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kereta control minyak drift turbo 2011

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Put this information in the glove box with the vehicle owner’s manual. PARTS LIST INSTALLATION NOTE: • Install the accessory with care not to damage the vehicle body and the parts of the vehicle. Exhaust pipe finisher • The exhaust pipe finisher is designed exclusively for the CR-V, it is not applicable to the other models. • Allow the exhaust pipe to cool down before installing the exhaust pipe finisher. Washer-bolt 1. Partially thread the washer-bolt into the exhaust pipe finisher. Slide the exhaust pipe finisher onto the exhaust pipe. REAR VIEW CROSS SECTION TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Ratchet 10 mm Socket Torque wrench Illustration of the Exhaust Pipe Finisher Installed on the Vehicle EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER WASHERBOLT EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER WASHER-BOLT Loosely install. EXHAUST PIPE QA11102BD QA11101AD EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER © 2011 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 46215 (1112) 08F53-T0A-1000-90 1 of 2 2. Continue to slide the exhaust pipe finisher in until it contacts the end of the exhaust pipe. While holding the exhaust pipe finisher firmly against the exhaust pipe, torque the washer bolt to 10 N·m (7 lbf·ft). CLEANING THE EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER Use a sponge or cloth and a solution of mild liquid dishwashing soap and water to clean the exhaust pipe finisher. Wax the exhaust pipe finisher using Honda Metal Polish (08C20-A021S). Never use a wax that contains abrasive material as it may scratch the surface. EXHAUST PIPE FINISHER EXHAUST PIPE WASHER-BOLT TORQUE: 10 N·m (7 lbf·ft) 3. Push the exhaust pipe finisher in until it stops. QA11103AD Start the engine, and rev it up a few times. Listen for vibration from the exhaust pipe finisher, and adjust if necessary.

Installation Instructions - College Hills Honda

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Application Publications No. HPD Exhaust System 18300-F27S-A05 2011-14 CR-Z AII 50382 Issue Date NOV 2013 Support Bracket Rubber Mount NOTE: The HPD Exhaust System must be installed with the HPD Rear Diffuser,  P/N 71502-F27S-A02. PARTS LIST Exhaust Pipe Exhaust Pipe Gasket TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Sockets, 10 mm and 12 mm Exhaust Muffler Ratchet Eye protection (face shield, safety goggles, etc.) Illustration of the HPD Exhaust System EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST PIPE GASKET SUPPORT BRACKET Support Bracket EXHAUST PIPE CLAMP SUPPORT BRACKET RUBBER MOUNT Exhaust Pipe Clamp © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 50382 (1311) EXHAUST MUFFLER 1 of 4 REMOVAL 2. Remove the 8 x 1.25 mm bolt from the parking brake cable support. Customer Information: The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.” NOTE: Allow the exhaust system to cool down before installing this accessory. 1. With the vehicle on a lift, remove the two 8 x 1.25 mm bolts and springs, and remove the muffler from the rubber mounts, then remove the muffler.  NOTE: The rubber mounts will be reused. EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST GASKET Replace. PARKING BRAKE CABLE 3. BOLTS AND SPRINGS MUFFLER Remove the three 10 x 1.25 mm exhaust pipe bolts, the exhaust gasket, and the exhaust pipe rubber mounts.Move the parking brake cable support to the side, then remove the exhaust pipe. EXHAUST PIPE RUBBER MOUNTS Retain. RUBBER MOUNTS (2) Retain. EXHAUST PIPE EXHAUST GASKET BOLTS Replace. Replace. 2 of 4 AII 50382 (1311) © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. 4. Remove the rear bumper lower trim. INSTALLATION 6. HOOK Install the HPD support bracket using the two 8 x 1.25 mm body bolts removed in step 5, and torque the 8 x 1.25 mm body bolts to 22 N•m (16 lb-ft), and install the HPD support bracket rubber mount. HPD SUPPORT BRACKET REAR BUMPER LOWER TRIM BODY BOLTS CLIPS 7. Remove the original exhaust pipe gasket, and replace it with the new gasket supplied in the kit. EXHAUST PIPE RUBBER MOUNTS OUTER BUMPER SCREW 2 places. 5. Remove the two 10 x 1.25 mm body bolts. BODY BOLTS Retain. NEW EXHAUST GASKET BOLTS Loosely install. 22 N.m (16 lb-ft) © 2013 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. – All Rights Reserved. AII 50382 (1311) HPD EXHAUST PIPE HPD EXHAUST PIPE PARKING BRAKE CABLE 3 of 4 8. 9. Loosely attach the HPD exhaust pipe using the three 10 x 1.25 mm bolts, and install the exhaust pipe rubber mounts removed in step 3. Then slide the HPD exhaust pipe clamp over the end of the exhaust pipe. 12. Install the HPD rear diffuser, and return the original parts to the customer. TAB...

