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ODYSSEY - Howdy Honda
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BY DESIGN, VANS MEET NEEDS. BUT THE 2013 ODYSSEY GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND. IT TAKES HIGH TECH TO NEW HEIGHTS. ITS CONVENIENCES ARE NOT JUST THOUGHTFUL – YOU COULD ALMOST CALL THEM ENCHANTING. AND IT MAY SEEM STRANGE, BUT CAN A VAN REALLY KNOW WHEN ALL YOU NEED IS A LITTLE YOU-TIME? THE ANSWER IS YES. AND SUDDENLY, YOU NO LONGER NEED A VAN. YOU WANT ONE. BECAUSE THIS IS NO ORDINARY VAN. THIS IS THE ODYSSEY. LIKE NO VAN BEFORE THE 2013 ODYSSEY IS – FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM – SO UN-VANLIKE. Expect nothing less than a smooth, quiet ride in the 2013 Odyssey, which offers an easy low-speed steering effort and a confident feel on the highway. At Honda, making vehicles fun to drive is in our soul. And the Odyssey is no exception. It’s quick. It’s nimble. It’s a van like no other. Odyssey Touring Elite® shown in Celestial Blue Metallic with accessory roof rails, crossbars, body-side molding and splash guards. Odyssey Touring Elite shown with Gray Leather. TRANSPORT EIGHT PASSENGERS,* OR 4 x 8 SHEETS OF PLYWOOD, IN DAZZLING VAN GLORY. Flexibility. Another reason to buy a minivan. Greater flexibility. Another reason to buy an Odyssey. Whatever your needs, the 2013 Honda Odyssey has a configuration for you. Whether the day involves transporting eight adults in comfort (EX and above), maximizing your kid-carrying capacity or making a run to the lumberyard, this interior is ready to respond – quickly and easily. * 8-passenger seating standard on EX and above. Second-row center seat not available on LX. Honda reminds you to properly secure items stored in the cargo area. 8-passenger mode* 2nd-row “wide mode”* Multi-function center seat slides forward* 7-passenger mode* 6-passenger mode* The ultimate carpool. Fits 8 adults comfortably. More space for passengers, or more room for 2 child seats in the 2nd row. Quite possibly the perfect combination of cargo and passenger space. Everybody in. 7 adults, 1 styish ride. Fold the armrest down for extra comfort when there are only 2 passengers in the 3rd row. 5-passenger cargo mode* 4-passenger cargo mode* 3-passenger cargo mode 3-passenger cargo mode 2* 2-passenger cargo mode 4' x 8' 5 passengers and still plenty of cargo space.

Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd - Rosen Electronics

In-Dash Multi-Media / Navigation System High resolution, touch-screen LCD display Navigation includes text-to-speech voice and visual turn-by-turn directions, 5 Million+ Points-Of-Interest library, 3D route and building views for major cities, plus 3 language options (English, Spanish, French-Canadian) Play DVD movies, audio CDs or discs with MP3 music files AM-FM stereo tuner with 24 station presets (18 FM, 6 AM) Bluetooth Hands-Free interface with built-in microphone iPodTM interface XM Satellite Radio ready Supports the vehicle’s steering wheel controls USB & SD Card ports for multi-media playback (SD on some models) Back-Up Camera and/or sensor ready Dual Zone interface for optional rear seat displays Custom DVD Splash Screen capable System Features Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 1 To yo ta Co r o lla Qu ick Sta r t G u i d e NOTICE OF INTENDED USE Toyota Corolla - Rev B.indd 2-3 Controls & Basic Operations - IMPORTANT More detailed system operating instructions are located in the Owner’s Manuals Rosen Entertainment Systems disclaims any liability for any bodily injury or property damage that might result from any improper or unintended use. Some features of Rosen Entertainment Systems are not intended for viewing by the driver when the vehicle is in motion, such as movie playback. When using navigation, minimize the amount of time spent viewing the screen and use voice prompts as much as possible. Avoid prolonged use of the touch screen controls. Such use might distract the driver or interfere with the driver’s safe operation of the vehicle, and thus result in serious injury or death. Such use might also violate state or local laws.

