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.10/31/2008 5:01:14 PM D S- T Y0 8 2 0 In-Dash Multi-Media / Navigation System High resolution, touch-screen LCD display Navigation includes text-to-speech voice and visual turn-by-turn directions, 5 Million+ Points-Of-Interest library, 3D route and building views for major cities, plus 3 language options (English, Spanish, French-Canadian) Play DVD movies, audio CDs or discs with MP3 music files AM-FM stereo tuner with 24 station presets (18 FM, 6 AM) Bluetooth Hands-Free interface with built-in microphone iPodTM interface XM Satellite Radio ready Supports the vehicle’s steering wheel controls USB & SD Card ports for multi-media playback (SD on some models) Back-Up Camera and/or sensor ready Dual Zone interface for optional rear seat displays Custom DVD Splash Screen capable Controls & Basic Operations - IMPORTANT More detailed system operating instructions are located in the Owner’s Manuals Rosen Entertainment Systems disclaims any liability for any bodily injury or property damage that might result from any improper or unintended use. Some features of Rosen Entertainment Systems are not intended for viewing by the driver when the vehicle is in motion, such as movie playback. When using navigation, minimize the amount of time spent viewing the screen and use voice prompts as much as possible. Avoid prolonged use of the touch screen controls. Such use might distract the driver or interfere with the driver’s safe operation of the vehicle, and thus result in serious injury or death. Such use might also violate state or local laws. Initial Touch Screen Calibration You may need to calibrate the touch screen when the system is first used. To do this, enter the Navigation Mode immediately after you turn the system on. Follow the Information screens as indicated. For Complete Operating Instructions Please refer to the Rosen Navigation User’s Manual to find complete instructions on the operation and many features of the Rosen Navigation System. Before operating your Rosen Navigation system, please carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the “Safety Information and Precautions” located on Page 14 of this Quick Start Guide. Rosen Navigation uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, and a digital roadway map database to calculate and display travel directions. The system’s GPS antenna receives signals from a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth and uses the strongest of signals, to determine your position to within meters. Introduction to Your Rosen Navigation Rosen Navigation provides turn-by-turn visual and voice assistance to direct you to your selected destination. It quickly calculates step-by-step directions to any destination available on the included navigation map. Glance at the screen only when necessary and safe to do so. Let the computer voice guide you. If prolonged viewing is necessary, pull off the road to a safe location...

Maruti Suzuki Gears Up to Launch the All New Face Lifted A Star, Reports

Maruti Suzuki has been one of the direct competitors for many auto giants. The only reason is that the company has been introducing one of the best cars in India.

Suzuki Hayabusa & GSX-R 1000 Cylinder Head ... - Vance & Hines

Suzuki Hayabusa & GSX-R 1000 Cylinder Head Price Sheet Vance & Hines Motorsports has the experience and most up to date computer controlled machines for every facet of engine preparation and performance parts. Byron Hines engines and pro heads have set more records and won more races than anyone else in motorcycle drag racing. Vance & Hines Motorsports also offers comprehensive head packages for Road Racing, Motorcross and Supercross engines. Hayabusa Heads 3D Port Design & Analysis CNC Single Point Valve Seat Cutter Overall planning, producing, and advertising of car competitions. Factory (Hamamatsu Head Office/Ryuyo Factory) Center section(Sales department, technical department, No.1 Factory, etc.), No.2 Factory (Mainly building Formula Hayabusa/Kei), Design department, Engine department, Paint booth, Logistic department. It is made up from 6 sections. Technical department From the total layout of the car to small fitting parts, all of them are designed here by CAD. Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel Machine These days aerodynamic test is done in any products. We have state-of-the-art 1/3 scale wind tunnel to produce not only competition cars but also aeroparts. Design room/Layout machine Total produce(designing to modeling) can be done by this office.Layout machine(three-dimensional measure) can take the datas from the full scale model. Engine department/Engine dynamos Two engine dynamos are here for the engine to be checked and tested before fitted to the cars. Rolling dynamo Even the full time 4WD's data can be taken. To set up and measure power/torque of the engine installed to the car. No.1 factory Two lifts are installed able to maintain and/or build up to seven cars at a time. Most of the parts are produced and attached to cars here and completed. No.2 factory Mainly building Formula Suzuki Hayabusa and Formula Suzuki Kei Sport. Build up to five to ten cars at a time. Machining center/Milling Machine State-of-the-art milling machine is installed to cut out precise parts in excellent quality and quickly...