Engine Exhaust Controls The engine exhaust emission ... - Honda

Engine Exhaust Controls The engine exhaust emission control systems are designed to control combustion during idle, acceleration, cruise, and deceleration. These systems are entirely separate from the crankcase and evaporative emission control systems described previously. PGM-FI System The PGM-FI system consists of three independent subsystems; Air Intake, Electronic Control and Fuel Control, thus allowing more accurate control of air/fuel ratios under all operating conditions. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) detects the amount of air drawn into the cylinders and determines the amount of fuel to be injected to provide the optimum air/fuel ratio for all engine needs. Ignition Timing Control System This system automatically controls the ignition timing to reduce the amount of HC and NOx. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) The EGR system is designed to control the formation of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) caused when fuel mixture burns at high temperature. It works by recirculating exhaust gas through the EGR valve and intake manifold into the combustion chambers where it reduces peak temperature by diluting the air/fuel mixture. Catalytic Converter The catalyst is used to convert hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) in the exhaust gas to carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), dinitrogen (N2) and water vapor.

2006-2008 Triumph Daytona 675 - HeliBars

WARNING: IMPROPER INSTALLATION COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. HAVE A QUALIFIED MECHANIC INSTALL YOUR HELIBARS®. ***Please note that the bars are clearly marked. Engraved with TS675L for the left bar and TS675R for the right bar*** The new TracStar is a direct bolt on replacement for the stock factory clip-ons on 2006-07 Daytona 675s. No modifications are required for installation and all cables, hydraulic lines and wire looms remain in the stock locations. 1. Remove bar end damper weights. The tool shown in photo 1 is ideal for holding smooth surfaces and is available at Sears. Use a 3mm hex drive to remove damper screw. 2. Remove the two 5mm socket head cap screws that position and hold the bars to the bottom of the triple clamp. See photo 2. Use a 4mm hex drive. 3. Remove the top triple clamp. Loosen the two fork tube pinch bolts. It is not necessary to remove them, just make sure they’re very loose. Loosen and remove the steering stem nut. Use a 38mm (1 ½”) socket. Place the triple clamp on a rag in front of the fork tubes. 4. Remove front brake reservoir from factory bracket. Loosen and remove bolt and lock nut. They will be re-used but the factory mount should be stored with the right handlebar. 5. Remove the right factory clip-on: a. Remove the cap clamp that holds master cylinder to the bar. Remove from bar and rest on a rag. b. Loosen the two screws that clamp the throttle housing enough to let it move freely c. Hold the throttle cables up and remove the two screws and cover that hold the right control housing in place. Remove from right bar (see photo 3). d. Loosen right bar fork tube pinch bolt. Use a 6mm hex drive. Slide up fork tube and withdraw the stock bar from throttle housing. 6. Install the right TracStar clip-on. (The right bar has the reservoir mount attached in shipping). a. Remove the screw, washer and the reservoir mount before installing. Set them aside for now. This is necessary because the mount blocks the TracStars’ fork clamping pinch bolts. b. Slide the throttle housing onto the right TracStar clip-on until it is flush with the end ...