Simple Dinner Ideas - Campus Health
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Whatever sounds good? Whatever I can find? Who knows? Those answers sound like you don’t have a plan. Plan ahead so that you save time and money. Pick out 3-4 meals each week and shop specifically for those meals. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out what you’re going to eat; waiting will make you a CRAZY hungry person who relies on fast food all the time! Fast Skillet Meals: Mix it all up in a skillet for a super-fast meal • Mexican skillet dinner: ground hamburger, salsa, Mexican spice blend, cooked brown rice, and shredded cheese • Tacos: ground skinless chicken and black beans sautéed with salsa as the filling, top soft or hard tacos with Greek yogurt, shredded cheese, salsa and diced green onions • Stir fry: diced skinless chicken or frozen shrimp, canola oil, minced garlic, a bag of frozen Asian veggies and teriyaki sauce or soy sauce; serve with cooked brown rice o Add ginger, powder or fresh o Add a splash of orange juice or a scoop of orange juice concentrate o Mix soy sauce with corn starch to make a thick sauce Enhanced Frozen Foods • Frozen pizza with a bagged salad • Frozen pre-cooked chicken strips with a vacuum sealed pouch of precooked brown rice, quinoa or kasha (get from Trader Joe’s or Sunflower) and a bag of frozen mixed vegetables • Frozen burrito with salsa and sautéed zucchini and bell pepper strips (or a salad) Get a Grill (or an oven would work too) • Shish Kebobs (meat/chicken and vegetables, marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic), served over brown rice • Cover skinless chicken breasts with barbeque sauce, grill and serve with frozen green peas and a sweet potato “baked” in the microwave • Grilled pork chops with apple sauce, cooked frozen or fresh carrots and frozen oven fries ( or make your own by cubing white or sweet potato, toss with olive oil and bake at 450 until soft) • Chicken, turkey or salmon burger grilled and served with fresh or frozen corn on the cob, coleslaw (from a bag) and watermelon Chicken of the Sea (canned light tuna and canned wild salmon) • Tuna or salmon mixed with white beans, olive oil, minced garlic, and Italian spice blend on top of salad greens with 100% whole grain crackers • Tuna or salmon mixed into cooked quinoa or brown rice pilaf made with diced celery and carrots, almonds, raisins and olive oil...

Owner's Manual for advanced features - Support - Panasonic

Camera handling Keep the camera away from excessive vibration, force, or pressure. Avoid using the camera under the following conditions, ●● which may damage the lens, LCD monitor, or camera body. This may also cause the camera to malfunction or prevent recording. ••Dropping or hitting the camera against a hard surface ••Sitting down with the camera in your pants pocket or forcing it into a full bag ••Adding accessories to the camera strap ••Pushing with excessive force on the lens or LCD monitor The camera is not dust resistant, splash resistant, or waterproof. Avoid using the camera in places with excessive dust or sand, or where water can come into contact with the camera. Avoid using the camera under the following conditions, ●● which present a risk that sand, water, or foreign material may enter the camera through the lens or openings around buttons. Be especially careful, because these conditions may damage the camera and such damage may not be repairable. ••In extremely dusty or sandy places ••In the rain or by the shore, where the camera may be exposed to water ■■ Condensation (When the lens or the LCD monitor is fogged up) Condensation may occur when the camera is exposed to ●● sudden changes of temperature or humidity. Avoid these conditions, which may make the lens or LCD monitor dirty, cause mold, or damage the camera. If ●● condensation does occur, turn off the camera and wait about two hours before using it. Once the camera adjusts to the surrounding temperature, the fogging will clear naturally.


Konvensi merupakan salah satu cara menjaring calon presiden diyakini sebagai metode yang lebih demokratis. Salah satunya adalah Konvensi yang dilakukan oleh Partai Demokrat. Konvensi ini selain memiliki kelebihan, antara lain untuk menghapuskan sistem oligarki partai, juga memiliki beberapa kelemahan, antara lain ketidak-laziman dalam mengundang kader atau kandidat dari luar Partai Demokrat. Ini menunjukkan bahwa Partai Demokrat tidak optimal dalam melakukan kaderisasi dalam tubuh partainya sendiri, sehingga perlu orang-orang dari luar partai untuk menjadi Calon Presiden 2014. ditetapkan menjadi Ketua Umum Partai Demokrat. Setelah menjabat Sebagai Ketua umum SBY memang terlihat terus berekspresi untuk “mendongkrak” suara Partai Demokrat pada Pemilu 2014 mendatang, yang salah satunya adalah mengadakan Konvensi Capres. SBY sengaja membuka konvensi capres, untuk memancing tokoh-tokoh kuat di luar parpol agar bergabung bersama Partai Demokrat. Walaupun hasil konvensi bisa saja setengah hati, hanya untuk memasukkan tokoh di luar parpol ke Partai Demokrat, ide ini betulbetul dapat mengubah sistem pengambilan keputusan di tubuh Demokrat yang selama ini dinilai sentralistis menjadi betul-betul demokratis. Konvensi belakangan ini ramai digunakan partai politik (parpol) untuk mencari pemimpin hingga calon presiden (capres) tahun 2014. Salah satunya adalah yang dilakukan Partai Demokrat. Partai Demokrat berencana mengundang sejumlah tokoh di luar partainya untuk ikut dalam konvensi. Salah satunya, kader Partai Nasional Demokrat (NasDem) Endriartono Sutarto. Alhasil, mantan Panglima TNI ini harus kehilangan jabatannya sebagai Ketua Dewan Pertimbangan NasDem. Sebagai hasil Kongres Luar Biasa Partai Demokrat yang digelar di Bali 31 Maret 2013 yang lalu, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) ...

