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Building and Optimizing Reporting for Packaging Design ... - Kodak

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) and life sciences companies constantly strive to improve their packaging design processes to deliver higher quality creative work more quickly and reliably and at lower cost. To do so, these organizations must benchmark their processes and monitor their progress. The proliferation of information systems and software tools has created the common challenge of too much data and not enough information—reams of raw measurements, time stamps, and event logs but very few meaningful, actionable insights. Project managers can parse rows and rows of status updates but typical reports fail to answer basic leadership and stakeholder questions, like: • How effective is our process? • Are we getting better over time? • What are the risks? • What are our cost drivers? • Which projects, tasks, functions, or people are doing well and which need improvement? Part of the problem is that companies often use point solutions for project scheduling, document review, and task management—often built on popular platforms such as FileMaker, Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and Access. All these tools have reporting features, but they are separate and disconnected from the artwork routing and review process. The resulting information silos make consolidated reporting more difficult and time-consuming. Furthermore, the time lag in creating reports means the information is out of date the moment the...

PDF User Guide Manual (Generation 2)

USER MANUAL FOR GENERATION 2 HARDWARE The purpose of this device is to regulate the turbocharger boost, make tuning easier to monitor, reduce the clutter in your interior (ie. separate boost guage, WBO2 displays, etc) and save some money by consolidating many devices into one. One particular important benefit by combining these together is now you can have an aftermarket boost controller that can respond to engine knock and safely reduce boost. This one device can communicate to ALL year model Dodge Stealths, Mitsubishi 3000GTs, Mitsubishi GTO, Japanese GTO. What has been referred to as the hybrid models (94-95) also work. DSM cars from model years 90-99 will also work too. If you have an existing OBD1 datalogging cable, this will work. If your cable was designed to work with a palm device, you only need to purchase a null-modem serial adapter to make it work. All OBD2 style serial cables won't work unless they're modified for MUT communication. Inexpensive OBD2/MUT cables can be purchased from me to guarantee it will work properly. I'll be offering OBD1 datalogging cables in the near future. This new design utilizes a larger microprocessor that doubles it's memory storage capacity from it's previous generation, allowing more software features to be added. A new expansion slot was added making it flexible for future features. The idea behind this is to allow the user to customize their...

MITSUBISHI 3000GT - Unichip
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MITSUBISHI 3000 GTO Twin Turbo with boost control. Please find below some guidelines for mapping the GTO. Answer NO to lambda question, but only tune fuel when at or above atmo. pressure. Go to EDIT MAPS & then VERSION SETUP & set output 2 to boost control. Go to VERSION SETUP 2 & set WATER & BOOST TO FULL LOAD, FREQUENCY FOR DUTY CYCLE to 22.5Hz & BOOST LIMIT/RECORD to ACTIVE. Escape & go into WATER & BOOST, then BOOST, & set the 1200rpm to 0% (this stops the WCS ticking at idle) Escape & Save. Now go into SPECIAL FUNCTIONS & then EDIT SPECIAL. Set OVERBOOST LIMIT to 225 (this will induce a boost cut @ 18.5Psi) Save to disk. You will need to configure the car manually, so start the car & hold it at light throttle at 1600rpm, & make a note of the TPS value on the bottom half of the engine monitor. Now go into EDIT MAPS, put the above measured value in at TPS Min, set TPS Max to 215 (this equates to 2.15bar absolute = 1.15bar boost = 17psi) & FULL THROTTLE MAP ENABLE to 254. Now save & Download. To adjust the boost pressure, start the engine, then go into 'Tuning' & enable 'Boost control' Now you will notice that as you adjust the the fuel pot the wastegate control duty cycle will alter. When you are at full throttle, you can adjust this to give you the desired boost pressure for that rpm. Tune the engine for a boost of about 14 psi. Things to note when tuning turbo engines: Keep a careful eye on coolant temperature =<90C Oil temp =<110C (use MOT dipstick) Inlet air temp =<45C (use bead type thermocouple that comes with most multimeters & mount in inlet...

Survey Of Flexible Piping Systems - US Environmental Protection ...

March 1997 ICF Incorporated Fairfax, VA BACKGROUND For the purposes of this survey, a flexible pipeline is defined as a pipeline constructed of flexible material that can be installed in single long runs without the necessity of regular joints either to extend the length of the line or change directions. This material is usually shipped in rolls that are hundreds of feet long, with the installer cutting lengths to fit the requirements of each installation. Most varieties of flexible piping are available with secondary containment either as an option or an integral part of the primary piping. In all cases, the secondary containment piping will not serve as primary piping. The secondary containment piping is designed to channel leakage back to a sump or monitor point, where it can be detected. Because these pipelines differ significantly from the more traditional steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipelines, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has periodically requested a survey of their characteristics and availability. This is the third installment of this survey.1

