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Knowledge of Book-Keeping as a Predictor of Academic  Performance in Principles of Accounts among Bu

The major purpose of this study is to find out the extent to which previous knowledge of Book-keeping will predict students’ academic performance in Principles of Accounts 1 (BED 111) at the NCE 100 level in College of Education, Ikere Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The study employed an ex-post facto research design with a sample of 371 selected from a population of 708. Three research hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significant using T-test, Standard deviation, Multiple regression and Analysis of variance. A finding from the study reveals that previous knowledge of Book-keeping significantly contributes to the prediction of academic performance of students in Principles of Accounts 1 (BED 111) among others. It was concluded that the influence of previous knowledge in teaching/learning process provides the background to framework upon which new learning will be placed. It is recommended that Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) should properly streamline

Standardization of Gravitational Insecurity assessment  among Indian children

The purpose of this study was to refine Gravitational Insecurity (GI) assessment among Indian Children. GI assessment (original version) was examined with 28 children with GI and matched typically developing children. The results revealed that 9 items (Jumping, height jump, Stand on chair, jumping off chair with eyes closed, forward roll, backward roll, tilt board step, Supine ball-active and supine on ball – passive) were correctly discriminate GI children from typically developing children than the other six items (broad Jump, stick jump, Jump off chair with eyes open, prone on ball, swinging ball, bounced ball catch) . These 9 items were included in revised version of GI assessment. Revised version of GI assessment required 30-40 minutes for administration. It was time consuming to assess Gravitational Insecurity. May benson & Koomar suggested that GI assessment (revised version) has to be refined inorder to avoid time consuming.

Raha International School   Advisory Board

(RIS) Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, UAE is an International Baccalaureate World School and a regular member of the Council of International

Board MahaParinirvana Express and venture on the spiritual journey with Ambika Tours!

The PDF explains all the features for "Board MahaParinirvana Express and venture on the spiritual journey with Ambika Tours!".

Effective fleet management solutions require good fleet management software. Time to bring Fleetinsight on board!(1)

Fleetinsight provides a wealth of real time and historical information to assist fleet operators to manage their fleets efficiently and identify where cost and operational savings exist. Visit us today at for more information.

VV Mineral, Mining Activities Help Government Increase International Trade Opportunities

VV Mineral, Mining a two-decade-old company, has been mining beach sand minerals on the Kanyakumari coast. The company doesn’t have the technology to separate thorium from monazite, a rare earth ore found in the area, a claim verified by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).

Best Exhibition stand with tv screen

Then again Banner stands groups are expansive graphical stand which are convenient and simple to bear. It shows all the data in regards to a specific exchange show. Frequently flag stand has an unsupported board which upholds it.

Chess Accessories Online
by gamekeeper 0 Comments favorite 21 Viewed Download 0 Times has a wide selection of Board Games, Card Games, Strategy and Party Games, Checkers and Chess Sets, Classic and Traditional Games.

Amity Paddle Boards
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We hope you will take a moment to learn more about our amazing products. Amity was born when a paddleboard racer from Destin, Florida, an e-commerce enthusiast, and a PhD in fluid dynamics teamed up to create the highest-quality, innovate paddleboards in the industry. With a philosophy of not skimping on materials, or cutting corners in production, when you purchase an Amity Paddleboard you are purchasing art, a relationship with company that cares about what you want, and a board to be passed down to future generations.

Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Associates, prof LLP is comprised of 17 board certified physician

Critical Care, Pulmonary and Sleep Associates is considered among the top critical care practices in the country. Based in Denver, the practice is made up of 17 board certified physicians. Our comprehensive approach emphasizes the human element of healthcare, promoting open communication among our doctors, patients and referring physicians. This environment enhances our ability to successfully diagnose and treat the most complicated critical care, pulmonary and sleep medicine conditions.

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