Quick Setup Guide NS-NAV02R GPS - Insignia

Using your GPS 1 Turn on your GPS. When you turn it on for the first time, the Language screen opens. 2 Touch the language you want. You can select English or Español.The Voice screen opens. 3 Touch the voice your want to use for the speech feature. The Time Zone screen opens. 4 Touch the time zone where you are currently located, then touch OK. A splash screen appears for a few seconds, then the safety Warning appears. 5 To continue on to the device features, touch I Agree at the bottom right of the screen. The Home screen appears. Using the Home screen From the Home screen, you can see where you are, find a route to a place of interest, or change settings. • To see where you are, touch Map • To find a route: 1 Touch Go to. The Main menu opens. 2 Touch Address. A keypad opens. 3 Enter an address. The GPS automatically calculates the best route choice to direct you to that address. See Creating a route to an address in your User Guide for more detailed instructions. • To change settings, touch Settings at the bottom right corner of the screen. To learn more about these settings, see Setting up your GPS preferences in your User Guide. Using the Main menu On the Home screen, touch Go to. The Main menu opens. • Go home — Touch to calculate a route to your home address from wherever you are. To learn more about setting your home address, see your User Guide. • Favorites — Touch to get directions from your location to places you have saved as Favorites. To learn more about adding favorites, see Adding or removing an address on your Favorites list in your User Guide. • Search — Touch to enter locations or points of interest for directions to restaurants, theaters, public services, and more. • Address — Touch to navigate to an address or intersection near the address. • Recent — Touch to navigate to your most recent destinations without having to enter them again. • Browse — Touch to search categories, including gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest. • Back—Touch to return to the previous screen. • Menu—Touch to go to the Home screen....

English - Insignia
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WARNING: The assembly must not be mounted so that it impairs the driver’s view of the road. Make sure that your car’s airbags are not obstructed by the GPS. Use the supplied mounting bracket and cradle to mount your GPS in a vehicle. 1 Slide the mounting cradle onto the end of the mounting bracket to secure it. 2 Set the bottom edge of the GPS onto the mounting cradle. Then push the retaining bracket at the top of the mounting cradle (1) toward the GPS unit. To remove the unit, push the retaining bracket at the top of the mount cradle toward the back of the GPS. 3 Lift the suction cup lever, then press the suction cup to the windshield. Press down on the suction cup lever (2) to secure the bracket to the windshield. 4 Rotate the mounted GPS (3) to a comfortable viewing position. Connecting power to your GPS Connecting to a cigarette lighter socket CAUTION: Disconnect the GPS from the DC power adapter when starting the vehicle. • Plug the USB connector on the DC power adapter into the USB port on the side of the GPS, then plug the DC plug into the vehicle’s 12-24V DC accessory socket (cigarette lighter socket). Getting started Using your GPS 1 Turn on the GPS. A splash screen appears for a few seconds, then the Safety Warning appears. 2 To continue using the GPS, touch I Agree at the bottom right of the screen. The Main menu opens....