User Guide - Turtle Beach
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About the Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset The Titanfall Ear Force Atlas unlocks the audio potential of Titanfall on every platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. To get the most from your headset, please take a few moments to review this introduction. Overview Engage in fast-paced, vertical warfare with the Titanfall™ Ear Force® Atlas Official Gaming Headset. Feel every bone-jarring footfall of your massive Titan, pinpoint enemy locations and stay in clear communication with other pilots as you battle for control of the Frontier. • Ready for Titanfall. Designed for Xbox One and compatible with Xbox 360 and PC to work with all versions of Titanfall. • Customize your audio. Personalize game and chat mix volume, plus mic mute right at your fingertips. • Be heard loud and clear. High-quality removable mic for chat on Xbox One, Skype, Xbox 360 and many other voice applications. • Comfortable, twist-cup design. Breathable mesh cushions on the earcups rotate to flat for wearing around your neck. • Mobile device compatibility. Take your headset with you for mobile gaming on phones, tables or other devices. • Bass boost. Adds more depth and punch to the game audio (Xbox 360 and PC only). • Mic monitor. Hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting. • For Your Entertainment. The headset isn’t just great for Titanfall. Enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with superior sound. Then crank up your tunes from music services like Xbox Music, or Skype with friends!

User-Manual - Turtle Beach
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EarForce Z22 AMPLIFIED PC GAMING HEADSET User Guide Congratulations on your purchase of the Ear Force Z22 headset from Turtle Beach. The Z22 works with your PC or Mac and all of your favorite mobile devices. Welcome to the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage! For our Knowledgebase and Technical Support Contact info please visit: table of Contents Package Contents P4 Features P5 Amplifier Function Map / Use P6 PC / Mac® Hardware Setup P7 PC Setup P8 Mac Setup P9 Mobile Setup On The Go P10 Mobile Setup Auxiliary P11 Specifications P12 Compliance / Conformity P13 Warranty P15 Package Contents EarForce Z22 Headset Inline Amplifier WIRED #1 IN GAMING AUDIO For: PC I Mac® I Mobile Quick Start Guide For the full user guide please go to Watch Turtle Beach product training videos at: / TurtleBeachVideos 3.5mm, 4-Pole Auxiliary Cable Product support and warranty information: / support Quick Start Guide Turtle Beach Stickers 4 Features Features · Adjustable Bass & Treble Levels: Tune bass and treble levels to add depth and realism. · Dynamic Chat Boost: Automatically adjusts the volume of chat based on game volume changes. · Independent Volume Controls: Separate game and chat volume controls plus mic mute on the inline amp. ·  ariable Mic Monitor: Adjust the volume of your voice in the headset while speaking. To mute Mic Monitor, turn wheel...

User Guide - Turtle Beach
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About the XLa Headset The Ear Force® XLa is the ideal headset for Xbox 360® gamers seeking a more immersive experience compared to standard Xbox LIVE® communicators. Unlike basic communicator headsets that only let you hear chat in one ear, the XLa combines high-fidelity, amplified game audio and crystal-clear communication in a sleek compact design. The XLa also features independent game and chat volume controls and noise-isolating ear cups, allowing you to personalize the audio and block out distractions. If you’re serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the XLa and experience game audio like never before. What’s in the Box Features Amplified Audio Enhances game sounds for a more immersive experience. Microphone Monitor Let’s you hear what you’re saying while gaming. Bass Boost Built-in bass boost adds depth and realism to the game audio. USB Powered No batteries required. Independent Volume Controls Allows for personalized balancing of game and chat audio. Mic Mute Convenient mic mute switch. watch Turtle Beach product training videos at: product support and warranty information: TURTLEBEACH.COM XLa Headset User Guide Turtle Beach Sticker XLa Headset XLa Headset

automotive fuel injector control using power + ... - Texas Instruments

Automotive Fuel Injector Control Using Power+™ Control with Power+ Arrays™ Devices The automotive industry is faced with increasingly strict environmental regulations which require that automotive module designs include real-time monitoring and off-line fault isolation. These requirements demand that protection and fault diagnostics be present in the module to help monitor emission levels and maintain system reliability. One area that is very sensitive to these requirements is the automotive powertrain. With today’s highly specialized fuel systems, fuel injector drive is of key interest. Texas Instruments has introduced four new devices, the TPIC46L01/02 and TPIC44L01/02, that are well-suited for fuel injector control applications. The 6-channel TPIC46L01/02 and the 4-channel TPIC44L01/02 are low-side pre-FET drivers capable of serial or parallel interface. These predrivers, which can control either TI’s Power+ Arrays™ or discrete power FET’s, allow the system designer the flexibility to select the power stage that best fits the particular system load requirements. A typical engine control unit (ECU) is shown in Figure 1. The ECU receives sensor and control inputs from the engine and drives medium-current loads that require protection and fault diagnostics. In a typical engine control module, loads...

John Deere Tractores
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Greenstar, extension de tolva, canio de descarga largo, monitor de perdida. Un solo duenio y siempre bajo techo en muy buen estado. Mantenimiento anual echo por el cosecionario John Deere.

Smartvue Cloud Video Surveillance
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Monitor, manage, store, and share HD video from one to thousands of locations with cloud-powered video surveillance from Smartvue. Plug and play Smartvue cloud solutions come with remote monitoring services for fast video surveillance that works with almost any computer, smart phone, or tablet.