d’huile contre les chocs, le gravier chassé par la roue avant et participe au froidissement du moteur. Compatible avec le kit de protection moteur. FINAL DRIVE GUARD 983173 983173 Protects the end of the swing arm/drive shaft from bumps or low speed drops, made of powder coated steel. Also works with Breva 1100, Breva 1200 Sport, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Norge 1200 GT. Protège l’extrémité du bras oscillant / arbre de transmission des chocs à basse vitesse ou chutes à faible allure, en acier avec un revêtement spécial de couleur noire. Fonctionne également avec Breva 1100, Breva 1200 Sport, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Norge 1200 GT. TOM TOM RIDER 2 INSTALLATION KIT 983151 983151 Specially designed to mount the Tom Tom to the Stelvio, this mounting bracket is billet aluminum, mounting hardware and replaces part of the handlebar mount. Works with the dedicated power connector already on the Stelvio. Spécialement conçu pour fixer le navigateur par satellite Tom Tom sur le modèle Stelvio, ce support est en aluminium usiné, remplace une partie du guidon. Fonctionne avec le connecteur d’alimentation déjà disponible sur le modèle Stelvio. HEATED HANDGRIPS 983155 2 983155 The heated grip kit allows year round riding by helping keep your hands warm. 3 levels of heat available, increasing the comfort of travel during the colder periods. Works with the hardware and software already programmed into the Stelvio, uses the vehicle display and left mode switch. Display allows the rider to quickly and easily see the on / off and the level of heat selected, please see vehicle owners manual for instructions on use.

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