03 Suzuki Hayabusa Prototype - Motorsports Almanac

Suzuki Sport Hayabusa Prototype Road GT-car Based on the Formula Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki Sport has developed the "Hayabusa Prototype" a light weight sport car from the beginning considering running on public roads and it was shown to the world at 2002 Tokyo Auto Salon with Auto Asia.The concept called for a "Ultimate light weight sport car". To have superb handling is what we aimed for and the layout has been decided. With Suzuki Sport original steel tube + aluminum panel frame, "Suzuki GSX-R1300R Hayabusa" engine is installed in front midship and driven by rear wheel. Body is made from FRP using carbon fiber. Design was established by testing at moving belt type wind tunnel facility in Suzuki Sport factory to have excellent aerodynamics. Chassis and body uses fully original design (ex.suspensions) and Suzuki's genuine parts (ex. differential) in order to be low cost yet to have high original quality. The Hayabusa Prototype from Suzuki Sport. THE SUZUKI SPORT HAYABUSA PROTOTYPE When people drove the Formula Suzuki Hayabusa at Suzuki One Make Race Series, everybody started saying "Wouldn't be great if we can drive this kind of car on the road?" That light weight sport car is what we gave the answer for. "Hayabusa Prototype" Based on Formula Suzuki Hayabusa, Suzuki Sport has developed from the beginning considering running on public roads and was shown to the world at 2002 Tokyo Auto Salon with Auto Asia.Concept "Ultimate light weight sport car" To have superb handling is what we aimed for and the layout has been decided.Hereby is what we aimed for. Super light weight Light weight on over hang part Equal weight distribution on all four wheels Short wheel base Low center gravity Minus lift aerodynamics Outline With Suzuki Sport original steel tube + aluminum panel frame, "Suzuki GSX-R1300R Hayabusa" engine is installed in front midship and driven by rear wheel. Body is made from FRP using carbon fiber. Design was established by testing at moving belt type wind tunnel facility in Suzuki Sport factory to have excellent aerodynamics. Chassis and body uses fully original design (ex. suspensions) and Suzuki's genuine parts (ex. differential) in order to be low cost yet to have high original quality. To give out much performance of motorcycle engine and handling, light weight was must. Frame was analyzed by help of Suzuki Motor Corporation to simulate crash test for the safety. To make the center gravity low, exhaust pipe is fitted on left side of the frame. Making the floor flat and up tail at the rear results ground effect which makes minus lift aerodynamics. Gull wing doors make easy access to the cockpit. Future plan The prototype which was presented at the show are not yet complete to run public road. At the moment, there is no plan made for further development, producing, and sales. SUZUKI SPORT Suzuki Sport Co.,Ltd. was established May 1st, 1986. They have currently 76 employees and Nobuhiro Tajima is the Chairman. The outline for the company : Overall planning, designing, manufacturing, and sales of competition, prototype, and ordinary cars and engines.Consulting business for planning, designing, manufacturing, and sales of competition and rdinary cars...

200MPH Club Members All Years.xlsx - Texas Mile

TEXAS MILE 200 MPH LIST - MOTORCYCLES First Name Last Name Jennifer Michael Second Driver as of 4/2011 mph bike Robertson Stone 227.7 217.1 Suzuki Kawasaki Rich Cave 216.8 Suzuki Karl Gunter 215.3 Suzuki Ryan Jason Arnold Weber 213.2 208.7 Suzuki Suzuki Aaron Rodney Brown Ray 208.4 206.3 Suzuki Kawasaki Aaron Cluck 205.7...

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Installation Manual (Hayabusa 2008+) Glenda LED Light Kit (Dimmable) Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly before attempting installation. Step 1: Parts List and Bike Preparation Check Parts list supplied with your kit to be sure all parts are handy.First, park the motorcycle on hard pavement or concrete to insure the bike will be stable during the installation. If you can mount the bike on a stand with tie-down straps, this will help secure the motorcycle Follow the manufacturers guidelines for disconnecting the battery. This is important to prevent damage to the electrical system. WARNING: During the installation procedure DO NOT TOUCH THE BLUE WIRES TO 12V+ you will fry the lights!Note: Clearwater lights include a very high quality means of connecting to the motorcycle’s electrical system. “Posi” devices made by Posi-Products are used to securely and safely make electrical connections on the bike. You can view instructions on the proper installation of the Posi-Products at They simply screw together and mate the wires. We suggest keeping your lights on all the time, we do not furnish an “on-off” switch. It is important to be sure that the wire you use will turn off when the bike is turned off. Otherwise, you will end up with a dead battery. Nobody likes that.Step 2: Mounting the Lights Mounting Lights (FENDER MOUNT) • One side at a time, remove both fender bolts. Be sure to keep fender from hanging in a fashion that damages it. Use a wire tie or piece of wire to hold the fender until you are ready to install the new bolts. Inspect the female threads on the brackets for dirt or foreign substance. If possible,use compressed air (wear protective glasses) or small bottle brush to clean the threads• Pre-assemble the lights, mounting bracket, shoulder washers (if needed) and spacers with new bolts. Add 1 or 2 plastic washers to shoulder washer to make up difference in thickness of front fender if needed. • Gently screw all bolts in hand tight. Inspect the bolt length and spacer alignment before tightening the bolts. Assembly will resemble one of the diagrams below depending on model. Step 3: Mounting the Pot Mounting Pot Bracket (BAR MOUNT OPTION) • Mount “volume control” to handlebar by using supplied bracket, bolt and clamp. • Route wires from lights and pot bracket to area under left side of forks. Connections can be made here and be kept weatherproof. Mounting Pot Bracket (FAIRING MOUNT OPTION) Mount “volume control knob” in left side faring location. Knob pulls off with a little force– use a small screwdriver to pry if necessary. Hold box in your hand.10mm nut underneath removes. Drill 5/16” hole in fairing panel (double check location for room behind the panel...) Insert pot shaft, secure with washer and nut. ..

Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Dual Bolton Series EU ... - Speed Products

EU ABE Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Dual Bolton Series Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 Dual Bolton Series Exhaust: Die Ultimative Bolton Anlage:Designed um leicht angebaut zu werden und maximalen Power und Sound zu haben. Bei gleichzeitig geringem Gewicht. In oval oder rund in alu oder carbon. The ultimate Bolton exhaust: Dual Bolton for the Suzuki Hayabusa. Race-developed, world-renowned pipe is built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and will greatly enhance your bike’s performance, looks and sound. This exhaust is available in round or oval in aluminum or carbon. SUZUKI GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa Barracuda Bolt-on line The Barracuda bolt-on system for the SUZUKI HAYABUSA gives this already radical high-performance motorcycle even more power and torque. More power, less weight and a sound which calls attention to the high performance of the bike make for a perfect package. GOAL The Barracuda development department’s goal in developing this bolt-on system was to increase power and torque without disturbing the smoothness of the power curve. So much brute force had to be made fun to use. We managed to develop an exhaust system which provides an even smoother power curve than stock and at the same time increases maximum power by 2.25 kW (3.06 HP). Torque is increased by 6 Nm between 4700 and 7000 rpm. LOOK The Barracuda bolt-on system is a finely crafted product. It was developed by a team of people who have been developing exhaust systems for over 20 years. This product also received our maximum attention. Our goal is for all of our customers to receive a product which exceeds the state-of-the-art and sets new standards for development, production technology and materials. Highly skilled hand production together with the most advanced technology are reflected in a product which knows no compromise. Attention was paid to every detail in the production of the bolt-on system for the SUZUKI HAYABUSA. It is made from the finest materials: the front rosettes are made on a CNC machine from billet aircraft aluminum, the muffler clamps are stainless, the muffler caps and perforated inner sleeves are stainless steel, while the oval-section outer sleeves are available in either carbon-fiber or hi tec aluminum (the choice does not affect overall engine performance)...

Download do Catálogo - Suzuki
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CATÁLOGO DA LINHA DE MOTOCICLETAS SUZUKI HIWASSEE RIVER HERITAGE CENTER Hayabusa 2000 - 2005 Extended Frame Slider Installation Instructions 1. Locate the engine mount where the frame connects to the engine in front of the cylinder head on both the right and left side of engine. 2. Cut a hole in the side fairing to expose the engine mount bolts. The easiest way to cut a hole in the side fairing is to locate approximately where the hole should be with your finger on the inside of the fairing, and mark the outside of the fairing to indicate the hole location. (See fig. B) Note: Be sure to move any wires, cables, or lines out of the way when drilling or cutting the plastic. Drill a ¼” hole where the mark is on the fairing. Look through the hole to see where the center should be. We recommend using a Dremel tool, hand file or rotary file. (See fig. C) Once the hole is large enough, remove stock engine mount bolt (only remove one side at a time), and install slider bolt into engine mount only a few turns. Measure from the center of the bolt head 13/16” all the way around marking in several spots. (See fig. D) If measured properly the marks indicate the outside diameter of the slider. Carefully open the hole to your markings. 3. Install left slider with M10-1.25 x 70mm bolt along with gold 10mm washer provided. Make sure the bolt hole for the delron tip (plastic end) is facing straight up. Repeat for right side using M10-1.25 x 80mm bolt. Remember, the base of the slider is formed to the shape of the frame. On most models the slider base is different for each side of the bike. Compare the slider base to the frame to ensure they are installed on the correct side. Tighten 10mm slider bolts to the factory torque specifications. 4. Install Delron tips (plastic ends) with ¼”-20 x 2” bolts and ¼”-20 lock nuts provided. Insert the ¼”- 20 x 2” bolt from the top. Once the locking nut has been tightened and it contacts the slider, do not tighten anymore because you could distort the shape of the slider. AUDUBON ACRES 8746 Hiwassee Street, Charleston, TN 37310 ROSS’S LANDING & THE PASSAGE (423) 413-8284 (423) 339-2769 Site Information: The park contains a visitor center, walking trails, and outdoor interpretive exhibits that explain the history of the Trail of Tears. The park is located on a bluff that overlooks Blythe Ferry, where 9,000 Cherokee and Creek were encamped while waiting to cross the Tennessee River on their way to Indian Territory...