Triumph Daytona 675 - ENG - Lightec
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Kit LighTech for Triumph Daytona 675/R 2007-2012 Adjustable rear sets (4 configurations) FTRTR001 – Track System with fixed foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR001W – Track System with fold-up foot peg (no reverse gear shift) FTRTR002 – Track System with fixed foot peg for reverse gear shift FTRTR002W – Track System with fold-up foot peg for reverse gear shift 345,00€ 395,00€ 395,00€ 445,00€ Adjustable and fold-up levers kit (brake and clutch) KLEV032J (or KLEV032W) – For Daytona 675 (2007-2011) KLEV038J (or KLEV038W) – For Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 154,00€ 154,00€ 1 15/05/2012 TET675 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 (2007-2011) TETR001 – Chain adjusters for Daytona 675 R (2011-2012) 179,00€ 179,00€ Handlebar accessories REG004 – Forks spring adjusters MOZ5010 – Handlebar holders MOZ5020 – Handlebar holders (H = +20mm) HBT001 – Handlebar tubes FBC06 – Brake oil tank cap (front) FFC05 - Brake oil tank cap (rear) 30,00€ 165,00€ 175,00€ 50,00€ 28,00€ 20,50€ ERGAL screws and special nuts 7TDM – Engine screws kit (33 pcs) 7TDT – Frame screws kit (34 pcs) 7TDC – Fairing screws kit (46 pezzi) D011 – Swing arm pivot nut D004 – Rear wheel axle nut D006 – Steering head nut KC006 – Windscreen screws kit KTYB – Fuel tank cap screws kit 71,00€ 92,00€ 96,90€ 18,00€ 18,60€ 18,00€ 13,00€ 9,25€ 2 15/05/2012 TITANIUM screws (5 degree) VITS – Front brake disc rotors screws (nr. 10, price for each) VITS – Rear brake disc rotor screws (nr. 4, price for each) T001M10x1.25x65 – Front brake calipers screws (nr. 4, price for each) 16,50€ 16,50€ 23,15€ Oil filler cap (3 models) OIL004 OILH OILHW 17,50€ 17,50€ 19,00€ Fuel tank cap (2 models) TR5 – Rapid lock TF5 – Spin lock 93,00€ 67,00€

Daytona 675 Quickshifter Race Standard Shift Kit_US

Fitting Instructions: Daytona 675, Street Triple (from VIN 411984) and Street Triple R (from VIN 411984) A9930224 Thank you for choosing this Triumph genuine accessory kit. This accessory kit is the product of Triumph's use of proven engineering, exhaustive testing, and continuous striving for superior reliability, safety and performance. Completely read all of these instructions before commencing the installation of the accessory kit in order to become thoroughly familiar with the kit’s features and the installation process. These instructions should be considered a permanent part of your accessory kit, and should remain with it even if your accessory equipped motorcycle is subsequently sold. Parts Supplied: 1. Quickshifter sensor 1 off 3. 2. Gear selector rod 1 off Publication part number A9900439 issue 6, ADC 7865 © Triumph Designs Ltd. 2009 1 of 9 Cable tie 4 off Note: Notice • This accessory kit is for racing only. It is to be used solely during closed-course racing. A motorcycle fitted with this accessory kit must not be used on public roads. • Warning This accessory kit is designed for use on Triumph Daytona 675, Street Triple and Street Triple R motorcycles only and should not be fitted to any other manufacturer’s motorcycle. Fitting this accessory kit to any other manufacturer’s motorcycle will affect the performance, stability and handling of the motorcycle. This may affect the rider’s ability to control the motorcycle and could cause an accident. This quickshifter kit is to be used with Arrow rear sets - standard shift kit A9750539. The Arrow rear set kit should be fitted and adjusted to the required footrest position before beginning this instruction. Before fitting this accessory kit, ensure the owner of the motorcycle has been informed of the warnings contained in this instruction.

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Jun 30, 2011 ... 30. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80. 90. 100. 110. 120. 55,0. 57,5. 60,0. 62,5. 65,0. 67,5. 70,0. 72,5. 4000. 5000. 6000. 7000. 8000. 9000. 10000. 11000. TRIUMPH DAYTONA 675 ORIGINAL AKRAPOVIC RACING 72,5 120 110 70,0 100 67,5 90 65,0 RefTrq RefPwr 80 70 62,5 60 60,0 50 57,5 40 55,0 30 4000 06/30/11 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000 EngSpd RPM SuperFlow WinDyn™ V2.4 11000 12000 13000 14000 13:16:10