The Introduction of Android Evo Laser Introduction: - Wicked Lasers

Android Evo Laser is a mobile application for controlling Laser device via 3.5mm Audio Jack connected to Smartphone device . The EvoLaser is controlled by PWM(pulse with modulated),meaning the power state of the laser is determined by the duration of active ON period of each cycle. -Power On State of Laser: 18 to 84 % active ON of duty cycle. -Power Off State of Laser: 16% and lower active ON of duty cycle. The workflow of Android Evo Laser app Splash Activity Audio Jack is plugged? yes No Main Activity Error Activity Send the Changes of Tone(mode ,power ,frequency etc). Generate Tone Service The Child Activity of Main Activity Communicate to Laser device with generated Tone Laser Device How does the Android Evo Laser app work? Splash Activity: This is the first activity that runs on launching app. To control Laser device, it is necessary that phone device is connected with laser device via audio bus. So when Audio Jack is plugged in, the control logic goes to Main Activity, otherwise goes to Error Activity. Code: public void gotoMainPage() { if(audioManager.isWiredHeadsetOn()) { Intent intent = new Intent(this, MainActivity.class); intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP); startActivity(intent); finish(); } else{ Intent intent = new Intent(this, ErrorActivity.class); intent.setFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP); startActivity(intent); finish(); } } Main Activity: If audio jack is plugged in, the control logic goes to Main Activity when app launches. In this activity start GenerateToneService for communicating to Laser device. Code: Intent intent=new Intent(MainActivity.this,GenerateToneService.class); startService(intent); And start child activities (Continuous Activity, Momentary Activity, Strobe Activity etc). The Protocol for Generating Tone (ToneManager): To control laser device, it is needed to make a tone signal. In this protocol we refer the formulas as follows: -Power On State of Laser: 18 to 84 % active ON of duty cycle. -Power Off State of Laser: 16% and lower active ON of duty cycle. -The Member Variable of ToneManager class. mode:The Integer variable which indicates the tone mode. This can be one of 4 modes (Continuous,Momentary,Strobe,Fade). power:The Double variable which controls the strength of the laser. The means of this variable ...

Type Price Photo - Jemco Exhaust Systems

In 1964, Jon Easton developed a method for designing an exhaust system, which resulted in a substantial increase in engine performance. The design was so original that he decided to market this product, founding Jemco Exhaust Systems (Jon Easton Manufacturing Company) in 1969. Jon Easton prides himself in a superior product, which he hand constructs using the designs which he created. For more information call Jon at 713-461-3834 or email at Here is a sampling of products that Jemco has produced. Please inquire regarding models not listed below. Type & Price |BSA 650 Twin $475.00 |Nickel-plating – additional $140.00 |Shipping – U.S. $25.00| Bultaco 250 Astro $225.00 | Shipping – U.S. $25.00 Husky 125 – 1980 model Comes with silencer – unfinished Shipping – U.S. $275.00 | Honda CRF 450 – ’06 – upswept $320.00 | Nickel-plated – additional $70.00 | Shipping – U. S. $25.00 | Honda CR 250 – ’74 $225.00 | Shipping – U.S. $25.00 Honda CB 350 – RR Shipping – U.S. $450.00 $25.00 Honda CRF 450 – down pipe Shipping – U.S. $240.00 $25.00 Honda CRF 450 – downswept/with boom box Shipping – U.S. $340.00 $25.00 Honda CB 350 – Café Shipping – U.S. $450.00 $25.00 KTM 85 – in an RS125 chassis (pipe must be custom built on bike) $300.00 Rotax 600 with twin headpipes and megs (custom built on bike) $500.00 Suzuki GT 750 – 3-into-3 Nickel-plating (shown in photo) Shipping – U.S. $600.00 $210.00 $25.00 Suzuki T500 – Street Nickel-plating Shipping – U.S. $400.00 $140.00 $25.00

letter - Vehicle Owners
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vehicle production data1, information on incidents involving rear impact and subsequent fire or fuel leaks, and data related to Chrysler’s self-certification tests for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 301, Fuel System Integrity. Information requests were also sent to manufacturers of peer vehicles to the Grand Cherokee and Liberty, including to Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and Suzuki. Like the Grand Cherokee and Liberty, the peer vehicles are sport utility vehicles. The peer vehicles include the Toyota 4Runner, Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, Nissan Pathfinder, Chevrolet Blazer, Mitsubishi Montero, Isuzu Rodeo, Isuzu Trooper, Suzuki Sidekick and Suzuki XL-7.2 Chrysler and the other companies responded to the information requests. In addition to this information, ODI obtained incident information from the fatality analysis reporting system (FARS) and NHTSA complaint databases regarding Jeep vehicles and the peer vehicles in rear crashes. For crashes where police accident reports were available, the police reports were collected for both peer vehicles and the Jeep vehicles. ODI analyzed the information. ODI’s analysis revealed that the MY 2002- 2007 Jeep Liberty and the MY 1993-2004 Grand Cherokee performed poorly when compared to all but one of the MY 1993-2007 peer vehicles, particularly in terms of fatalities, fires without fatalities, and fuel leaks in rear end impacts and crashes.