Suzuki Hayabusa 2000 - 2005
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Suzuki Hayabusa Engine Protection Cage installation instructions Items included in this kit Cage loop (1each) Side struts (2 each) Extended frame sliders (2 each) Hardware kit (1 each) (contents listed below) M10-1.25 x 70mm bolt (1 each) M10-1.25 x 80mm bolt (1 each) ¼”-20 x 1 ½” bolts (2 each) ¼”-20 x 2” bolts (2 each) ¼”-20 lock nuts (4 each) 3/8”-24 x ¾” bolts (2 each) Flange Bushings (2 each) M10-1.5 x 15 1/2" all thread rod (1 each) M10-1.5 hex nuts (2 each) 1. Follow installation instructions for extended frame sliders. (See page 1) Note: Do not attach delron tips or tighten extended frame sliders until all components are installed. 2. Place the cage loop inside short telescoping tubes on sliders (See fig. G), push the ¼”-20 x 1 ½” bolts through the bolt holes in the telescoping tubes from the outside and start the ¼”-20 lock nuts. Do not tighten lock nuts at this time. 3. Install the left side strut using the all thread rod, flange bushings and hex nuts provided. Slide the following components over one end of the all thread rod in this order: flange bushing marked with "L", side strut marked with "L" and one M10-1.5 hex nut. (See fig A) Slide the all thread rod through the swing arm bolt on the left side of the motorcycle. (make sure the flange bushing slides into the swing arm bolt) On the right side of the motorcycle slide the following components over the all thread rod in this order: flange bushing marked "R", side strut marked "R" and M10-1.5 hex nut. (you may need to hold the left side to ensure it stays in place) 4. Push the bottom of the cage loop towards the rear of the motorcycle while pulling the bottom of the left side strut towards the front until the bolt hole on the side strut meets the threaded hole on the tab welded to the cage loop. Attach the side strut to the outside of the tab on the cage loop with a 3/8”-24 x ¾” bolt. (See fig J) Do not tighten the bolt at this time. Repeat for other side. 5. Once all components are attached tighten all bolts and nuts. Be sure to torque all engine mount bolts to factory specifications. Torque the hex nuts on the all thread stud to 12ft lbs. We recommend using "blue" loctite on the all thread stud to ensure the hex nuts do not vibrate loose. 6. Install delron tips with ¼”-20 x 2” bolts and ¼”-20 lock nuts...

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Microsoft Advertising Case Study Turtle Beach Engages Tech Trendsetters with Ads in Apps for Windows 8 Video games are more immersive and realistic than ever before. Gaming audio products company Turtle Beach aims to help gamers experience the quality, crispness, and realism available in today’s high definition games with some of the best gaming headsets on the market today. As games have evolved and become more immersive, so have advertising opportunities. Ads in Apps for Windows 8 offer unique opportunities for advertisers to engage with their target audiences in very natural, non-intrusive ways that deliver,results. When Turtle Beach wanted to make a big splash for the holiday season for its XP Seven headset, it looked to,Microsoft to deliver a unique campaign that would help drive sales. The Challenge: Turtle Beach wanted to reach a large audience of tech trendsetters, and the breadth of devices certified to run Windows,8 made Ads in Apps advertising a home run opportunity. The key was to reach gamers when they were not necessarily,laying games, but rather, in their daily lives in an entertainment mindset as they interacted with other types of technology. The Solution: The Turtle Beach Tap-to-Video ad unit was featured prominently in the pre-installed Xbox Games Suite and Xbox Video Applications for Windows 8. Upon clicking/tapping the static 300x250 anchor ad on a Windows 8 device, gamers were taken to an immersive, full screen streaming video ad for the Turtle Beach XP Seven headset, which enabled use of special audio effects to show the capabilities of the headset in a high impact gaming scenario. Gamers could also engage with the brand experience on Xbox Live in the same apps. Through highly-relevant content and utilizing existing creative assets, Turtle Beach was able to engage with one of the largest, socially-engaged audiences across the TV and the more than 1,700 certified Windows 8 devices on the market, providing consumers with a no-compromise experience across multiple screens. Results: Positive impact was seen in many areas for test group participants. Notably, “definite” intent to purchase improved by 130% over control group members, who did not see the Windows 8 ads. Additional ad effectiveness markers impacted by ads within the Windows 8 apps included: Those “very familiar” with Turtle Beach gaming headsets skyrocketed by more than Strong lift among male target who ‘love’ the product Respondents who indicated that Turtle Beach ad fits the environment...