New Daytona Race Kit - Triumph Motorcycles

2011 Triumph Daytona 675 and Daytona 675R New for 2011 is the Daytona 675R, a highly specified version of the award-winning Daytona 675 fitted with racespecification suspension and brake components as standard. To create the definitive version of the Daytona 675, Triumph turned to Swedish suspension specialists Öhlins. Together the companies specified Öhlins’ 43mm NIX30 forks and TTX36 rear monoshock units normally reserved for racetrack use and very close relatives of the items used on the championship winning MotoGP and world superbike machines. The iconic gold anodised forks feature 30mm cartridge internals, offering full compression and rebound damping and preload adjustment. At the rear, the TTX36 shock is smaller and lighter than previous Öhlins shocks and features a clever twin tube design for improved rider feedback. This twin tube technology creates positive pressure build up on both the compression and rebound stroke, guaranteeing a well-balanced action. As one would expect from such a quality unit, the TTX36 unit features a wide range of adjustment for preload, compression and rebound damping, the latter two made through separate adjusters on the top of the unit. As further evidence of the bike’s track capability, both front and rear suspension units come equipped to accept the sensors required for running datalogging equipment. Stopping the Daytona 675 are new Brembo monoblock calipers gripping 308mm discs and fitted with race arrangement braided brake lines and a bespoke 18mm Brembo radial master cylinder. The feedback and stopping power offered by this rigid four-piston set-up provides the kind of outstanding stopping power one would expect from a top-of-the-range sports machine. A full range of race parts are available to further develop the Daytona 675 and Daytona 675R under ...

Foreword FOREWORD - Triumph Motorcycles

This handbook contains information on the Triumph Daytona 675, Daytona 675 R, Street Triple and Street Triple R motorcycles. Always store this owner's handbook with the motorcycle and refer to it for information whenever necessary. cdks_1 Warnings, Cautions and Notes Caution Throughout this owner's handbook particularly important information is presented in the following form: Warning This warning symbol identifies special instructions or procedures, which if not correctly followed could result in personal injury, or loss of life. This caution symbol identifies special instructions or procedures, which, if not strictly observed, could result in damage to, or destruction of, equipment. Note: • This note symbol indicates points of particular interest for more efficient and convenient operation. 1 Foreword Warning Labels At certain areas of the motorcycle, the symbol (left) can be seen. The symbol means 'CAUTION: REFER TO THE HANDBOOK' and will be followed by a pictorial representation of the subject Noise Control System Tampering with the Noise Control System is Prohibited. Owners are warned that the law may prohibit: • The removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for purposes of maintenance, repair or replacement, of any device or element of design incorporated into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use and, • the use of the vehicle after such device or element of design has been removed or rendered inoperative by any person. concerned. Never attempt to ride the motorcycle or make any adjustments without reference to the relevant instructions contained in this handbook. See page 10 for the location of all labels bearing this symbol. Where necessary, this symbol will also appear on the pages containing the relevant information. Maintenance To ensure a long, safe and trouble free life for your motorcycle, maintenance should only be carried out by an authorised Triumph dealer. Only an authorised Triumph dealer will have the necessary knowledge, equipment and skills to maintain your Triumph motorcycle correctly. To locate your nearest Triumph dealer, visit the Triumph web site at or telephone the authorised distributor in your country. Their address is given in the service record book that accompanies this handbook.

ARCH 399 - Revit
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: One of the most notable shifts in professional practice is the wide acceptance and integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM). This class introduces a new way of thinking about deliverable documents and the collaborative framework that a parametrically virtual model is working to provide. BIM is becoming an industry standard because of its intuitive interface and for its ability to facilitate opportunities to connect between the Architect, Consultants, and Contractor. BIM simultaneously delivers real time working drawings and high quality spatial renderings to streamline the concepts-­‐to-­‐ working drawings process. COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course will utilize Autodesk Revit 2011 and provide the basic skills to create and maintain a parametric building model to use for renderings, working drawings, massing studies, and coordination of disciplines. Some of the program features that will be discussed are as follows: • Navigation and View Management • Maintaining Dynamic Drawings. • Creating Building/Wall Sections & Details. • Engaging External Resources. • Creating Parametric “Families.” • Maintaining Design Options. • Maintaining Tables and Schedules. • Maintaining Materials Library. • Creating Conceptual Massings. • Intro to Simultaneous Work Environments. • Professional Annotation Applications. • Intro to Consultant Interactions with the Model.